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The days of relying on TV commercials and yellow page ads to reach your client base are ending, with online marketing being the primary platform for attaining new patients and running a thriving business. To optimize your dentistry’s sales and services, the process your client undergoes when taking an interest in your business online should be simplified to just a few easy clicks.

The implementation of ClickFunnels in your dentistry business is the solution to converting window-shopping leads into lifetime patients.

It’s no secret that you need regular patients loyal to your clinic and the services you provide to run a successful dental business. You can expect more traffic on your website and more revenue when utilizing ClickFunnels. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the benefits of setting up a ClickFunnels account to attract leads to your clinic.

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What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing “tool” that creates a simplified course for a consumer when browsing your product or services online. It has been proven to be highly successful in turning a cold lead warm, making them more likely to convert.

While the use of sales funnels is not a new concept, the ClickFunnels software used today has taken the marketing industry by storm and has played a vital role in the boom of dental practitioners’ revenue.

Why Dentists Should Use ClickFunnels

The way we market services online has taken a shift in recent years. Traditional websites don’t quite get the job done as well as they once did, are often cluttered with information, and lead to potential clients browsing and then moving on.

Many dentists see the bigger picture in managing a successful clinic through ClickFunnels.  Why? Because they are more manageable, cheaper to maintain, and bring in more leads to their business than traditional advertising.

Practical and Efficient

A clean and user-friendly interface on your landing page encourages traffic to see exactly what you offer and makes it easier for you and them to follow up about your services.

This practical approach to attracting clientele saves you the hassle of exhausting yourself with traditional applications and unnecessary services such as:

  • Membership sites
  • Website maintenance and programming
  • Funding hosting services 
  • Maintaining an auto response service 
  • Security issues
  • Wasted downtime

A dental sales funnel from ClickFunnels almost always leads to an automated email, which details the next step your lead needs to undergo without you or your receptionist even needing to pick up the phone to get them in the office.

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Once you have your lead’s email, you can base communication and marketing through there.  The automated email feature incorporated with the ClickFunnels platform enables you to create separate email listings to reach different leads with different content and specific promotions.

Easy to Use

The prospect of designing and maintaining a webpage is intimidating to those who are not adept with technology.

The software associated with ClickFunnels makes managing your funnel easy and customizable—even for the less tech-savvy. When committing to using ClickFunnels in your dentistry, you will find a wide variety of features and templates that can be set up within minutes.

Templates and Blueprints

The ClickFunnels’s database is equipped with many templates and blueprints that will provide a foundational interface for your funnel.

The traditional survey funnel has proved to be the most effective approach dentists use for gaining new leads and is by far the most widely used (more on survey funnels later). However, you will find that ClickFunnels enables you to get more specific with your funnel’s direction, such as product launching or webinar hosting.

The stock templates will provide you with an expansive library of aesthetic choices, which you can select based on the type of branding you want to display to leads and patients.

Easy to Design and Edit

The process of designing a webpage in the past has been more complicated than most dentists can stomach, which leads to hiring a web designer—adding costs and additional work to your schedule.

The ClickFunnels software features a drag-and-drop editor, which simplifies the process of designing and customizing your webpage. Here you can begin personalizing your landing page with typography, a general layout, or adding/removing structural content—all with a few easy clicks.

Your editor will give you full control over features you can implement:

  • SMS Sign-Up: to send your lead automated texts about updates and promotions
  • Image List: putting quality images of your business and its services (such as sparkling white teeth) is a great attention grabber for leads
  • Video: a featured video, which follows a similar ad appeal as the images and guides the viewer through your services
  • Audio: a personal and inviting audio clip detailing the quality services your clinic offers
  • Pricing: one of the first things on a curious lead’s mind is the cost of your dentistry services; giving them general information like this up-front can be a determining factor in converting them to a short-term thinking client

Webpage Analysis

Regardless of whether you are running a regular webpage or a sales funnel through ClickFunnels, analyzing how effective your page’s content is to traffic can be challenging.

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The ClickFunnels platform is equipped so that you can stay up to date with how well traffic responds to your website, providing information on: 

  • How many clicks a visitor made on your page
  • The amount of time they spend on your page
  • The exit page of your visitor 

Having this analysis available for your ClickFunnels’ landing page can be insightful in understanding your content’s health and success, which will help you make changes as needed and eliminate ambiguities.

Modern Marketing

ClickFunnels can also be used for any industry, not just dentistry. Although it may be customized differently, depending on the products and services offered, all funnels follow a strategic system that dentists should keep in mind to reap the most benefits from the platform:

  • Awareness: First and foremost, you need to grab your lead’s attention, so they take an interest in your dental services. 
  • Interest: Find out what dentist qualities your lead is interested in or having issues with so that you can begin to capitalize on your conversion strategy.
  • Desire: Once the interest or problem has been identified, expand on this, and demonstrate why it is an interest worth pursuing or a concern worth fixing.
  • Action: The funnel’s final stage is to tell your lead to take direct and immediate action on the matter by booking an appointment. 

This marketing principle is known as AIDA, which has always been used throughout advertising. Still, its implementation in ClickFunnels has shown to be as important now as ever before.

ClickFunnels has taken a traditional marketing approach, modernized it, and has revitalized how dentists can reach new clientele.

How Dentists Can Use ClickFunnels

Dentists have hopped on the ClickFunnels bandwagon and have done so with great success.

When utilizing ClickFunnels for your dental clinic, you have the power to connect with your potential patient and guide them through a controlled sales platform that is clear, simple, and hard to resist. Other ways dentists can take advantage of ClickFunnels features include:

Use Digital Marketing to Attract Leads

To have a successful ClickFunnels for your clinic, it is vital to have a way of getting the word out about your business. Luckily, advertising to your new clients and generating leads has never been easier, thanks to digital marketing.

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The internet is full of great resources for ads, but some can be more effective than others. These two have proven to be revolutionary in the ad business:

When advertising your practice with ad giants like these, you must be only doing so in your business’s area.  These platforms are a great place to start your online campaign to bring attention to your services; investing in some ad space will help attract leads into your sales funnel.

Create Compelling Landing Pages

First impressions are everything, which is why setting up a polished and professional landing page is crucial for having a successful sales funnel.

Your landing page should be appealing to the eye but have a very minimal number of features, the most important one being a free or discounted service you are offering in exchange for an email or phone number.

The most prominent and typical format for dentists that use ClickFunnels is survey funnels. Survey funnels allow you to collect information about leads to learn what your visitors are looking for in a dentist and the services they need.

Survey funnels usually consist of two pages: a squeeze page and a thank you page.

Squeeze Page

The squeeze page is the first thing your lead will see and is the sales funnel element that attracts them to come into your clinic via an offer or voucher.

Ideally, it should have professional, high-quality images of the inside of your practice or happy patients to attract the eyes of visitors, as well as special offers to convince leads to book that appointment. Here are some common offers dentists display on their squeeze page:

  • Free teeth cleaning 
  • Free dental implant assessment 
  • Free consultation

People love free stuff, which is why this voucher giveaway is a vital strategic point of a successful sales funnel for your dental clinic. The customer-provided email or phone number grants you the ability to follow up and market to your lead—regardless of whether they commit off the bat or not.

Thank You Page

Once your lead has entered in their contact information and claimed their voucher, they will be prompted to a thank you page. This page can be as straightforward and simple as having the phrase “Thank you!” followed by information and instructions on redeeming their voucher.

However, a strategic point on a thank you page could also be to try to upsell an additional service you offer for a one-time special deal, such as 50% off their first check-up. This is a great way to turn a lead into a guaranteed client before you even meet them (more on upselling later).

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It’s also common for dentists to add their short survey at the bottom of their thank you page to get a good idea of how they can approach upselling for that patient later, in addition to how to remodel funnel strategies.

Some examples of questions you can include in your survey include:

  • How often do you go to the dentist?
  • Do you currently have a dentist you visit regularly? 
  • If you don’t visit the dentist often, what is your primary reason for not going? 

Asking questions like these in your survey can give you the upper hand in knowing how to market to incoming leads, which will result in more revenue for your practice.

Upsell Other Dental Services

Once your client has visited your business, ClickFunnels has already achieved its primary purpose—converting your lead from a digital window shopper to a physical patient.

This is where you come in and begin adding value to your practice and upsell additional services—perpetuating the sales funnel.

The key to a successful dental practice is to attract patients that commit to regular check-ups—ideally every six months. So, after you deliver on the service promised in your voucher, try to lock-in your lead for continued routine appointments with services such as:

  • Regular teeth cleaning
  • Filling cavities 
  • Retainer check-ups
  • Family discounts
  • Other major dental procedures 

To bring in your customer repeatedly, you’ll need to assess their overall dental needs; this can be possible when they redeem their free teeth cleaning. During this process, you can perform a quick exam and know precisely which services you can upsell to the client. (Maybe you noticed a small cavity that can grow with time if not repaired soon, or perhaps they may be interested in a discounted teeth whitening.)

Follow-Up with Your Patients with Ease

For many people, their next dental appointment is not always the first thing on their minds. Since you have obtained a way to contact your lead, you should regularly follow up with them to remind them of your services and attempt to schedule appointments.

If your lead was on the fence about committing to the services you offered during the upselling stage, a great way to reinforce this approach is to keep them on an email list.

A wise approach to organizing your email list is to separate your cold leads from your converted clients. In doing so, offering additional discounted deals and services to your cold leads is a great way to give them something to think about while they are considering booking an appointment.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Leads

The patients that take an interest in your clinic will either be thinking short-term or long-term.

  • Short-Term: These are the easiest leads to make a sale to, as they generally know exactly what they want and will come into your clinic committed to doing business with you. (Tip: If you have clients who are happy with your care, utilizing affiliate marketing is a great way to multiply your leads effortlessly.)
  • Long-term: Leads thinking long-term will be on the fence about your service and will likely be coming in with curiosity. Getting them to commit straightaway will be more challenging and will need a follow up to move them further through your sales funnel. 

Can ClickFunnels Replace Your Dentist Website?

No matter how polished and successful your ClickFunnels funnel is, we highly recommend keeping an original webpage of your dentistry online.

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ClickFunnels will serve well as an introduction to your clinic for new prospects that are curious about your services and obtaining a free voucher. While this may be all it takes to bring many leads in for teeth cleaning, some patients want a little more information and details on you as a professional dentist before providing contact information; this will especially be the case with long-term or undecided thinkers.

Having a link to your official website on your landing page is highly recommended, as it will be a reference point to your business and provide detailed information about your practice.

In Conclusion

For many dentists, the prospect of setting up a sales funnel may be a new idea and a bit confusing—especially since your profession is dental health and not web development. 

Luckily, the ClickFunnels software has eliminated technical computer programming anxieties with their intuitive, easy to use marketing solution.

The use of ClickFunnels with your marketing strategies will allow you to personally develop and customize a user-friendly landing page that has been proven to boom dentist revenue and bring in leads to your business that can be easily converted into lifetime patients.

If you are on the fence about whether setting up a ClickFunnels is the right move for your clinic, try out this two-week free trial and learn how this platform has helped the dental industry thrive.

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