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Personal training services are booming these days as more and more people start becoming health-conscious. If you are a personal trainer and are looking for a reliable tool to grow your business, you can use sales funnel builders such as ClickFunnels to automate your marketing and sales process.

Personal trainers can use ClickFunnels to optimize their marketing efforts and create landing pages that target and engage their audience. The funnel builder on the ClickFunnels platform can help trainers get more leads to convert them into clients to earn revenue.

ClickFunnels is a platform that helps bring traffic to your business by offering potential clients something of value at every step of their buyer’s journey. Rather than use expensive advertising models that end up costing more than your actual profit, personal trainers can use this affordable, innovative tool to grow your clientele.

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Why Should Personal Trainers Use ClickFunnels?

You may have a strong social media presence, an intuitive website, and engaging ads, but you may still struggle to get more clients. Sales funnels are one such tool that can help combine all your marketing efforts to attract and retain more clients.

ClickFunnels, in particular, is a comprehensive funnel and landing page builder that guides website visitors through their purchasing journey, from becoming aware of your business and developing interest in your services and products to converting and becoming a repeat customer.

ClickFunnels is useful for personal trainers because it allows them to find good leads and direct traffic and attention towards their services; this increases the percentage of individuals who move down the sales funnel to become repeat clients.

sales funnel to become repeat clients. 

Personal trainers also can enjoy the following benefits by using ClickFunnels for their business:

  • Create lead-generating landing pages and sales pages in minutes so you can immediately start making money
  • Schedule training sessions, phone calls, and more by integrating scheduling software into the funnel
  • Add price charges, online forms, progress bars, countdown timers, and more custom features to improve engagement on your page
  • Create email autoresponders, recurring memberships, and sell training programs and other products and services that appeal to your audience
  • A/B split testing can help determine which variant in the funnel leads to the highest conversions

You can learn more about ClickFunnels and how you can take advantage of the platform for your business here.

How You Can Use ClickFunnels to Get More Clients

Personal trainers can utilize ClickFunnels’ features to reach a wider audience and receive more booked sessions.

For example, a lead generation funnel can be created in conjunction with Facebook ads or Google ads to offer free personal training sessions. These funnels are designed to break down the potential client’s journey into smaller segments.

Some key features of ClickFunnels that personal trainers can use to their benefit include:

Customizable Funnel Templates

Personal trainers can choose from 22 different types of funnels to successfully market their brand. These templates are equipped with tools to capture leads, obtain contact information, create landing pages and sales pages, and much more.

Depending on the nature of the business, trainers can choose to include personal training session opt-ins, survey pages, pop-ups to schedule calls or book training sessions, testimonials, training videos and images, and more. 

ClickFunnels has an intuitive page editor to select elements and move and modify them as required to create a robust funnel unique to your business.

Effective Landing Pages

A potential client’s typical journey through the lead generation funnel includes the lead entering the funnel through the landing page. There are two types of landing pages that personal trainers can create using ClickFunnels:

Bridge Page

The “bridge page” is a page that allows you to introduce visitors to your product or service before they actually enter the sales funnel. The page is also linked to your funnel so that if they are interested, they can be directed to your site, where they can become a prospective client by starting the buyer’s journey.

With this type of landing page, personal trainers can add engaging content or use videos showing their training in action to help visitors understand what your business does and the types of services or products you offer.

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Generally, trainers can benefit from bridge pages if: 

  • You want to educate a novice audience about personal training to get them interested. This can be done using unique content, images, videos, and more. 
  • You sell products as part of your services, such as protein powders, training guides, and more. The bridge page can educate potential customers about the product and its benefits and link to another page for the same product where it can be purchased. 
  • You are an affiliate for an affiliate program. Like with your own products, bridge pages can have content about a specific item and use an affiliate link to direct visitors to the purchase page for it. (Note: Many personal trainers become affiliates with Amazon due to the ease of entry and how quickly they can start earning credits.)

Squeeze Page

Personal trainers can use squeeze pages to get visitors’ contact information in exchange for a free product or service. The freebie can be a training guide, book, consultation, or timed session—as long as it provides value.  Ultimately, the goal of the squeeze page is to convert visitors into subscribers to grow your email list and offer them regular, engaging content to keep them interested in your business and services. This can lead to higher conversion rates in the long run.

Personal trainers will want to use squeeze pages if:

  • You want to spark curiosity about your product or services. Get the audience interested in your business with your squeeze page’s content by addressing common pain points or issues regarding physical health. From there, offer them a solution, with a link directing them to subscribe to learn more in a newsletter, guide, video, or other valuable product or service. 
  • You provide multiple products or services. Use the squeeze page to direct traffic through your sales funnel according to what they are more likely interested in. You can set up your email automation to send new subscribers information most relevant to them to increase your chances of conversion.


Opt-in pages are similar to squeeze pages in that they are used to help capture visitor contact information. However, the primary difference is that opt-in pages do not always offer a product or service in exchange for the user’s email; essentially, once you have built up enough trust with the audience, they should be more willing to subscribe to your email list on their own.

Personal trainers can use opt-ins “above the fold” or “below the fold.” 

  • Opt-ins above the fold are located towards the top of a webpage (it is usually one of the first things a visitor sees on a page when they land there). They help demonstrate what your products and services can do, getting visitors interested in what you have to offer, so they are more inclined to subscribe to learn more. 
  • Opt-ins below the fold are usually located towards the bottom of a webpage (visitors usually will have to scroll down on a page to see it). These opt-ins will usually feature testimonials and other content to further educate visitors about your services and products.

Sales Page

Personal trainers can use different sales pages to highlight each of their products or services or use a single sales page to display everything they offer. It is up to you, and you do not even need a web developer or expensive software to set everything up.

A significant benefit of sales pages is that personal trainers can use them to drive visitors to convert by purchasing a product or booking an appointment and offering add-ons to increase their purchase value.

However, personal trainers can also use sales pages to highlight the benefits of their offerings to increase the chances of a sale. One example of how this can be done is by including testimonials about the products or services. You can also use the sales page to build trust with potential leads further, add branding, and even use videos and images to demonstrate what your products and services help with and do.

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Personal trainers can also use a ClickFunnels sales page as a place to provide a guarantee for their products and services to improve their credibility and increase conversion.

ClickFunnels Integrations for Personal Trainers

ClickFunnels offers personal trainers the ability to integrate various marketing tools and platforms with their sales funnel; this helps broaden marketing efforts such as email autoresponders, payment integration, webinars, and more. Some of the notable platforms that you can integrate with ClickFunnels include:

  • GoToWebinar – This platform allows you to create and deliver video conferences and online sessions to clients and colleagues. Personal trainers can schedule and conduct webinars, online training sessions, send automated email reminders, and generate attendees’ reports using GoToWebinar.  
  • Convertkit – ConvertKit is an automated email marketing software that allows you to customize sign-up forms and landing pages. Personal trainers can use this to connect with their clientele and test if the audience is responding to their business’s content.  
  • GetResponse – This is another email marketing platform that allows you to develop responsive and profitable relationships with your clients. Personal trainers can use GetResponse to automate marketing efforts by scheduling and sending out emails about their products, services, webinars, and training sessions.
  • Active Campaign – Personal trainers can use Active Campaign to optimize their customers’ online experience by automating their sales, marketing, and customer support processes.
  • InfusionSoft – This is a customer relationship management or CRM software that supports cloud-based email marketing and sends out automated marketing emails, texts, and more. Personal trainers can use InfusionSpot to grow their online customer base by streamlining all their marketing communications to reduce repetition and provide personalized messages.

Although the idea of integrating different platforms with your sales funnel sounds too technical for anyone not tech-savvy to pull off, ClickFunnels makes the process easy. All you need is an account with the platform you want to integrate to get started.

With all this said, you may be wondering which integrations you should have for your business. If you are a personal trainer, the following are a few features worth integrating with your funnel to reap the most benefit:


Personal trainers can have visitors take a short questionnaire before scheduling a training session. Some of the questions you can include may be aimed at determining the visitor’s personal training goals so you can gauge how serious potential clients are about pursuing your offered services and products.

Surveys can also help provide insights into what kind of products and services prospective clients look for so you can modify your offerings accordingly.


Personal trainers can embed their entire weekly calendar into any ClickFunnels page and sync events and appointments with Google Calendar. Prospective leads can book training sessions and select time slots to schedule consultations with you directly through your calendar, or you can add opt-in tabs in the form of pop-ups throughout the funnel.


Webinars can help you connect directly to your clients by showcasing your services that will benefit them. Personal trainers can also provide potential leads with a comparison that shows how hiring you for your services will save them time and money and help them reach their health goals.

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Personal trainers can also direct traffic toward the business by offering webinars that highlight your clients’ success stories and comparison charts to help them learn more about your products and services.

Billing and Payment

ClickFunnels helps you set up payment gateways to efficiently allow clients to pay for your products and services without leaving your site. A list of payment gateways that you can add include: 

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • InfusionSoft
  • JVZoo
  • ClickBank
  • WarriorPlus
  • Ontraport
  • NMI
  • Easy Pay Direct

Additionally, you can create your own order forms to integrate with payment portals. You can also include the option of recurring payments for memberships, personal training sessions, boot camps, and more.

ClickFunnels Subscription Options for Personal Trainers

ClickFunnels packages vary depending on the services they offer. The ClickFunnels startup subscription is $97/month. This basic package allows personal trainers to sign up and gain access to three domains, create 20 marketing funnels with around 100 pages each, and receive about 20,000 visitors a month. It is often recommended for personal trainers just starting their business and simply looking to establish their audience and brand.

The more advanced Etison Suite is offered at $297/month and is highly recommended for already-established personal trainers who want to grow their audience and clientele further. It provides unlimited access to all the ClickFunnels features and allows you to produce multiple domains, funnels, and pages as you need for your business.

The Etison Suite also offers access to: 

  1. Actionetics: Actionetics provides a premium feature that flawlessly incorporates in the sales funnel and helps you connect with your clients on a personal level. This feature allows you to create personalized email campaigns, create an email list, classify clients based on pre-defined criteria, and send out notifications, newsletters, and follow-up emails that are both appealing and professional. 
  2. Backpack Together: Backpack Together is an affiliate marketing management program. It allows personal trainers to add affiliates to any of their funnels from banners, products, advertisements, customized landing pages, email campaigns, and so much more. If you have a fitness business that promotes training equipment and add-ons required for fitness, you can make a great deal of money through affiliate marketing with this ClickFunnels-exclusive feature. 

Still not sure which package you should choose? To determine whether it is worth investing in the more advanced ClickFunnels subscription or starting small, consider your business goals and current marketing needs. Generally speaking, if you are interested in email marketing or joining an affiliate program, you will more likely benefit from the Etison Suite.

However, if you are new to ClickFunnels or just starting out with your personal training business, there is nothing wrong with going with the basic plan until you have grown. You can even take advantage of their 14-day free trial period before picking which subscription you want to go with.

Overall, ClickFunnels is definitely not the most inexpensive marketing and sales platform out there. Still, when you consider the benefits it provides and the number of conversions you can get, it is easy to see why it is worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

Using ClickFunnels can be a complete game changer for personal trainers; you can use ClickFunnels to create opt-in pages, order forms, sales pages, and more with a customized funnel that converts traffic from prospective leads to long-term clients.

The best part about ClickFunnels? It is up to you how you want to structure your funnel. For example, you could provide a free session to leads in return for subscribing to your newsletter to build an audience. From there, establish trust and deliver quality services, so they become a long-term client. With additional bookings, offer other services as add-ons to increase profits.

So why wait? Quit wasting money and second-guessing how to grow your personal training business. Start using ClickFunnels today to build your audience and earn revenue!

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