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In this video, I’m going to reveal how much I made after spending one hour doing Amazon Mechanical Turk. We’re gonna talk about the good, we’re gonna talk about the bad and potentially a better opportunity, so make you watch this entire video to learn exactly how much I made after doing it for one hour.

And if you should even give this a shot. Hello, my name’s Sten God Bolt with sten god I’d create content to help you make money online, not just to put money into my own pocket. And if you want to be added to this globe, simply reply or comment down. With your city, state, province, country, and I’ll get you Pen.

According to a lot of people on YouTube, you can make a hundred dollars, $300 or more per day simply using Amazon Mechanical Turk, and I figured I’d give it a shot. Now, basically what Amazon Mechanical Tur is, is it’s a place where you can make money with Amazon completing simple micro tasks. The task can be anything from completing surveys to picking out the best looking singles picture to.

Picking out YouTube thumbnails. It really runs the gamut and it’s a place where you could potentially go to make money. So basically what I did early this morning, I got up and I tried Amazon Mechanical Turk for one hour. You’ll actually see over my shoulder here that I have the screen recording of me doing it, so that you can see.

Now let’s go ahead and talk about the good, the bad, the ugly, and how much I made. The good is, is literally anybody can do this. Any fool can get on Amazon Mechanical Turk and start doing these micro tasks. They don’t take any level of experience or knowledge or education. It’s something literally anybody can do.

That’s about all I can say that is good for Amazon Mechanical Turk. The bad is. At least for me as I completed the surveys, it found that I either made too much money or I had too much education and I actually wasn’t able to complete a bunch of the surveys. Also, as you’ll see throughout the time, lapse video over my shoulder, you’ll notice that a lot of the, a lot of the surveys that I wanted to complete, Or um, no longer there, so they weren’t available.

I wanted to complete a survey. I couldn’t do it, and that’s one of the biggest issues that I have when it comes to people completing surveys. You go through the survey process and you spend 10, 15 minutes doing a survey and you’ll see I did that a lot. You’ll spend 10, 15 minutes trying to do the pre-survey survey and you’ll wind up not qualifying for it.

I put on there that I had a higher level of education and I have a master’s degree, which you know I do, and so I wasn’t qualified for a lot of the surveys. One thing that I may consider doing if I ever try this again is to dumb myself down a little bit and just say that I have a high school diploma.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a high school diploma or g e d, but I believe that the survey people are looking for, Other types of education than what I have. Another issue that I ran into when it came to Amazon Mechanical Turk is, as you see on the screen, I didn’t qualify for a lot of surveys, so there’s a lot of surveys listed.

I just didn’t qualify for ’em. I had to complete other surveys and other steps in order to qualify for ’em. So in, in trying to get this done, you know, without spending a lot of time pretesting, I just went and tried to complete all of the surveys that I could get done that I was already qualified for.

And you can see there, if you, you know, it’s gonna be kind of small, but if you look. You can see that there’s a lot that I just simply didn’t qualify for, and that’s gonna have an impact on the amount of money that I made. Now, the surveys that I did, I was able to complete. They asked me very basic questions about different beverages, whether it’s alcohol, non-alcoholic, very simple stuff again that anybody can do.

But my overarching problem with survey sites, and especially Amazon Mechanical Turk, is that you are dedicating an. Or more of your time, and it ultimately probably is not gonna be worth it. There are other better ways that you can spend your time when it comes to Amazon Mechanical Turk, and you’ll see that once you see how much money I actually made, you’re gonna see that I could spend that hour doing literally almost anything and it would be more profitable.

But in my opinion, I’m a huge proponent of people creating content. Now I’m gonna just, I’m gonna reveal how much I made in just a moment, but. My philosophy is that everybody should be creating content, create content that you’re interested in, that you’re passionate about. There are literally, there are a million people out there that are interested in what you have to say, but you have to create the content before you can get in front of those people.

You have to remember that there are 8 billion people. In the world, 4 billion of those people have access to the internet, and I’m sure, I guarantee you that you could find a million people that are interested in whatever it is that you’re interested in. You’re interested in underwater basket weaving.

There’s a million dollar people, there’s a million people that are interested in that. You’re interested in breaking openness. Blue Yeti X, and looking at the individual components, there are literal. Millions of people that would be interested in that and find that information. Cool. And you can make money off that.

We’re gonna talk about that in just a second, but let’s go ahead and talk about how much money I actually made doing Amazon Mechanical Turk. All right, so if we take a look at my dashboard, I completed 26. Different tasks, and I made a grand total of 85 cents. Now half of that came in bonuses, so I spent $1, or excuse me, I spent one hour and I made 85 cents.

Literally, anything that you do. Could be more profitable. Um, you could go out and you could write blog posts and eBooks for other people using fiber or Upwork or people per hour. But as I mentioned before, I recommend that you go out and you create content, find something that you’re interested in.

There’s literally a niche in everything. You can find new niches every single day. A couple days ago, I actually uploaded video on how you could start affiliate marketing, finding new products. I recommend that you check that video out. That’s a great way to get started. You simply will create content based on new products.

If you wanna get started with affiliate marketing and you wanna build a an authority, you find brand new products and you create content around, go check out that video from two days ago. I’ll put it in the description, but that’s a great way to get. Creating content, and if you do it on YouTube, you can make money with the YouTube partner program if you do it, um, in addition to make earning affiliate commissions, you can make money with the the YouTube partner program, there’s so many more better opportunities.

I could go get a job at McDonald’s and pay make $17 an hour. And that’s gonna be much more profitable and worth my time than doing Amazon Mechanical Turk. Now, is it possible that this money would increase later on? Maybe if I created, completed more tasks and I was on it more frequently? It’s possible that I could make more money, but Amazon Mechanical Turk is not worth your time.

What’s worth your time is starting a YouTube channel about something that you’re interested in. What’s worth your time is starting a blog about anything that you’re interested in, uh, creating content on TikTok. You won’t believe how profitable TikTok can be. If you are consistent creating content, you’re gonna do the same thing for Facebook groups and Instagram.

Literally anything out there is going to be more worth your time than Amazon Mechanical Turks. So I recommend that you do not waste your time trying to do Amazon Mechanical Turk because it’s not worth. Your time. Your time is valuable. If you wanna spend more time with your family, your friends, you wanna go on vacations, stay away from Amazon Mechanical Turk, people are going to sell you this dream that you can make a hundred dollars a day, $300 a day, $500 per day using Amazon Mechanical Turk.

The truth is, and I’m here to give you the truth, that it’s highly unlikely that that’s gonna happen, and I just wanna show you the D. Different jobs or tasks that you could complete. Even if we sorted this by the most amount of money you can see here, you can make $25, $25, but for the most part, most of these jobs are under $10.

So if you wanted to make a hundred dollars per day first, you’d have to qualify for all of these different jobs. Second, you’d have to be on this site enough so that you can get into the, uh, find these right when they pop up. But let’s say. Let’s say you found one that was $10. Okay? It’s $10 and you’re gonna have to find 10 of these in order to make a hundred dollars.

Now, if we look and see how long each one of these are, it’s 30 minutes. Okay? So if you found 10 of these to make a hundred dollars each one is 30 minutes. And if we did the simple math here, you’re looking at what five hours that you’d have to dedicate to make a hundred dollars per day. It might not be worth your time because you’re gonna have to keep coming back to these again and again and again, and it’s going to be more like a job.

You might as well go find a a, a job because it’s going to be. About the same. Okay. And I, I create this content because I don’t want you to waste your time. I personally have gone through the ringer and I watched a video where people claim that you can make a bunch of money with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

I went over to Reddit and looked at all of the best, best jobs to do for Amazon Mechanical Turk. And again, this was maybe 5, 6, 7 years ago when I first got started trying to make additional ways to make money online. And I realized that the best way for anybody. To be successful is to create your own unique original content.

It can work in any field and it, and it can and will work for you as long as you are consistent and persistent over a sustained period of time. The people that you see on YouTube, for the most part, Aren’t just flashing the Pam. I just started yesterday and now I’ve got a hundred thousand subscribers.

These people were consistent and built something successful and sustainable over months, weeks, and years. Okay? And you can do this too, as long as you stay away from the junk that is Amazon Mechanical Turk not worth your time. Now that you know that Amazon Mechanical Turk isn’t worth your time, click the first link in the description or go to sten

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