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With online car dealerships such as Carvana taking an increasingly larger share of the pie in the world of automotive sales, it is essential that modern dealerships have an elite online presence if they want to stand their ground. In fact, studies have shown that even those buyers who go to in-person dealerships do the vast majority of their research online, further highlighting the importance of a digital storefront. So how do you get started?

ClickFunnels is the premier online platform for entrepreneurs with little technological background to make a splash in the world of digital marketing. Especially relevant in the realm of car sales, ClickFunnels’ cutting-edge software specializes in turning leads into loyal, repeat customers.

Among the key features that ClickFunnels has include attractive landing pages, email campaigns, and social media marketing. With advanced automation, easy-to-navigate templates, and drag-and-drop editors, ClickFunnels takes the mystery out of web design and allows car sales professionals to capitalize on the vast profit potential of the online market.

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How to Use ClickFunnels for Car Sales

ClickFunnels is the digital leader in sales funnels. As described by ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson, a sales funnel is the process a customer goes through on his or her journey from a casual shopper to a loyal customer. As a physical funnel guides liquid into a desired depository, a sales funnel should drive shoppers to your car sales business.

To understand how a sales funnel can help your car sales business, think about it this way: 

  1. The wide opening at the top of the funnel represents all the traffic that a business could potentially catch.
  2. Your business then uses a series of promotions, discounts, and product offerings to focus this influx of shoppers demonstrate to them how your business can add value to their lives, represented by the narrowing of the funnel.
  3. The small stem at the bottom of the funnel represents a stream of paying customers that are directed to your business.

While a sales funnel can theoretically take place anywhere, their power is magnified online, as your business is capable of reaching millions of customers across the country in the market for a new car. ClickFunnels can help your car dealership reach this market through several tools.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are essentially the storefront of your online business. Just as your physical dealership needs well-lit and eye-catching signage to capture the attention of passersby, so too does your digital space need a landing page that will pique the interest of consumers.

Customers in the 21st century have notoriously fickle attention spans. In fact, they likely decide in a matter of seconds whether they will continue browsing or leave your page. So while your landing page needs to be bold enough to catch visitors’ attention, it should not be so busy that potential customers are overwhelmed and leave.

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Here are some points to consider when designing your ClickFunnels landing page:

  • Pictures are worth a thousand words. Modern customers in the “Instagram Era” do not like to read large blocks of text, so let your photos do the talking for you.
  • Make the text short. Even though modern customers do not like to read much, you will need some text to be included as part of your funnel. Make sure the text on your landing page is concise and written with easy-to-read fonts.
  • Feature short videos, preferably no longer than 90 seconds. This goes along with the previous point; most customers today are more visual.
  • Make the button to your sales page obvious. It is hard enough to make a sale. If shoppers have to spend time looking for where to click, they will just as soon look someplace else altogether.

ClickFunnels is designed to take all these points into consideration and makes it easy for entrepreneurs to create optimal landing pages. Through its pre-loaded templates and drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create landing pages that:

  • Feature a combination of media to catch the eye of traffic
  • Efficiently highlight the points of competitive advantage offered by your dealership
  • Provide an initial step in conversion, smoothly guiding the shopper from the landing page to the next step in the sales process

Email Campaigns

Emails have revolutionized the world of marketing. While television spots, billboards, and other forms of print advertisement cost significant up-front dollars, emails can reach millions of shoppers at no cost with a single click. In fact, with the email automation features provided by ClickFunnels, you may not even have to click to keep your email marketing campaign moving right along.

Despite the power of email marketing in reaching a broad audience, it is essential that your emails reach the right audience to avoid getting deleted or marked as spam. Unsurprisingly, ClickFunnels email management and automation system offer a plethora of features to ensure that your emails have the highest open and action rates possible, including:

  • Automated follow-up emails to customers who do not take action on an initial message
  • Removing addresses from the mailing list that have not taken action within 30 days. This is important because many contemporary email platforms can mark emails from sources with low open rates as spam, so this feature can help ensure that your open rate is where it needs to be.
  • Sending special promotions and discounts to customers who have opened email communication but have yet to make a purchase
  • Incentives for customers who subscribe to your company’s mailing list or refer friends 
  • Distribution of newsletters to keep shoppers informed about the latest updates, recalls, and model releases
  • Upselling past customers to entrench their loyalty and make them more profitable long-term clients

This last feature is especially relevant in the world of car sales. Customers who make a one-time purchase and then drive their vehicle for 200,000 miles will not be very profitable. By automatically reaching out to past customers with attractive offers on trade-ins and extended warranty packages, your dealership can continue to profit off past customers while providing them constant value.

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On top of all these advanced email campaign features, perhaps ClickFunnels’ greatest selling point is its A/B split testing. Using this feature, business owners can send out two batches of the same email using different subject lines. Based on the open and response rate, you can then decide how to best label future communication to optimize customer interaction.


The trouble with running a physical business is that it is difficult to compile information on customer behavior. However, by using ClickFunnels’ digital storefront, many of your dealership’s data challenges are easily handled with their Actionetics technology.

In addition to the email open and response rates listed in the previous section, some other key analytical information that you can compile by using ClickFunnels Actionetics includes:

  • The average time that visitors spend on the landing page
  • The average number of clicks that visitors make when perusing your site
  • Which pages visitors most frequently exit from

By studying this information, you can then reassess what you can do to make your site better and make the necessary adjustments to keep customers better engaged.

Social Media

Even though social media is not the only piece of the puzzle for car sales in the 21st century, some may argue that it is the most critical piece, as demonstrated by the number of cars sold through the Facebook marketplace.

Pictures sell in a culture dominated by smartphones, so you must have active social media accounts as a depository for all your vehicle listings. By using ClickFunnels to solve your dealership’s digital marketing needs, you can better integrate the relationship between your online storefront and social media accounts.

Through messenger bots that respond to general questions and automated social media posts to keep customers informed of promotions and new listings, ClickFunnels can help you link social media interactions back to your sales funnel.

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ClickFunnels Template Ideas for Car Sales

There are dozens of ClickFunnels templates from which car sales professionals can choose. While you can make any of them work by putting your own creative twist on them, there are a handful of templates that are well-suited for converting leads into customers in the car-sales industry.

Self-Liquidating Funnel

The problem with most traditional advertisements and marketing campaigns is that it requires a ton of sales to break even on the cost of the marketing efforts themselves. In fact, if a business gets too ambitious with initial marketing efforts, the cost of marketing for a start-up can actually sink it before it ever gets off the ground.

While the cost of digital sales funnels is just a fraction of traditional advertising fees, there will still be some costs associated with taking your marketing to the next level. By choosing a self-liquidating funnel, you can essentially pay for rising marketing costs without ever spending a dime of your capital reserves.

The basis of a self-liquidating funnel is pretty simple but incredibly powerful. In the beginning, your marketing efforts are as low-cost as possible, focusing primarily on email as the means of reaching customers. In your emails, you may use discount codes and special “buy now” offers to get customers to purchase a car for the first time.

Once you start making sales, ClickFunnels then automatically purchases paid advertising through a percentage of your sales revenue, such as banners on other websites or search engine ranking. As this next-level advertising reaches more and more customers, sales will continue to increase, with a commensurate increase in paid marketing, as well.

Eventually, your business will be so well marketed and have such a strong foothold in the industry that you have become an advertising giant—all without spending any of your cash on hand.

Survey Funnel

The survey funnel is one of the simplest, yet most powerful, ClickFunnels templates that you can choose—especially for car sales.

As its name implies, the survey funnel uses a special offer, such as a discount, rebate, or service package, in exchange for a customer’s email address and completion of a survey. Not only will this type of funnel increase the number of car shoppers in the network, but it can help your business gather some information to improve competitive advantage, such as:

  • Which safety features shoppers prefer in cars
  • Price points for different models of vehicles
  • Color preferences among similar makes and models
  • The value customers place on service-related features, such as oil change packages or extended warranties

Opt-in Funnel

Arguably the simplest template, this funnel has one goal in mind: obtaining email addresses. The simpler, the better with this funnel, as customers will quickly provide their email address in exchange for some type of benefit. This funnel is best used in conjunction with another more comprehensive kind of funnel or as a separate page that links back to your dealership’s parent website.

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How to Optimize ClickFunnels for Car Sales

Although ClickFunnels is super intuitive and takes most of the mystery out of digital marketing for the average entrepreneur, not all funnels are created equal. Like anything business-related, achieving success takes time and effort. Therefore, when designing a sales funnel for your car dealership, there are several important points that you should keep in mind.

Crunch the Numbers Before Creating Your Funnel

Market research is a critical component of any marketing plan and pre-business launch. And while ClickFunnels will provide you with important analytics once your site is up and running, you are on your own to compile the data before creating your funnel.

By using market research to build an attractive landing page, you will be able to get started on the right foot. From there, you can use Actionetics data to adjust and optimize your current offerings.

Make Your Funnel Mobile-Friendly

Even when they are not on the go, most modern shoppers would still prefer to handle their business on their phones. In fact, recent research shows that more than half of all contemporary car buyers only use their phones for research. Therefore, sites that do not fit conveniently on a mobile screen will likely lose out on significant business.

This is especially true for car sales. In a snapshot, customers want to see a high-quality photo of the vehicle and all necessary information, such as make, model, year, miles, and price, without scrolling.

Mobile optimization is easy on ClickFunnels. The software allows you to highlight certain landing page elements and make it viewable only on a desktop; this will ensure that only the most pertinent information appears on the mobile version, giving viewers a more pleasurable car shopping experience. 

Make Video Tours

It has already been established that people have short attention spans in the modern era. Use videos in place of text for elements that cannot be explained with a still photo. Some ways to effectively use video in your sales funnel include:

  • Giving a complete tour of the vehicle, giving shoppers a 360° view of the car’s features
  • Point-of-view demonstrations so that Internet shoppers can get a feel for what it will be like behind the wheel
  • If your dealership sells used cars, use video to give a complete appraisal of any pre-existing issues with the vehicle, as negative online reviews can kill your business if customers feel like they were duped into buying a car online that had undisclosed problems

Leave Room for Feedback

In the world of online commerce, customers place significant stock in online reviews. Just as negative reviews can kill your business, positive reviews can keep you set for the foreseeable future as shoppers look at your tidy collection of 5-star ratings to make their decision for them.

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Therefore, when designing your funnel, be sure to leave room for this type of social proof. While some people are inherently distrustful of “car salesmen,” they will more than likely take the word of buyers who came before them.

ClickFunnels allows you to use a combination of banners, pop-up graphics, and automated emails to help you collect customer feedback and deposit it in your funnel.


In a car sales landscape that is increasingly being controlled by online exchange, your dealership must have a strong digital presence. To this effect, there is no better solution than ClickFunnels to help your car sales business quickly lay anchor online.

By using ClickFunnels, car dealerships can reach a national market of hundreds of millions of customers. The advanced digital marketing platform allows entrepreneurs to efficiently guide shoppers through their journey from a casual browser to a loyal customer.

ClickFunnels allows car sales professionals to use a drag-and-drop editor, along with a variety of attractive templates, to create powerful landing pages, focused email campaigns, advanced analytic compilations, and integrated social media communication.

This, combined with a series of unique offers, promotions, and discounts, can help turn leads into repeat customers—an essential consideration in an auto sales landscape that aims to make clients as profitable as possible through consistent upgrades to the latest model releases.

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