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[00:00:00] In this video, I’m going to show you five different ways where you can successfully promote your warrior plus affiliate links. So make sure you watch this entire video to learn the best way to promote your links for the best tips and tricks to learn affiliate, marketing, and internet entrepreneurship.

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I’m going to the affiliate marketer, an internet entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people across multiple platforms make passive income with affiliate marketing, and today I want to help you. All right. As I mentioned at the beginning, I’m going to show you all of the different ways to promote your warrior plus affiliate products successfully.

The products that I use are just examples. And in no way am I endorsing any of these products? I want to show you how to start making some money. The first and probably most obvious way is simply with launch jacking and with launch jacking. That’s where you hop on a trending launch. You create content about that launch [00:01:00], and people are coming to the internet to learn more about that new product, and the reason why this works so well is most affiliates.

Most super affiliates. Hundreds of thousands of people are on their mailing list. And whenever there’s a new product released, they will send out an email about this new product. And then people that receive the emails and open them. Then, they’ll go over to Google or YouTube to learn more about the product.

So let’s say, for example, coming up on October 26th, we have a product called the low-key cycle. So if we click, it’s going to take us to the page here. So we can learn a little more about it, and this is going to be critical to your success with lunch checking is you want to learn more about the product, you want to know what the product does and how it operates and how it can help people.

All of these products are supposed to solve a problem. And so you want to figure out the issues with these products. So you can create content around that. So I just clicked on the JV page. If we scroll down here, there isn’t much here just yet. So I would assume that things will pop up later, but if [00:02:00] we go back here, we can look at all of the recent launches.

We’ll click back one more time. And again, this is So we go to, we’re looking for warrior plus here. Let’s see this one. Click on this one, copy-paste, profit. Again, I am in no way endorsing any of these products. If we click on the JV page, once again, we’re going to see exactly what the product does and what we can do. Let’s hope that I’m muted.

We can copy the name of the product and see that people are creating content in various places. As you can see, if we scroll through, we can learn more about the product, which will be necessary for your success. So I’m just going to click back. And what we’re going to do is we’re simply going to copy the product name, copy-paste, profit.

We’re going to copy this. Go over to YouTube,, and we are going to paste. The title of the product. And what you’ll see here is you’ll see a bunch of people doing the same thing, and you’ll also see that they’re offering all sorts [00:03:00] of bonuses. So that’s something that you will want to consider as well.

And the best way to offer bonuses is to look at the product that you’re recommending. So let’s see if we can go back over here one more time, look at the product you’re suggesting. And figure out where the weaknesses are, and you want to offer bonuses based on the weaknesses. And there are tons of boys that you can provide rewards too.

You can offer bonuses in the form of additional training. You can submit a PLL, our content. So go over to PLR and find congruent products, or that will work with this if we scroll through. And you want to look and see what salt what problems this product solves. We go back over to YouTube.

You can see this video from 44 minutes ago. It already has eight views. 4,000 subscribers. They’re doing this exact thing. They’re doing copy-paste, profit reviews. If we look at this video from two days ago, 30 views, this one from one hour ago, 14 views, people are doing this same thing, and they waited too late.

What I would recommend that you do, if we go back [00:04:00] over here and click around, this product was. Today, I would go back a few days before today and create this content. So if we go back over to YouTube and I scroll down, you’re going to see people made videos like a week ago about the product, and that’s the right way to go.

You wanted to create this a week ago because people send out emails 2, 3, 4 days before accessing the product. You’ll have to apply and get accepted, but you want to create once you get access. That will help solve a problem. You want to create content like an email to send to your target audience, but this is the most obvious.

And this is the easiest way to create a YouTube video. As you can see, these YouTube videos aren’t long, they all claim to be reviews, but at the end of the day, they’re just promoting the product. So this is one way another thing that you can do if we go to if we copy this like this, we can go back over to Google, and we can paste this in just like this and hit enter.

If we scroll down, we will review [00:05:00] afterward and enter just like that. And as you can see, this person is using a free Google sites webpage to do it. So they’re not even spending their own money. So if we click on this, you’re going to see once again that this is precisely what they’re doing in this video, or this blog post is not long.

You could create a longer post. Who’s earning two out of 10 export ratings, three out of 10. You could. A longer post where you’re helping people. And what you could do is you could launch Jack the website. So if we copy this, we’ll go to H reps just this hit enter.

And what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a look and see what keywords that this website ranks for. And we can potentially write better content. So if I go over to site Explorer, I’m going to paste this in just like that. And let’s see we go to, we hit enter just like this, and we’re going to see what pops up, see what they rank for H ranks.

They’ve [00:06:00] got three keywords here. We’re going to take these keywords potentially. Copy-paste. Let’s see if we can find more information. So if we click on that, but this is one way you could start making money: to figure out what people are doing. So I click on this, go through, find keywords that people are creating, content, take their content and make better content, take their keywords, and produce better content.

But as you can see here, people are doing this. So if we hit back once again, copy and paste the review, let’s take a look at this one. And once again, we’re just going to go through, and they’re creating. This is a longer blog post. I’m surprised it’s not outranking—the first one who scrolls down here.

Once again, they are creating content about the copy-paste review, what we can do. And I know this will work a little bit better as we open up the main page here, and we’re going to copy this. And as you can see, they’re creating all sorts of content on WarriorPlus products. So we’re going to [00:07:00] go up to our H ring H refs keyword tool, and I’m going to paste this in just like that and hit, enter.

And we could potentially take the keywords that they’re ranking for. So if we look at their overall website rank, and let’s see they’re ranked 2 million, this is a good sign. If we go over to the keywords that have a worth 3000 keywords, and I’m sure they’re making decent money, as you can see, the competition is all less than 10.

And if I copied them, These are probably all products you’ll find over on warrior plus. And you can do this too. This is the easiest way to do it. Now, what you can do is you can either write these reviews yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you, and you can hire someone over on I writer for as little as like 20 bucks to start one for you.

But if we look at this stream store, let’s go back over here. Let’s go back over to this one. I’m going to click on this web page. And as you can see. They’re writing blog posts. Now, these blog posts [00:08:00] are pretty long, which is good. That means they’re spending a lot of time, and they include bonuses and other helpful information.

This blog post might not be that long. It’s just that the formatting is so narrow, but if we scroll down and they’ve included a ton of bonuses, and as you can see, 24 bonuses for a product that’s supposed to help. An affiliates problem and make them rich 24 for 24 rewards.

If we go back up, we’re going to right-click, and we do word counter here. And as you can see, it’s only 2,800-word blog posts. It’s just. The formatting is so narrow. So if we go back up, let’s click on, add to cart. And when we said it to the cart, as you can see, it took us over to warrior plus. So this is how you could do it.

This is probably a more consistent way to do it. Are you just, basically anytime there’s a new product that comes out in warrior, plus you write a review video, or you write a review. Blog posts like this person did. And then [00:09:00] add in a ton of bonuses. So if you look, as I mentioned a bit earlier, you want to make sure that you are adding extras that are congruent with whatever this product does.

You want to make sure that the product supplements are better than the main product, but that’s exactly what this person’s doing if you look here. They’re doing it again and again. And as you can see, they rank for 3000 keywords. So it must be working. No person is going to keep doing this.

If it’s not working and they’re getting significant traffic, look at all of this traffic here, a 4,000, 14,001,000, you can tell this person is, this person knows what they’re doing, and they are making decent money. So again, launch jacking. You can do YouTube videos. If we copy, I will copy this one right here, go back over to YouTube, paste this in just like.

Stream store review. If we look and what you could even do is turn this blog post into a video, and then you would double dip play your video at the very top. Here we scroll up. Play your video at the various. [00:10:00] And add your link. So instead of this green right here, have a video and then have a button to your, to the affiliate offer you’re recommending, and you can make money that way.

So if we go back over to the stream store, this is from four years ago. They’ve been in this for a long time, nine months ago. People are having success, and this doesn’t look like it’s too competitive. People are having success promoting these products. Another way you could do it is simply with Pinterest, and I’ve got Pinterest opened up here, and we can once again create pins.

We’ll paste this in-stream story view, hit enter, and let’s go back and change this to all pins. And you’re going to find. I am creating content about different products. What you can also do is you can create a YouTube channel about making money online. That’s going to be the best way to go if you want long-term success.

One of the drawbacks to just promoting the WarriorPlus products or doing the review videos or the launch checking is you’re going to feel like you’re running on a never-ending treadmill. You’re going to be [00:11:00] consistently having to upload new videos or new blog posts. The products because there’s always new product and the older products fade out or die.

And so what you can do is create content on ten ways to make money on. Or side hustles or something like that. And then you could recommend the newest product that you find over on warrior plus, but there are just several ways to go about it. So we’ve got lawn checking, we’ve got writing blog posts, we’ve got creating how to make money online type YouTube videos.

We’ve got Pinterest. You can do the same thing with industry. We could do the same thing with Facebook. You could start a Facebook group dedicated to warrior plus products. So if we go over to Facebook, there’s a new way to make money on Facebook that nobody is talking about. So watch some of my videos where I talk about this unique opportunity on Facebook.

I don’t want to spoil it here today, but there’s a lot of opportunities, a lot of new option on Facebook. So we could go to let’s type in stream store review. [00:12:00] And what you could even do is you could write your blog post right on. And make money that way, as you can see stream story view, if we go to groups, I wonder if there are people in groups.

So these are different types of groups, which you could create groups about new business opportunities or new ways to make money online. If we do make money online and then you do reviews, make money online. And then you could do reviews of different products and ways to make money online.

You’ll be able to gain a following rather quickly. So those are the different ways that you can make money with your warrior. Plus, for the links now that you know, click the first link in the description for my number one recommended way to start a full-time income online. When you click that first link, you’ll be taken to a free training where you’ll learn how to get started.

Step by step, click the first link in the description or go to Allston forward slash. Watch these videos next for more tips and tricks to make money online. Also, check out my website dot com for even more tips, tricks, and tactics to make money online. If you liked this video, go ahead and give it thumbs [00:13:00] up.

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