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Bringing in new clients to an accounting firm is a big part of the job. After all, without any clients, you would not have a successful business. Using ClickFunnels online funnel software allows you to bring in more clients. You will easily be able to create any funnel you can think of to benefit your business.

Accountants can have many issues when trying to generate leads. ClickFunnels makes it easy to funnel potential clients into your business. ClickFunnels allows you to upsell services and generate more income with easy software, with a few simple clicks and no prior coding knowledge.

There are many benefits to using ClickFunnels as an accountant. ClickFunnels can benefit any person or company that has a webpage. The software will funnel customers into your site at a much higher rate than you might expect. If you think your company can easily handle the boost in potential leads, please keep reading.

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What Is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is an online software that builds funnels. These funnels help to draw in more sales and upsell products to make your company even more money. It is basically your all in one funnel builder. There are many different types of funnels within Clickfunnels. They all are used for different outcomes, from leads to bringing in more calls.

Technically, even the smaller companies that do not have a website use a funnel without realizing it. Day to day brick and mortar businesses are a perfect example of a funnel. 

  • The business places an ad on a park bench, billboard, or in the newspaper, etc. 
  • A potential customer sees the ad and decides to check out the business.
  • The potential customer finds the business and walks in the front door.
  • The potential customer is greeted by an employee who hopes to gather basic information from the said potential customer.
  • Greeter gets the potential customer to fill out the information and be put on an email/phone list.
  • If the potential customer leaves without needing the service, you will still be able to contact the prospect through their information.

If they turn into an actual customer, you have just been a part of a complete funnel. It’s simple as that. Funneling people into your online business process. ClickFunnels online software simply allows you to create many different types of funnels depending on your needs.

A sales funnel is also a simple everyday occurrence in brick and mortar businesses. Anytime you walk into a store, look around, are greeted, and then directed to the checkout, you are a part of a sales funnel. When the cashier asks about upgrading or adding small, less expensive items that are displayed near the checkout stand, that is an upsell.

Why Do You Need ClickFunnels?

If you have a business that sells any type of service or product, you need ClickFunnels. A simple website just will not cut it these days. Funnels can seem overwhelming, but with the help of ClickFunnels, you can easily create funnels to generate more income.

If your business may not be able to handle the big increase in new potential customers, then ClickFunnels would not be for you. It could create an overwhelming situation and ruin your business’s reputation if you take on more business than you can handle.

Click here for a FREE two-week ClickFunnels trial, a FREE ClickFunnels course, and over 10 done-for-you funnels!

If you want everything in one place and for your business to grow all with just a few simple clicks, you need ClickFunnels. It is mentioned many times in this article, but almost every business that has a website can use and most likely even needs ClickFunnels. They just are not aware they need it yet.

If you have:

The list could go on forever on all of the different reasons behind needing to use ClickFunnels. If anything, you can try it out for the free, two-week trial. On the slim chance you don’t absolutely love the software, you can cancel your membership without any strings attached. As long as it is before the two week trial period has expired, you will not be charged anything.

You can also upgrade and downgrade your plan as your needs change. Typically, if you upgrade your plan to the higher plan, you will generate more than enough money to cover the cost of the software and boost your business’s overall profit.

ClickFunnels And Accountants

Knowing what funnels to use means knowing what your clients may need. This will help you target them as an audience and not waste time and money. Once you are aware of your target audience, you can create funnels. You don’t necessarily need to have ads target young college kids if you are trying to reach middle age. Which funnel works best for accountants:

Accountant Sales Funnel – Is simply the process where a guest becomes a lead, a customer, and then keeps coming back. This funnel helps a great deal.

Free Consulting Funnel – This is a great way for you to meet with potential customers prior to them paying for any services or products. It does not need to be a long consult, and you can even state beforehand that the max time is 10-15 minutes, even less if you need it. Yes, you are technically giving your time away for free, but that simple consult can draw in many new clients.

People like to test the waters before making a big purchase. A client could look at your services but be unsure and possibly pass by your company. With free consulting, you can put their mind at ease that you can more than help them. The consulting can’t hurt. An hour or so of your time on a particular day to speak with leads can benefit your business.

Click here for a FREE two-week ClickFunnels trial, a FREE ClickFunnels course, and over 10 done-for-you funnels!

Email Marketing – Email will always be one of the easiest and quickest ways to get more clients/customers. You can use the email marketing funnel to gather more emails while also pushing sale offers out to the same list. You stand a better chance of having repeat customers and new customers.

Lead Capture – A lead capture page is simply a page that helps to capture your leads, otherwise known as potential sales (they typically lead to a sale).

Membership Funnel – With this funnel, you can let members join your page for free, or you can charge a small fee. Then you use that membership for advertising what products and services you provide. It’s simple, and with a few clicks, you can easily make many add-ons in the membership to make clients think they are getting great services for next to nothing when, in reality, you are just giving up a little bit of your time.

If you are unsure how to make funnels, you can try ClickFunnels for free for two weeks and even get: 

  • 10 funnels
  • 3-hour course
  • Quick start guide 

You just simply type in your email address here, and you will have access.

Having all your tools in one easy-to-use software is great. As an accountant, you are already doing so much and probably have software you use daily. What if you could lessen the workload by creating an all-in-one website to keep better track of your business customers, expenses, and income.

How Accountants Benefit From Using ClickFunnels

Accountants benefit greatly by using ClickFunnels. There are many features that will be immensely helpful such as:

  • Email Integrations – Allows you to simply send emails from Clickfunnels to potential, current, and future clients that sign up on your squeeze page (mentioned below)
  • Event Funnels – If you have any events that you host with your accounting firm, you could use this funnel to bring more people into your business. You can even handle webinars here to stream your services directly to customers.
  • Hangout Funnels – You can integrate Google Hangouts into your ClickFunnels account. This allows you to be able to have chats and help customers who may need help.
  • Landing Pages – The landing page is the first page that you land on when reaching the website. Some sites will have you land on a squeeze page first, then easily transfer you to the landing page after typing in your email.
  • Lead Capture Funnels – This funnel works to gather information from a potential lead to hopefully become an actual sale in the future. These are a great way to get more customers.
  • Membership Funnels – If you have content on your website, you could allow special access to members for a fee. You can even just let people who give contact information into certain parts of your site. Either way, you collect information.
  • Sales Page Funnels – A sales page is simply a funnel that leads the customer through your site and lands them on the checkout page.
  • Squeeze Page Funnels – A squeeze page will help you gather information from a protentional client when they come to your site. This funnel will gather an email, name, or phone number from the potential customer. This process is simply “squeezing” information out of them.
  • Upsell Pages – This a page that is usually right before the customer checks out. You put add-ons, upgrades, or even products related to what they just purchased. This allows you to make more money on each sale. You can also move smaller, less expensive/unpopular items this way too.

How To Get Started When Using ClickFunnels

After signing up, one of the first few things you will need to do is create a funnel. To do this, you simply:

  • Pick which type of funnel type you want to use and choose a template
  • Customize every page to match the style/feel of your site
  • Now its time to add any services your accountant firm has to offer and the easy to use payment integration
  • Select a domain name for this new funnel and save

Just like that, you have created a funnel. There are many funnel templates to choose from, so there is no need to worry about whether there is an appropriate one for your business. If you only have the basic ClickFunnels plan, you will only be able to have 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000. For some, that is more than enough. If you need more, you will need to upgrade to a much larger package that is more than double the cost.

You need to figure out what you are looking for and in which way you need to grow your business. Do you need to generate sales, leads, or have a more online type of accountant firm? Accountant firms need to gather information, get leads, and turn those leads into clients and even long-term clients.

Click here for a FREE two-week ClickFunnels trial, a FREE ClickFunnels course, and over 10 done-for-you funnels!

You also need to have a few different levels of the services and products you offer and set them early on. This way, you can offer a few different price membership plans to your clients. Even if it just access to more services and not technically better. This way, it is no extra work. You just limit your services as you move down the plans.

ClickFunnels – Different Plans & Cost 

After using the free 14-day trial, ClickFunnels will cost $97 to $297 a month, depending on which plan you choose. Choosing the one that fits your needs is important. There is no need to break your bank if you can’t afford the $297. Even the less expensive plan gives a smaller site plenty of benefits.

ClickFunnels Basic Plan

With the basic ClickFunnels plan, you can expect to pay $97 a month for their services. With this plan, you will get:

  • 100 landing pages or subpages for each funnel
  • 20 funnels
  • No, follow up funnels offered
  • Only you and one other person can use this plan
  • Three domains are offered with this plan meaning you can have different products on the same plan
  • Three payment gateways

ClickFunnels Platinum Plan

The higher plan for ClickFunnels will set you back $297 a month, which is a bit higher. With this plan, you will get:

  • Nine domains are offered with this plan meaning you can have different products on the same plan
  • Nine payment gateways
  • They offer a bonus of subscription plans and a high priority live chat.
  • Unlimited follow funnels offered
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited landing pages or subpages for each funnel
  • You can have up to three users with you on this plan

As mentioned above, deciding which plan to get is based entirely on what your business can easily afford and your needs. The bigger plan is not for everyone and can generate far too many leads, overwhelming the business.

There are options to pay in a six-month installment and a one-year installment. It is a couple of thousand dollars at once, but you do save money in the end because they give you a little discount for paying ahead.

Tips & Ideas For Accountants Using ClickFunnels

Creating more income is one of the main concerns for a growing business. So how can you make the best out of ClickFunnels? Create eye-catching online products. You may wonder how you can do this because you are an accountant without an actual product to sell.

You have a service that can be used for many things, and people need it. Some content you could create includes:

  • Creating courses, videos, articles, or recording that they must pay extra/become a member to view is a great way to bring in more money with little to no extra effort on your part. You could:
    • Write an article about The biggest tax mistakes business can make
    • Have a recoding talking people through the basic steps of filing their taxes
    • Help small businesses lower their tax bills and find any tax write-offs they can.
  • Your market is unlimited. The average working adult up to a retiree could be a potential client of yours. Even if they never step foot into your office, you could bring in 100’s of thousands of extra profits but these side products alone. They will add up quickly.
  • You can even send out emails with smaller tips and information to help lure them into your site to become potential clients.
  • Have a big following on social media. These days news spreads like wildfire on social media. There are so many platforms, but you can create a business account on every social media platform for free. Ads can be bought for cheap, and then you just let the shares add up. Pretty soon, you will have people from all around the world seeing your business.

Using ClickFunnels

It is easy to see why ClickFunnels is a great choice for anyone and especially accountants. You will have all your side products in one place, market for them, and draw in many potential clients to your accounting firm. This simple software can save you time and money while building your client list substantially.


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