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In the below video, I show you how to start a blog for affiliate marketing step by step.

In the below video, you’ll learn:

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Unedited Transcript

All right. It is great to be here with you today. It looks like I am live and in living color, which is a great TV show. From the nineties, the early and mid-nineties, definitely check it out if you haven’t already done it. So anyway, my name is Alston Godbolt. And today, I’m going to talk to you about how you can start making money with affiliate marketing on a blogging website.

[00:00:24] Earlier this week, I did a life in which I talked about how to start a WordPress site. We’re going to expand on that just a little bit, and we’re going to show you how you can go about creating a blog. Now, a blog is a great opportunity to make money passively because it’s a website. It’s your own property.

[00:00:41]You can keep that blog up forever and ever as long as you pay the annual fee to keep the hosting up. And so people can come to your site. Organic. Or you can actually push them there from other social media platforms. So it’s a good opportunity to start making money a little bit passively.

[00:00:56] And what I want to do is show you some of the steps you can take to start making money with a blog, obviously. You have already picked your niche, what you want to create content on. It’s just a matter at this point, doing keyword research. Now keyword research is going to be pivotal.

[00:01:12] And quite honestly, I’ve made several mistakes. When it came to keyword research, I tried to rely on different tools instead of just going to the source, and the source is Google. I talk a lot about it. I talk a lot on my channel about Alphabet soup. Basically, that is going to a search bar or a search function and typing in your top-level keyword or keyword phrase.

[00:01:35] And then going through each level of the alphabet. Now, what I did, the mistake that I made at my other blog, and I actually have probably about four or five blog blogging websites at this point. I’ve made some of the mistakes as I’ve relied too much on a website called to answer the public. I have tried to use H refs, and quite honestly, I tried to create content.

[00:01:54]On keywords that were too competitive when you’re just starting with an affiliate, marketing, and blogging, you don’t have any domain authority. You can think of domain authority, like your brand or name, when you’re just getting started. You don’t have a brand or name. And so Google isn’t going to take a risk posting your content.

[00:02:12] You have to build domain authority so that you can compete for those more competitive keywords. It’s yeah. It’s a lot. If you are just starting out playing basketball at the high school level, they’re not going to put you on the varsity squad automatically. You have to go to the freshmen and then the JV to work your way up to build your domain authority.

[00:02:32] And so are some of the mistakes I’ve made and talked about in my other videos. And I apologize if you can hear my dog he’s up in arms about something, but excuse my domain authority is critical. And having successful blogs. And so what I want to do is I want to show you how you can find the low-hanging fruit, find things that you can compete on, and so that you could potentially start making money faster than what I did.

[00:02:56] And so what I’ll also do too is I’ll show you how you can add your affiliate links, how you can do banners, all of that good stuff so that you can start making money passively while you sleep with your blog. So let’s get into it for this video. Let’s see. Affiliate marketing for our keyword or keyword phrase now, as or hopefully if you’ve followed my channel for any length of time, that health, wealth, relationships, and technology are the big four when it comes to creating content and making money online.

[00:03:24] And so I per my per PRI, primarily easy for me to say focus on doing affiliate marketing now before we continue, I just want to let you know. My channel is all about creating content to help you make passive income, help you start generating passive income in one hour per day with affiliate marketing so that you don’t have to quit your full-time job.

[00:03:44] And so I’ve uploaded a new live video every day this week because I want to speak directly to you and help you out any way that I can. All right, so let’s jump right over to Google. And when we use Google, we’re going to use it for keyword research to find competitors. All right. So I’m going to click this plus sign here, go over to Google and affiliates.

[00:04:07] Affiliate marketing is going to be our top-level keyword. All right. And so you can tell if it’s a pretty competitive word or phrase, what the number of advertisements that show up at the top three is all ads because they say ad next to it. And so, you can assume that this top-level keyword or keyword phrase is going to be pretty competitive.

[00:04:27] So if you don’t have domain authority, if you’re just getting started, you’re probably going to have a difficult time competing for this keyword or keyword phrase. So what we need to do is we need to dig a little bit deeper. What we could try is affiliate marketing for beginners, and then we can check that.

[00:04:48] All right. So there’s one ad there. That means it’s going to be a little bit less competitive. You can also use a plugin or a Chrome extension called keywords everywhere as a start. I would re I would recommend that you do not use it solely for yours. The primary way of finding keywords is because that can lead you astray.

[00:05:08] But one of the things that popped up is affiliate marketing for beginners, YouTube. So we might be able to create co-create content there. So affiliate marketing for beginners. You too. And let’s see what happens. All right. So this returns all YouTube videos. That’s not going to be the best way to go, but let’s try Amazon.

[00:05:31] Okay. So Amazon’s a top result after that you see some YouTube videos everything you need to know about Amazon. This could be. This could be something that we could potentially look at down the line. I wouldn’t necessarily want to create content on this right away, but what we can do is we can take a look at the people.

[00:05:52] Also, ask a section, basically what this is it means that Google has. A bunch of people, when they Google, they’ve asked this question, and it may not have a direct answer or the best answer. So that might be an opportunity for us to start creating content. So let’s go over how do I start affiliate Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners.

[00:06:14] Okay. So wikiHow pops up. If I click this, there is an ad there. So that might be to compare. And then one thing that you’ll realize when you’re doing keyword research, you want to take your time and find it—articles to write. Don’t rush through this. I’ve made the mistake of trying to fly through so that I could get to the money faster.

[00:06:40] And when you’re in-patient at this aspect, it will cost you more time, energy, and effort. As I mentioned on one of the first blogs I ran through, I tried to find keywords using some tools and some assistance, and I will. Not competing or not ranking for several articles that I wrote. And I had to go back and rewrite additional articles to start making money potentially.

[00:07:02] And again, that takes more time, energy, and effort. We can ask why we don’t type in how to promote, let’s say, click bank products without a website. Okay. So what you’ll see here, and this is a golden opportunity, at least in my opinion, the top result is Quora. Quora is a form and forms usually don’t have. While it has a high domain authority, it may not have the best answers, as you can see. If we click this first result here, it’s relatively short.

[00:07:45] A short answer and then a video it’s possible that we could go through create better content and rank. So what I would, and when, rank is, show up on the first page, and what I recommend that you do is if you see this, I would jot it down at copy it, put it in a Google sheet for you to write later.

[00:08:03]This could be an opportunity. One thing that might be a red flag is that you see several YouTube videos here. Consider it. And if you look, if you scroll down here, it looks like several people are using a free site, like a medium. And I thought I saw a blogger on here. But what I do is if I see Cora as a top one or two, even three third result, easy for me to say, I jotted down, and I want to come back.

[00:08:30] And so what we’re doing when we start creating content, as we want to build domain authority, we want to become trusted in the eyes of Google and the other search engines. One thing that you can do to help spur ideas, and yeah. I didn’t necessarily do this the right way is you can go to answer the public answer.

[00:08:49] The public is a question or answer the public. Excuse me. It is a keyword aggregator. You enter in keyword topics, phrases, ideas, and it will spit out several different ideas for you. So I’m going to go in here. I’m going to type in a Philly. It’s marketing. So I go to get questions, and it’s going to spit out a lot of information.

[00:09:19] Now, what you should do at this point is you should take the keywords that you have here and enter them into Google and then see. How competitive they are. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to sort by data and answer the public is broken down into three sections. There’s the question. So more of like your long tail, then there are some comparisons down here.

[00:09:40] And then there’s so this is a bit more competitive, and I would say the comparisons are even more competitive, and then there’s the alphabetical aspect of it. So what I would do to get ideas, if you have no idea at all, when it comes to this, is look at some of these questions and copy them.

[00:09:57] And so can I do affiliate marketing on Instagram? I’m going to copy that. I’m going to go over to my search engine in Google, and I’m going to paste that in. Okay, so here are some answers. It looks like people are writing it. There’s a blog. It looks like people are using they’re not using self-hosted blogs, so that could be an opportunity.

[00:10:17] But once you get here, can they do affiliate marketing on Instagram? If we hit the space bar, we can see. People ask similar questions, or we can even say our affiliate links are allowed on Instagram. So if we click this dropdown, we can get more ideas. Can I do affiliate Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram?

[00:10:36] And this here is a Quora answer. So this could be an opportunity as well to start creating content. So what would I do, copy down, and do Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram? I’m sure if you do enough research and digging. You’ll be able to find it. 10 20 30 pieces of the third, 10, 20, 30 keywords for you to start creating content.

[00:11:00] So what I would do is I would spend a few days going through and finding keyword phrases to write. You must get this stuff correct. Getting you to do this stuff correctly, or you’re going to wind up frustrated, angry, sad, or mad simply because you went too fast. So again, I would just go through here because the people also ask as a great opportunity that many people don’t think of.

[00:11:28] The other thing that you can do is actually let me see something if you scroll all the way down here.

[00:11:35] This might be another form of business to One thing that you can also look at is the articles. If the article length is relatively short, and if they’ve only spent, let’s say, a thousand words answering the question, and if you can answer the question better with maybe 1500, 2000 words, then that’s another way to start building your domain authority.

[00:11:58] Answer the question completely, stay on topic, and then go from there. So that is keyword research. The next step is to create content. As I alluded to you, want to start creating content? That answers the question completely. So if we go back to what was the question that we found? There was a question that I found that was answered with Quora.

[00:12:24] Here we go. Can I do Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram?

[00:12:33] So this is the end. This answer is concise. And if I were to do it, I would initially answer the question, and then I would spend. Maybe another thousand, 1500 words describing how they can do it step by step. I would add. I liked when I created the when I’m creating my blogs, I do. Who, what, when, where, why, and how what is Amazon affiliate?

[00:12:58] Amazon associates, how to do it when to do it, when not to do it, where to put your affiliate links if you can go through, and this is a basic writing technique, if you can go through and you can do the who, what, when, where, why, how you can. You can write on this topic. So what I like to do when I’m creating my blogs is before I actually start writing a blog, I write down who, what, when, where, why, how, and then underneath each question, each word, I’ll try and write down as many questions within that section as possible.

[00:13:29] So, for example, which I’ll do, who can do affiliate marketing who’s on Instagram who. Started Amazon. I’ll write down a bunch of questions. They may be good ones. They may be bad ones, but I’m just brainstorming. Once you do that, you can actually use this format and put it right into your blog post to help you write faster.

[00:13:47] Again, this is something that you learned. Elementary school, but people forget it over time. We used to watch a TV show in an elementary school where there’s the guy. I can’t remember. It was a kid who was on PBS. He had a hand, and he would shapeshift or something.

[00:14:03] It was weird. Anyway. They would teach you who, what, when, where, why, and how you go through those steps, and then you use those questions and put them right into the body of your blog. And so that’s really the foundation. After you set up and install your WordPress, whether your web hosting, you go out, you find your keywords and keyword phrases.

[00:14:25] After that, you create the content. I recommend doing who, what, when, where, why, how, and just keep doing that over and over. Until you have completely answered the question. Now don’t be afraid to write a longer blog post, right? As long as the post requires, how do I apply for an Amazon affiliate on Instagram only requires 500 words?

[00:14:47] You write 500 words. Don’t add filler. Don’t add fluff because Google and Google’s algorithm can see right through it. It’s not like. 10 15, 20 years ago, the number of words was more important than what was on the page. Google can go through and easily analyze your posts. See what’s relevant.

[00:15:06] What’s not relevant and quickly. Quickly, relatively quickly can rank your blog amongst everything else that is out there. One thing that I certainly urge you not to do is do nothing. Use P L R articles. If you are looking to grow an actual blog now, PLR P L our articles are private label rights articles that you can find for free or pay on the internet.

[00:15:33] Now, the reason why you don’t want to do that is that those articles have been used. Spun re-used respond. And again, Google can parse through. All of the spinning and re-spinning. And they can tell that this article has already been written before, already been uploaded. And if you upload or use an article that has been uploaded a thousand times before, that is the quickest way to be suppressed in the algorithm.

[00:15:59] You’re not creating original content. And so Google does not like that does not favor. And it’ll be tough to see your posts. So now, if you aren’t creating blog posts using PLR, and you’re going to send that blog out to social media networks, that will be your way to get your affiliate links out there.

[00:16:14] That’s something completely different, right? I’m assuming if you’re on this channel, how to start an affiliate and start an affiliate marketing blog. You want to grow one organically so that you’re showing up in the search results. And if you’re planning on doing that, either write them yourself or hire someone you trust to write.

[00:16:31] There are several article writing services out there. There’s I writer there are texts you and. You can go through Fiverr Upwork. There are several places out there that you can take advantage of, just make sure that you read through, make sure that the articles aren’t spawning and uploaded so that you aren’t suppressed.

[00:16:49] Now, let’s talk a little bit about uploading and how you can add your affiliate links, where you are going to add them, and how you can really start making money passively. What is this method? So if I jump over to my blog, Allston, This is what my blog looks like. The great thing about incorporating YouTube with your blog is that it can help with your search results in both Google and YouTube.

[00:17:14] Google sees that. Hey, I’m linking out to a YouTube channel that makes me a little more credible than just the guy who just has this information. And YouTube sees that I have a blog attached to my channel. And so it’s double-dipping. It’s easier for Google and YouTube to understand what’s going on because it’s linked and connected to multiple places.

[00:17:36] This is actually called backlinking. Now in this channel, I don’t really believe in creating backlinks or other people out there who think that’s a great method to start a business, but personally, I’m not a huge fan of it. So I’ve actually followed the income school model and school project, 24 models of creating.

[00:17:56] And so that’s why you won’t see me ever creating or talking about backlinks. Anyway. So this is my, my, my blog here. I have a picture of me to show that I’m a real person. I answer the question I believe within the first two paragraphs. About affiliate marketing without a website. And then I go into some detail about how to start it for their marketing.

[00:18:17]Freeways, a startup, terms of service change be difficult to move some problems with affiliate marketing on someone else’s website. So I just spent a lot of time trying to answer the question. One thing that you can do when it comes to blogging is you want to try and guess the next question you want to try and get an idea of.

[00:18:38] The other questions that your customer may have or the person reading your content may have, and then you want to answer them. That’ll actually help make your blog post a little bit longer. And if you look. What I’ve done in a couple of places. I have links to affiliate programs I’m involved in.

[00:18:55] So this one here, income school project 24, is the link that I just referenced; this right here is in an ebook. That’s a dollar 99, the insider’s guide to affiliate marketing dollar 99. And then actually, I have my own digital product here. I believe I have. It’s $2 or so. I don’t remember. This is basically how you’d want to start creating a blog.

[00:19:16] Now, what I recommend is if you’re just getting started and you don’t have any domain authority, you want to create a content schedule where you’re posting multiple times per week. Now, should you post every day? Probably. If possible, I would say every other day, every third day because you want to show Google that you’re here for the long haul.

[00:19:37]You want to start building your domain authority, but you don’t want to burn yourself out. And another mistake that I made is I created 45 blog posts, and I want to say 30 or 35 days by—35th day. I was so burned out when creating content that I don’t think I was actually creating the best quality.

[00:19:57] I was just so happy to get it done and get to my 35th blog post. Excuse me, my 45th blog posts that I think my content really suffered towards them. So you want to make sure that you’re pacing it out accurately that you’re giving or submitting your best work. But let’s take a look at how you can create a blog.

[00:20:16]Affiliate marketing. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to jump back over to the backend of my WordPress website on the left-hand side here. So I’m just going to go to the blog.

[00:20:30] Why can’t I find it? Pages posts, media pages. Why don’t I see blog posts? Excuse me. So I go over to the blog post. I’m just going to click add.

[00:20:48] And then here is where you start just creating content. Now, the interesting thing is the difference between blogging and YouTube is for search engine optimization. So you want to have your blog posts as close to the blog posts that return in Google as the title that returns in Google. So if we’re looking for, can I do.

[00:21:11]Can I do Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram? I’m going to click on that here. And I’m probably just going to copy and paste that right up. So what I would do is I would copy and paste that, and I can find it. So Ken and I’ll maybe I’ll change. Can you do Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram?

[00:21:34]The next step is just to go in and answer the question completely about what I’m going to do for this video. Then, even though I told you not to, I’m going to copy and paste a PLR article into Google. Just show you how you can start or where you can add your affiliate links in your images.

[00:21:51] So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to find out wherever I put it. That P L R article. All right. So I found the article, and what I will do is I’m just going to copy a piece and paste it in here. I’m going to try and do it pretty quickly. Actually, I won’t do the whole thing, but I just want to show you how you can get up and running.

[00:22:17] Maybe I’ll have a few paragraphs here, and then I’m going to upload an image I’m going to, you can upload it from your desktop, but I’m just going to grab it from my library because I know that it’s already there. So what we can do is I’m just going to grab this one click done, and then we have a few options here.

[00:22:37] What I’m going to do is I’m going to say. And then I’m actually going to add my affiliate link over here on the left-hand the right-hand side. And to do that, I just go custom URL. And then I would add in the affiliate link, and for this, I’m just going to type in, but it’s going to be that affiliate link URL that you received.

[00:22:57] Hello? How’s it going? Is that it is that right—eight to leave. So I’m just going to add in my affiliate link in that URL space, and when people click the link, they’re going to go to the product that I’m recommending. And so this is one way that you can do it. So I’m actually going to show you a few different ways that you can try and make money with affiliate marketing.

[00:23:19] So one way is to have this image, the next way, you can do it. So what we’re going to do is I might just say To learn more. And then, I can also put a URL here, the reason why you may want to use images. Cause people love clicking on images, and I’m going to open up in a new tab, and there we go.

[00:23:48] So if I continue writing, I’m going to add a new paragraph. And when I do that again, I’m just going to copy and paste. And I am going to add another call to action, maybe. You can either add the call to action inside of this article or this paragraph. But what I like to do is I could say learn new methods to make money with.

[00:24:20] With affiliate marketing fast, we’ll say. And what I like to do is I like to make this a little bit larger. So we’ll make it like a six here, which is slightly larger than the other ones. And then again, you can add the affiliate link. So I’ll click that link button, and I’ll do www. Dot

[00:24:45] Now, one interesting thing that you want to be cognizant of is Google is tracking the number of links that you have in your image or your blog post, excuse me, Google is tracking the number of affiliate links that you have in your blog posts, and that can have a negative input impact because when they read this or when Google analyzes this, they consider these affiliate links, right?

[00:25:11] Links to a sales page. And so what you can do, and this is a trick that I actually picked up from income school or project 24 of the course that I’m enrolled in. One of the things you can do is send them all to like a products page. And to do that, for example, let me show you on

[00:25:31] I have a product recommendations page. So what you can do is you can actually enter it. Directly to your products page into different sections of your products page. So that is only one page, and this is actually a page, and out of blog posts, one page actually gets sent out. It actually has affiliate links.

[00:25:52] Everything else is internal linking, which looks good in the eyes of Google. And to do that, I would actually go to, let’s say, add in another paragraph. So I’m just going to add in another paragraph, I’m going to paste this, and then I am just going to copy this, and I’m going to put a link there.

[00:26:15] And what I want to do is I want to link this to product recommendations. There we go. And if I do that opening a new tab. In a way, we go. And so that this is another way and potentially a better way to start making money with affiliate marketing and your blog. Because again, as I mentioned, Google sees links out to Google sees affiliate links as sales links or sales pages.

[00:26:45] If you are interlinking within your website, you’re actually it’s better in the eyes of Google and Google analytics. And so, if we preview this, hopefully, this works.

[00:27:01] go back here. Been having issues recently. Hopefully, this works. There we go. All right. So this is what it would look like if I were to publish this, and if I click on this link, it should take us to ESPN. Why didn’t it happen? Let me see what our link says here. Missing a w and I need to do HTTPS, and I’m going to close.

[00:27:31]Save draft. I’m close to this.

[00:27:36] Hey, did you have any questions while we’re working through this? So I’m going to click preview again.

[00:27:50] All right. So if I click it this time, it should work. As you can see, it gets sent out to That’s the site that we set up originally, or it should be your affiliate link, but for this video, I just want to make it click quick and show that it works on there. As I mentioned, another option that you could do is you could actually have this inner link.

[00:28:11] So if we take a look at that if we click on preview if we click on preview again and click on this one, it should interlink to our product recommendation page. Now, again, this is probably the better way to do it because you only have one page that’s essentially a sales page or a page that goes out to your affiliate links. So you could actually set it up so that when you click on this link, let’s say it was supposed to go to Bluehost, a hosting company.

[00:28:41] Okay. It would go right to Bluehost instead of the customer having to scroll down. It makes life a little bit easier. It’s a little bit cleaner. And it might be a little bit better when it comes to affiliate marketing. Now, what I would recommend that you do at this point is to take action.

[00:28:56] Again, I create videos to help you start making passive income in one hour per day. If you’re just getting started with blogging, I’d recommend that you obviously, if you haven’t already done so. You’re using blogging as a platform. If you don’t have a blog already set up, I have an affiliate link for Bluehost.

[00:29:14] I recommend that you get started with blue Bluehost. It’s a good entry-level blogging hosting company. Go through the process of setting up your web hosting account. That will probably take 20 minutes. A lot of that can be done in the background while you’re working on that. I want you to start.

[00:29:31] Start start. I want you to start with your keyword research. Now again, your keyword research may take you a few days. In fact, I think that you should do your keyword research over a span of a few of two or three days, pick the first two days to find and compile several keywords or keyword phrases, and then spend that third day reviewing everything that you have gathered the reason why like I’d like you to take that third day.

[00:29:58] You’ll have a different opinion on things after the third day compared to day one or two. So be very critical when it comes to finding your keywords and keyword phrases. Because if you do not execute this, not perfectly, if you do not execute this correctly, it can make your success, your path to success, your journey to success a little bit longer.

[00:30:19] And so I certainly urge you to do that after. At this point, if you haven’t already done so, you can sign up for your affiliate networks. Amazon is free, and the great thing about Amazon is they require a website. So you’ll have a website to give them. You can use ClickBank. ClickBank is another marketplace or clearinghouse, but I would recommend that you think outside the box. Just go up to Google and type in your niche and affiliate marketing.

[00:30:43] For example, I would just go up to video if I were creating a video game blog.

[00:30:52] Affiliate programs.

[00:30:57] And then there will be a list of all of the different affiliate programs for video game blogs or gamers. And just do this with any niche. There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of different opportunities. Once you start writing, you can easily add in your affiliate links. When you’re creating content, you should be aware of checking with the manufacturer or, excuse me, check the affiliate program about images, check and see what you can and cannot use.

[00:31:26] For example, with Amazon, they want you to use their hands. You can’t get images off of their website, for example? Let’s say I was promoting, let’s say I was promoting, I dunno. I wish I could hit a random let’s let me grab one here. Electronics. All right. Let’s say I was promoting one of these devices.

[00:31:51]We’ll say an app. You cannot take the images off of Amazon. Yo, if Amazon sees that you will, your account will be closed. What you can do, though, is you can download an extension called cite Stripe, and with site Stripe, it allows you, and it’s in the top left-hand corner. I’m going to try and expand this so that you can see it.

[00:32:17]Hopefully, you can see that a little bit easier with the site Stripe and allow you to get all of the links you need quickly. So if you wanted to get a text link for your blog, you could just go up here to site Stripe, which is a free extension. And you can just copy it. If you wanted to add an image, you can go up here to an image and go to large, and I’m just going to copy this, and then we could put it in our blog.

[00:32:43] So if I jump back over to our blog, what do we need to do if I hit return hit, plus I need to add in custom each T TTP. Let’s see, how quickly can I find it?

[00:33:05] Why should I type in HTTP? No HTM. There we go, custom HTML. So I’m going to paste that right in. If I click preview, there you go. You can use this. But you cannot use it, I would just be cautious about what you try to use with Amazon, but it’s fairly easy again. And if I go to preview.

[00:33:37] If I go to preview, as you can see. And then, when I click on it, it takes me right to Amazon, and it uses my affiliate link. So you can also do a combination of text and image if you wanted to, or you could actually create something a little bit more unique. So if we wanted to let me copy this, I’m going to copy that.

[00:33:57] And this would actually work out pretty nicely if you have—a series of images that you were comparing one right after another. So I’m going to click preview again. If you guys have any questions, feel free to pop them out and ask them. I’d be happy to answer them. As I mentioned, I have probably four or five blogs.

[00:34:17]One question that came up last week or earlier this week is. Should you have one blog, or should you have multiple blogs? Now the answer to that is it really depends. It depends on, yeah, what you’re creating content on. As I mentioned earlier this week, if you are planning to blog about an echo and then affiliate marketing, cell phones, and kids coloring books, you should have four different blogs.

[00:34:46] But if you’re going to, if you’re planning on creating content around football and baseball and basketball, you can have one blog and just. Three different verticals or four different verticals. It really all depends. If you’re doing something like a smart home, you can put all of that into one blog. Some people may write, recommend, split them out, but the more content you have in one place, and it’s congruent, and it all works together, the better it will be.

[00:35:18] Yeah, my blog is doing relatively well; actually, let me rephrase that I have five blocks out of my, and I would say three of them are doing very well. My first blog is not doing so great. It’s suffering a little bit, and it’s because, as I mentioned, I didn’t get the keyword research. Correct. That blog has over a hundred blog posts and.

[00:35:40]While it’s turning a profit, we’ll say while I’m making money with it, it’s not where it should be. That blog. I created that blog in September of 2000. And what are we in 20 2018, I think. But the good news is the good news for me anyway is the more I, the more blogs I created, the more I wrote, the better I became.

[00:36:03]My smallest blog has 10 blog posts, and it’s doing very well. It’s doing very well. And so the great thing with blogging is you can keep going until you get it right now. So, my smallest blog only has 10 blog posts because I wasn’t really interested in doing it. So, I have one doing Amazon affiliates, but not doing good.

[00:36:27] Yeah. I know. And from my experience, it’s you need a lot of traffic to do very well from Amazon, just because Amazon pays such low commissions. So the question was, I have one doing Amazon affiliate, but not doing good. So what you could do is you can actually try and find it. Try and find affiliate programs that pay out a little bit more.

[00:36:49] As I said, there are tons of programs out there. Now the benefit to using Amazon is that you can essentially stack commissions. Basically. What that means is if someone comes to your blog site for coloring books, but then they wind up buying coloring books, cat food and laundry detergent, and all that other stuff, you can get paid as long as they buy with it.

[00:37:11] Within the cookie window. The downside to that is because Amazon knows that they will lower the commissions on most things you could go out. So, for example, you could do like vacuum cleaner affiliate program or home cleaning affiliate programs or whatever it is. And there’s probably one out there that pays a little bit better, but you might not get the benefit of stacking commissions.

[00:37:32]What you could also try to, and I haven’t really looked into it, is how it targets—Target’s affiliate program. The limitation with that is that you can’t use target, or you may not be able to use target in other parts of the world. So it’s a trade-off that most of your people are coming from Amazon or coming from the United States, then using target or switching the target might be the best for you.

[00:37:53]All, so let me quickly take you through the aspects of this blog. This is a premium theme that was created by. The owners and creators of income school, you probably will not find a theme like this. On the right-hand side, I have my legal information. It’s an affiliate blog. I can get paid commissions.

[00:38:15] I have several links over here. And then I could actually add in some I could add in some like Google AdSense, if I wanted to, but it’s a very, I think this blog maybe has 10 or 15 posts. And it’s on affiliate. Let’s see. I’m going to exit out of here. And if you have any questions, feel free to type them in.

[00:38:37]I’d be happy to answer them, but as I said, the great thing with Amazon is it does give you the ability to stack commissions. But you can find other ones that are equally as good, if not better. So again, what I would do and just to wrap up and to re reiterate is once you find your niche, once you have an idea of what you want to create content on, and you’re completely stuck, and you have no idea what to do, you don’t know what to create content on.

[00:39:06] I would go over to answer the public. I headed up at one point I would go over to answer the poll.

[00:39:15] and I would type in your top level. Keyword or keyword phrase we’ll go back to affiliate marketing,

[00:39:26] Once you get these questions that pop up, copy and paste them right into Google and see what Google sets Google may. These may be some good. Keywords or keyword phrases. But these might be saturated as well. And you might have to niche down. I actually created someone in a Facebook group that I was in that I’m in earlier today.

[00:39:52] Like how did, how to niche down, or what’s a good niche. And what I had done is I actually came up with an I came up with a five-level. Niche. I, so I niched on five levels to show this person that you can go down very far to start building domain authority. So what I want to do is I’m actually going to bring that up real quick, too bad.

[00:40:15] I screenshot it, actually. Do I have it? I may have it somewhere. I don’t have it. Let me check one other place. What I did was I tried to illustrate to this person that there’s always. There’s always content that can be creative. There are 8 billion people in the world. 4 billion people have access to the internet.

[00:40:34] If you wanted to write content to the 0.0, zero 1%. You’re still writing to hundreds of thousands of people. And so there’s always an opportunity there to make money. So I’m just trying to scroll down. Oh, here we go. So this is what I’d created. To illustrate the opportunity when it comes to niching down.

[00:40:59] And so here it’s when it comes up on the screen, it’s still weird for me when I go wive that I’m on like a little bit of a tape delay. So when I go, the top-level niche is technology, and then within technology, you could do cell phones, computers, computer networking, video games. And then within video games, you could do PC, Mac, console, phone apps, and then within the console, you could actually do pace PlayStation or Xbox, and then within the console X-Box, you can do hardware or software.

[00:41:33] And then within the software, you could do NBA two K 19, or men, two K, two 20 or whatever. And then you could do how to shoot a jumper. On NBA two K nine team. And so, this is what I would recommend that you start thinking about when you’re looking at creating a niche or creating a concept. You want to try and niche down a pretty fair amount to start building your domain.

[00:41:56]And you have an easier time for ranking. So again, if you take a look at it, the top-level is a technology, and then the sub-niche I should put underneath would be cell phones, computers, computer networking, and video games. And then the sub-niche of video games could be PC Mac console or mobile.

[00:42:16] And then the sub-niche of the console would be either PlayStation or Xbox. And then again, you can go down and talk about hardware software. When you think about X-Box, this will be technical because I used to play video games basically every day. So, after all, there are different hardware components.

[00:42:33] There are different types of hardware, different types of accessories controllers, and headsets. You could actually connect hard drives, external hard drives parts, replacement parts. So you can get pretty deep into it, but I recommend it because blogging is so competitive that you start low and build up the worst thing you could do.

[00:42:54] And again, I’ve made this mistake with my largest blog. As I tried to compete somewhere up here under PC Mac and console, I didn’t niche down far enough. Now I was able to correct that mistake. And now I see the reward. Of correcting that mistake, but you want to niche down a little further, and then you want to make sure that you’re creating long enough content where you’re answering the question, but you’re not adding in filler.

[00:43:20] You’re not wasting people’s time, and believe it or not, Google can analyze all of that. Their algorithms can tell and dictate all of that. The other thing you want to do, and I’m adamant about this, is not to use spun con. Again, Google can see right through it. They can analyze that, and you will suffer.

[00:43:40] You will be paying. If you have any questions, feel free to either comment below or reply in the chats. I answer every single question or comment, and I would be happy to answer yours again. If you want to know how I started generating passive income in just one hour per day while working full time, click the first link in the script.

[00:44:03] I go to Austin forward slash start. Also, make sure that you like subscribe, ring the bell. I have done a live video every day this week, and I don’t know if I will do one tomorrow. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t comment on any video that you would like to see me create. I’d be happy to create videos for you.

[00:44:19] I enjoy this. As I mentioned yesterday, I have my own radio broadcast, like a radio podcast, where I interact with the. So with color on line three, we’ll say, and I can answer questions directly. So feel free to answer or feel free to ask me any questions about affiliate marketing about blogging.

[00:44:40] If you don’t have, I’ll hang on here for a couple of seconds to see if you have any because this tape delay is weird for me still. But if you don’t have any other questions, I think I will sign off, but use this as a template. This template that I have here with how to niche. Use this as a framework on how to go down far enough so that you can start creating content and building your domain authority.

[00:45:02] I thought this was actually pretty not to toot my own horn. I thought this was a pretty good illustration by me. And you can do this with any niche you want to keep going down so that you can buy ADA so that you can. So you can start building that domain authority.

[00:45:17] It’s all about the authority. All right. So thank you very much. I hope you guys have a good weekend. Good evening. If I don’t see you, make sure that you subscribe to the channel because I have been coming out with different types of content every single day of the week. So you guys have a great night and a great weekend.