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Coaches of all kinds are looking for something to help them bring traffic and new clients to their business, and ClickFunnel can provide that and more.  It is specifically tailored to serve aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike.

ClickFunnels is a fantastic resource for life, health, sports, business, marketing, finance, or any other kind of coach. It offers a user-friendly way to direct client traffic right to your business and even help you start setting up your site.

There are a variety of reasons why ClickFunnels is the way to go for Coaches. Keep reading to see if this could be the resource you’ve been looking for to kick-start your coaching business.

Why Should I Use ClickFunnels for My Coaching Business?

A coaching business can be difficult to get going and can be even more difficult to take to that next level once you get the initial start-up running.  Many companies struggle to get marketing momentum and then end up without enough revenue to sustain it. 

An entrepreneur will often invest thousands of dollars upfront to get a website built that is relevant to their needs, and then hundreds or thousands more to maintain or update that same website.

Meanwhile, the site is just sitting there, not doing any good on its own besides looking pretty and offering a little bit of surface information.

So how do you get people to visit the site that you’ve invested so much money in?  Once they’re on your site, how do you get them from scrollers to customers or subscribers?

ClickFunnels has thought of all these things. They’ve seen the problems firsthand and felt the everyday disappointments among entrepreneurs who struggle to get customers to find them and then stick around long enough to subscribe and bring in revenue.

ClickFunnels has spent the time, resources, and expertise to come up with a solution.

It is an excellent option for coaches of all kinds, especially those without developing expertise or coding knowledge.  It makes the process so easy, and the software is entirely user-friendly.  It sets you up for success with minimal time and effort.

If you aren’t comfortable investing right away, try the Free Trial Here.

The Advantages of ClickFunnels over Standard Coaching Websites

There are plenty of other standard coaching websites that can offer a little to your business. With the help of, we discovered that many of them offer things like:

  • Profile: These can often include a photograph, a logo, information about your business, and can also have a summary of your services and products.
  • Listing in a Coaching Directory: These directories are resources for potential clients looking for a specific coach to meet their needs.
  • Linking your Expertise with Client Needs:  This can do some of the work for the consumer and the provider by matching them up based on interest and need.
  • A place for Reviews and Ratings of your Coaching: It gives a space for those who have gone through your coaching and worked with your business to provide reviews and encourage others to feel confident when reaching out to become a new client.
  • Coaching Circles and Trainings: They keep your coaching knowledge and skillset fresh, growing, and expanding so you never fall behind.
  • Mass Emailing: You can send out promotional deals, informative messages, greetings, and more to your entire client list.
  • Online Scheduling: This gives clients the opportunity to quickly schedule sessions with you without spending extra time or energy trying to get in touch with you and freeing up more of your time to focus on growing your business.

That seems like a lot when you look at it on its own, but if you compare it to what ClickFunnels offers your business, it pales.

What these sites are missing is the large-scale marketing aspect that will take your coaching business from one website’s directory to its own successful brand.

What ClickFunnels offers that other websites do not includes the capabilities of a functioning online store for your services that will cover most of those services listed above, and it also offers:

  • Tailored guidance and assistance for potential clients:  You can walk your customers through the sales experience, guiding them each step of the way and up-selling them all throughout the process.
  • Higher conversion rates than websites:  A larger percentage of the people visiting your site will become paying customers when using Clickfunnels.
  • Faster starting time, less set-up time:  The process for getting started can take as little as ten minutes and is made to maximize your set-up experience.
  • Easy-to-use software: It’s user-friendly and can be done by people who don’t know anything about developing, coding, marketing, or even business strategy.  It provides everything you need to succeed.  
  • A customized experience for your clientele: They even offer multiple landing pages that can be customized and chosen for different types of potential clients, utilizing the one that is most effective at converting.
  • Generates more leads: Can help you know who’s actually serious about becoming a paying customer and increases those chances.
  • Drives more traffic: Finds people who wouldn’t typically be found.  It widens the field vastly, giving your business a much higher success rate.
  • A variety of templates and funnels to choose from: The five funnels described below are some of the options you can select.  You can look through and choose each detail to make it suit your business and your preferences exactly.  You can choose fonts, colors, images, layouts, audience, and everything else. 

It gets rid of all the worry and confusion behind starting and running your business. It also provides you with a step by step, guided process to customize your site, target your desired audience, and then feed them through the right loops to land them right where you want them to be: ready to become a paying customer.

Still thinking about it?  Try the Free Trial Here.  There is so much more, but this is just the basics. You can find out more from about ClickFunnels for Coaches.

The Best ClickFunnel Templates for Coaches

Founded in October of 2014, this company has been going strong for more than six years.  Before that, many coaches paid a pretty penny to create custom systems to get the same effect.  The company’s founder, Russel Brunson, wanted to make it much more affordable and streamlined.

They have come up with five different ClickFunnels templates to bring in new customers and cater to their marketing needs.  Those Funnels include:

The Webinar: 

This Funnel features a video of the presentation that explains Russell’s successful marketing template and then access to that template with a free trial.

In an informative article written and posted by the original ClickFunnels Blog site, they state that:

Webinars are a potent marketing tool and, when used correctly, they can be a great sales funnel to acquire new customers, especially for higher-priced or more complex products.”

This can be perfect for coaches who have a great video presence, and it’s a great way to address your audience directly.  It gives you a platform to tell your potential clients exactly what you’re about and what you can provide.

The Free Book: 

Also termed The Customer Acquisition Engine, the idea behind this Funnel is to offer prospective customers or subscribers a free book featuring their philosophies and the method behind their success.

It was initially used where once the free books had been read, there was a positive response. The potential customer wanted more information and was interested in the subscription.

This is only relevant to those coaches who have published a book about their coaching process or their success methods.  If that applies to you, this can be a very engaging way to get your clients hooked on your coaching style and leave them wanting to know more.

The Lead Magnet: 

This is referring to the program’s email marketing aspect, which, despite what many may believe, is still very relevant today.

It features a book called Marketing Secrets Black Book, which teaches all about the art of email marketing and how to maximize customers through that avenue.

This can be useful for coaches because utilizing email marketing can provide your clients with consistent reminders of the services and products you offer them and why they need them.

The Challenge:

The challenge funnel is made to be highly motivating.  Its primary focus was to get people using ClickFunnels before they had decided to agree to any type of subscription through a challenge that offered a free coaching or guiding hand to help them get started.

Once they were started and had their sales funnel up and running, they were mostly already a customer and the work was done for them.

Coaches can efficiently utilize this by offering a free trial or free service of some sort to get the client going and give them a taste of how you can change their life for the better.  Once they have dipped their toes into that water, they will be left wanting to dive in.

This is the original moneymaker for the business; it is the homepage that is the catch-all for people interested in ClickFunnels.  All the links and referrals end up on the home page.

The page is specifically designed to guide a potential customer through becoming a customer and providing them with all the answers and motivation they might need about the product.

Coaches can consider this their home base and keep it fresh with unique content and designs to hook the customers that have made it through all the other marketing funnels and ended up right at your fingertips with high hopes.

ClickFunnels Over Social Media

Social Media is a giant. It’s where so much socialization happens. It’s where we keep in touch with loved ones near and far. It’s where we connect with friends and acquaintances.  We plan events and share beliefs. It’s where we find inspiration from influencers and businesses. It’s also where a lot of Coaches do the majority of their marketing and networking.

Social media platforms are not scarce.  Countless outlets have come and gone, most of which many people have never heard of.  Then there are the few that have made a considerable impact on our society as a whole.

How much time does the average person spend on social media each day?  I think that amount of time would be difficult to swallow, but I’m sure an educated guess would put the number as high as at least a few hours each day.

Probably more, for those whose work takes them to these platforms regularly as well, like coaches.  A few of these major platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat

Some of these platforms also offer marketing tools that businesses, coaches, and influencers utilize.  One of the benefits of using Social Media for marketing as a coach is that it allows you to create a relationship with a customer long before selling them anything, which many consumers prefer.

According to Hootsuite, an estimated 70-75% of American adults use social media, so having some sort of presence on there only seems natural.  

Down Sides

It can be a very high-maintenance and time-consuming way to market your coaching business.  You have to maintain a high level of activity yourself and responsiveness to others’ activity on your page or profile.

It can be very slow-moving regarding a return of investments, taking much longer than necessary to bring in profitable clientele.  It also limits you to that specific platform, not widening your reach any further.

Social Media Marketing can bring in a large amount of negative feedback along with the positive. It gives full access and freedom to anyone and everyone to state their opinion about your coaching style, techniques, and usefulness even when it’s not relevant or helpful to your targeted audience.

So how is ClickFunnels better than those platforms? What about the bigger media that some coaching businesses have found success with? How does it compare, and what are the downsides to those platforms as opposed to ClickFunnels?

Read on to find out, and checkout Alston Godbolt for more help and information.

Why is ClickFunnels Better than Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook is close to the most used social media platform on the web.  Millions of people log in every day (even multiple times a day) to check notifications; scroll content; search people, places, groups, or businesses; and post about their lives.

It is multifaceted and extraordinarily successful.  Some of the things that are appealing to coaching start-ups and entrepreneurs when it comes to utilizing the Facebook for Businesses platform are:

  • It is very affordable. 
  • It is an easy way to get started quickly selling your product.
  • It is set up so that your ads and business pages are shareable.
  • It encourages interaction with your business.
  • You can use any kind of media that you’d prefer.
  • It is easy to keep track of activity related to your ads or pages.

However, there are things about this platform and others like it that are less than desirable for coaches.  Some of those things include but are not limited to:

  • Facebook maintains ultimate control rather than the business owner.
  • It demands a substantial amount of time; it can easily fill enough time to equate a part or full-time job on its own.
  • You can’t be sure that your ads and content are reaching the targeted audience.
  • There can be fake accounts and users who are skewing your interaction data.
  • You can encounter unearthly amounts of spam.
  • Your business can plateau within your local demographic and never reach further.

These concerns are not unique to Facebook, either.  The other highly utilized social media site that many entrepreneurs find themselves marketing from is Instagram.

Instagram has similar benefits and problems to Facebook, although it comes with its own set of downsides.  A few of those are: 

  • It reaches a limited audience, including a much lower percentage of male users.
  • It is not known to be the most affordable way to market a product/service.
  • It’s not tailored to a seller’s needs, and that often makes it difficult for marketing.

ClickFunnels Solves Those Problems

ClickFunnels puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you almost total control over your site, content, audience, and ultimately your success.  It acts as an aid, giving coaches the tools and resources you need without stifling your unique vision.

  • It requires very little of your time, making sure that you can spend that precious time investing in your expertise and connecting with the clientele you’ve already acquired. 
  • You know exactly where your marketing is leading each potential customer, and you can pinpoint the places it begins its Funnel.
  • You won’t deal with any spam, fake users, fake accounts, or negative feedback tainting your reputation or business name.
  • It will keep the momentum going, moving you forward and reaching audiences that weren’t within reach before you utilized their unique and effective programs. 
  • It’s made for marketing and marketing alone.  Its sales funnels are not an afterthought or a side function; they are the company’s primary purpose and the programming. 

Now It’s Your Turn!

Now that you know why ClickFunnels has proven itself to be superior to other platforms for marketing your Coaching business, here’s how you can get started!

Click Here for a Free Trial Using ClickFunnel and check out Alston Godbolt for more information to get your Coaching business up and running, ready for all the success that awaits!


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