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In the below video, I discuss how you can start making only with forum sites.

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Yeah. Hello? Hello? Hello. I believe we are living and in living color. My name is Alston Godbolt. And today, I’m going to show you how to promote ClickBank products on forum sites. This is going to be a completely 100%, 100% free method. And so I am excited too. How to do this, or you’re not receiving enough video data materials to stream.

[00:00:21]So before we get started, let me introduce myself, who I am, what I do, and how I can help you. As I mentioned, my name is Alston Godbolt, and I create content to help you start generating passive income with affiliate marketing and just one hour per day. So if that is something that you’re interested in, please be sure to like subscribe and ring the bell notification.

[00:00:37] As I upload videos every single day. In fact, I will upload videos for the next 100 days straight, going live to help you make money online over the summer. So a few housekeeping items before we get stuck. Number one, I have a free ebook in the description. It’s 100% free. So you just simply need to go to

[00:01:00] Enter your email address. I will email you that that free book. And the great thing is this book is actually a Google doc. And so as I update it, you will get, you’ll get more information as I learn more and share that with you. So you’ll actually learn more and get updated all for free after that.

[00:01:18] Let’s see here. I do have. I do want to show you how to start an online business. If you go to Austin, you will learn how to build an online business. There’s a free video that you’ll watch to learn some of the mistakes people encounter or make when trying to start an online business.

[00:01:34] And then finally. A question of the day, I’ll be ending my ClickBank discussion soon. What do you want to, what do you want me to cover next? Do you want me to talk about affiliate marketing in general? Do you want me to talk about affiliate marketing on YouTube? Make money online in general or like fast cash survey, short-term fixes things of that nature.

[00:01:53]Comment below ABC or D which one you’d like me to cover, and I’ll tackle those as soon as I’m done with the ClickBank. The portion of my 100 days. All right. So now that I’ve covered that let’s go ahead and talk about how you can make money with forum sites. Now, if you’re not familiar, forum sites are basically niche sites where people will come in and ask questions or their shit, or they’ll share their story.

[00:02:14] They’ll get help. And they’re very niche-specific. For example, you can find a doggy forum. You can find many forms on how to lose weight or weight loss and weight loss journeys. And so there’s still a good opportunity. Most people think that forum sites are. Dad or they’ve gone the way of the Dodo bird, but in reality, tons of people are still going to these forum sites every month.

[00:02:36] And I’m going to show you how you can actually start providing some value and be seen as a subject matter expert relatively easy. So the first thing we need to do is we’re actually going to jump over to ClickBank. ClickBank is a marketplace where affiliates can find different products and services to promote if you’re not familiar.

[00:02:52] Just trying to increase the screen here. There we go. With affiliate marketing, you are essentially recommending other people’s products and services. If, for example, if we’re talking about health, you recommend a. He weight loss supplement as someone purchases that weight loss supplement using your unique affiliate link or unique URL, you get paid a commission, and ClickBank is one of the many marketplaces where you can do that.

[00:03:13]The other big names out there, like Amazon associates, has their own. Or Amazon has its own affiliate program, best buy, target. All of these different places usually have their own affiliate program. We’re just going to click bank because there are many different products and services we can promote.

[00:03:29] So what you’re going to do, if you don’t already have an account, go to and create a free account. It’s 100% free. It’ll probably take you about 15 minutes to get started. Once you go through the steps of creating a free account, go over to the marketplace. This is exactly where I am. And within the marketplace, this is where you can find different products to promote.

[00:03:47] Now, what I recommend that you do, if you’re just getting started a stick to something that you’re either familiar with, you’ve had experience with, or the big four health, wealth relationships, and technology. And since we are beginners, we’re actually going to look at something within the health niche.

[00:04:01] In fact, what we’re going to do is we’re going to scroll down, and we’re going to go to health and fitness on the left-hand side. Now, instead of just clicking on health and fitness, we want to niche by pressing this triangle to the left. Once we niche down, we see that we have additional options, and I’m just going to click on diets and weight loss.

[00:04:19] Hello comment, where you’re from comment what time it is, where you are, so that I want to know if I’m keeping you awake or putting you to sleep anyway, continuing now that I have clicked on. You can see all of these different products that you can promote right now in the niche down a category.

[00:04:34] It’s sorted by popularity. That means people, affiliates, or vendors are enjoying promoting these products. But what we want to do is we actually want to sort by gravity. So when you sort by gravity, it actually lets you know that these products that are being promoted or people are actually having success.

[00:04:49] So people are successfully promoting this product and service. And so you want to get a bite out of that apple now before you just. Click before you just click the probe before you just click the promote button. Easy for me to say, we want to do a few things. We want to look at the sales page, and we want to take a look at the affiliate page.

[00:05:07]The affiliate page is basically going to give us. Hopefully, it will give us a ton of tools and resources to help us be successful. Now I know what the custom keto diet is. Packed full of different things to help us. So I’m just going to take a quick spin around there. So I’m going to right-click, open that up in a new tab, and what the sales page we want to make sure that this sales page is high converting.

[00:05:27] It’s not scammy. It’s not spammy. And it looks like something we would promote to our mom, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, whomever because, at the end of the day, people will buy a product or service based on your recommendation. And if you’re just recommending junky products, You are going to lose a. You’re going to lose a customer.

[00:05:45] You’re going to lose a fan base, and that’s ultimately going to hurt your brand. So let’s go ahead and jump over to the affiliate page. And as I mentioned before, I know the custom keto diet has many resources to help us be successful. They have keywords that we can target email swipes articles that we can download and use customer demographics.

[00:06:02] In my opinion, the customer demographics are huge because. That’s going to help you formulate or format your content to reach your audience. This does a lot of the legwork. Especially if you’re doing something like Facebook ads, you can target, you can omit half of the population in the world just by the target.

[00:06:21] Women between the ages of 35 and 65, you can get very detailed targeting. Anyway, they have videos that we could use or take advantage of landing pages and lead magnets. They do an excellent job of supporting their affiliate. So if you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, you may want to consider a custom keto diet because they do a lot to support you as a brand new affiliate.

[00:06:42] The other thing we want to look at, as I said, Is the sales page engaging? I believe so. It’s congruent. It could actually help us start making money online because its video ads are higher converting, and it has it’s very, I don’t want to say blank. It doesn’t have a lot to destroy.

[00:07:00] But customer or client. So we’re comfortable with promoting this product. The next thing we need to do is jump back over to ClickBank and click the promote button. Now, when you click the promote button, it’s going to open up this webpage here. This webpage has our account nickname. This is the nickname that we set up when we created our account, do not change that.

[00:07:19] And the next is the tracking ID. I always recommend adding a tracking ID, especially if you are planning on promoting—product on multiple sites. So if you’re promoting this on forum sites and Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram, you want to know which one’s successful so that you can continue to do that.

[00:07:35] So we’re just going to type in form forum, and then we’re gonna click generate the link. Now, when you click generate hop link, it gives us our unique URL. And when people click this link and buy the custom keto diet, we get paid a commission. In fact, we could get paid $44 and 73 cents. So if you make three sales per day, you reach the hundred dollars per day.

[00:07:56] Mark, what I recommend that you do, and you don’t actually have to do this step just yet. Is I recommend that you shorten this link. Scary and intimidating for someone not in the know and not familiar with ClickBank, they may be expecting to go to the custom keto diet, but instead, they’re going to  X so on and so on.

[00:08:15] So the next thing that we want to do is find a forum site to promote this product or service. What I’ve gone ahead and done is I need to find it. So I Googled; I simply just Googled forum. I Googled weight loss forums to help us out to make this go a little bit faster. And so the next step, what I did was I simply just click on wait,

[00:08:38] And it has a list of, I believe, about 10 forum sites that we can take advantage of. And one thing that I recommend that you do is to open up these forum sites and just check and see how often people are commenting. Are people participating? Is it more of just a, like a stagnant or a dying form or? Engaged in helping people out by answering questions.

[00:08:57] So the first one I went to was actually called spark people. When you jump over to spark people, you can see there are a ton of form sites. If you look real closely here, and I’m going to try, and I’m going to try and increase the size here, people have been lasting gains. Within the last, maybe two or three hours.

[00:09:15] So this could be a good form site to jump in and start engaging with people. Now, I recommend that you do before you just start commenting. You want to make sure that this is worth your while. And one way to do that is to jump over to a website called SimilarWeb, which basically analyzes a website for its traffic, and it’s going to give you a ranking.

[00:09:32] So this is the ranking for spark As of 2000 May 2020, it was receiving 3.71 million visits. So it’s an incredible opportunity for you to take advantage of, to get in front of very targeted people and actually start solving problems and answering questions. So just from looking at this, people are coming from Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, and Quora, other question and answer type sites.

[00:09:59] Hey, good evening. How are you? Kels official? So people are coming from other social media sites, and they’re participating in this forum, which is a good sign in my mind. So we’re okay with this. What we need to do next is we basically just need to jump in and join the conversation. Now, this is critical.

[00:10:15] When you get started on any form site, I recommend that you do not include your affiliate links. Obviously, you’re going to need to create a free account, or you’re going to need to spend some time jumping through those hoops, but I recommend do not add your affiliate link. Instead, I recommend that you either ask questions, solve problems, or just share your journey.

[00:10:37] There’s a spot in here that you can share your journey. And when you’re talking about your journey, either it can be your journey or journey that you’ve seen one, let’s say, YouTube, or another blog, you want to make sure that you don’t just throw your affiliate link out there. You want to make sure that there’s a point to it.

[00:10:51] You want to talk about how you went from being, let’s say, 300 pounds, and you try. Walking every day for an hour, and that didn’t work. You tried to eat healthily. You try to eat no carbs or whatever your journey is. What I recommend that you look into is something called the soap opera sequence by Russell.

[00:11:09]This is how you tell a story. You talk about a journey, and ultimately you get people hooked. So what I recommend is instead of just spamming your affiliate links because that’s what everyone else will do and tell you to do. Instead, I recommend you go out, create a journey, or see someone else’s journey, and synthesize that in sum, summarize it.

[00:11:27] And then. You go from there, but let’s just look at this, and you can introduce yourself. Spark people, challenges, fast break, game room, fitness, exercise, diet, and nutrition. Let’s click on that. Someone was. They were just engaged earlier today. Track on spark. What’s a healthy snack. If you have the munchies, that could be a good one for you to jump in and start talking about skinny rules.

[00:11:49] How do you deal with cravings when they come up? You could potentially throw on the keto diet. There is even a search option to just type in Quito and jump right to a diet soda. If you’ve ever done the keto diet, that diet soda is essentially a no-no. Anyone else doing the keto diet helps.

[00:12:06] So this could be potentially a great opportunity. There are 245 posts. You obviously have to be a member, but what you could do is essentially again, talk about your journey. I started on keto, I lost 40 pounds, and then I got off keto for various reasons. And then, I guess, 45 pounds back, and now I’m struggling to get back on keto, but what really helped me was this custom keto diet.

[00:12:29] And when someone asks you about the custom keto diet, that’s when you can say here’s a link to the exact program that I went to her, or here’s a link to what I’m discussing or talking about. Another thing that you can do is actually, in most cases, you can add your link or add a link. You’re a bio, but this is an incredible opportunity.

[00:12:47] If you just look at it. This is edited six, 17 at eight in the morning. It doesn’t say what time zone, but you can potentially do this as well. If you don’t want to jump on someone else’s conversation, you can start your own. As I mentioned, talk about your journey. You can talk about what really helped you.

[00:13:04] You can actually, if you know anything about keto if you do a little bit of research on Kiki, that there are certain foods that you should avoid, you could create a message board, or you could create a, I’m losing me, you could create a topic.

[00:13:18] I forgot the word there. You can create a topic on your top five foods that kill your keto diet. You could do that, and you can have people coming in and. Entering in their top five foods. And then, at the very end, you could say, I stayed on track using the custom keto diet. Now you need to be creative when you think about this because these people are looking for help and are looking to solve problems.

[00:13:41] No. And the other thing that you can do is simply you’re looking at all of them. These end with people are asking questions, and you don’t know the answer. Simply copy the question right here. Like this copy, jump over to. And paste it in, and in most cases, Google’s already going to have the answer for you.

[00:14:00] How do you drink? How do you drink ginger water? You could be sarcastic and say these are the steps. To make ginger water. And then you could say, I close my eyes, hold my nose. And I stuff it down. Like I’m a five-year five-year-old drinking cough syrup. That’s another way to go again.

[00:14:17] You want to develop a character that’s attractive so that people want to learn a little bit more about you. People want to. How they can lose weight or whatever it is that you’re doing. And you can do this for any niche. There are tons of niches out there. You just need to type in whatever the niche is.

[00:14:34] And then for them, for example, if we jump back over. Let’s see if we can find another one. Affiliate marketing niche is going to be difficult because, essentially, it’s going to be an echo chamber where people are throwing their affiliate marketing links back and forth. This works best if you are.

[00:14:48]If you are looking for something outside of make money online affiliate marketing, what you could do is we could do, let’s do woodworking, let’s type in woodworking forums.

[00:15:01] And let’s see what click on that one. And as you can see,, I’m hesitant to click on that, but it could be a good one as well. Fine. is another form, a woodworking talk. And again, you could use this for either Ted’s woodworking. You could use this for the shed plans.

[00:15:19] These are all incredible opportunities. In the woodworking discussion forum, let’s try the period, what we’re going to do quickly as we’ll put this right into the similar web to see how much traffic is getting jumped over it. Too similar web, I’m going to paste this right in. And the Patriot is currently getting an a, so this isn’t a good example, but what we could do is we could just take a look and see how much people are engaged.

[00:15:49]One post here, general woodworking, someone commented 20 minutes ago, one hour ago, May 30th, June 1st. So what we could do is we could click on general woodworking here. And as a slowdown, just go through. And see if you can answer any questions about what’s on your workbench, you could actually put I have 16,000 woodworking plans on my workbench, and people are going to say, that’s crazy.

[00:16:11] What does that mean? Then you provide a link to the tubs woodworking plan, and you could potentially make money that way. You can do this over and over again if you think a little bit creatively, a little bit outside the box. The great thing with internet marketing and affiliate marketing in general is it’s not a do this.

[00:16:30] And that it’s, it could be this, it could be that if you’re creative, you think outside the box, you can actually start generating some passive income. If you guys have questions about this method that I’m conveying to you, comment below if this is a replay or comment in the live chat because I am monitoring that live chat.

[00:16:47] Be sure to comment if you have any questions, but this can be done with any niche, and it doesn’t really take that long. Maybe take 20 minutes per day. Either comment or ask a question. Maybe you want to say, Hey, post a picture of your mother—most recent woodworking project or comment on how your most recent woodworking project turned out. People are going to be engaged in that.

[00:17:10] They’re going to comment, and you’re going to say, Hey I CA I, I made a basket because I’m a basket Weaver, and I use these plans to do it. That’s really all you have to do. And you just do that over and over again. You can start building an online business that way. Obviously, the more effort you put into it, the more success you’ll be able to find.

[00:17:27]Again, if you guys want to know how I start generating passive income, click the first link in the description to go to Austin. forward slash start. Okay, make sure you answer the question of the day. What do you want me to cover next affiliate marketing in general, affiliate marketing with YouTube or YouTube.

[00:17:43] Make money online in general or a fast cash service. Now, what do I mean by making money online? I started a. 100 ways to make a hundred dollars per day on, on YouTube type of thing. So one day was graphic design. Another day, I think, was maybe podcasting something along those lines. So if you want me to continue with that, I can continue with that as well.

[00:18:05]But as I said, my, my ClickBank discussion is winding down, and I’d be happy to create content that you want to see. As opposed to what I think you should hear. All right. So if you guys don’t have any questions, I will go ahead and log off. And before I forget, I will post the winner of the traffic secrets book.

[00:18:24]I said I would actually announce the winner at seven. So I want to give people enough time to make sure that they can enter, but I will post the winner of the traffic secrets book sometime this evening. All right. So this is Alston Godbolt signing off. Be sure to like subscribe, ring the bell.

[00:18:40] If this video or any other video on my channel has helped you out. Also, don’t forget about the free book that I want to give you just by going to Alston forward slash free hyphen ebook. All right. So you guys have a great night, and I will see you tomorrow.