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Let me open up, answer the public. Let me open up a YouTube so that we can get this up and running as quickly as possible. Hope everyone is doing all right today. Let people file in. Let’s see, it looks like it says I am up and running. Um, uh, LinkedIn. So that’s good. That means I should be available every.

Uh, everywhere near you. So hello. Hello. Hello. Every. Welcome today. I don’t know some number of me going live consecutively in a row. I will be going live 365 days straight God willing. And I’m going to bring you different niche ideas every single day. And today we are talking about the personal finance niche.

So if you are excited, if you’re ready to go, if you want to talk about the personal finance niche, go ahead. Gimme a, like, gimme a comment S. Followed all of that good stuff. Uh, because I plan on providing actionable information to actually help you build a real online.

So what we are going to today talk, so what we’re gonna do today, once I can get my sentences formulated correctly is we are going to, uh, first talk about the sub topics or sub niches of the personal finance niche. Uh, then we are going to talk about the, the different affiliate programs and oh my goodness.

And the right way to promote those affiliate programs. Uh, and then we’re gonna talk about email marketing. And why email marketing is so important to your online business. In my opinion, the best way to grow a long term successful business is with email marketing. Now, the problem is, and I’m gonna jump into this real quick.

The problem is if you’re. Doing email marketing. If you were just putting your affiliate links in places, for example, like Pinterest, you put your affiliate links in Pinterest, you can’t change those pins and you get to the point where you’re creating so much content. You would have to go back and manually change your links, every single place, which can be time consuming.

So if you are doing email marketing, You can just change your links in one place instead of, you know, 300, uh, different places that you have put your, your links. So I encourage everyone to do email marketing. From the very beginning, just because that’s gonna be the best way for your long term success.

It’s gonna make you a better writer. You’re gonna be able to build a deeper connection with your target audience. If this is making sense so far, give me a light comment, share, subscribe, follow through all of that good stuff. We are live on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, personal page, Facebook business page, Facebook group.

Twitter and LinkedIn. So we are everywhere. Next. We’re gonna talk about where we’re going to create content. So as an affiliate marketer, and yes, I’m talking about affiliate marketing. We are simply going to create content. To get in front of our, our targeted audience. Now that that content can be free or paid.

I mostly talk about free content. If you’re a complete beginner, I think that you should start with free content. Some people may disagree with me, but free. Content’s a good way to understand your targeted audience. It does take a little bit longer. To start building traction then with paid content, but it can be dumb.

So we’re gonna, uh, talk about different places where you’re going to create your content. This is called traffic. Okay. When people say traffic, that just means where they’re going to create content. After that we are going to do keyword research. Now, the reason why we need to figure out. Why we’re where we’re gonna create content first.

And then keyword research is simply because people are asking questions in different ways, depending on the platform that they’re using. But keyword research is gonna be pivotal because keyword research basically means. How our target audience are a asking questions. Everyone’s asking a question in some way, and we’re trying to figure that out so that we can best serve and help them out.

After keyword research, we have content creation or create content. That’s how we are going to attract people that are interested in our niche and our products and services and repel people that are not interested. So if you are ready to get going, give me a light comment, share, follow, do all of that good stuff, because I am doing this to help you build a successful online business.

If you wanna work with me directly go to Sten There is an application to work with me so that we can actually build your business. All right. So let’s go ahead and get into this thing. So personal finance is a very general. Topic, it’s a niche. It’s an area that you’re going to create content.

When you hear the word niche, it simply means the area or industry that you’re going to create content. Um, there are literally thousands of niches out there. You can look around your room, look around your house apartment. Even if you’re sitting in your car, you could look around and find different sub niches.

For example, this stuff behind me, this was for our virtual learning. This was a niche at one point. And the cool thing with niche. And the cool thing with affiliate marketing in general is things come and go, uh, greetings from, I don’t know where that is, but hello, thank you for commenting. Um, anyway, the cool thing with affiliate marketing and creating content in general and, and starting an online business is that there’s always going to be an opportunity for you.

People think that affiliate marketing is oversaturated or too saturated when you’re in reality. It’s not okay. There are new niches that come and go over the last two years, we had virtual learning three years before that there was no such thing as virtual learning. Now everybody works from home. And I just wanna kind of just sidetrack real quick and talk about, um, everything’s over saturated.

Think about everything that happened over the last three years, four years ago, literally nobody was working from home. Um, and most people, if they wanted to work out, they went to a gym. Here comes. The, the things that happened over the last two years, people were looking for, um, at home fitness equipment, they were creating fitness equipment on their own.

Um, I, I, again, this is kind of going off track, but. You know, there’s always gonna be a new niche, a new opportunity that comes and goes, Hey, thanks for following me. I appreciate it. Guys, go ahead and gimme a like follow share, do all of that good stuff. Um, there’s always gonna be brand new niches. I, I used the example just the other day, uh, the Mac studio, um, the Mac studio probe, that those are brand new things that just popped up and they, it wasn’t a thing.

2 3, 4, 5 years ago. So don’t think that it’s too late to get started. Don’t think that everything’s so competitive and so ever oversaturated, because there’s always gonna be a new angle that you can get into. We know that iPhone creates a new, um, new product every year. And every time they create a new product, that’s gonna be a new opportunity for someone to jump in and start creating content.

Uh, I kind of went off track there, but let’s go ahead and get back into it. So within the personal finance niche, there are a bunch of subtopics or sub niches, like getting out of debt. How many times have you seen a TV with a TV commercial about debt relief or you listen to the radio? I don’t know who still does that, but you listen to the radio.

They have those debt relief jingles, um, or like J Wentworth. Uh, do you guys remember JG Wentworth? I hear those TV jingles all the time in my mind. Um, bankruptcy. So people that are in bankruptcy court, there was another guy. Um, he always talked about chapter 13, bankruptcy. It was a TV, uh, show. It was a TV commercial, excuse me.

And maybe it was just local. Chicago or Milwaukee. Do you guys remember, um, what was the egg? The, there was a giant egg, it was an insurance com commercial. They would say, look at those low rates. It was, it came on. It was, it was in the eighties. It was during small wonder. I, I remember random things and I apologize for that, but, um, Bankruptcy, there are affiliate programs for bankruptcy credit card affiliate programs.

That could be pretty profitable for you. Personal finance for beginners. These are all sub niches or subtopics that you can get into. And if you decide to create YouTube videos in these niches, these are what’s called a high CPM niche. So, um, there, there are two types of niches out. There are two types of, of, of CPMs there’s high CPM and low CPM.

Uh, high CPM means. Advertisers are willing to pay top dollar to market to your target audience. So if you created content in the personal finance niche or sub niche, you are going to see a decent, a very good CPM. Um, people make the mistake in create creating content and low CPM like celebrity stuff, um, that doesn’t generate a ton of money based on CPM, but.

Anyway, giving back to it, money saving. You could create content, teaching people how to save money during the recession, or how to save money during, uh, the depression, which, you know, some people are unfortunately facing. There’s always going to be an opportunity for you to create content and start seeing a return on your investment.

You can also look at tax filing. Does turbo tax have an affiliate program or some of those other tax preparation softwares out there? Do they have an affiliate program? We can also make money with financial. Different financial calculators, uh, courses, teaching people how to use different financial calculators, um, and insurance.

Good tip about low CPM niches. Yeah. There are high and low CPM niches, uh, someone over on TikTok bender dash over on, on, on TikTok set or on, over on YouTube set. Um, Good tip about CPM, low CPM niches. Um, so yeah, there’s high CPMs and low CPMs high CPMs. The advertisers are able, willing, and ready to market to that audience because they know what that audience wants it needs.

And the products are expensive. Think about like a mortgage, for example, that’s a really expensive. Niche to get into. And so advertisers are willing to spend a bunch of money because at the end of the day, they realize that, uh, someone getting a mortgage like rocket mortgage comes to the top of mind, they’re gonna make a bunch of money back on that.

So they’re able, willing, and ready. Um, there’s a guy named Graham Stephan, and even, uh, meet Kevin. They are both in like the mortgage type. Um, um, housing type niche and they make a bunch of money over on, on YouTube. Now you wanna make sure that you’re doing your research and giving out accurate information and content when you’re doing it.

But, uh, the first step that you wanna do is pick a sub niche and there are tons of them out there. Uh, just run through ’em real quick. Again, insurance, financial tools, tax, filing, money, saving personal finance for beginners credit cards, BA bankruptcy, and then getting out of debt. Once you have a niche and I recommend that you pick one niche and you stick to it in the very beginning so that you can build that core fan base, that core audience that goes with you, wherever you go and will essentially buy whatever you recommend.

Um, you can start looking at different affiliate programs. Now believe me, there are tons of affiliate programs in this niche, and some of these programs will pay you $250. Per commission. Some of these programs will pay you for a lead. Like if we go over to a website called offer, offer like this, I could type in insurance insurance like this, and there is, uh, let’s see, motor vehicle accident, warm call transfer $150.

Pay per call pay per call U six five health insurance, $55. Uh, so you could make very good money. Just generating a lead, generating a call. You don’t even have to get these people to buy things. In some instances, um, pay per call, affordable care act Obamacare, low income. They’re paying $40 per call. So any website, you know, where I can get leads.

For windows tent services. Uh, I’m not really sure what you mean. Can you, uh, elaborate a little bit more? Can you post the website you’re talking about, I don’t know how to do that in, um, I don’t know how to do that in, in TikTok. Maybe a can type that in, um, interact, share more. I don’t see an op option, but.

I’ll spell it. It’s O F F E R V a U offer vault. Um, but yeah, you can use this website and find different affiliate programs. Now I’m not advocating for any of these, but just know that some of these companies will pay you just for generating a phone call or generating a lead. Now, there are usually like this one says the person has to be on the call for 90 seconds.

You get someone. Get on the call with them for 90 seconds, you can see a return on your investment. That one pays $40. So if you wanted to make, um, let’s say a hundred per day, you would need three calls and, you know, you could see a pretty good return on your investment. Um, hopefully that makes sense, but there are tons of affiliate programs and a lot of these in this space, you don’t even have to get them to buy anything.

That’s what’s really cool about this. This. As they understand the power of, um, of their niche and the opportunity that they can make on the backend. So they’re willing to pay a lot up front. We could do the same thing with mortgage. If I came back up here, uh, let’s see if I can spell it correctly. Uh, yeah, mortgage.

So mortgage short term, fill out a form $65 Quicken loans, mortgage us only $60. Some of these once again, fill out a form. You get, you can see a return. Um, some of these get on a phone call. You can see a return. So there is lots of opportunity. They range anywhere between 60 and $300. Some of these are on max bounty.

Max bounty is a, a CPA network cost per action or cost per acquisition. And so there is tons of opportunity out there. If, if you search for it in this niche, if I’m helping you out so far, gimme a, like, gimme a comment, gimme a follow, gimme a share, do all of that good stuff, because this is really designed to help you out.

If you guys have questions, throw them out there because this is. This works better when it’s interactive and not just me talking at. Anyway, here’s some affiliate programs that I wrote down my, my FICO for credit scores, credit karma, American express for credit cards, S AA credit cards, You could also do something like LifeLock if people wanted to, um, make sure that their identity wasn’t stolen, you could do that.

SoFi is a, a, a financial institution, ladder insurance alley, invest in ACORS. Excellent info. Thank you. No, thank you. 7 0 2 Thomas. Um, so. Go out there find different affiliate programs that are related to your niche. Now, the key to affiliate marketing, can you still, can you, you said something about calling and getting paid?

Yes. There are different affiliate opportunities out there where you’ll get paid based on, uh, acquisition. Some of those will be, um, you get paid based on call. So pay per call. Some of them will be based on them filling out a form. So pay per. And if you go over to offer vault and you site start typing on different things like, um, I just typed in insurance and mortgage and, and those popped up.

But if you type in different keywords over on offer vault it’s O F F E R, uh, V a U and you can find a whole host of them to actually help you out. Until you just type ’em in, you play around with a little bit, you get unlimited searches over there. Some of them are going to be only available in certain countries.

So you wanna make sure that you are looking at that and you wanna actually make sure that you’re taking a look at the, the program as well, make sure that it’s, um, a high quality program. You don’t wanna just promote anything because ultimately it’s your brand. Hello. See crass number four. What are the best products to promote?

I uploaded a video earlier today saying that I have no idea what the best products to promote are. Uh, the best products to promote are the product products that will pay you. Um, I don’t know your niche. I don’t know your target audience. I don’t know. You know, I don’t, I don’t know anything. I don’t know your traffic.

I, I don’t know enough information to just tell you what the best products to promote are. I could tell you that blue host is the best product to promote, but if you are promoting to. Let’s say, you know, 85 year olds that are interested in basket weaving, that’s not gonna, that’s not gonna be the best product to promote.

Um, so anyway, if we continue on, there are tons of a different affiliate programs in this space and the personal finance space. And so there is tons of opportunity there. The next step that you wanna do is you want to focus on your email marketing. Now, again, I say this all the time and I, I really mean it.

And I. Critically important to your success. You want to do email marketing and you can start email marketing for free email marketing is going to be the best way for you to have long term success. People will tell you, you don’t need to do email marketing. Those people are also telling you to join their mailing list.

A B. If you’re not doing email marketing, you are, you could be in violation of some of the affiliate programs, terms of service or terms of agreement B. If you are putting your affiliate links out there in different places, you don’t know where the traffic is. You don’t know where your traffic is coming from.

You don’t know if you need to change your affiliate links. Let’s say you no longer work with that company. So here’s an. Let’s say I sign up to work with my F O and I’m just putting that affiliate link out there for my F O I’m putting it on Pinterest and Instagram and LinkedIn and TikTok. And on forum sites, I’m putting it everywhere.

But then the, my F O affiliate program either shuts down. So they they’re no longer a program or I’m no longer working with them because I found a better opportunity. All of that content that I’ve done up until that point is just gone. It’s up in smoke. If you are doing email marketing, you just have to change your links in one place, as opposed to trying to track down all of your links.

For example, I have like 1500 YouTube videos if I were just putting affiliate links in my YouTube videos. And I’ve done that before, um, mistaken. I would have to go back through 1500 YouTube videos and change out all of, all of those links. Instead, since I’m sending everybody to my landing page, I just need to change one link.

Okay. Does that make sense guys comment down below? Yes. No, maybe. So if that makes sense also while you’re commenting, be sure to gimme a light comment, share, follow, do all of that good stuff because we’re building businesses for you. Um, also check out my website, Sten God, If you want to work with.

One-on-one a little bit more intimately to help build your personal business. All right. So next step is, uh, so we’re talking about email marketing and email marketing. Let’s see, uh, CRAs four says I’m in the make money online niche. I was considering promoting software builder all or click funnels or maybe email autoresponder, like AWeber.

So make money on my niche is still too general. What are, what, what are you talking about? Make money online. Like I talk about affiliate marketing. What are you talking? Okay. And ultimately, if I were you, instead of just promoting one product, which is only gonna give you a limited result, I would promote multiple products.

For example, if we were doing the make money online niche, what are all of the things that they need for that niche? They may need a website. They may need email marketing service. They may need, if they’re doing a, a blog, they may need an SEO service like SIM rush. They may need, um, they may need a course to teach them how to.

Start an online business and be successful. They may need to set up an LLC. You can actually find affiliate programs for that. Um, they may want a business credit card. So I would spend more time trying to figure out exactly who you’re talking to because Amazon FBA people are gonna be different than affiliate marketing people with regards to their wants and needs Amazon FBA people.

They might want to, um, get an. Uh, there might be an app that they can purchase and, and it could pay you an affiliate commission. So I would spend more time figuring out exactly who you wanna target cuz make money online is still too general. Uh, you could be teaching people how to create a course. If they are creating courses and selling courses, you could promote, uh, Kajabi or, you know, builder all or something like that.

If they are creating and selling digital products, you could promote fiber or, um, you could promote, um, uh, Canva. There’s just too many opportunity, too many options out there. I’d spend more time trying to figure out exactly who you, who you’re talking to and what you’re talking to them about. Um, Continuing, um, email marketing consists of four parts of lead magnet, a landing page autoresponder and broadcast emails.

A lead magnet is something that we are going to give away for free in exchange for the email address. Hey Steven, welcome back. I think you were gone the last couple days, but welcome back. Um, The lead magnet, something we’re gonna give away for free in exchange for their, their email address. Okay. This lead magnet can be a blueprint guide, PDF podcast, audiobook.

It can be anything that could be a short mini course, as long as your target audiences value in it, it can work. Okay. And when it comes to a lead magnet, you can either create your. What are we doing? Uh, I’m talking, what are you doing? Someone said, what are we doing? Um, the lead magnet can be created by you, or you can actually hire someone to do it over on five or upward people per hour.

Or you can go over to a website, like quality PLR, uh, just type in P L R. I think the description tells you what I’m talking about, the personal finance niche. Um, you can buy PLR and give it away for, you know, you can buy ’em for like maybe 10 or $15 and then give them away. But, um, I recommend it’s very important that you, in order to do email marking, you need to give something away that your target audience finds valuable.

Here’s some examples of lead magnets that you could create five ways to save money at the grocery store. 21 ways to improve your credit score this month. 11 tips to save money during the recession. That could be very powerful and then download my free financial calculator. So if you could create a financial calculator, maybe even you could create, you create something on Google sheets, like a, a budget plan or something like that.

You could give that away. And then you could actually, um, you, you could see a lot of people opting in now, your opt in rate’s probably gonna be between 30. 50%. Um, most people, their opt in is, is about 30, 25 to 30. If you are, Hey, I wonder, I wonder is he available? I wanna see if, um, the email coach just went, just went live.

And so I’m gonna see if he can come in and, uh, talk to me about, talk a little bit about email marketing. I wanna see if he’s available anyway. Hey, email coach. If you are available, jump on. I need your help. I need you anyway. Uh, your lead magnet. It’s gonna be something that you give away for free? Uh, I think I, uh, I think I sent you a, a thing there.

I don’t know. I sent the invite twice. Oh, awesome. He’s coming aboard in, in two seconds here. Hopefully you’ll be able to see him. Hey, how’s it going? Hey man. So is this how are you? I’m doing great. How are you? I can’t complain. I am just talking to people about the finance niche and, um, I’m, I’m at the email marketing part and you just jumped on at the exact same time.

So I figured I would patch you in heck yeah, man. It’s like the universe’s way of saying let’s do this. Awesome. So the only thing is, is I’m talking to you on TikTok, of course, and YouTube and Facebook. And like five other places. So unfortunately they’re not gonna be able to hear you. And so I’m gonna have to like re relay everything that you say that is fine.

Hey, I love it also. Can I have you on my podcast? Yeah, I would love to. All right. We gotta figure out a time and we’ll figure out new stuff to talk about. Okay, sounds good. Awesome. So, like I said, I’m in the, the lead I’m in email marketing. We’ve talked about the, the four parts. Can I have you talk to me about the landing page setup?

How do you set up your landing pages to get opt-ins? I, the biggest thing I’ve done with my clients is what if you’re, are you driving them from an ad or you just like, what you doing right now? And say landing page. Yeah. So we’re using free traffic. We haven’t gotten to the traffic part yet. Um, it it’s all gonna be organic at this point.

Okay. I like to just have a headline that says exactly what they’re gonna get. Okay. Then opt in box. Yep. Just type in their name. And the biggest thing I’ve seen adjustment is where it says. Instead of saying email put best email, best email. Okay. So, uh, the email coach who I am a big fan of, he has helped me, uh, improve my email skills.

He says to just state exactly what they’re going to get. And, and that’s basically what I relay to you guys. So if you lead magnets says five ways to save money at the grocery store. Your headline’s gonna say, uh, revealed or new training or free P PDF five ways to get to save money at the grocery store.

Um, and then it’s going to say name. And then best email now, most places it’ll just say email, he’s saying to add in best email. That’s a tip I’m gonna add in after this video. Hey, what’s a good optin rate for email marketing. It’s uh, if it’s are we audience? Yeah. Yeah. Warm audience anywhere from four to 70%.

Okay. Cause they already know like, and trust you. Okay. They know what you. Okay, cold. If you’re running cold around 5% to 20 is, is the range. Okay. I was telling, I was telling these guys somewhere between 20 and 50%. Um, so we gotta actually get our emails up a little bit 40 to 70%. I’ve seen personally from my football business that I’ve done and then worked with other clients is the best way to get on the list is through organic because they already know like, and trust you.

And if there’s con grow like you. Say five ways to do this, go to this link. And then when they go to that link and they see the same exact thing, five ways to do this, mm-hmm , that’s gonna confer even higher. Okay, perfect. And, uh, I know that when we spoke last time, you recommended having about five emails on your autoresponder sequence.

The first one being the welcome, the second one being, Hey, my story, uh, the third, what was the third one that you suggest. I said the welcome. Yep. And then six hours later, uh, sending up that’s right email. Like, Hey, I saw you downloaded this thing. Did you get it? Yep. Because when they reply, that’s how you get, uh, deliverability up the third.

One’s your story. And then your fourth one, you want throw rocks at itself. Now you don’t wanna throw rocks at people in your niche, but like the idea. So if we’re going, you said finance. So let’s traditional,

that’s the, the rocks brand or, um, a segment of the industry. Like I, I had done a whole series on TikTok. Why you should stop selling things on. Or why Etsy’s, you know, gonna make you broke. Um, I also did this same thing about Amazon associates. Why you should stop selling on Amazon associates. Yeah. Don’t throw rocks at, at John that lives down the street.

That just makes you a hater and that’s absolutely wrong way to go. Um, exactly. Awesome. And then the final question that I have for you is about broadcast emails. What should we be sending people with regards to broadcast emails? I want you to relate cause you know how strongly I feel about this every single day.

Yep. Every single day. And so there’s different things you can do the first one. I, if I never know what to say, I’m oh, shoot.

In the

pop culture, a TV show that I just watched and move or something like that and weave in my, my product. So if I was. I can talk about, Hey, I watched the latest, uh, what is it? Wolf wall street. And this is what you need to look out for. If people are trying to sell you stocks. Yep. These are the best stocks you should try to get my course go.

Perfect. Thank you very much, sir. I have probably alienated the people that are on the other, uh, platforms. I appreciate you, uh, taking time. And, uh, I’m gonna jump on your live. I know you’re starting your life soon. If you’re not already, I just did it. My son went to sleep really fast. Oh. So appreciate crushing.

I’m. I’m so awesome. Thank you very much, sir. Have a good night. You too, man. Thanks, bye. Uh, alright, so that was the email coach. Definitely follow him. He knows a lot about email marketing. He knows what way, way more than I do. Uh, I actually had him on as a guest, kind of like, um, my first podcast a few weeks ago.

That was actually a really good, we spoke for maybe 45 minutes. It was a real easy conversation and he dropped a lot of nuggets. So go follow him. Um, no, thank you. The email coach. Um, go follow him, subscribe, do all of that good stuff. He has a, he has a YouTube channel as well. I don’t remember the YouTube channel off the top of my head.

So that’s how you do email marketing, do what he says, cuz cuz he knows. Anyway, if we continue on after email marketing, we need to figure out where we’re going to get traffic. Now, traffic is just a cute word for saying, where are we going to create content now content, once again is how we’re going to get.

What’s his name? His name? Uh, man, you’re gonna put me on the spot. His name on TikTok is the email coach. Um, I’m embarrassed to say Ron, Ron McKee, Ron McKee, like Aaron McKee from the, uh, the old full back fullback from the Chicago bears. Ron McKee. Let me see if I can. Now, if you look at my YouTube channel, I have like email marketing masterclass.

I, um, he was on that one. He was on that one, the audio wasn’t very good on that one, but his audio came through very well. My audio didn. Go watch that one. It’s like an hour masterclass on how to do email marketing the correct way. Um, maybe, uh, yeah, I don’t, I’m not sure of his, his YouTube channel, but, but check out the older video, it’s like two or three weeks old, lots of golden nuggets in there.

Anyway, uh, as I mentioned, people are gonna say the word traffic, it’s an industry word for saying where you’re going to create content. Now, one thing that you have to remember. There are billions of people on the internet and these people are on TikTok and LinkedIn and YouTube and, and, and Twitter and Reddit and form sites.

They’re and they’re everywhere. Okay. And so what you need to do is you need to figure out where you want to create content, figure out where you feel comfortable creating content. Not everybody feels comfortable creating content on TikTok. Maybe they don’t wanna show their face. That’s fine. Start a blog.

Or start a Facebook group. You don’t have to create content on TikTok because that’s the hot new thing. There are still millions of people that are on Facebook and in Facebook groups, there are still millions of people that are on YouTube. In fact, there is a good number of people that are on YouTube watching this live stream right now.

So. You just need to figure out where you feel comfortable creating content. All of it will work. Now the length of time to success will vary. If you are writing a blog about personal finance, that’s gonna be really competitive and that’s gonna take a little bit longer. There are some different, uh, ways that you can work your way in.

You can weasel your way in not weasel. You can, you can fit your way in. But it can take longer than doing something like YouTube or TikTok. Just understand the pros and cons of where you’re going to create content. You could do it on Reddit. Like I mentioned, there are still form sites out there that are giving millions of, of views.

Um, so after. Traffic or where you’re gonna create content. We’re gonna do keyword research. Now keyword research is simply the art and science of figuring out what your target audience wants to know. Okay. And there are a bunch of ways to, to find keyword. One that I mentioned yesterday is called the glossary method and what the glossary method you are simply going to look up key words or key terms within your niche.

For example, if we looked up like credit repair, we’re gonna type in credit repair gloss. And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna see there’s a list of keywords that people have put together. Uh, for example, my FICO has put a glossary of credit terms and when we look at this, we can see 2% rule 401k plan, adjustable rate mortgage ization.

Annual exclusion. Now we could actually use these keyword and we can pivot into the, the different niches. Now, if we just go straightforward and say, Hey, we wanna talk about personal finance. We’re gonna have to compete with banks and credit cards and credit unions. But if we can look at some of these glossary terms like, uh, application scoring, that’s probably gonna be less competitive.

We could also look at, uh, one thing that, that popped. And this is credit to the affiliate marketing dude is people are actually looking up their exact credit score. So if we go over to aare, uh, the keyword research tool, that values, it’s a paid keyword research tool. You don’t have to pay for anything while doing this.

Um, you could do this 100% for free, and we’ll talk about some frees in just a second, but what people are doing is they’re typing in their credit score. So, um, they could, they’re typing in like 5 89 credit score and you could create content there. So you could say if a credit score, if the 5 89 credit score is good or bad, how to improve your 5 89 credit score, some of the negative aspects of having a 5 89 credit score, and you can potentially start getting traffic.

Now, if you’re gonna do that, I recommend that you use something like to, because there’s gonna be far less competition, and that’s actually going to appeal to a lot of people on TikTok. Hey, uh, you’re gonna create a video like quick is your credit score? 5 89. These are the downsides of having a 5 89 credit score, and then you rattle them off.

And then at the end of the video, you’re gonna say, Hey, if you want to improve your credit score by 10 points, go to my free ebook, where I have 21 ways to improve your credit score. In 30 days, they go to your ebook. They opt in. You have a, a person on your mailing list and now you can email them like coach, uh, like coach Ron tells us to.

So when you do it like that way, you can, hopefully this is starting to make sense, guys, let me know. Does this make sense? You are going to create content based on what your target audience wants to know. You are going to send them to. A landing page to collect their email address. And then once they opt in on the email side, you’re gonna email them that free gift.

And you can use something like the glossary method and the glossary method works for everything. It works for affiliate marketing. It works for make money online niche, um, like there’s stuff on here, like basis point. I don’t know what that means, but you could do research and figure that out blue book value break, even point and so on.

That goes on forever. So that’s just one way. That’s called the gloss method. We can also look at competitor websites, for example, we could type in, um, like, um, Credit karma, we could type in their website and then we could scroll through, we can kind of scrape and see what’s popping up and then we could potentially create content there once again.

Um, also we can look at different YouTube channels. Like I mentioned, Graham, Stephan’s a huge YouTuber. He talks about the mortgages and potential recession, things of that nature. We can look at his channel, see what’s working well for him. And we can potentially use that as inspiration, AHF, as I mention.

Uh, we can look at TikTok accounts if there are any TikTok people that are creating content about, uh, personal finance. And then we can of course use, answer the public. Now with answer the public, we only get two searches per 24 hours, two free searches, but we can type in our niche and then get a whole host of ideas.

For example, if we just type in, I’m gonna type in credit card and answer the public and see what pops up first, always change it to the United States for whatever reason. It’s defaulted defaulted to, um, United Kingdom. So we’re gonna type in credit score, hit search, and let’s see what pops up guys. If this is making sense, give me a, like, give me a comment, gimme a share.

Give me a follow because I’m doing this to help you build a successful online business. Now, if you want to work with me, A little bit closely, a little bit more personally, we can build your own unique online business. You can go Toten Um, what I tell people all the time is everything that I tell you in these videos is a complete business.

Okay. You could go from zero to. Finding success. I gotta be careful of my words over on TikTok, but you could go from zero to an online business owner using everything that I’m telling you, but what, where most people stutter and fail is with implementation. They need a second set of eyes to look at. What they’re doing, they wanna make sure that they’re on the right track.

Um, having a person look at it from the outside can give you tips, tricks, and tactics that you didn’t consider. So if you are looking at working with me, I have an application. It is exclusive. Um, I try and keep my group small, just so that, um, just so that I can help you as good as possible anyway. So I typed in.

Credit score. And here’s some things that popped up. How are credit scores calculated? How credit score affects mortgage. These are all things that people want to know based on credit score, how credit score affects car, and you can create content there. Um, you can. You could create a TikTok video about, you know, why you need to, uh, how having a bad credit about having a bad credit score affects your car loan application.

You could say something like, Hey, before you go apply to, uh, before you go apply for that new Ford focus, what’s your credit score. And then you could say if your credit score is below this, you’re gonna wind up paying more money. In order to drive that forward focus or forward FVA. Um, so Ansel public can be a good place.

A lot of these keywords have been picked over again and again and again. So you wanna be strategic. I like to use an answer the public as a starting point or a launching point. I don’t necessarily wanna just create videos based on these keywords. I can use it to get inspiration and ideas. So after that, we can also use.

There’s three different ways that you can use Google and this is all for free. So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go up to Google and you can type in something like credit score and hit enter like this, and which you’ll see on, on Google, obviously other search results, but also you can look at something like people also ask.

For example, people are also asking what is a good credit score? Where can I check my credit score for free? 1200 credit score. Good. What is a normal credit score? These are all questions that people are asking. We know that because Google is telling us that people are asking these questions. And if you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you can also look at related searches like credit scored, U USA, how to improve credit score, trans trains, union credit scores.

So these are all different opportunities for keyword. Now, what I recommend that you do is put together a list of maybe 30 or 40 keyword, because you’re going to create content based on the keywords that you find. Um, so if we go back over to my notes here. Yep. So, um, yeah, we have keyword research pretty well figured out the next step is just to create content and you’re gonna create content to solve a problem.

If someone asks, if their credit score is good, you’re going to talk about what a good credit score is. And then. At the end of your video. So your video should be comprised of a hook story and offer the hook is going to be what reels in your target audience. Your story is going to pay off the hook and then your offer is going to be a call to action to get them to opt in or to go to your landing page.

For example, if we are creating a video on, let’s see if we can think of a good idea. Um, let’s say we are creating a video about credit scores. We could say something like. Why you need to improve your five 80 credit score now, or how to improve your five 80 credit score in the next 30 days. And then we could actually give them 10 different tips on how to improve their credit score and once they improve it, um, or, or once we go through the, the video showing them how to improve it, we’re gonna add a call to action saying, Hey, look, if you want my, um, free guide where you can learn 21 ways to improve your credit score this month.

Click the link in my bio or click the link in the description. And then they click the link. They, they opt in and just like that, we have an email list. So what I’ve done, and this is probably one of the, the best drawings that I’ve ever made is I’ve made this inverted pyramid. This pyramid is how you’re going to create content.

And this is the, the, the way that people search. This is the way that people find solutions at the very top. These people are happy. They’re so happy. They don’t have a face. They become frustrated or upset when they want to do something and they can’t do it in this instance, they want to buy a car, but their credit score is so low.

They can’t get the Ford FVA of their dreams. Okay. They’ve gotta. They’ve gotta settle for a 1992 Dodge NEM and they’re frustrated. And so no, they come here and they’re remember, people are only coming here when they have a problem. Problems can be good. Problems can be bad. In this instance, they have a low credit score.

And so they’re searching. Who, what, when, where, why, how, how to improve my credit score. What is a bad credit score? What is a good credit score? So people are asking this question and you can create content up here to solve it. Now, as you can see, this is the widest group of people. Because these people don’t know the solution, they know the problem.

They don’t know the solution. That’s important when you’re creating content, because you can actually get these people from up here where they don’t know to where they know, and they know they understand the problem, they understand the solution. And when they understand those two things, that’s what gives them the best opportunity.

That’s what gives you the best opportunity to see a return on your investment? So up here, who, what, when, where, why, how down here? X four, Y best X four Y. So people are searching like best, best credit cards for people with bad credit. I guarantee you, if we go over to YouTube just, or, uh, Google, if I type in best credit cards for you can see your best credit cards for travel students, beginners college students cash back about its transfers.

Bad credit, best credit cards for bad credit, we can actually put together a list of the five or 10 best credit cards for people with bad credit. And then we can actually send them over to our landing page. Once again. Hey, if you want to learn 21 ways to improve your credit score this month, click the link in the description or click the link at the bio.

They opt in. We make, uh, money eventually down the road with email marketing based on what the, um, email marketing coach, coach, Ron McKee, um, set. So people are asking X for Y if this is making sense, guys, comment, make sense comment. Yes. Comment. I understand. Uh, because I wanna make sure that you guys understand this inverted pyramid and how people are asking questions.

If this doesn’t make sense, think about how you asked a question. Think about the last thing that you purchased. Um, if you purchased this microphone, for example, I purchased this microphone. I wanted better audio. I typed in how to make better YouTube videos or how to improve my audio for YouTube videos.

And then I saw down here people were creating content, like the best wireless microphones for YouTubers. And then so on, I kind of moved down that funnel again. , um, everybody’s doing this in every single niche. This what I’m telling you applies to everything. This isn’t just related to personal finance.

This isn’t just related to, uh, microphones. This could work for basket weaving as well. So after we did X four, Y we’re actually doing X under Y. So here, uh, we’re looking for, you know, the best stand mixer under $200. Now it could be tricky to apply this one to our, to our, uh, personal finance. We could potentially be looking at something like, uh, let’s see what our niche is.

Again. Uh, we could be looking at something like, uh, best credit card programs with the lowest APR or APR under, you know, 35% or something along those lines. Um, or we could even apply this to insurance or mortgages or something along those lines. After that people are comparing two products now. As we get closer to the bottom of the funnel, they understand the problem and they understand the solution.

That’s why they are comparing two things. They’re comparing rocket mortgages versus, um, lending tree, for example, they wanna know which one is right for them. When they compare in contrast you, that’s your opportunity to see a return on your investment. Again, X versus Y people understand the problem. The problem is that they’ve got a low credit score or they want to get a, a mortgage.

Um, And they’re just comparing two products or two services again, if this is making sense, guys, let me know, cuz this is designed to help you. And the final step in the funnel, the very bottom of the funnel are review videos. People are looking up or review content. I should say people have determined their problem and the solution.

They just want to confirm their suspic. And the best way to make a review video is to be honest, talk about the strengths, talk about the weaknesses, and then use the weaknesses as a way to further solidify, um, your connection with the target audience. So if we’re talking, if we’re talking about a lending tree, for example, and I don’t know this to be true, you could say like lending tree has poor customer service.

However, if you decide to. Use my affiliate link to, to go with lending tree, I’ll actually give you the direct line to, you know, Johnny who will help you out. Um, I’ll actually put together a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions that, that people are asking when it comes to lending tree. So Chris five, four says it makes sense.

Thank you for, for checking in and thank you for commenting.

So again, One of the best ways to turn a negative into a positive. When you’re doing these review videos is to offer a bonus to help. Now my only gripe with bonuses, and I’ve got a lot of gripes here. When you get older, you start accumulating gripes. But my only problem with bonuses is people are getting crazy with these bonuses.

They’ll be, uh, promoting or selling a $20 product, but then. $39,000 worth of bonuses. I’m sure you guys have seen it. It doesn’t make any sense. Only offer bonuses that are going to help the customer with that problem. If they want to get a mortgage, um, you want to offer bonuses that will help them get a mortgage.

Okay. Don’t offer bonuses that are gonna help them get a mortgage and, and cut their grass and a landscape landscaper and a plumber and a candlestick maker that it doesn’t make any sense. It’s a waste of time only offer bonuses. Will actually help. So guys, if you’re just coming in, we have built an online business using the finance niche.

I gave you a bunch of subtopics to look at. We took a look at different affiliate programs. I think affiliate marketing is the best way for new people to get up and running with an online business. Now, the reason why I like it. Simply because you don’t have to worry about fulfilling a product. You don’t have to worry about creating a product.

You don’t have to worry about customer service. In most instances, you are simply going to create content based on what your target audience wants to know, and you are going to, uh, get them over to where they need to go. And in this video, I showed you step by step, how to do it. And it was cool. We actually had a little guest appearance by, by coach Ron.

So, uh, he actually helped us out a little bit with email marketing, which is really, really awesome. Do you guys have questions about. About anything that I’ve covered so far, do you have questions about affiliate marketing starting an online business? Um, do you have questions about questions if, uh, if this video has helped you out, be sure to give it a like follow share comment to all of that good stuff.

All of this, all of the, the things that I just mentioned actually let. TikTok and everywhere else know that I’m providing helpful information. It helps me with the algorithm. It helps the algorithm with me. And so if you can go ahead and give me a, a comment, if you could, um, or follow and a share and a life and all of that good stuff.

So yeah, so really this is. Everything that you need to know to build a successful business. You just wanna make sure that you are executing every single day. Um, oftentimes affiliate marketers, especially new ones. They don’t see it in immediate return on their investment. And then that’s when they throw their hands up and they say it doesn’t work.

And then that’s when they, they check out and they quit. Uh, but in reality, affiliate marketing is not like having a regular job. Really an online business is not like having a regular nine to five job in that when you work a nine to five job. You can expect to get paid for the work that you put in. I went to work today on Wednesday from, from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM or whatever it is.

I know that in two weeks, I’m gonna get a check for that, that time that I work. When you work, when you do online business, you’re gonna put in a bunch of work upfront, and then you are going to see growth on the back end. So you may work. You may work 10 hours this week on your online business and not see a direct result from it immediately.

However, six months from now, you might be bearing fruit from your labor. You might be seeing exponential growth in your online business. Now, a lot of people can’t tolerate that type of return on investment, but that’s what, that’s what it’s all about. Okay. That’s what a successful online business is. You put in work.

And then on the back end, you’re gonna see a return on your investment. People tell you it’s passive, it’s not really passive, it’s semi passive. And that you’re gonna do a bunch of work upfront, which feels like, you know, free labor that, you know, you’re never gonna make any money. You’re gonna be frustrated, but then you’re gonna see some, some positive signs on the back end.

As long as you keep at it, most people will stop right before they start seeing the success that they’re looking for. And they’ll say affiliate marketing and making money online. Doesn. Guys, let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns. Does this make sense? Am I talking way over your head. Do you wanna know why I have a raccoon above my head and a Cardinal?

And I’m not sure what that is and an owl. If you wanna know why I have these things above my head, um, let me know if you guys have any questions, but really that’s, you know, this is it. This is everything that you need to know. If you wanna work with me one on one, you can slash live. Um, that that link will be up.

Um, when you apply to work with me, we will actually build your business custom for you. Right now. I’m talking kind of in generalities, because I don’t know about you and your business. We will actually formulate a game plan so that you can be successful with your online business. Because ultimately your success is my success.

If you are successful with your online business, you can say Sten helped me be successful. And I’ll use that as a, um, testimonial. And I’ll put that anywhere and everywhere saying that, uh, you helped me be successful. So. Guys, if you wanna work with me closer, Alten God That’s really all I have for you guys today.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, like share comment, follow, do all of that good stuff. And I think that’s all I have for you today, guys. Thanks for watching. And we will see you tomorrow.