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In the below video, I show you 4 ways you can promote Clickbank products with Clickfunnels.

In the below video, you will learn

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[00:34:35]Hello? Hello. Hello. I believe we are alive. And in living color, my name is Alston Godbolt. And today, I’m going to show you how to promote ClickBank products with ClickFunnels. Now, if you don’t know, click funnels is basically a webpage builder, and I’m going to show you and tell you maybe three or even four different ways on how you can promote ClickBank products.

[00:34:55] And in addition, the different places you can promote ClickBank offers. So before we get going, I just want to introduce myself who I am, what I do, and how I can help you. As I mentioned, my name is Alston Godbolt. I create content to help you start generating passive income with affiliate marketing and just one hour per day.

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[00:35:47] And in fact, it is—a Google doc. So as I update it with more content and the new content, you’ll receive those updates as well, also, too. So if you want to learn how I start generating passive income every day, click the first link in the description or go to Austin. forward slash star.

[00:36:02] All right. Hey, good morning. How are you? Where are you located? Kels official. Kels official. So if you want to start an online business, go to Austin, There’s a free video at the front end. You’re going to go through that video, learn a lot about building an online business, and then you can go from there.

[00:36:20] And then one other thing that I want to give you, and this is critically important. I don’t actually have a slide for this. I somehow received an additional copy of traffic secrets. Traffic Secrets is a book by Russell Brunson, and I received an extra copy today. In the mail. So Amazon must have heard my cry.

[00:36:37]For many months ago, I guess they sent me a free book. I don’t need this book, so I’m going to give it away. What I want you to do. I want you to comment on traffic secrets by Russell Brunson. In the comment section below, to qualify for this free book, today is Monday on Wednesday.

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[00:37:34] Anyway, let’s go ahead and get started enough with the other stuff. Let’s show you how you can start making $200 per day with ClickFunnels. And ClickBank. Now click funnels. As I mentioned, it is a webpage builder, and you can use it in various ways. Some here’s some examples of how I use click funnels.

[00:37:53] You can use it to collect email addresses, which we’ll talk about in just a moment, but another sneaky way that you can use ClickFunnels is you can actually use what’s called an advertorial. So you can actually create a webpage that looks like a normal blog, where you can actually use this to promote different products and services.

[00:38:07] Now, when you look at this, I’ll try and increase the screen size here just a little bit. All of the links that appear on this advertorial. Or affiliate links. And so when you click the link, there’ll be taken to an affiliate offer that I’m running, whether you want to learn how to blog or lose weight or whatever it may be.

[00:38:26] But this is another sneaky way that you could actually not necessarily be sneaky. You can actually run paid ads via search. So on Google. And or solo ads or Pinterest, whatever it is. And when people click on these links, they could be affiliate links for click funnels or ClickBank or whatever it may be.

[00:38:43] And I’m actually going to show you how to do that pretty quickly. This could turn into a three-hour training because there’s so much that you could do and learn within ClickFunnels. So I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible. So let’s talk about some ways that you can actually use or take advantage of ClickFunnels.

[00:38:59] As I mentioned, you can create this white page here. You can actually create a landing page, as you see here. Another thing that you can actually do is you can actually make a membership website. So the cool thing with a membership website is maybe you have training where you’re teaching them.

[00:39:13] Let’s say the keto diet, you are training them a 10 week or five-week training. Then, to lose weight with keto and then sprinkled throughout that membership website, you can include affiliate links to the custom keto diet plan. And when people click on the custom keto diet plan, they get paid a commission once they buy the product or service.

[00:39:31] So, there are several different ways that you can actually start making money with click funnels. The most common and obvious way, I would say, is actually, yeah. Isn’t ClickFunnels a webpage? I’ll show you how to build that real quick? Also, I’m going to show you how to find products to promote over on ClickBank.

[00:39:47] So here I am at the ClickBank marketplace. What’s going to happen because? It’s happened basically every day. This week is it’s going to. Make me read log in, but here I am. I’m at It’s a free marketplace that you can find affiliate products to promote now with affiliate marketing. You’re basically helping a customer solve a problem or a perceived problem.

[00:40:09] For example, most people want to lose weight, then maybe you want to make more money on them. They want to learn about technology, and you, as the content creator, you’re going to create content to help solve that problem. And then you’re going to recommend a product or service that can help them solve that problem a little bit easier.

[00:40:24] And so here we are at ClickBank, one of the many affiliate marketplaces out there. I’m going to find it difficult to set up my ClickFunnels call. Let me know. You said you’re finding it difficult to set up your click funnels account. Let me know the problems that you have because I actually have, and let me let you know; I actually have a free training over you to me on how to us.

[00:40:43] Click funnels step-by-step, so there’s actually a link in the description to free training to learn more about click funnels o. Over you and me, it’s 100% free. I also have a two-week free trial to get started with click funnels, also in the description. Anyway, jumping back, what we are going to do is we’re going to find a product to promote.

[00:41:02] I talked a little bit about—the custom keto diet over the last few days and weeks. Let’s look at it. Let’s find a different product to promote. So I’m here at the marketplace at the top in black or dark blue; it’s a marketplace. You click that link, you’ll get taken to where all the different products and services are.

[00:41:18] You can promote now as an affiliate; you can promote just about any of these, as you can see, of course, asked me to resign. And once we get back to where we’re supposed to be on the left-hand side, you will see the different categories and niches are the same word. They’re synonymous.

[00:41:34]They’re the same thing. On the left-hand side, we’re going to find a product to promote. I’m most familiar with e-business in the marketplace. So I’m just going to click the left triangle, the triangle to the left. When I niche down, I can find for the marketing. So most of the people here are different from the marketers.

[00:41:50] We’re going to click this link, and we can see all of the different affiliate marketing products you can promote. What we’re going to do is we’re simply going to sort by gravity. Gravity basically tells us that there are affiliates that are having success promoting this product or service. Today people are getting sales are getting conversions. They’re getting maybe rebuilds.

[00:42:08] And so what we need to do next is we just need to look at the sales page, and we needed to look at the affiliate page to make sure that this is something we’re comfortable promoting. Now, as I say, all the time, you are; people are buying from you and your brand. So you want to make sure that you’re promoting high-quality products because if people don’t trust you, you will have a negative reputation in the market.

[00:42:28] And it’s going to be difficult to get people to buy over and over again. Suppose they don’t trust you. Let’s see here. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the 12-minute affiliate system. What we’re going to do is we’re going to right-click. I’m going to open up the sales page. I’m also going to right-click and open up the affiliate page.

[00:42:43] Now, what we’re looking for on the affiliate page, we’re looking for emails. Oops. That’s a sales page. We’re looking for email swipes. We’re looking for images that we can use. We’re looking for banners. We’re looking for anything that’s going to help us promote this product or service easier. Some high-quality vendors are people that sell the product or service.

[00:43:01]They will actually have your target demographic. They’ll have keyword treating. And this will make your life much easier when it comes to trying to create content. Now, the great thing with this product is they actually have a Google doc where they have a ton of information, and I’m just going to click here to grab the wipes, and it’s going to have basically everything that we needed to go ahead and get started.

[00:43:20] So while that’s working, we want to take a look at the sales page. Now, again, you want to make sure that you are whoops. You want to make sure that you are 100% complete. Again, promoting this product and service. What I recommend that you do is sit through this video training and buy the product. If you can afford to, that’s fine if you can’t afford to buy the product.

[00:43:37] You don’t have to, but to understand how the product works, you should go through at least the sales video. Then, once you have an understanding and once you’re comfortable promoting the product, the next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to jump back over to click. And you’re going to click the promote button.

[00:43:53] When you click the promote button, this is going to open up a new webpage where you’re going to get your hop link, essentially. It was just simply your URL. When people click on your URL yet your unique URL. When people click on it and purchase a product, they’re going to get paid a commission.

[00:44:09] So what I’d like to do, as I say repeatedly, is I like to add the tracking ID so that I know which campaigns are successful for this. We can just say click funnels. All right. So I’ve got click funnels here. I’m going to click promote. This is going to generate our unique URL. So now that I have that, I’m just going to slide that over to the side while we work on it.

[00:44:28]Our ClickFunnels aspect. Now, there are a few ways that you can do this. As I mentioned, you can do an advertorial if you’re running paid traffic. So like Pinterest ads search ads, display ads, you can do it that what most people will tell you to do is create a landing page that looks something like this.

[00:44:44] When you create the landing page, people will enter their email address when they click send now. Take them to a bridge page, or it can take them to a sales page. So what I’m going to show you is I’m actually going to show you both. So I’m going to jump over to click funnels, and I’m going to click on, add new.

[00:44:59] This is we’re going to create a new sales funnel, a new landing page right in front of your eyes. So I’m going to click on create a new funnel. I’m going to choose to collect emails, and then I will give it a name. So I’m going to say a click. Bank and click funnels. All right. So I’m going to add a group.

[00:45:18] I will call this C and C kind of like the CNC music factory. So if you guys have questions, feel free to throw them out there because I want to make sure that I’m solving your problems and not just telling you what I think you should know. So right now, it’s just building the funnel, and it’s going to give us a bunch of templates for us to use.

[00:45:36] Now, the good thing is we can choose any one of these templates, and it doesn’t really matter because we’re just going to delete everything that you see. Now, the way that ClickFunnels is set up, it’s set up, and hopefully, we can see this pretty quick here. Come on. Come on. So one of the things that we’ll need to do, okay, here we go.

[00:45:52] So I’m just going to click this first template here, and I’m just going to delete everything. We’re going to delete everything because we’re going to customize it to the offer that we’re currently promoting. So I’m going to click on the edit page eventually. Eventually, we’ll get there. So I click on the edit page, and this is the template that you’re going to see on your screen.

[00:46:15] Eventually, what I’m just going to do is I’m going to go through, and I’m going to delete all of this stuff because we don’t essentially need it. So I’m going to go up to settings. I’m going to go down to the background, and I am going to, I can actually keep this color. This color is pretty close to the color they’re using over at the 12-minute affiliate system.

[00:46:33]But I don’t want to use that. So let me find. Here I am going to get rid of this color, make that, and then the other thing that I’m going to do is I’m just going to delete. This section now, the way that ClickFunnels is set up, and I go into great detail. If you feel like I’m going too fast with this, I go into great detail over in my free Udemy course.

[00:46:56] So check that out. Suppose you feel like I’m going too fast. So the way that to set up it’s set up is section rows, columns, and elements. Elements are basically. Images, all of the different things that you can manipulate columns, are columns. You’re going to have one column all the way up to six columns sections are like giant sheets of paper.

[00:47:13] If you’re thinking about a word document, you can only manipulate or have one section at a time. You can have multiple rows within a section. You can actually have multiple columns within a section as well. And you can have multiple elements within a column or row or. So what we’re going to do is we’re just going to click this plus sign here to create a brand new section.

[00:47:31] This doesn’t really matter for us. So we’re just going to click wide width, just—kind of speed things along here. Once I have my section, I am going to click add a new row for now. I’m going to add in a new role. And one thing that you’re going to hear me say a lot is a term called congruency. Basically, congruency means the webpage that you see here. The landing page looks very similar.

[00:47:51] It Looks just like our sales page. And what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to copy some of the texts from our sales page onto our landing page so that we are congruent. So now that I have explained that, let’s jump over to the 12-minute affiliate system, and it says, if you can order a pizza, you can make money with the system.

[00:48:08] So I’m just going to copy that. Jump back over to my Google doc, and I will create a new element, and I’m going to use the home element or the heading here, easy for me to say. And I’m just going to paste that in. And obviously, you can change this how you see fit, but this is a good starting point.

[00:48:27] So what we’re going to do is I’m just going to increase the font here. And I’m going to jump back over to my 12-minute affiliate system. And I’m just going to paste this. Now, I’d recommend you just manipulate it just a little bit and change it up so that it’s not exactly word for word. But if we go over to here, I’m just going to close this.

[00:48:46] I’m going to create a subheading, and I’m just going to paste that right in here. So I’m going to paste that. And what we can do is change the color if we want for this video and the speed, as I said, we can make this. So a three-hour video, if we wanted to, I’m just going to do that quickly, and let’s see, I’m going to get rid of this here, clean that up just a little bit.

[00:49:12] And then we also have the ability to add spaces to make this a little bit better. So what we’re going to do is from here is we can just add in our section to collect the email address. So I’m just going to go in. I’m going to click on it. I am going to change this when you either click on it or press the gear. So you can actually change this.

[00:49:34]So I’m going to go to email, and then we can leave that as is what you need to do next is you need to add a button and this, again, this is the most common way that people create or manipulate with ClickFunnels. And I need to add a button to submit the page. Now, this is very key, and these are a few things.

[00:49:49] This is where I made some errors before when you click on this button. Yeah. Do you want to make sure that you set the action to submit the form? You don’t want to set the action to go to the website, or you don’t want to set it to open up a pop-up or anything like that or go to the next step because people if you don’t have it to submit the form, people will be able to just click submit without having to enter in their email address.

[00:50:12] Now, even collecting emails is critically important with affiliate marketing, just because most people don’t buy right away. And if you don’t collect their email and don’t buy it, you basically have wasted your time, energy, and effort. So I’ve set it to submit the order. A few other things that we can do.

[00:50:25] And again, this was just cosmetic and really up to you is I am going to, let’s see, I’m going to increase the font size here, and I’m going just to change the button width to full width. So again, this is not necessarily something that you have to do. All right. So the final thing that we need to do here is we need to go to.

[00:50:45] Integrations. And then, we need to add it to our email list. Now, if you’re doing email marketing, you obviously need a landing page. You need a place to collect emails, and you can either use ClickFunnels or use a Weber or get a response. I have links in the description for that as well. Basically, what you need to do is just find it.

[00:51:00] So you go select integration. I’m using ClickFunnels right now. Go down to action, add to list, and then find the lists you want to edit. So we’re just going to go to the demo. And then it turns green to show you that you’ve done it now. A cool little trick that I learned or strumbled across is you can actually send people directly to your affiliate offer when they click submit.

[00:51:21] When they click this, click here to sign up, and to do that, you go to settings and go down to the general. And then on the right-hand side here, where it says on submit go-to, you can actually enter in an email or, excuse me, enter in the landing page. So do you remember where we have our affiliate link here?

[00:51:37] I can copy it. Affiliate link, and I can paste it right here. And so, when people enter their email address and click here to sign up, it takes them directly to the affiliate offer. So that’s pretty cool because maybe you’re running paid ads. Maybe you don’t have a bridge page set up, which I ultimately recommend that you do. So you can actually do this and get going.

[00:52:00] Get going right away. So I’m just going to click save to show you what this looks like. And again, this is just one of the ways that you can start making money with ClickBank and click funnels. So I’m just gonna click on preview, and I am going to enter my email address right here. So when I here click to sign up, it takes me to that sales page that we signed up for earlier, where what’s going on here.

[00:52:24] So submitting something. There you go, as you can see, it works like a charm. The other thing you should do, and I recommend that you do, send people to a bridge page. Now, basically, what a bridge page does, is it prepares them for what they’re going to see next. Maybe you’ve reviewed the product or service that you’re talking about.

[00:52:42] Maybe you want to add a testimonial. So right here where it says thank you. You can make this a bridge. So let’s say you record a video beforehand over on a Weber or not a Weber over on Wista or YouTube or whatever. And you can just put that video. It could say, watch this free video to learn more about the 12 minutes for its system.

[00:53:02] So that way you are warming them up, they could be cold traffic. They could be traffic that might not know of their solution just yet. And so you’re preparing them. They know and trust you, the affiliate marketer, enough. On a link and enter their email, and press submit. So you want to warm them up to the next step, and to do that, you’re simply just going to click on the select template.

[00:53:22] Again, it doesn’t really matter for our purposes. And once this gets to work, I’ll show you a straightforward thing that you can do. So I’m going to click on the edit page, and eventually, we’ll get to edit this page. And if you guys have questions, definitely throw them out there. Cause I want to make sure that I’m helping you solve any questions, comments, or concerns.

[00:53:40] So I’m just going to delete this here and instead. We can just say we’ll do one column, and we’ll say something as simple as watch this free video to learn how to make money faster than ordering a pizza. We’ll say. Okay. Watch the below video to learn. Yeah. Say hope we can watch this video.

[00:54:04] Yes, it will be saved. This video will be seen. Watch the below video to learn how to start making money online faster and ordering pizza. Again, you want to try and make sure that the terminology is congruent to the offer that they’re going to see on the next page. So I just need to change the bold color here to white so that you can see that.

[00:54:33] And then. But see, we’ll do a video, and this can be a YouTube video. This could be what’s the video below we might want to add in some bonuses to help them get, start, to push them over the edge. So what we’ll say is some flea, something like getting started today and gets a thousand dollars in free bonuses.

[00:54:52]Let’s see here. We’ll just click the headline again. We should probably do a sub-headline. We’ll say get started today. It gets there today too. We’ll say earn earns out the right word there. $1,000. And bonuses. And then we could add a timer. We could say something like today only, or for the next 10 minutes, or something along those lines.

[00:55:17]Let’s see, quite honestly, if you go over to Austin, forward slash start, this is essentially what I’ve done. So if we go over here, I can add a timer. Why don’t I do this? I’m going to add a timer up here. It’s just so that you guys can see that I’m going to scroll up. Let’s see. Let’s see.

[00:55:31] Let’s see. Where’s my timer app. Let’s say countdown timer too. All right. So we were just, I’m going to actually, I don’t want to use that timer. So I’m going to delete this. All right. So do this, and then I’m going to go down to my other timer. I just passed it minute timer, and then we can set this for 30 minutes, 20 seconds, whatever you want to do.

[00:55:58]So we’ll just say it’s such a, let’s say 15 minutes and the title. Creates a sense of urgency. It gets them to take action right away. So I’m joining to do that. And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to move this up one. I will copy this, and then I’m also going to move this down there as well.

[00:56:20] All right. So if I click save and we click preview, yep. That’s I can click preview. As you can see, we have the countdown timer, and then this is where our YouTube video would be. We also need to add a button. So if I jump back here, I will say, I’m just going to add a button that says get started, and this button is going to take us to our affiliate product.

[00:56:45] So I’m going to click on this, and I’m just going to click on, get started. And then when you said. This is where you’re going to add your affiliate links. So, where it says to go to the website, you’re just going to paste in your affiliate link and hit enter. Now that you’ve done that, make sure that you click save.

[00:57:05] When you click preview, you should, we should be able to see. When you click preview, we should be able to see an update. So there we go, get started. Obviously, I’d want to adjust this a little bit to look better, but this is just one way. And at the end of the video, I will talk about different traffic methods that I’ve used with click funnels to start finding success.

[00:57:24]I’ve mentioned a few of them before, but I want to make sure that I illustrate that better. So here we are. The other thing that I want to do is I want to, let’s say I want to increase the font size here just to make it look a little bit better, change themes. So we can do a green button here, and then we can actually make this full width as well.

[00:57:44] So that looks a little bit better when I click save and I click preview once again, I click preview once again. As you can see, here we go. When I click this button, it will take us to our affiliate offer, which is the 12-minute affiliate system. I’m so glad I am with you on this live video. Hey, I’m glad you’re with me as well on this live video.

[00:58:06]So I’m going to, so this is the affiliate product that we’re promoting. I’m just going to close this to show that it works. So the other thing that you can do is there are some affiliate programs or some affiliate products. The vendors will actually create ads for you. Or excuse me, some vendors will actually create blog posts for you.

[00:58:27] I just completely lost my train of thought there. Some vendors will create blog posts for you. And the great thing with that is you can actually create an advertorial kind of what I showed you over here. An advertorial and then add, enter in your affiliate links, sprinkled them in. And when they click on the link, they go to the product or service.

[00:58:45] One of them that I know does this for sure is the custom keto diet. I know it does it for sure because we just looked at it yesterday. So I’m just going to click on, add a new step. And I’m just going to call this ad. I click to create a funnel, and away we go eventually even. While we’re waiting, let’s see if I can find the advertorial or the let’s see, we’ll go to downloads Quito articles. And I did not mean to open it up as a word document. I don’t have word on here. Force quit open with pages. There we go. All right. So when you open up with pages, you’ll be able to see that the creators of the custom keto diet have gone ahead, and they’ve actually.

[00:59:34] Written ads or written a blog post out that we could use, we could copy and paste it right into our click funnels account here. And we could actually use this to get commissions. And the great thing is that usually, a webpage like this, an advertorial, like this, will get approved on most platforms.

[00:59:53]The reason why it will get approved than most platforms is that it’s seen as quality. You’re providing value. You’re providing high quality to a customer or potential customer there. So they’re going actually to say that this is a high-quality ad, and you can just essentially sprinkle in your affiliate link.

[01:00:10] You could say as I have over here, I don’t want to go through and create an entire one. As you can see, you can say click here to start billing. Building a blogging website, click here for a free step-by-step webinar. You can just sprinkle these in every few paragraphs, and people will click on these links, and they’ll go to your website.

[01:00:26] And just to show you here, this one goes to. One of the programs that I promote is online education, online marketing education, but it’s an affiliate link. So they click the link. They go to the education course. They watch the free video. They buy the products that get paid a commission over and over again, rinse and repeat.

[01:00:45] So, let’s talk about the different ways that you can actually start driving. One way is with YouTube now. And I didn’t elaborate on this yesterday, and I should have with YouTube. It’s relatively easy to get started. So I’m just going to jump over to YouTube. It’s difficult to get traffic and build an audience, but it’s relatively easy to get started with YouTube.

[01:01:06] You can create videos without showing your face. I E what I’m doing now, you can keyword research is pretty easy. You can figure out what people want to know. You just have to be consistent and persistent about taking this action. Now with keyword research, it’s essentially just going up to the search bar and doing that.

[01:01:24] What’s called the alphabet soup method. Now basically, what the alphabet soup method is, you’re going to type in your keyword or keyword phrase and then go through each letter of the alphabet. So, for example, if we’re talking about affiliate marketing may be our keyword for marketing, right?

[01:01:38] We see here affiliate marketing for beginners. If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, I recommend actually niching down to affiliate marketing for beginners, hit the space bar, and then go through each letter of the alphabet. So affiliate marketing for beginners here on the screen that it says affiliate marketing for beginners, Amazon Arabic absolute beginner, South Africa, Facebook ads.

[01:01:56]You do that through each letter of the alphabet, and you create content on these phrases or these search terms, you’ll start to get traffic. This is exactly what I’m doing now. This is how you stumbled across, across this video, unless you came from tick-tock unless you came from my email list. You stumbled across this video because I use keyword research; someone typed in how to promote ClickBank products with click funnels and here.

[01:02:19] You just have to go out and create the content over and over again, consistent, persistent action. It, the amount of content you need to create will depend on how competitive the market is. Make money online. Affiliate marketing, building an online business is fairly competitive. So you have to go in with the mindset that you’re creating a bunch of content to start generating traffic.

[01:02:40]YouTube is another way that you can do as with solo ads. You can use a website like your tummy, and you can go and find a solo ad provider high-quality solo ad provider. If you want, I can create a separate video on that. Create a high, find a high-quality solo ad provider, and you just run you.

[01:02:57]This initial page that we created, you run that initial page. You put that link in the space for your link, and people will opt-in, and then they’ll go to your affiliate offer. So ads are another opportunity after that you can use Facebook pages, what you’d want to do with a Facebook page.

[01:03:14] Create content, create, add value, and then add a call to action. And then, the call to action can go to the landing page, or the call to action can go to this advertorial. Another thing that you can do is you can actually use Facebook groups now with Facebook groups. You have to add some sort of value as well.

[01:03:28] You can’t just tell people to go to your landing page without some sort of value. What you could do is you could run an advertorial for the Facebook group. For affiliate marketing to make money online, you could provide maybe three, two. So right here, I have 17 ways to start an online business or something similar 17 ways to start an online business today.

[01:03:49] You can give them two or three of those tips and tell them to click the link to learn the other 15 tips. So that’s a good way for the advertorial to work because they will read through the advertorial and see that you’re providing value. And then they’re going to be more prone to click on the link.

[01:04:04] They won’t click on your link if you just tell them to. I want you to buy this product. You need to give something in return to get something. Another way to run advertorials is with Pinterest ads and then search ads as well. If you guys have questions, please feel free to throw them out there. Because again, I want to make sure that I’m solving your problem.

[01:04:22] Also, if you’re just joining late, I somehow received a free book from Amazon. It’s called traffic secrets, and I’m giving that book away. What you need to do to qualify for that book giveaway is to comment. In the comments section, traffic secrets by Russell Brunson. When you do that.

[01:04:40] Y’all enter to win. And on Wednesday, before my next video, I’ll actually announce who won. So be sure to comment on traffic secrets by Russell Brunson in the comment section below. To qualify for that book giveaway, you don’t have to enter your email address. You don’t have to do anything. You just need to. You just need to.

[01:05:00] Comment below traffic secrets by Russell Brunson to get an opportunity to win. But if you have questions, please feel free to throw them out there because I’d be happy to answer them. Also, I’d be happy to solve your problem. As I mentioned, the best way to run traffic for click funnels is with YouTube.

[01:05:18] For free, you can do Facebook groups, Facebook pages, you can even do. One interesting thing that I learned with Quora today, I might do a separate video is you can actually start getting paid with Cora and Cora spaces. They’re now opening up a beta where they’ll pay you for people that, that, that come to your core space.

[01:05:35] You don’t even have to do affiliate marketing. You can earn passive income by running ads, just like YouTube here to your core space. Anyway, that’s a little bit off on a tangent. If you guys have questions or need additional help with click ClickFunnels, I have a link in the descriptor. Two, an entire click funnels course.

[01:05:53] It’s 100% free. It’s a three-hour course. And I basically go through the ins and outs of click funnels. Step-by-step integrating. PayPal. All of those fun things, setting up a membership site, which I talked about earlier, setting up landing pages. Advertorials I think I did as well. I shut setting up like a complete blog with ClickFunnels.

[01:06:13] You can do all of that stuff, but be sure to go to that free training. Over on you to me, you don’t even have to enter your email address or what have you. So again, if you guys have questions, feel free to throw them out there because I’d be happy to answer them for you. And as I mentioned before, let me just recap and sell a few more items, sell a few more eBooks here.

[01:06:31] I have a free ebook. Just go to Austin. forward slash E hyphen ebook in the description. 100% free. You just need to enter a good email address because I’ll send that to you. And also, if you want to know how I started an online business that generates passive income. Every day, which has me waking up at 4:00 AM, checking my emails, and going to Austin.

[01:06:50] forward slash start. That’s really all I have for you guys today, but I’ll hang on for another few seconds or so just in case you have additional questions, comments, concerns. If I missed anything, definitely let me know because I’d be hampered in the know. And of course, be sure to like subscribe, ring the bell notification because I’d be happy to and honored to continue to update you with more relevant and valuable content.

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[01:07:33]W it was a weird thing here that I received a second book, but you guys have a great night, and I’ll actually see you tomorrow. So be sure to subscribe and ring the bell notification to continue to serve you the best way that I know how right. You guys have a great night, right?..