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Sales funnels are one of the most useful aspects for any insurance agent to use. Unfortunately, it is challenging to build a sales funnel alone, especially if you want to try many funnels or adjust your funnels. Luckily, ClickFunnels can help you set up a sales funnel in a matter of minutes.

ClickFunnels is a software package utilized to not only find new potential customers but to hold onto customers and increase sales. While ClickFunnels is primarily used to increase online business product sales, ClickFunnels can be used for insurance agents to increase their revenue.

Utilizing ClickFunnels can lead to revenue growth. I will explain how ClickFunnels can be used by insurance agents to streamline their business to success.

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Why Insurance Agents Need ClickFunnels

If you are an insurance agent, you are likely making money on commission and must spend the effort to make money. It is like having your own business. Even if you work for an agency, you will still be acting independently.

One of the most common issues many insurance agents claim they have when they try to sell insurance is that they cannot get in front of enough people. The internet is a platform where you have the potential to get in front of 7.8 billion people (and counting). Almost hands down, insurance agents need to expose themselves to the digital world.

Unfortunately, it is no longer enough just to have a website, especially since there are 2 billion websites in the world, each fighting for the attention of everyone who visits the internet. Making a website that catches the attention of the online world is like trying to make the world notice the water you just dropped into the ocean. You need more than a website.

You need to turn visitors who are thinking more about what the next website they should visit into buyers. To do this, your website cannot just be a collection of pages; it needs to be an experience.

ClickFunnels can help you make your insurance website into an experience for your visitors. The experience visitors have can help you increase the number of people who visit your site, increase the conversion rate of those visitors, and even give you tools to help make sure those customers return.

How ClickFunnels Helps Insurance Agents

ClickFunnels is a software package that helps insurance agents form a sales funnel in a matter of minutes in a simple session. This way, you do not need to spend weeks or even over a month to develop your sales funnel.

ClickFunnels also comes with many online business features, including:

  • a drag and drop editor
  • payment gateways
  • email management and automation
  • analytics
  • online security
  • even multiple domains.

ClickFunnels is altogether an all-in-one software package to help online businesses optimize their sales. While it is simple to use, there are many ways to edit your online business using the ClickFunnels platform to optimize it for your business. There are many guides online to help you increase your sales.

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What Insurance Agents Could Use ClickFunnels For

Insurance agents can find many uses for ClickFunnels to increase their business, including:

  • Developing a good landing page.
  • Tell you who your customers are.
  • Manage Social Media Marketing.
  • Help you with your email marketing strategy.
  • Host webinars and videos.
  • Optimize the buying process.

ClickFunnels Can Develop A Good Landing Page

When you are selling insurance in person, you have the capability to manage your surroundings to make the customer feel comfortable to buy the insurance you are selling. A landing page on an online website works similarly. The landing page is designed to guide a visitor in their decision to buy insurance from you.

A landing page is supposed to:

  • Communicate Clearly and Answer Your Customers’ Questions: One thing to note about customers is that they all want the same thing: a quality service that will satisfy them without draining their wallets. Addressing these at the start will help guide the customer further in the buying process. So, there are some basic questions you should address on your landing page, including: 
    • What can the insurance I am selling be used for?
    • How much will the insurance cost?
  • Help You Increase Your Conversions: Landing pages are the new salespeople. It needs to lift the insurance you are selling onto a pedestal without overhyping the insurance. A good set up for this needs to be carefully designed.
  • Not Be Overbearing: Research has shown that the more neutral the design of a landing page, the better the sales. ClickFunnels has some prebuilt landing page templates that implement simple designs.

When you design a landing page, you should include:

  • Beautiful designs
  • Images (your headshot should be one of them)
  • Video
  • Text.

ClickFunnels allows you to easily edit a landing page and design it for your customers. 

ClickFunnels Can Tell You Who Your Customers Are

If you are an insurance agent, you are likely to sell more than one type of insurance or policy. Every customer has their own needs and will want different products/services, which include insurance. Some people want car insurance, others will want health insurance.

It is difficult to track exactly who is buying a specific type of insurance from you. Analytics tools provided in ClickFunnels make it easier to track who is buying what from you. By using this tool, you can optimize your approach to gain more customers from your winning demographics or even change your approach to have a customer base in other demographics. Either way, you will know how to extend your market.

Increase Traffic With Social Media

Social media can be a great way to market yourself as an insurance agent. It helps reach out to many different people, and sometimes the reach you make with social media is inexpensive or even free. However, this only works if you have well-established social media accounts and if you manage them well. The profiles need to be complete, and you need to make regular contributions and posts.

This is especially crucial because most people do not go online to buy insurance. They prefer social media.

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There are many forms of current social media, including:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest.

You should use more than one form of social media so you can maximize your marketing reach. Unfortunately, managing several different forms of social media can be tiresome. ClickFunnels is a great tool that allows you to manage your social media by providing you with many features, including:

  • Messenger bots
  • Social media marketing automation.

This makes it easier to manage multiple social media profiles so you can save time while having the most optimal social media marketing platform as an insurance agent.

You can make advertisements for social media visitors to see and to increase your viewership online. Also, you can provide informative or motivational posts that help people find the insurance they need, which could lead back to you.

ClickFunnels Helps with Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is another great strategy to increase your traffic. ClickFunnels can help you automate email messages to customers, so an email is sent to many people with updates. It can even help manage your emailing lists and collect information from email subscribers.

Furthermore, ClickFunnels can help you optimize your pages to encourage people to subscribe. For instance, ClickFunnels can help you design a landing page layout that will help guide visitors to the option to subscribe. 

Also, ClickFunnels can help set up an incentive for visitors to subscribe to your email list. Most people who use the internet are flooded with messages to buy something or to subscribe. The most successful messages provide some incentive for customers to sign up. Incentives could include:

  • Special access to services
  • Exclusive videos
  • Guides
  • Newsletters

Your incentive must be:

  • Beneficial to the customers: While the incentive does not need to save people money or just provide them with something, but it must show that customers have benefited from your incentive.
  • Only provided by you: The content should not be just anything that can be found in other places. What you provide should be something only you can provide.
  • Urgent: You should try to make the incentive you are providing sound like a limited time offer.

Either way, providing almost any incentive to subscribe to your email list will increase your sales and revenue significantly.

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You Can Host Webinars to Assist In The Sales Of Insurance

Insurance can be a complicated matter. As a good insurance agent, it is your job to explain what specific insurance types are used for. Good luck doing that with just text alone.

The beauty of technology is that anyone can dispense knowledge and information using various forms of media. Video is one of the most powerful forms of media in the world. Video is:

  • A media with great returns of investment
  • A great channel to dispense information
  • One of the best ways to engage visitors
  • Mobile friendly.

Incorporating video into your insurance agent site will help many of your visitors when they are deciding on one of the most stressful things they will buy; insurance.

Optimize the Entire Buying Process

ClickFunnels gives you tools to increase the number of buyers you have by streamlining the buying process. ClickFunnels can be used to:

  • Develop squeeze pages, which help and warm-up visitors to enter their information to complete the buying process.
  • Helps create flow from the landing page to the product/service page.
  • Add response pages, including thank you pages for when they enter their information.
  • Has a shopping cart to simplify the final steps of the purchase.

When you run a business, you need to make the buying process an experience that your visitors will enjoy and find simple. ClickFunnels provides the basic tools to optimize the process of buying insurance (a process many would not call a simple process).

Choosing the Best Sales Funnel As An Insurance Agent

While a well-established sales funnel is helpful to almost any insurance agent, no one funnel will provide you with all your business needs. ClickFunnels is an excellent package to optimize insurance sales. There are many different types of funnels, each with their own advantages to try out.

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ClickFunnels has many different sales funnel templates you can start with. There is even a process called funnel hacking where you can determine what works for your sales funnel and what does not. You can take strategies from other sales funnels that utilize ClickFunnels and incorporate them into your sales funnel. 

This makes it easier to test out new strategies and optimize your sales funnel. The best type of sales funnel for you will depend on your current and near-future goals.

The Different Types of Sales Funnels Every Insurance Agent Should Use

There are many different sales funnels you can try depending on how you want to increase sales. As an insurance agent, probably the most effective sales funnels include:

  • Self-liquidating funnel
  • Survey funnel
  • Product launch funnel.

Self-liquidating Funnels Can Grow Your Business

Businesses claim that the self-liquidating funnel is one of the most effective sales funnels. As a result of it, these businesses were able to grow from a small operation to a scaled-up company. This funnel is one of, if not the best way to increase your email list and the number of visitors to your business.

The idea of the self-liquidating funnel is to pay for an advertisement and an incentive that drives potential customers to your website. When you sell the insurance and make revenue, you use the revenue to pay for more ads and incentives to grow the number of customers you have until your revenue pays for incredibly effective ads. You have quickly established a solid and large customer base.

Ads are easy to obtain. If you have the money you can get an ad. But what about the incentive. An effective incentive would be a discounted policy, can you do that? As an insurance agent, you are the middle person between an insurance company and the customer. This means you can negotiate the price using a variety of methods, including:

  • Bundling: Insurance companies tend to offer discounts for people who buy more insurance, it is not unlike buying in bulk.
  • The Good Insert Noun Here Discount: Insurance companies tend to offer discounts for customers if they are lower risk. Saying you can provide a discount to customers if they are “good” tends to drive people to earn that discount and may even give information they usually would not, just to prove they are “good.”

While you are establishing a good customer base with the enticing incentive, you can also sell other forms of insurance at more profitable prices. While much of your customer base has used your services for the enticing incentive, they will even think about purchasing other forms of insurance, probably from you. You will be able to turn much of your customer base into regular customers to grow your business.

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Survey Funnels Can Tell You What Your Customers Want

A survey funnel is almost exactly what it sounds like. You set up a survey and show the customer what insurance plan they want. Let’s use auto insurance as an example; the steps for the survey funnel would include:

  • Asking what automobile your customer drives
  • Where the customer lives
  • Ask if the customer is married or has dependents who can drive
  • What coverage they are looking for

After these questions and probably a few more are answered in the survey, your site will direct them to a plan that would work for them and the price.

This is a great way to turn people who are just curious about auto insurance into potential customers who are now weighing options about buying the policy the survey funnel laid out for them.

Product Launch Funnel Can Launch Your Business

While the service of insurance is straight forward there are still many innovative ways insurance companies can provide or implement their insurance.

For example, in 2019, Allianz Suisse offered splitsurance. This is liability coverage for a single residential area shared by roommates which is much like renter’s insurance. You only cover your own possessions, not your roommate’s. However, your roommate(s) can use the same coverage to cover their items. The more people who join (legally), the more discounts.

Many insurance companies are trying to innovate to provide new insurance services to their customers. As an insurance agent, you can act as the spearhead for their marketing campaign and announce the insurance company’s new product.

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The announcement catches the interests of your customers, and they are enticed to subscribe to your email list so they may hear updates on the new product. This will grow your customer base significantly. Some online businesses claim they have made a million in an hour just by creating this funnel, so you may want to investigate what insurance companies are building innovative services.

Other Sales Funnels

There are many sales funnels to utilize to grow as an insurance agent. You have templated offers from ClickFunnels to help you establish one that will make you grow quickly. Furthermore, you can hack and tweak them as you go to work best for you as you sell insurance.

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