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[00:00:00] And this video, I’m going to show you—step-by-step how to start affiliate marketing with these two $50 bills. I’m going to show you how to start up the marketing with just your cell phone and these two $50 bills here. So make sure you watch this entire video to learn how to get started.

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[00:00:27] From my number one recommended way to start a full-time income online. Hello, my name is Alston Godbolt with I’m an affiliate marketer, an internet entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people across multiple platforms. Make passive income with affiliate marketing, and today I want to help you.

[00:00:41] All right. As I mentioned, you want to start affiliate marketing. But you only have a hundred dollars to spend. Maybe you have less, but what we’re going to do today is I’m going to show you and tell you everything that you need to do to get up and running to start a successful affiliate marketing business with $100 or less. We’re going to keep a running tally in the, in, in my calculator here.

[00:01:00] So we know exactly how much we’re spending. So what I recommend is that you do first things first. I recommend that you get a website. And the reason why I think you should always have a website is that I think you should have a base of operation. So now you can get it. With blue host, I’ll put an affiliate link in the description.

[00:01:16] You can get started with Bluehost for less than $60. So if you look over here, it’s $4 and 95 cents, depending on when you’re watching this. Of course, it’s $4 and 95 cents multiplied by 12. So if we look at that’s $59 and 40 cents. So we’re going to round that up to 60. So if we take 100, whoops, if we take 100 minus 60, we are looking at 40 bucks.

[00:01:40] I can see a good chunk where the money’s already gone, but that’s okay. We’re going to get started. We’re going to start making some money now that you have a base of operations. I think that you should try and figure out how you’re going to create content. Are you going to start a blog? Which ultimately I think you should do.

[00:01:55] Are you going to do YouTube, maybe? Which again, I think that should be another great opportunity. Or are you going to use social media, or if you have enough time, are you going to mix and match? If you have more time then. You could start a blog, a YouTube channel one or two social media profiles and have excellent results.

[00:02:13] So what we’re going to do is assume that you want to get into the pet niche. The niche is viral. And so we’re going to talk about that what I recommend that. I recommend that you follow this first. You have your website so that you can start your blog. Your blog is going to take the longest to begin showing your return.

[00:02:30] So, in reality, in general, you probably won’t start seeing traffic from your blog for maybe two, three weeks, perhaps even a month. So you want to start writing. The problem is probably you don’t have a laptop or a computer in that case, what you can do, you can use your smartphone, and you can do voice to text.

[00:02:47] So, you can start writing blog posts with your voice-to-text feature. And then once you have access to a computer, go to your local library. Maybe your local library will even rent out a computer or laptop to you. Some of them do a lot of them don’t, but that’s an opportunity. For example, you can go there whenever it’s open at my local library, and you can type on the computer all day.

[00:03:06] That’s not going to be as secure as you’d like. The purpose is you want to get a blog post. The first step is to start a blog and what we want to do to help us write our blog is to get a tool it’s called. This is, in my opinion, this is one of the best keyword research engines. It’s $7 for seven days.

[00:03:26] So what you’re going to do is you’re going to sign up for $7, and then as soon as you get in there, you’re going to cancel it so that you’re not charged again. What we’re going to do is we’re going to take 40. We’re going to subtract seven from that brings us to $33. We still have $33 to spend. I’m going to show you how to use that wisely.

[00:03:40] Once you go ahead and sign up. I’m going to show you how to do keyword research real quick for the pet niche. And I’m going to show you the best way, the fastest way to find keywords that you can write on. So I’m just going to log in here real quick, and then I’ll get right back to you. All right. So now that I’m logged in, I’m here at the keywords Explorer.

[00:03:54] We’re going to use this to help us find keywords to create. We are going to create content in the pet niche. And the pet niche is substantial. So if we just type in pet here, you’re going to see that’s not easy. There’s a lot of keywords out there. You can write about cats and dogs and fish and birds and sheep and goats and whatever else is out there.

[00:04:12] So what we want to do is we want to niche down. Let’s talk about, instead of just pets, let’s talk about dogs, but instead of dogs that talk about Doberman, pinschers Doberman, pincher, just like that. Whoops. I went to the wrong one, of course, but if we go to Doberman pincher, Just like that, we are going to copy this keyword.

[00:04:33] We’re going to paste it right into our keyword search tool. And I’m going to paste in Doberman Pinscher, just like that. Now, this can be done with any niche and just about any affiliate program. So as you can see, the difficulty for Doberman is 45, much easier potentially to rank for. So we’re going to go over matching terms, and we’re looking for keywords that aren’t as difficult as you can see. So everything ranges from a 45 down to seven Doberman Pinscher for sale can be challenging.

[00:05:02] What we are looking for is what we’re looking for. Things that we could rank for, maybe Doberman pincher ears. Let’s copy this. And we’re not going to click on this just yet. We’re going to copy this keyword. And again, you can do this. You can do this from your smartphone. It’s going to be a bit challenging, a little bit more challenging to do it from your smartphone, but you can do it.

[00:05:20] So we caught, we found a word, Doberman, pincher ears. We copied this. You know what? Let’s go to Doberman. That does German shepherd, Doberman pincher mix. I know this is a good keyword. So I’m going to copy this, and I’m going to paste this into our search engine hidden. And what we are looking for is we’re looking for small and medium-sized websites.

[00:05:39] So we’re going to open this one up. We’re going to open up the first four or five probably. And what we’re looking for, as I mentioned, are small and medium websites. And so what we can do is we’re going to go to this one here, and we’re just going to copy the domain name. So I will copy the link, address it like that, and go back to our keyword research tool.

[00:05:58] And we’re going to do site Explorer. When we click on site Explorer, just like this. We are going to. Eventually, we’re going to paste in this keyword, and we’re going to look at the website’s size. Now we’re looking for websites that have H ranks in the millions. So we want relatively small websites, and we’re going to look for those keywords.

[00:06:16] So this one’s probably a big website, as you can see, that’s not going to work. So we’re going to close this one. What we want to do is we want to take a look at this. One’s probably a big website too, but we’re going to try it again. So we’re going to copy this link address and. Eventually, when we get back to it, we will look and see if this is a small website too.

[00:06:36] So we’re going to paste this one in just like that eventually and hit enter. And again, we’re looking for websites that are in the millions with the AA tracks. This is 327,000. So we are getting closer. We want websites that are in the millions because this is probably a big website is that.

[00:06:56] They are ranking for keywords that we could potentially also rank for. So I’m going to copy the link address and do this one more time. Paste this in just like that. Again, that’s probably a pretty extensive website. One way that you could do this is you could skip liking the third or fourth page of the other search results.

[00:07:13] Let’s see if we do this one is probably also a big website. But let’s just give this one a go. So we’re going to copy the link address one more time. You can go to the third or fourth page of the search results. And those are usually the smaller websites. If, for whatever reason, you’re not having success.

[00:07:30] So that’s what we are going to do: jump to the third or fourth page. So let’s go to page three here. And what we’re looking for is all could be an interesting one. See, we also would want one that has Doberman in the title. The goodie pet. We’ll open this up.

[00:07:47] Let’s see., I think, would be a good one. And then let’s try that one as well. So let’s go back over to our keyword. So 456,000. We are getting closer. If you stay with me, I’m going to show you precisely what you need to do. So I think this will be our golden ticket here, so if I copy the link address one more time.

[00:08:06] I’m going to come back over here. Paste this hit enter. And then, so boom, just like that. So this is 16 million. This is the exact type of website that we’re looking for to start getting traction start ranking. The next step is to go over to the keyword tools or the organic keywords. And, what we’re looking for as we’re looking for, we’re looking for keywords with a keyword difficulty of five or less.

[00:08:34] So we go five or less just like this. We’re going to pace that. And hit search. And as you can see, you could potentially write on all of these different keywords. Now you’re going to have to do a little bit of research and make sure that they are good keywords to right on, but these searches are getting thousands of searches per month, which is our key to potentially starting making money.

[00:08:55] So this is step one. We’re going to start writing a blog now. If you can, I recommend that you do text to speech or speech to text. I recommend that you write all of your blog posts out ahead of time and then go to the local library or a friend’s house if they’ll let you find a way to get access to a computer or a laptop to start writing.

[00:09:14] So that’s going to take the longest to start ranking. The next thing that you could do is you could create a YouTube channel. Now, when you start your YouTube channel, you can get started with your smartphone here, just like this, and use these little. Earphones, you don’t need expensive equipment to get started.

[00:09:29] In fact, what we’re going to do is we’re going to spend a little bit more money. We’re going to go back over to Amazon like this, and we are going to buy them, these tripods, this iPhone smartphone tripod for $15. So if we go back over here at 16, we’re going to subtract $16 just like this, and that still leaves us with $17 to spend to splurge.

[00:09:50] And I think we’re going to buy one other thing, but as you can see, we’ve got $17 to play with, but what you can do if you’re starting a YouTube. Start a YouTube channel. Use these headphones. There’s a microphone right here. As you can see connected just like this, these two ends and start talking, use your tripod.

[00:10:08] I’ve got one, just like I’ve got this tripod, which is the same thing. So use your tripod to create content. And when you create content, you can create your thumbnails for over on a website like canvas. So if we bring up CAMBA here, just this, and you’re going to see, you can create YouTube thumbnails for free.

[00:10:27] It doesn’t cost you anything to do this. Create your YouTube thumbnails. And what we can do is we’re going to type in you to thumbnail. And again, we still have money to spend. We can go out to the club or buy a sandwich on our way to the library. Now you don’t have to use the library. We don’t have to go to the library.

[00:10:44] You don’t have to do blogging, but I think that if you want to maximize your opportunity for making money online, you want to follow this path. And as you can see here, we’ve got YouTube channel art. I meant to type in a YouTube thumbnail, just like that. So as you can see, YouTube thumbnail, you can do these for free, and you can do these with your smartphone.

[00:11:02] There is an app that you can use and download to your smartphone and then upload it over to YouTube. And so when you’re. Keyword research on YouTube. It’s a little bit different, a little bit easier. You can still use the ranks over here if you want to. Rank let’s, for example, copy this like this.

[00:11:20] And again, this only cost us $7. We can go back to YouTube, paste this in just like that and hit, enter and see if people are searching it. Now, the cool thing with YouTube is you can be a little bit more general with yours. As you can see here, shorthair German shepherd people create this type of content, top results, 7,900 views, a German shepherd types, the one below at 1 million views.

[00:11:42] So there is an opportunity and people creating content about short-haired, German shepherd, if that’s where you want to go, but I’m sure you’re wondering how are you going to start making money? You’re going to make money in a few ways. You’re going to make money when you place. You can also make money by posting affiliate links on your blog, and let’s go ahead and grab an affiliate program.

[00:12:01] There are a bunch of them out there. You could be an affiliate for something as simple as You could be an affiliate for one of the more popular ones over on ClickBank is the brain training for dogs. And let me just show you that one real quick. So I’m going to log in. ClickBank account here.

[00:12:18] We’re going to look at the money that you could potentially make. If you earn a sale and you’ll potentially make your money back with just one sale. So if we go over to a market, I’m going to drag this over right now so that you can see it. Hopefully, this doesn’t take too long, but you can see, this is starting to come together.

[00:12:35] We’ve got our blog posts, and we’ve got some keywords here. We have a lot of keywords that we’re going to write for. So it’s going to take the longest for these to start ranking. Then we start our YouTube channel, and with your YouTube channel, you can again start with your smartphone and your headphones.

[00:12:48] You don’t even have to use the headphones. If you have a quiet place, you have a place where you can just create content. You could create content at the local level. Using your smartphone, if you want it to, you can use something like Pexels, which has a lot of B roll. Now that we’ve got this finally opened up let’s go ahead and take a look at brain training for dogs.

[00:13:07] So we’re going to go to let’s go to, let’s just type in brain training for dogs, brain training for or dogs. And so what we’re going to do. Instead of sending people directly to affiliate offers, we’re going to send them to a landing page where we collect their email addresses. The criticism, the feedback will be email marketing is too expensive.

[00:13:31] I can’t afford it. We only have $17 left, but here’s the cool thing. We’re going to go over to a Webber and a Weber. We’ll let you start for free for your first 500. Subscribers. So this is going to cost you nothing. What is 17 minus zero? It’s still 17. But the cool thing is you can do this for your first 500 subscribers, and what you’re going to do instead of sending people directly to affiliate offers, you’re going to send them to a landing page that you build with.

[00:13:58] Collect their email address. And then you can follow up with them in all sorts of ways. We can send them to new blog posts that we create. We can send them to new YouTube videos. We get to send them to a tic-tac account. If we want to, or we can send them directly to affiliate offers. But if we go back over to click ClickBank here, as you can see, brain training for dogs will pay you $31 and 74 cents on average.

[00:14:20] And right now, we have spent above. W we, we spent about what, $83. So you would need for sales to make your money back. If that makes sense, guys, let me know what you think. Let me know if I’m on track or if you have liked this method so far, and we can keep going. All right. So we’ve got our website set up for 60 bucks.

[00:14:41] We’ve got our YouTube channel, and we’re going to use a tripod like this. I think the tripod was less than 20 bucks. We are going to get started with a truck’s $7 for seven days. Do all of your keyword research on that same day so that you can maximize your time. We showed you how to find keywords fast.

[00:14:58] And now really it’s just our starting to create content again what I’d recommend that you do if you can only access. If you could only access a laptop one time a week or a computer one time a week, create all of your content with your smartphone. So do Texas speech. Do write your blog, posts out in your notes, and then you can copy and paste it right into Google sheets and then Google sheets.

[00:15:18] You can copy and paste it from Google sheets to your blog. And then there you go. You start getting some traction, start getting some opportunity. The first thing that you’re looking for as a sign of success is impressions. Whether it’s an impression. Your blog post or YouTube channel, or if you wanted to start a Facebook group, you’re looking for impressions.

[00:15:36] You don’t want sales immediately. You want deals immediately, but a sign of a successful affiliate marketer is not that you make a thousand dollars in a day. It’s a sign of flourishing for the marketer is that you’ve made impressions. You’re getting people to click on your links or click on your YouTube channel or watch or read your blog posts.

[00:15:55] That’s a sign of success, and that’s a stepping stone that you can use to move on to the next step. All right. So let’s recap real quick. Cause we’ve covered a lot. I’ve talked fast. Let’s go ahead. We signed up for a trust for $7, seven days, we did some keyword research. We started with a Doberman pincher. We found that this website here actually ranks for a ton of keywords that are low competition.

[00:16:16] We have a plan that we are going to do research, and we are going to write on these keywords. Then we are going to start a YouTube channel that YouTube. It could supplement your blog posts. For example, if you create, if you make a blog post on short-haired, German shepherds, you will create a YouTube video that goes into detail or summarizes the blog posts.

[00:16:36] You’re going to put those YouTube videos. You’re going to embed them on your blog posts to help double your effort. The next step is to do email marketing. We’re going to do email marketing for free, where we are collecting. Leads we’re collecting are people that are interested in German shepherds or their pets.

[00:16:53] And instead of just sending them directly to an affiliate offer, we are going to collect their email address. You can build a landing page right here and then follow up with them every day until they buy or unsubscribe. We found the affiliate program for brain training for dogs that pays $31 and 74.

[00:17:11] We could also be an Amazon affiliate for Walmart,, and Petco pet land. There’s a ton of them out there where you could potentially make your money. We set up a website with a blue host. You can do this. It’s a. It’s going to be a challenge. If you do it from your phone, you could go to a local library or borrow your friend’s computer and do it.

[00:17:31] It takes probably less than 10 or 15 minutes. I’ll put links in the description to everything that I’m covering today. They will be affiliate links. So just a heads up there. And so the next thing that you could do, if you want it to, is you could see. You could start a Tik TOK account.

[00:17:44] You could start a Facebook group. You could begin to Instagram where you’re, taking pictures and sharing information about a dog or a German shepherd or pet, whatever it is. And then you can lead everybody back to your landing page, where you’re collecting email addresses. The landing page is going to be what’s most important.

[00:18:00] everything else that we’re talking about, or just traffic to funnel people to that landing page to collect their email. And so we’re simply going to collect their email address, and then we’re going to move on to the next step. Now, if we look at the amount of money we have, we still have $17. Now, what should we do with that 1700?

[00:18:19] We could, we could go out to eat and celebrate. Cause we’ve got an entire business setup. We could go out for drinks with our friends. It’s going to be a pretty short night, or what we could do. We could spend seven more dollars and learn. About affiliate marketing and make money online.

[00:18:35] That still leaves us with $10. If you click the first link in the description or go to Allston forward slash start, that’s going to take you to a free training where you’ll learn how to get started with affiliate marketing. Step-by-step, in addition, it’ll allow you to enroll in a $7 course.

[00:18:50] It’s 15 days where you will. Affiliate marketing, starting an online business, how to grow and scale this into something that could make you a lot of money. Nothing is guaranteed. It’s only $7. So you still have $10 leftover. If you wanted to, you could. Again, you could go out and get a few things from the dollar menu.

[00:19:11] So if this video helped you out, be sure to like subscribe, ring the bell to be notified when I upload my next video. Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you.

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