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You may have heard of ClickFunnels, but did you know that it’s a great tool for loan officers? Every business and entrepreneur needs a way to generate new leads and find new clients, and creating sales funnels through ClickFunnels is a fantastic way to do that. But what is ClickFunnels, and how exactly can a loan officer leverage it?

ClickFunnels is a software-as-a-service platform used by many different businesses. It can benefit loan officers by helping them create sales funnels to reach new clients, win clients that may have otherwise gone somewhere else, and encourage further business by promoting word of mouth.

So, how does ClickFunnels work? What are the pros and cons of using ClickFunnels? And how can you make it work for you, as a loan officer? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about ClickFunnels for loan officers.

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How Does ClickFunnels Work for Loan Officers?

ClickFunnels can promote your work as a loan officer in a couple of ways. First, it gets your name or business out there on the internet, creating advertisements and putting them in front of potential clients. Second, it encourages readers to not only respond to the call to action, but to spread the word about what you have to offer. Let’s take a closer look at these different factors.

Make Sure Your Loan Office Gets Discovered

Sales funnels are a big part of what helps you stand out from the competition. Advertisements are typically in the form of a webpage, which may or may not be connected to your existing website. 

These advertisements are easy to create in ClickFunnels and, if you do them right, they will show up in search results anytime a potential client searches for your services.

Convert Clicks into Clients

Sales funnel advertisements are often created in such a way to capture a reader’s attention and not let go until they’ve bought the product or signed up for the service. 

As a loan officer, you can use the sales funnels you create through ClickFunnels to sell yourself and your services to potential clients. Be honest, display your credentials, and let them know what makes you a good choice. By the end of the ad, with any luck, they should be converted.

Spread Word About Your Services

Once your new client has signed up for your email list or requested a meeting, you may want to thank them for their business and ask them to tell others about what you have to offer. ClickFunnels ads will encourage new clients to spread the word on social media, through word of mouth, or by leaving reviews about your company or service.

Pros of Using ClickFunnels for Loan Officers

So, by now, you may have a pretty good idea why you need sales funnels, but you may still be wondering what sets ClickFunnels apart from the competition.

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Let’s take a look at some of the pros of using ClickFunnels for loan officers.

ClickFunnels Is Easy to Use

ClickFunnels uses a simple drag and drop format for building your sales funnels. This means you don’t have to have a ton of knowledge about hotmail coding or other high-tech functions. You can build your own sales funnels in a few clicks, and in no time you’ll be publishing them to the web.

Though it does take a bit of practice to get good at constructing effective sales funnels, it isn’t difficult to use ClickFunnels. Even with the learning curve, you’ll likely be publishing your funnels much sooner than if you tried to create them from scratch. It allows people who may not have advertising experience, such as loan officers, to leverage effective advertising.

ClickFunnels Has Built-In A/B Testing

With ClickFunnels, you can try out different styles and appearances of your sales funnels and compare them against each other. This method of comparison is known as A/B testing–essentially, you’re comparing A to B and gathering information about which one is more effective.

What does this mean for you as a loan officer? It means you can try different things and “play around” with your funnels until you figure out which one is best–which one seems to gain the most traffic and the highest number of new clients for your banking office.

ClickFunnels Helps You Earn More

The main priority with ClickFunnels is to help you make more money, and everything about the software seems designed for that end. The simplistic yet professional design lets you create captivating sales funnels without spending all your time on advertising, which in turn allows you to spend more time with clients.

ClickFunnels helps you design your funnels in such a way as to get the most amount of traffic possible and convert as many potential clients as possible.

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ClickFunnels Also Has Many Other Features

ClickFunnels has so many great features to make your job easier and to create stunning sales funnels. Some of these features include:

  • Secure, easy payment system
  • Ability to create webinar-based funnels
  • A 7-day onboarding process to help you learn how to use ClickFunnels
  • Lots of tutorials to help you with any questions that come up
  • A/B testing, as discussed above

WordPress Plugin

One other fantastic ClickFunnels offering is the WordPress plugin. This plugin allows you to attach any sales funnels you create to your WordPress website. The funnels will show up as landing pages on your website.

Not only will these sales funnels attract potential clients, but they will also drive more traffic to your website, increasing your search engine rankings and, in turn, putting your business information in front of even more people.

Basically, adding your sales funnels to your website will give you twice the selling power to potential clientele. Your website and your funnels will work off each other and each one will improve the effectiveness of the other. If you have a WordPress website, this is one tool you won’t want to miss.

Cons of Using ClickFunnels for Loan Officers

We’ve discussed many of the great features and benefits of using ClickFunnels. But what about the negatives? Are there any features or aspects of ClickFunnels that could be improved? We’ll look at the cons of using ClickFunnels below.

It May Be Too Simple for the Price

Depending on the plan you choose, ClickFunnels is going to cost you either $97 or $297 a month. Some users consider that to be a steep price for the simplicity of what you get.

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Keep in mind, however, that you do get a lot of features for that price. The overall design and appearance of the templates may be quite simple, but if they get the job done and help you land more clients, you may find it to be worth the money you put in.

Insufficient Customer Service

A bigger negative of using ClickFunnels is the Customer service. While there are lots of tutorials and helpful guides to help you solve most problems that come up, if you ever need to talk to a person directly, it’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll have the answer you need. Customer service may also be difficult to get in touch with at times.

Software Outages

Software outages happen only rarely with ClickFunnels, but they can never be entirely eliminated from SaaS programs. On the rare occasions when ClickFunnels’ servers are down, you won’t be able to access your funnel editor or your funnels.

Obviously, this could be a problem if the outage lasts for any length of time, because the longer you’re down, the longer you’ll be out of touch with potential clients. However, this may be less of a concern for loan officers as compared to other professions which rely on an extremely steady and high-volume supply of clients.

ClickFunnels and Sales Funnels: What are They?

So far in this article we’ve been using the terms “ClickFunnels” and “sales funnels” quite a bit. What does each term mean and, more importantly, what’s the difference between them? We’ll take a closer look at these questions below.

Sales Funnels Are Carefully Crafted Advertisements

Sales funnels are a necessary part of any good business plan. They are a specific type of advertisement, usually in the form of a web page or group of web pages. Sales funnels are designed similar to websites and will generally pop up in the search results when people do a search for topics in your niche.

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When a potential client clicks on the sales funnel, they may see an opening page designed to grab their attention and get them interested. This opening page is all about making a good first impression.

When the client clicks through to the next page, they should find further information about the product or service that will convince them to take action.

The final page will contain one last call to action to try and win over anyone who hasn’t made up their mind yet, and will likely contain a thank you message for those who have already taken action. Often, the last page will also encourage new clients to spread the word about your business via social media or word of mouth.

Essentially, sales funnels help you get discovered and win more clients, and they carry many benefits for loan officers and other related businesses as discussed above.


ClickFunnels is a popular software used for building sales funnels. Whereas creating your own sales funnels from scratch will require a lot of technical knowledge and may make it necessary to hire people to do the job, ClickFunnels makes the whole process much easier and more convenient.

ClickFunnels is offered as a software as a service (SaaS) program, so you won’t have the expense and hassle of buying and installing the software. What’s more, it can be used on any internet-enabled device. This is a huge plus for loan officers, as you don’t need a marketing degree or lots of technical expertise outside your field.

With ClickFunnels, you pay a monthly fee for using the software, and in turn you have the ability to create professional, unique sales funnels quickly and easily.

How to Use ClickFunnels as a Loan Officer

So, by now, you’ve learned a lot about using ClickFunnels to create your sales funnels, and you may be ready to get started. So, how do you begin using ClickFunnels effectively to start getting more clients as a loan officer?

We’ll take a look at the step-by-step process for getting started with ClickFunnels below.

Sign Up for Free Trial

ClickFunnels offers a free 14-day trial of their software program. Simply click on the “start free 14-day trial now” button, create your account, and you’re ready to begin.

Select Your Templates

During your onboarding process, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore the various templates. ClickFunnels offers a lot of templates, some free and some paid, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Remember, it’s okay to try different templates and styles to see what works best for you. A little trial and error is good at this stage.

Create Your Funnel

Click here for a FREE two-week ClickFunnels trial, a FREE ClickFunnels course, and over 10 done-for-you funnels!

After deciding on a template, you can begin adding videos, text, and images to make it your own. You can either follow a guide for how to design your templates, or you can do your own thing. This step will also involve some trial and error, and that’s okay. Feel free to experiment and try different things.

Make Changes as Needed

That’s one of the great things about ClickFunnels: if something just isn’t working for you, it’s easy to go back in and make some changes. If your first sales funnel isn’t bringing in the clients like you hoped, reevaluate it to see what you could do better.

You might want to optimize the text for SEO purposes, or you might want to add more images, videos, colors… the list goes on. Experiment with different changes and try to figure out what works best.

Be Prepared for an Influx of Clients

Once you find the funnels that work for you, you’ll begin to see an increase in your client base. That’s good! But you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared to handle the increase. You may have to set aside more time for in-person meetings, create automated emails, or spend more time on the phone. Whatever you need to do to meet the clients’ needs, be prepared to do it.

Everything Else You Need to Know About Using ClickFunnels for Loan Officers

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article, but you may still have some questions. Is ClickFunnels really your best option as a loan officer? Is it worth the money? Is it worth the time and effort you put in? Is there anything else you need to know about using ClickFunnels?

In this section, we’ll address these questions and concerns.

ClickFunnels Isn’t for Everyone

ClickFunnels has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years because it is so simple to use and seems to be an effective tool for increasing your income through advertising. But even the most popular software tool isn’t going to be right for everyone.

For whatever reason, there may be things about ClickFunnels that you simply don’t like or can’t figure out. You may be able to find other sales funnel software that works better for your specific needs. 

The good news is that you can try ClickFunnels free for 14 days before committing to the monthly charge. If you find that you just can’t figure it out or you don’t enjoy using it, simply cancel it at the end of the trial period and begin the search for something else.

The Cost Trade Off

The monthly cost of using ClickFunnels can be a real turn-off for some people. While it is certainly an expense that has to be taken into consideration, all types of advertising are going to cost you.

The best thing you can do is try to weigh the monthly fee against the increase in income it could buy you. There may be no way to determine this except to try it for a month or two. There are no contracts with ClickFunnels, and you can cancel at any time.

Click here for a FREE two-week ClickFunnels trial, a FREE ClickFunnels course, and over 10 done-for-you funnels!

If you aren’t seeing a great enough client-base increase to justify the cost, then there’s no shame in cancelling. But if you do see a large increase in clients and income, then the monthly fee for using ClickFunnels will probably take care of itself.

There is a Learning Curve

As easy as ClickFunnels is to use, like every other software program, it will take some time and effort to learn. If you don’t have the time or inclination to learn it yourself, you may have to hire someone to do it for you. On the other hand, if you don’t care to use ClickFunnels at all, you may need to hire a team of people to handle the various aspects of creating sales funnels.

If you’re willing to learn how to use ClickFunnels–give it some time and put in a bit of extra work–chances are, your efforts will pay off in the long run.

Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels is a useful, convenient sales tool for many businesses and entrepreneurs. If you’re a loan officer, you may be able to use it to find new clients and set up in-person appointments. Consider using ClickFunnels to help you create professional and personalized sales funnels. The time and money you put into it will most likely pay off down the road.

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