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[00:00:00] In this video, I’m going to show you the easiest way to start affiliate marketing as a complete beginner. And this video, we’re going to reveal everything that you need to know so that you can potentially begin getting leads and sales fast. So make sure you watch this entire video for the best tips and tricks to learn affiliate, marketing, internet, and apprenticeship.

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[00:00:30] I’m an affiliate marketer, an internet entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people across multiple platforms make passive income. And today I want to help you. All right, so you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, and you want to know what to do. You want to make sure that. So rid of all of the junk and filler, and you want to get started.

[00:00:45] So in this video, we’re going to help you do that. The first thing in that, in my opinion, the easiest thing to do is either to start with a product that you’re familiar with or start with a question now what you’re going to do. If you start with a product, you can find a product over on Amazon. For example, let’s go over to let’s use this Nature’s miracle.

[00:01:01] I talked about Nature’s miracle in my previous video, and we’re going to use this again. So we’re just going to type in Nature’s miracle, and we’re going to use this. You cannot use any product or service out there, but this is an excellent place to start what you’d want to do. If you’re going to use this product, if you’re going to find a for the programs that have this product and promote it, you could do something like Amazon or Amazon associates.

[00:01:23] You could also use Walmart. There’s a ton of them out there. You would apply to those different programs. Once you’re accepted, you’re going to get affiliate links. The next thing that you want to do is you want to do. Reverse engineer or work backward and figure out the best way to start creating content so that you can get traffic leads and sales.

[00:01:41] Now using Nature’s miracle. We’re going to find keywords that people are searching for. And what we’re going to do is I’m just going to draw this pyramid. I drew this pyramid in one of my previous videos. I’m just going to draw it again. Now people come in, they’re happy, they’re excited. And then they have a problem.

[00:01:57] They buy a dog, and the dog pees on everything. And so they ask questions like how. So what we’re going to do is we are going to use this exact example. We’re going to type in how about Nature’s miracle. NowYouuldn’t use a keyword research tool like help you, but if you want to get started for free, you can follow this example.

[00:02:16] So what we’re going to do is I’m just going to type in how. How has the space, and as you can see, people, are typing in? How do you use Nature’s miracle, how to use Nature’s gift, you’re in the destroyer, and so on. You can create content here. Let’s go down to how do you use Nature’s miracle, a miracle on hardware floors.

[00:02:33] We’re going to hit enter, and you’re going to see and answering this question. Now you can do the same thing on YouTube. And I’ll show you that in just a second, where people are answering this fundamental question with Nature’s miracle. Now, while that’s working, let’s go down to the next step. Since we know the product we’re using, we could say best, like best ways to use Nature’s miracle.

[00:02:54] We could say we could say something like. Cheap and answer that question. We can do alternatives. So maybe people are tired of using Nature’s miracle, which would be an opportunity to promote other things. So we’re going to type in. And then we can order in not Allston, but ELTS there. And then we’re going to type in review.

[00:03:13] So we could do this with an entire product and potentially make money. If we go back over here and click on how to use Nature’s miracle on hardwood floors, you can see people answering this question and what you could do a better way—asking a They’re doing this exact thing. If we go over to YouTube, we’ll type in YouTube, and we’re going to pace the SIM, and you’re going to see people are asking and answering this question.

[00:03:38] Whoops. I put in the wrong one there. So let’s do, let’s go back here. Let’s type in how-to. Let’s see how to. Use, I think it was Nature’s miracle. Nature’s gift on hardwood floors. All right. So eventually, I got it. How to start? How do you use Nature’s miracle on hardwood floors?

[00:04:07] You can see people are creating content here. Look at removed pet urine on a hardwood floor. This person 736,000. Views only 930 subscribers, not monetize. This is a teeny tiny channel in the eyes of YouTube. Suppose we look below that 545, 5 40 5,000 views from four years ago, 703 subscribers. Most of these people aren’t monetized, but they’re creating content and helping people out.

[00:04:32] And so what you would do potentially if it makes sense, You would promote, you’d put the affiliate link to Nature’s miracle and the description of the vehicle, but in the description of the video. But as you can see here, people are simply entering this question, and you’re going to do the same thing. So if we go back over here, we typed in how, and you can do this with who, what, when, where, why, how, like when to use Nature’s miracle versus something else.

[00:04:57] If we go back over to you if we go back over. Google here. We’re going to type in something like when to use Nature’s miracle. When do you use Nature’s gift? Just like that. And as you can see, people are asking and answering this exact question, and you can do the very same thing. They’re doing it on Google.

[00:05:20] They’re doing it on YouTube. You can do this on TikTok, if you want to, as long as you figure out a problem, because people only buy if you solve a problem. Or answer a question. If you can figure out what the problem is, you can figure out what the solution is. For example, people are coming to the internet because their dog is peeing on stuff and the house is starting to smell.

[00:05:39] That’s the problem. And so they’re asking questions. When do you use Nature? Nature’s miracle how to use it. The best times are asking fundamental questions and you are providing solutions. So if we go back over to our triangle here or a pyramid, you can see, you can look for alternatives. I had typed in Nature’s miracle alternative before.

[00:05:57] So we’ll do an alternative just like this. It enters, you can create a list of the five best alternatives you can. Use this list up here, you make a list, and you give some examples. You talk about each product in detail, and then you can put your affiliate link into the description of your content.

[00:06:16] If we go back up to YouTube again, you can do this with any social media platform because these people have problems. And you are providing a solution. You’re answering the question you create Nature’s miracle alternative, put the five or ten best. And one thing that you’ll notice is the same results are showing up.

[00:06:34] That means that the question hasn’t been answered, i. If you can create an answer for this, you are will tons of traffic and potentially make money. So if you see, here again, Nature’s miracle alternative. If we go back over to a triangle and then again, people are just typing in Nature’s miracle review.

[00:06:51] If we go over here, let’s see, we’ll do a review. And this is where most people start, but if you go up a step or two, if you start here, you answer the question because people are coming in with fundamental questions. They don’t know what they don’t know. And so, if you can answer the question here wholly, you can move them down here to the bottom of the triangle, where the money is, the bottom of the pyramid, or the money is.

[00:07:15] And so this is how you create the content. You come out here and figure out exactly what your customers want to know. You make the content, solve the problem, and then you have two options. You can either send them to an affiliate offer, which I don’t recommend, or you can collect their email, which I do recommend.

[00:07:29] I recommend that you start emailing me. And when you start email marketing, that’s going to help you make even more money because, a lot about your customer already, you know, that they have a pet, they have a puppy and, they love and care for their pet. And now that you know that they want to get their dog to stop peeing in the house, you can offer other things.

[00:07:47] In addition to nature. Nature’s miracle. You can offer like those pee pads. You could offer dog diapers. You can offer all sorts of stuff to prevent their dog from peeing in the house to help solve their problem. In addition, you could give them dog treats because one of the ways to prevent your dog from pinging in the house is to incentivize him for going outside or her to go outside.

[00:08:07] Then you can do that by giving the dog a dog treat. You can also teach the dog or train the dog. Bank ClickBank affiliate program called brain training for dogs. That’s another way. So we’ve already talked about five or so ways that you could make money as an affiliate marketer. So again, your dog is peeing.

[00:08:23] Their dog is being. You come up with a solution like Nature’s miracle to help stop the smell and stop the stains. You could also recommend the pee pads. Those are indoor pee pads for people that live in apartments or something where it trains the dog to go to that spot to pee. Instead of just being all over the house, you can also incentivize them with treats.

[00:08:45] We could also do doggy diapers. And then finally you can also recommend. Get the brain training for dogs so that not only will they stop being in the house, there’ll be smarter, more intelligent dogs. So as you can see, there are five ways that we could potentially make money with email marketing instead of just sending them over to an affiliate link.

[00:09:03] If we send them directly over to Amazon, we’ll never see or hear from those people. Again, we won’t know if they purchase, we won’t know if they are satisfied, but if we collect their email address, we know so much more. And that’s why you want to do email marketing instead of just sending people over to a landing page.

[00:09:18] Once you do that. And you’ve got them on your list forever, and you could potentially make $10 for every person that is on your list. And I’ll potentially believe that the common saying is $1 for every person that’s on your list. So if you’ve got 10,000 people, potentially, you should make $10,000 per month with your email list.

[00:09:35] But if this makes sense, let me know. Simple. When you break it down, you figure out a customer’s problem. That’s going to be the niche, and you figure out the solution. That’s going to be the affiliate product. You create content based on what is on the screen, best alternatives, cheap, low cost, and expensive.

[00:09:54] And then you can create review videos as well, send your customers to a landing page. You can offer them something in exchange for their email address called a lead magnet. You don’t have to do that. But that is a way to increase your opt-ins, and then you follow up with them with email marketing. You can send them an email.

[00:10:10] When you create a new piece of content that will help you make money with the affiliate offers,d you can send them tons of different affiliate offers. This is what successful affiliate marketers are doing. They’re finding an ecosystem of products to promote.

[00:10:26] To a customer because so much about the customer has a dog customer wants to be happy. The house smells. Maybe you could promote other products to help with the smell. For example, there are specific points that you can put down underneath the carpet that will mask the odor. You could encourage baking soda because organic solutions could be placed on the rug to help alleviate the smell.

[00:10:48] There are many opportunities here, and I’m just thinking of these coming. Based on the problems and solutions that I found for my dog, I’m just thinking of these off the top of my head. So if you can do this, you can be a successful affiliate marketing, but that is the key. You want to create content based on people’s problems, and then you want to link solutions to those problems, and then you can make.

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