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In this episode of I Tried It, I’m going to test this side hustle that claims that you can make $10 every two minutes using chat, G P T A free money making tool. So what we’re gonna do in this video is we’re going to talk about the process. We’re gonna talk about if this will even work for you. And at the end of the video we’re gonna talk about five real ways that you can make money online.

Potentially today. So make sure you watch this entire video to learn if this method works and some better opportunities. Hi, my name’s Als Godbold with als I create content to actually help you make money online and not just to put money into my own pockets. And if you want to be added to this globe, simply reply or comment on below with your state province, country, and I’ll get you pin.

All right, so as I mentioned in this video, we’re gonna take a look at this side hustle. Again. It says that you can earn 10. Every two minutes using chat G p T. We’re gonna talk about the traffic source. We’re gonna compare it to some other websites to see if this even makes sense for you. And like I said, we’re going to take a look at some other opportunities.

Basically in this video, they tell you that you’re going to use a website called study to answer questions. And in this process you have to apply to become a tutor. And you are going to use chat C P T, which is an AI writing software. It’s the latest one on the market, as you can see here. Um, on the.

It’s a newest kid on the block and it’s supposed to be more advanced. Now with Chad g p t, you enter in a question. It will spit out an answer from events as early or as as recent as 2021. Anything after that, it will get a little confused. So basically what you’re gonna do, Go over to, like I mentioned, study, and you are going to apply, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

They’re going to ask you a bunch of questions and I actually use chat G p T to answer these questions to get up and running. But before I tell you my results, if this even works for you, let’s take a look at a website called SimilarWeb. SimilarWeb is a website that gives you some statistics so that you can see, and this is really important when you are looking at these different side.

The side hustles sound great, but if you look at the analytics and the numbers behind it, it might not make a whole lot of sense. So if we take a and SimilarWeb, you can see that they get 3.3 million visits per month, which sounds like a lot. Um, they’re pages per visit, 4.41 pages per visit, and usually they, a customer or a viewer will stay on there for about five minutes.

If we scroll down, you can see. That the primary traffic is United States, which is good. Kenya, India, Philippines, Pakistan. If we keep scrolling here, you can see some, some basic information, so not terrible, okay? However, if we compare that to Chegg, which is basically the same thing, they get 42.6 million.

42.6 million visits per month. Most people will stay on there for about 6.43 pages and they’ll stay 10 minutes. So it’s almost double the pages and definitely double the length of time that they stay on the site. So these are important things to understand when you are jumping into these side hustles.

Also, quite honestly, If you don’t know what you’re talking about when tutoring or giving advice, you should probably stay away from it. Uh, one of the problems that I have, or one of the concerns that I have, when people just use chat, g p t, they just type in something and then they copy and paste it somewhere else.

They don’t even know if they are giving off the correct information. So it’s very important that if you are going to tutor somebody, you wanna make sure that you. Tutoring people in an area that you have at least some foundational knowledge because you, if you don’t know, if the information is correct, you could be just putting in junk, getting bad answers out, and then giving somebody who is looking for help.

Bad answers. Um, what in, in the original video, the person says, just take the question. For example, if we said like, um, what is React if, if someone was acting, asking a question over on study pool, for example, what is. Um, in JavaScript. Now I know what React is. It’s a, it’s a framework that coders and programmers use to help build.

Uh, websites to make them look pretty. And so if you don’t know that, you just go with this answer, it could be incorrect. Uh, reacts an open source JavaScript library for building user interfaces, so that’s correct. But one of the concerns when it comes to using chat g p t blindly is that if you don’t know what you’re talking about, you could be giving somebody that’s looking for help, some bad information.

Okay, so, um, very important. If you are just going to blindly use chat g p t, you could be setting yourself and somebody else up for a disaster. Now, I went through and I spent about, like I said, 20 to 35 minutes answering the questions and filling out the applications. Normally the process is within 24 hours or within a day or so, you’re going to hear an answer.

Another problem that we run into, if we take a look at my application, it says, thank you for applying to be a tutor due to recent excess and tutor applications. Your application will be pending approval at this time. We will follow up when there’s more demand for tutors, so unfortunately, This doesn’t work and it doesn’t work.

Not so much that you can’t answer questions. It doesn’t work that this method has been probably posted on YouTube multiple times and across multiple platforms, and so now it’s oversaturated. . Okay, so if you’re thinking about trying this method, don’t bother because too many people have already applied.

They’re sifting through. Most likely they probably have twice as many people that applied. Then the number of people that are already tutors, because again, if you look at these numbers, if you look at these numbers, if 3.3 million people total are coming to this platform, and they only have 50 employees.

They, they probably have maybe 10,000 people actually answering questions. And they saw this and, and multiple people have seen this side hustle over on YouTube and other places. They probably have 10,000 applications, many of which they don’t need. because there’s not a lot of people, relatively speaking, not a lot of people actually needing the help on this site.

Your better option is to go over to a website like Chegg and apply an even better option, which we’ll talk about in just a moment, is looking for gigs. These gigs on five and other freelancing sites are going to enable you to actually make. By completing task. The other thing with this, um, website study pool is that there’s no guarantee that even if you answer questions that you are going to actually, uh, get paid for.

Okay? It’s very, very possible that your answer is rejected. It’s very possible that someone else answers the question better than you, and so just because there is a claim out there that you can just make $10 and and 38 seconds. Isn’t always the truth. And, and that’s the, the purpose of these videos. It’s not to call anybody out, it’s simply to take a look at the realness behind it, the likelihood of it happening.

So this is the actual website for study And in just a moment, I’m gonna talk about some five real ways, some five ways that I actually use, uh, chat g t to help my business. But if we scroll down here, you can see. Um, that there is more to the story. Okay. So, um, if you were looking to try this study pool method, um, it, it will not work for you as you saw, because they’ve been inundated with applications so much so that they don’t know what to do.

They’ve kind of just shut it down for now. Now let’s talk about some real ways that I have used chat, G p t in some ways that you can. Now, one of the best ways that I’ve used chat G P C just last night was I asked chat G P C to write an affiliate disclosure like this. And the cool thing is is chat GCC will come up with a pretty good affiliate disclosure.

And you can take this affiliate disclosure. And to be honest with you, all affiliates should have a disclosure like this on their website or, or somewhere that’s visible. You can take this affiliate disclosure and you can plug it right into your blog, your website, your YouTube channel. Really simple.

That’s pretty cool and pretty easy. So this is one way that I use it. Another great way that I use it, and you can actually make money from this, is write a um, Facebook ad. So we could say, write. Uh, write a Facebook, um, ad copy for, um, um, we’ll say for starting a YouTube channel. Now, again, when it comes to using the AI software, this should not be your only resort.

You should use this as a catalyst to help you. Write better. Okay? Don’t just take this and paste it somewhere, read through it, make sure it makes sense, and, uh, and, and really apply it, um, and, and massage it. Okay? Don’t just think that this is the only step. This should be a first step. This should maybe even be a second step.

The first step, first step should be thinking of, of brainstorming, of what you want to talk about, what you want to cover, and. Put it into Chad, g p t, analyze it, and then, um, massage it, change it, and then implement it. Another thing that you can do over on, over on Fiber, people are looking up business names and slogans.

So you could come to Chad, g p t and we could say, uh, create, create business slogan for. Uh, men’s Shoe Store. All right, now it’s gonna come up with a couple, um, mm-hmm. , a couple business slogans, and you could take these slogans and you could plug them right into fiber. Now will this make you a million dollars in the next three days?

Of course not, but. This could help you with some inspiration. Another thing that you can do, and I made a list of ’em, is you could have YouTube script outlines. So we could say, create a YouTube script outline for, um, dog dog training tips. Okay? So we can do that. And that’s gonna come up with an outline.

Now you should be filling this in yourself. Again, you don’t want to use chat g p t as your catalyst. Now, one thing that you can do is you can, and, and what I’ve did is I jumped over to a keyword research tool called a hfs. It is a paid tool that. it will give us some ideas. And what I did is I kind of sifted through and I, I found a few different things that you could do, um, that you could actually use chat g p t to help you write a better description for your fiber gigs.

So we, one of the most important things with fiber is. You wanna get people’s attention. So if we look up in five and we can say something like, uh, Facebook, add copy like this. You wanna make sure that you have an engaging headline here and we could use chat PT to do that. So we could say, uh, write headline for, um, uh, fiver Facebook ad copy gig, and it should come up with a couple headline.

Another thing that you can do is you can actually come out and, let’s see, we’ll go back over to Fiber and we can do something like, um, domain name like this, and then we can go get domain name ideas. And these are all low level, low competition, low difficulty. Now you’re not, again, you’re not gonna come up.

You’re not gonna make a million dollars with this. You probably will struggle to get a thousand dollars with this, but this is gonna help you make money. People ask me all the time, what are some, how can I make money quick? How can I make money fast? These are the only ways to do active services. So we could come back over to chat G p T.

So I’ll look at all of these different, um, Um, headlines here. One way that I use it is I could say, uh, create engaging. Okay, say, create a blog post title for, uh, keto cooking on a budget. And titles are very important as you can see here. Eating keto on a. Delicious and affordable recipes for the whole family.

Um, these are usually not bad. And the other thing that we can do is we can come up with domain names. So again, I, people ask me all the time, one of the most, most received comments is, how can I use chat g p t to make money fast? You are going to have to do active work over on five or upward people per hour.

We can say, um, um, um, write 10 domain names for. Um, men’s Shoe store. Men’s Shoe Store. Now, I don’t know why today men’s shoes are on my mind, but that’s what we’re talking about. Look at men’s And then we can come over to a website, like a domain, uh, domain name generator, or domain name search, instant domain search, and then we can plug these in to see if they are taken.

So we’re gonna copy this. We’re going to put it in just like that. It looks like it’s taken, but then it also gives us some suggestions. What you can do is go back and forth, find one that is not taken, and look at this, uh, sharp Pretty good name, and we have, we can make five or $10 coming up.

With some domain names. This is how you are going to actively make money. This is how you can use chat g p t for free to make some money. Um, I’ve seen people over on TikTok come up with lyrics for songs. Um, there are a bunch of ways to do it. Oh, another way that I do it actually, another way that I use it is to, um, write YouTube descriptions for, um, Blue Host versus GoDaddy and it’ll come up with, uh, a quick description.

These are different ways that you can use Chad g p t. Now again, you wanna make sure that you are massaging it and making sure that. It is, um, it, it is compliant. Now, one thing that you can do too is you could say, um, one thing that I, I really like is we could actually have it write, um, write email. We could say, write five, email, welcome sequence like that.

And it’s gonna come up with a five. Uh, a five email welcome sequence, and that’s a thing that you could do over on Fiver. Now, if you’re starting an affiliate marketing business, you could actually use this to help you get started with your writing. You could put that right into your autoresponder. But if we look at this, go through the writing and description.

Um, so like I said, business names and slogans, um, we could really just product descriptions actually work really well if the product is already on the. If the product is not on the internet, you’re going to struggle with it, and I’ll, I’ll give you an example of, of one that is and one that isn’t. But this is the right way to use chat, g p T.

It’s not to just throw in something and get something back and just post it on the internet. You wanna make sure that you are massaging it and that you are actually using it as a. And not a crutch to create all of your content. But you can see here this is coming up with a a a five page. Now I would want to make sure that I give it more information than just write a five email welcome sequence.

But you can see it does that as well. What you can do, go look through writing and translation. I wonder, can it translate? Let’s see if we can translate. Um, now this is on the fly, so we could say, um, translate high, which is ne how. I took Chinese in, um, high school, translate high to Chinese and it should be Mandarin.

Chinese, translate high to Chinese. High in Chinese is Neha, so that’s correct. And the actual, um, thing is correct. So we potentially. Again, you don’t want to just rely on this. We potentially could look at translating as well. That’s a pretty cool thing. Now that you know that this process make, earn $10 every two minutes is not going to work currently, click the first link in the description for your free affiliate marketing planner.

That planner will help you plan and organize your or your online business so that you can make more money online. Click the first link in the description or go to sten Watch this video next because YouTube says it will help you grow your online business.