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In the below video, I show you step-by-step how to start making passive income with Clickbank and TikTok.

TikTok is the newest social media network and is the fastest-growing in all age demographics.

In the below video, you will learn:

Unedited Transcript

Hello? Hello. Hello. I believe we are living. And in living color today to show you step by step how you can promote ClickBank products on TikTok. I will show you the exact method that I use to start generating passive income on TikTok. Before we get started, I just want to introduce myself, who I am, what I do, and how to help you.

[00:00:22] As I mentioned, my name is Alston Godbolt, and I create content to help you start generating passive income. And just one hour per day with affiliate marketing. So if that is something that you’re interested in, be sure to like subscribe and ring the bell notification as I upload videos every day.

[00:00:37] Now I actually plan on going live 100 straight days to help you guys start making money over the summer so that it’s not such a long winter. So let me just do a few housekeeping items. First number one, I have a free ebook in the description to access that free book ebook. Just go to Austin.

[00:00:55] That’s a 100% free ebook. You just need to enter your email address, and I’ll email it to you within five to 10 minutes. Also, number two, if you want to know how I start generating passive income. The course that I went to learn. Step-by-step how to start building an actual online business and not just jump from a shiny object to a shiny object, click the first link in the description or go to Austin forward slash start.

[00:01:20] All right. So let me just talk to you about how powerful TikTok is TikTok. And my opinion is like YouTube five. Or even six years ago. And before we get going, I want you to comment right now in the chatbox where you’re from. Are you on TikTok? How many videos do you have uploaded? Just tell me a little bit more about yourself so that I can help you.

[00:01:42] Instead of just talking about what I feel is important, I can actually serve you the customer. Anyway. So here we are on TikTok. There have there’s been a lot that has changed since the last time I created this video. I created a V some of the videos maybe six months ago. And there’s a ton that has changed.

[00:01:57] You now have the ability to enter your website or your landing page right into your bio. There are some rules that you have to be aware of. There are more people on the app. There are now people that are TikTok, gurus, where they’re telling you that you have to post at a certain time.

[00:02:13] You have to do certain things to get successful. I’m here to tell you that I don’t do those things, and I’ve found a pretty good level of success. And I just want to show you my profile now. Granted, I don’t have a hundred thousand followers. But, I do have enough followers to start finding success.

[00:02:29]With that being said, I just want to show you my profile here. I have right now 8,500 followers, 44,000 likes. And some of my videos. We are getting 33,000 views, a thousand views. And it’s just really doing it my way. I’m sure that people will, somebody will tell me that I’m doing it wrong, but that’s fine.

[00:02:52] Everybody has their own method. And one thing that I want to stress is when you’re marketing, and that’s what we’re doing here, we’re using tick-tock to market. You have to test different. Th you have to test different variables test the time of day that you’re posting test the offer that you’re using.

[00:03:07] You have to be willing to test different things, or else you’re going to wind up pigeonholing yourself and then getting frustrated because you’re not finding a level of success right now. So people are telling you to post your videos between. I believe it’s nine in one. And then, after five, I post my first video at 5:00 AM.

[00:03:25] And the reason why I do that is that. Already been awake for an hour. This video right here that has 1,128 views was posted at 5:00 AM, which is pretty good. So I like to do things a little bit differently. I like posting at 5:00 AM because there’s not a lot of new content out there.

[00:03:44] And the way that TikTok is set up is that basically. It’s free. So if you have content out there, TikTok will run it against what they think the customer or user likes. And so they’re going to test it, and if it works, they’re going to expand it further and further while there is some algorithm and they try.

[00:04:05] Keep you relegated to certain hashtags, so if you’ve looked up a hashtag on woodworking before, they’ll try and throw that content out there for you. But for the most part, it’s all about volume. And they’re trying to get new, fresh content out there to use so that you can be engaged in watch for hours on end.

[00:04:20] And for me, what works is posting it like five or 55 15, and people will view it. They’ll come. And the other cool thing we’ll take talk about is these videos actually have a longer shelf life. I’m still getting views on videos that are six, seven months old and likes and comments.

[00:04:38] And I’ve got to go back and figure out what I was talking about, but some of these videos are getting multi-views every single day. So I just want to throw that out there and let you know that you have to do a little bit of testing to figure out what exactly works for you. So what we’re going to.

[00:04:54] Is, let’s talk about finding a product over on ClickBank. Now, if you’re not familiar with what ClickBank is, it’s a network. It’s a marketplace that you can go to to find products to promote as an affiliate. You are promoting different products and services to solve someone else’s problem. For example, if I want to lose weight, I want to lose weight if I’m a customer.

[00:05:13] I go to Google and search how to lose 10 pounds as an affiliate. You are going to create content to help solve that problem. Maybe 10 tips to help you lose 10 pounds. Five days or a week or whatever it may be. That’s our role as an affiliate marketer. We’re simply creating content. And then we tell them to click the link in the description or check out my bio, whatever it may be.

[00:05:33] And then you go from there. So let’s go ahead and just grab a product from ClickBank. I’m here in the marketplace. What you’re going to do is you’re going to go to Sign up. It takes 10 or 15 minutes. You’re going to go through. And once you sign up, you’re going to go over to the marketplace.

[00:05:48] This is the marketplace. And I’m just going to try and expand this so that you can see this a little bit easier. So here we are at the marketplace. This is what we’re going to use to find different products and services to promote on the left-hand side. We have different categories. These are where you’re going to find the individual products within the categories.

[00:06:05] There are sub-niches or subcategories. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go over to health and fitness, and we’re going to click the left triangle. The left triangle will open up a bunch of subcategories, and we’re just going to go to diets and weight. And then, of course, every single time, it asked me to reenter my information.

[00:06:25] The joys of live TV. Anyway, once we get past all of that, here are several different products that we can promote, which I recommend that you do. If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, I recommend that you open up the affiliate page and open up the sales page so that you can get an understanding of what they’re selling, what they’re promoting, and so on.

[00:06:42] So what we’re going to do is the first thing I want you to do is to sort by gravity. Gravity basically means. Other affiliates are having success promoting this product or service. So we sort by, by gravity, and then we open up the sales page and the affiliate page. What we’re looking for.

[00:06:59] As we want to make sure that we are 100% comfortable promoting this product. If you can not promote this product to your spouse, kids, loved ones, friends, and family, do not promote that product. What we’re going to do real quick, I’m going to jump over to the affiliate page, and we just want to look through, and we want to see if really, if.

[00:07:19] If this is a high-quality product now, a good vendor or a person that created the product, your service will create a ton of information for us to be successful. They’re going to come up with keywords. They’re going to have articles, landing pages, social media banners. So for all intents and purposes, this is a pretty good vendor because it has a ton of different content for us to repurpose.

[00:07:40] So that’s step one. Step one is. Look at the sales page. This is a sales page that your customer will click on and potentially buy the product you’re recommending. So you want to make sure again that this is not a spammy page, that you’re not promoting a scam. This is a high-quality sales page in my mind until we’re comfortable with it.

[00:08:00] The final step with a ClickBank is to go back to ClickBank and click promote. When you click promote, you’re going to see this new page. This new page, it’s going to have your account nickname. This is the nickname that you set up when you first created your ClickBank account. Do not change this nickname because it can have an impact on you making commissions and making money.

[00:08:19] Second is a tracking ID. What I always recommend. Hi, I see Erin, how are you? Hey, hope I hope you’re doing well too. Thanks. Sure. Thanks for commenting. So what I recommend that you do is always add in a tracking ID. If you are an affiliate marketer, you’re probably promoting this product on multiple platforms, maybe on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, and everywhere.

[00:08:41] So what I recommend is that you always add any tracking ID, and we’re just going to type in TikTok, and we’re going to click generate. Yeah. Now when you click generate hotlink, this will give you a unique URL that when people click on this link and buy the product, you get a commission. So you don’t want to alter this hop link at all.

[00:08:58] So from here, there are two ways to go about it with getting money with making money with TikTok, or in general, one way is just essentially to post a version of this link and TikTok. That’s one way, a better way. A more efficient way is to post a landing page on TikTok and then collect their email addresses.

[00:09:22]Let me just explain really the differences before the difference when it comes to that. Really the difference between the reason why you want to send people to Atlantic pages, as simple as this, most people don’t buy on the first go around. They need more information. They maybe want to do a little bit more research.

[00:09:38] Maybe they need to be reminded. They get busy. They get distracted. Most people don’t buy right away. And so, while you can send people directly to their affiliate offer with ClickBank, for now, I don’t record. I recommend finding a way to collect their email address. I use and recommend ClickFunnels.

[00:09:54] There’s a link to a two-week free trial and then a description, but you can direct link. If you plan on doing the direct linkway, I recommend that you shorten this URL with a website called Bitly. Bitly is just a link shortener. It’s free to use. So what we’re going to do is we’re just going to copy this URL.

[00:10:14] I’m going to go up here to open up a new tab, and I’m just going to type in Bitly. D R B I T dot L Y as you can see here, this is a custom URL, shortener, a link shortener. And basically, what you’re going to do is you’re just going to create a new bit link in the top right-hand corner in orange.

[00:10:31] What we’re going to do is we’re going to create a new link. I’m going to paste this link in, and it’s going to shorten the URL. This is a little bit more appealing versus the long URL. We saw on the previous page, people feel more comfortable clicking on it, a bit link, then a link that has a B3 eight one site, seven, nine, and so on.

[00:10:50] So we have this link shortener. We’re going to do once we get a thousand followers on TikTok is we’re just going to copy and paste it right into TikTok. Now, I want to show you something real quick. When I jump over to my tick-tock account, if I go all the way up, the interesting thing with TOK is on the website version.

[00:11:10] It’s missing the place for our website or URL. If you look at me, if you look at my profile from the app, you’ll see a link there. That’s where you’re going to paste in the link. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the website version doesn’t have that, but that’s why I also recommend that you do too, is that you add in a little bit of a short description about what your account is about.

[00:11:35] We’re going to promote health. So we’re going to say, we’re going to say free training or free videos on how to become fit in 10 days or fitness tips to help you lose weight fast. So we would put that in our description and, what we want to do is throw in a few hashtags that are relevant to our niche or niches, weight loss.

[00:11:55] Or how to lose weight, how to lose weight fast. You want to incorporate some of those hashtags in order. So when people check out your bio, they say, okay, I want to lose weight. I want to follow this person’s journey. And then that’s when they follow the great thing with tic-tac, and social media, in general, is you don’t need a huge following to start making money.

[00:12:13] Even though I have 8,500 followers, I still can make money. I can still make passive income and money while I sleep versus someone who has a million followers and doesn’t know how to monitor. So I want to show you now that we’ve talked about that. Let’s talk about how to find content because that’s obviously what’s most important, and that’s what’s going to get traffic to your site.

[00:12:35] There are several ways to get content, and I’ll show you some of the things that I do. One, I have basically an image of a thumbnail for my YouTube video. I’ll tell people Five ways to make a hundred dollars per day. If you want to learn more, go to my YouTube channel or click the link in the description to start an online business.

[00:12:54] Another thing that you can do is go right over to Google and type in fitness tips. So just type in fitness tips or whatever your niche is and what I personally like to do. And again, everyone’s going to be. So is, I’ll go to a website, find tips, and then I’ll just write them on a Google doc.

[00:13:14]You’re going to get a look behind the scenes here. I’m just going to type in tick-tock, and this is going to be the exact Google doc that I use every morning when I create content. If you’ve seen any of my TikTok videos before, this is going to look familiar because this is what I do. I get up at four in the morning, and I say, See, this is an example right here.

[00:13:35] Five businesses you can start for less than a hundred dollars pooper scooper event, party planner, computer repair and maintenance life coach, or mentor bookkeeper. That’s my video. And. And I just hold my phone, my smartphone, I hold it right at the camera, right at my computer screen, go over to my tech. Channel, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

[00:13:56]But I just hold it up at my screen, and away I go. So here’s a good example of what I do—five reasons to join a legendary marketer. And then I blackout the other reasons. And then, I go step by step so that I hold the person’s attention. I captivate them through each of the steps for me.

[00:14:13] Five is a good number. It helps you stay between that 11 to 17 seconds, which people are trying to shoot for my videos. Occasionally go 25 to 30 seconds, and I don’t see any adverse effects around it. I try and mix. So what we can do, I’m just going to scroll down here. Here’s one video that I am planning on creating probably tomorrow morning.

[00:14:37] Again, you guys get to get an inside look. I will go over to my source here and then 18 fitness tips and eight, 18 fitness tips. So that’s going to be the header. I’m just going to type in 18 fitness tips. And then I do one, I will say, drink water, say sleep more. I don’t know if these are actual tips.

[00:15:06] I’m just freestyling here. Three is, let’s say, create a schedule for what could be the fourth tip? We’ll say talk less. That’s a tip. And number five is. Eat more. All right. And then, after that, I may put in small print my source. So source whatever website that was a website, and then I’ll add, oh, I spelled source.

[00:15:37] And then what I do is I’ll put a call to action, something as simple as click the link in the description. To learn how to lose a little, say 10 pounds in three days or whatever it is that you’re promoting and I spoke, click wrong. And then I’ll the final line is checked out my YouTube channel for additional ways to lose.

[00:16:11]This seems simple, and it really is. So now that I have an outline, I block all of these out, which can be done in a Google doc. And then I’ll just hold my phone right up to my tips here. And I’ll say. 18 fitness tips to lose weight fast. And then I go up you get. You have an option when it comes to tech talk. You can stop your video or pause your video.

[00:16:34] And so I’ll pause the video. I’ll undo that. And I’ll say, tip number one, drink water, pause the video. Chip number two, sleep more. Tip number three. It seems silly when you’re doing it. Tip number three, create a schedule, and then tip number four. Talk less, and then tip number five is to eat more. And then I’ll say click the link in the description to learn how you can lose 10 pounds in four days.

[00:17:01] And then also say, check out my YouTube channel for additional ways to lose weight or whatever it is that you’re promoting. And you basically do that over and over again. Now, before you get to a thousand subscribers or a thousand followers, what I recommend that you do is just put input in. You can add in text after you create the video. You can just put it in.

[00:17:20] Click here and then enter in an R, or you can say go here and then enter in the website. You want them to go to To lose weight fast. You can do that. And people will do that. I’ve had some success with that. So don’t be discouraged. I know you want to raise to get to a thousand because it makes it a little easier, but on most of my videos, I put in the call to action to go to my website, Alston forward slash ticktock that’s my website.

[00:17:46] And again, personal note, I like having the Ford slash TikTok, just because. For me personally, I like to send people to Allston forward slash ticktock instead of bit dot L Y, but you can get away with doing either. And you just rinse and repeat now I upload videos.

[00:18:06] Hi, immortal gaming. How are you today? Let me know if you guys have any questions. So I upload videos three times a week unless someone asks me a question or tries to challenge my knowledge. So I upload, I purposely upload outside of the team outside of the framework I upload at about 5:00 AM. I upload after I wake up.

[00:18:27] Because I am homeschooling or what I call a summer camp with my kids, the twin four-year-olds and a two-year-old. And then I upload after they go to bed. That’s it? That is really it. I do that three times if someone asks me a question. On TikTok or challenges me, which makes it easy. I create another video to make it easier for me to respond.

[00:18:49] Sometimes also do a video, telling people that I’m going live every day. As you can see in some of my other videos here, if I jumped back, I create a video right here, how I made $500 today with proof I’ll go live and do that. Those videos don’t seem to get a lot of traction for me. I don’t know why. I think they’re great.

[00:19:08] But if we take a look, let me find a good video here, and I’m, I think I’m muted. Okay. This video talks about my 15 K follower giveaway. If that’s something that you’re interested in, jump on board. As you can see, this is my video, and I’m just going to play it there. I think I’m muted, but this is what I do over and over again, make money charging your phone, and then I’ll go step by step, how to do it.

[00:19:31] And then I’ll have free training and video and bio, oftentimes I’ll often tell people to send them to my website. I’ll have my website listed, and you can do this too. This is. Easy. It’s straightforward, but you have to be consistent with it if you do it for three days and don’t have a thousand followers.

[00:19:49] That’s okay. That’s how it works. You’re still going to get more traction. You’re still going to grow faster on TikTok than with YouTube. It’s one of those things where you have to take consistent, persistent action. So if I scroll down here, I’m just going to pick this one randomly. It only has 200 292 views, a hundred dollars per day, freelance writing.

[00:20:11] And then, as you can see, I have, step-by-step how they can get started freelance writing. And then I say Allston forward slash TikTok, right underneath people are either going to go check out my books. Or they’re going to punch that website web address in, and you can start making money. So I was getting leads and subscribers and commission sales, even with a tiny channel.

[00:20:34] You guys can do this too. I want you guys to do this too. Oftentimes you’ll have people over on TikTok tell you’re a scammer, or they’ll comment. Does this really work? You can elect to ignore it if you want or comment. That’s really up to you now that we have talked about content. We need to talk about hashtags.

[00:20:51] What is the hashtag strategy? What I’m going to do is I’m going to emulate like a, can upload a video. One of the new things. With tick-tock. This is relatively recent is you can actually upload videos right from your computer. In fact, I’ll show you one of the videos that I actually created with my editing software.

[00:21:10] It didn’t get a ton of traffic. Cause I was testing out to see if this was better. If I upgrade me if I upgrade my video editing, will I get more? It didn’t appear that way. So I stopped. So here’s a video that I created. I uploaded it with my editing software, and I put a little bit more effort into it.

[00:21:30]And as you can see, it didn’t get a ton of traffic. But now that we talked about that let’s go ahead and talk about how to get, how I would maybe the most important is the hashtag. So we’re going to go to upload here like I’m going to upload a video. So this is obviously going to look different when you’re on the app.

[00:21:47] Right here, where it says caption as where you can start finding hashtags. Now, remember you’re only limited to 150 characters, so you have to be very careful about what you’re putting in. And for me, I started finding success when I targeted hashtags that had less than a million views or a million pieces of content.

[00:22:11] And to do that, it’s just Believe me when I say this, every social media platform is pretty much the same hashtags work. The same niching down works. The same YouTube works the same. So what we’re, what we want to do is create content about how to lose weight. So I’m just going to say type in hashtag weight loss.

[00:22:29] Okay. And the great thing with tic-tac is it tells you how many people or how many views this hashtag is getting that’s different than industry. In my opinion, this is better than Instagram because you can figure out what you want to target weight loss. We could make weight loss for beginners.

[00:22:48] See if that gets us anywhere. There are only 299 views. I would look for something that’s a little bit higher, maybe fitness for beginners. But we’re targeting it like a weight loss pill. So we want to go back to maybe weight loss. And what you could do if you have the time is going through each letter of the alphabet, much like your alphabet soup method for YouTube videos of daily weight loss tips with a million views.

[00:23:13] This one might be a good one walking for weight loss. So you could create a video, three walking tips, three, three walking tips to help you lose weight fast. List the three tips and then add a call to action. What is very important when you’re creating content, especially with tic-tac, is to add a call to action, click the link in the description to learn more, go to Allston forward slash ticktack.

[00:23:38] To start an online business today calls to action. What really gets people to do whatever you want them to do. Suppose you don’t add a call to action. No one’s going to no. One’s going to do what you tell them to do the other thing that you can do. And I don’t really see people talking about this too much to grow faster is to do duets.

[00:23:57] Now, basically, we’ll do it. If you’re brand new to tic-tac, a duet is simply you are. You have half of a screen of a video that’s already been uploaded. The other half of the screen is you or something else. It can be a black screen. I’ve seen that a lot. It can be text. If you do what’s of popular videos, you can accelerate your growth. Now, I recommend that you do not just do duets because you’re not building a relationship with a fan base. You’re just basically helping someone else grow and explode. You can add a few duets here or there if you agree or disagree. So that’s another way that you can grow as well.

[00:24:33] So maybe if you don’t have the time to create a ton of content, maybe you can only do one or two pieces of content per day, do one or two. Where you’re reacting, or you’re agreeing, or you’re adding in a bonus tip or something, and that can help you grow as well. If you guys have questions, feel free to throw them out there because I want to make sure that I’m answering the questions and helping to solve your problems because that’s why I’m here.

[00:24:56] Instead of just talking about things that I think are important. And so again, you only get up to 150 characters, and so you want to make sure that you choose them wisely. Now, what I. And again, everybody’s going to be a little bit different. I use the same set of hashtags and every one of my videos. In fact, I have my hashtags copied and saved into a notepad.

[00:25:19] And when I go to upload a video, I simply just go to my notepad. That’s on my phone. Copy it, paste it right in there. And then I have my call to action that I also have in the. In the comments section. I have that. I copy and paste it right in there, and I can get uploaded. I can upload something in 30 seconds to a minute because I already have it set up to be efficient.

[00:25:42] Now, again, I recommend that you guys set this system up for yourself so that you’re not going through and wasting time and spending time trying to find hashtags for whatever niche you’re working in. If we just want to show you guys, I’m going to go to discover. I think I want to discover.

[00:26:00] I might not be able to search as I want. The great thing with TikTok is that I don’t show my face. I’m pointing the phone at the camera, or excuse me. I’m pointing my phone at the screen. My videos are 30 seconds. So I can do four or five of them at a time. And then I just go from there.

[00:26:22] Okay. And that’s really it. You just do this over and over again, and you start building. Business people are going to come and comment. The other thing that I recommend too is when you first get started, go and upload as many videos as you can. This may sound counterintuitive, but what usually happens is once someone likes one of your TikTok videos, they check out your bio, and they see all of your videos.

[00:26:44] And then the 10 of them in a row. It’s a kind of a weird thing that happens. Interestingly, they’ll like one video. So, for example, if they liked this first video here, they’ll jump over your bio, and they’ll scroll through, and they’ll like them. I wish I could show you like my back office, but I’ll get a person.

[00:27:02] Just one right after another boom. Liking all of my videos in order. So just to show you some of my results with tick-tock over the past, this is what 27 days, this is the past seven days. 202,000 video views. So that’s pretty good, more views than I’ve. I have on my YouTube channel, and I started this. I got serious with this probably back in January 8,500 followers.

[00:27:27]I’ve had 3,462 profile views. Now with the profile views, that’s when people have the opportunity to go to your YouTube channel, or they can click on your link and go to your landing page or go to your affiliate. So that’s what the, within the last, that’s just the last seven days. If I go to content, I have 26 posts, and in the last seven days, 22. Before that, the other cool thing that would take tack is people can share your content across multiple platforms, your CA your content.

[00:28:02] It Could be shared on Instagram and Facebook here, there, and everywhere. And it can really do wonders for you, either your YouTube channel, if you add the call to action or your TikTok account. So if I click on trending videos, this video here over the last seven days has 182,000 views, and I uploaded it on May 27th.

[00:28:24] There are more views on this one video than I have on my entire YouTube channel. And I’ve basically been uploading every single day for the last almost two years. And if we look at this video, what is this video? How to make $50. Per hour watching movies, simple video, and I actually mispronounced volcano.

[00:28:45] You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be willing to put yourself out there and do something. And that’s what I try and emphasize. You guys go out there and do something. You’ll be surprised at how successful. You can be just by doing something because your something is better than the next person consuming content.

[00:29:04] You create content that will always be better than someone just consuming content. This video here uploaded on June 3rd. So 10 days ago has 30,000 views. And this is a simple video talking about how to make money on YouTube. This video has 1,600 views. And I can go on it. If I, what I want to show you let’s look at the last, I don’t have to show you that.

[00:29:28]If you guys have questions, feel free to throw them out there, but once you get in a groove, it becomes second nature. Peep, you’re the ball will just roll downhill. It’s like a snowball. You’ll get people all day. Commenting subscribing sharing. And that w that’s really powerful because they’re helping you to grow.

[00:29:49] And what I’m doing is I’m doing a 15 K subscriber giveaway. You have to subscribe to one of my mailing lists to qualify for that. And you have to be a follower over on TikTok as well. Let me just show you the follow-up, and this is very different than most people. I have a good balance between males and females, which is really cool.

[00:30:09] You can also see I’m. My traffic or customers come from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Morocco, which is a surprise, and Australia. And this is when my. My followers are on wine. If we scroll down, you can also see the sounds that they listen to. Now. I don’t normally use any audio other than my own.

[00:30:30] I don’t use any music for the most part because I haven’t had success with that. But you have to test one way that I tested was I’d upload the same video. One with me talking and one with a song to see which one worked well, which worked better. TikTok has no issue with you uploading the same video multiple times that may change in the future, but just know that’s not an issue.

[00:30:54] And you guys just re-rinse and repeat what I recommend that you do now. TikTok is a great way to get tracked what I recommend that you do. So if you want to start building a business where you get passive income over and over again, day after day, month after month, and actual business goes to Austin, forward slash start and learn how to build an online business.

[00:31:15] It’ll talk more. Yeah. Landing pages. It’ll talk more about building a foundation. They’ll talk about high-income skills, things like copywriting keyword research, all of that good stuff. So go to Allston forward slash, start building a business, or learn how to build a business.

[00:31:32] It’s free training. I’ll talk more about the program that I’m recommending for you and how you can actually start building a passive business. If you guys have any questions, feel free to, to ha to throw them out there; regardless of if you’re on the life or if you’re on the replay now, definitely throw them out there.

[00:31:49] Cause I’d be happy to answer them and to help solve any problems or concerns that you may have anybody.

[00:32:00]As you’re watching the replay and you have a question, definitely comment below. I’ll be happy to answer that for you. If not, if you guys don’t have any other questions, I will see you tomorrow. All right. You guys have a great Saturday night.