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In this episode of I Tried It, I test a side hustle that claims that you can make $5,792 in one week using chat, G P T and affiliate marketing. In this video, we’re gonna talk about the process. I’m going to talk about my results and potentially a better opportunity, so make you watch this entire video to learn if this is a valid side hustle.

And a better option. Hello, my name’s Alston Godbold with sten I create content to actually help you make money online and not just to put money into my own pockets. And if you want to be added to this globe, simply reply or comment on below with your city’s state province, country. And I’ll get you a pin.

All right, so as I mentioned, we’re going to test this side hustle idea to see if it works. Now I actually got this idea from a viewer, so I appreciate it. If you want me to test other side hustles, just reply with the link and I’ll watch the video and I’ll give it a go. All right, so without further ado, let’s go ahead and give you a brief overview of what this video claims to do.

This video says that you are going to use chat G P T, which is a software that I’ve talked about earlier this week and last. To help write content for you. You are going to then take that article and you are going to put it in medium and you’re going to put it in Quora. Let me talk about the process and what I did.

So one, one of the things that you need to do with this process is you need to go out and do a little bit of keyword research. If we take a look at the screen here, I used a keyword research tool called a H Rs. It is a paid tool. The tool that he recommends is free, it doesn’t matter. So what he says is you go out and you type in your niche in the search bar, and then you find something that’s low competition.

For this example, I changed the keyword difficulty to 20 or less, hit apply and show results, and I wound up writing an article. On affiliate marketing for Reddit. If we take a look here, this has a competition of nine, so it’s relatively easy or should be easy to rank for, and a search volume of 500. So basically what that means is it’s, this keyword is searched 500 times per month.

The next step is you go over to Chad, g p t, you ask Chad g p t to write a headline for your blog post and then an outline. Am I gonna show you? For the purposes of this video, I don’t wanna waste any of your time, but I went ahead and did that. And then I went out and found an affiliate program for affiliate marketing.

Uh, the, the affiliate program that I found was John Christi’s course over on ClickBank. The affiliate program doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to let you know the affiliate program that I used. So with that out of the. , I went ahead, I did chat. G P T. It’s a really quick process because you basically will just ask chat G P T a question.

It’s gonna give you a bunch of information and then you’re just going to copy and paste it in various places. Now, before we talk about my results, I do have a few questions about the original video. In the original video, I looked at his medium account and his, and according to his, his video, he. The median username, Usman Sadiq.

So I’m just gonna fast forward this. He used the account Usman Sadiq. Okay. And I apologize if I, I butchered that name. But the reason why that’s important is because I wanted to search and actually look up the video. As you can see here, it says Draft in Usman Sadiq. I’m just gonna pause that so you can see it.

Um, I wanted to look at the, And when I go over to Medium, I type in Usman Sadiq and I can’t find that article anywhere. So I actually can’t find that person anywhere. Uh, because if we look at the video, this person actually has, um, an icon or an avatar. If we look up Usman Sadiq over a Medium, I don’t find this person.

And I also didn’t find the article that he created, so that’s a. Curious, we’ll say, okay. And in this video, the original video, he doesn’t really say how he made the money. He doesn’t talk about the affiliate program he used. He doesn’t talk about the number of views or really anything. So it left a lot to be desired.

But I gave it a try anyway because I try and help where I can. So with that red flag, Usman Sadiq, nowhere to be found on Medium. I went ahead and I wrote the article. I grabbed my affiliate link for John Kanis course. I put it. In the article and I posted both to Cora as well as Medium. Now, before I reveal my results, how do you think I did?

I posted this about, uh, probably about 17, 18 hours ago. While you may think that’s quick, I’ve been able to rank blog posts and. 12 hours. Uh, if you look at my website, austin, I have a number of blogs that were ranked within 12 hours. It is entirely possible if you are writing unique work. So let’s talk about how I did, how do you think I did before I review my results?

How do you think I did? Okay. Uh, so now that you have posted that, let’s talk about how I did. First and foremost with Quora. If we look at my Quora account, my post has been deleted within eight minutes of me submitting this post. As you can see here with the screenshot, my post was deleted. Within eight minutes I got this message.

I’ll put a link to the post and you’ll see that it’s been deleted. It’s been deleted because it’s a violation of Cora’s terms and service. Look at this. Your post has been deleted as it was found to be violation of our spam policy. To learn more about Cora’s policy, click here. Now, there are probably a few different reasons why it was deleted.

The reason why I know that it was deleted is because I just put an affiliate link. In my post. Okay. Um, I’ve told this story before. I’ll tell it again. My first $130 with affiliate marketing was actually with Blue Host and Quora. I watched a YouTube video from a, a large guru and he said, go join Blue Host affiliate program and go answer a bunch of questions on Quora.

So I, I kind of knew this wasn’t gonna work, spoiler alert. Um, but I did that and I answered a bunch of. And I put my affiliate link right in the, in, in my post. Those questions, those answers that I posted actually were taken down within, I would say, 20 minutes to an hour of, of me posting, because Cora doesn’t allow affiliate links.

Okay. If you are going to do this method, I’m gonna give you a suggestion on how to do this method better. If you’re going to do this method, do not put affiliate links in your post. Do not put affiliate links in your answers because it’s a violation of terms of service on Quora. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again before you just do anything.

A person on YouTube suggests that you do make sure that you are looking at the terms of service to make sure that you are compliant. Uh, make sure that you are reading through and not just doing whatever people tell you to do because it could be a violation. Do your own research. Because you wanna be thorough.

All right, so that is Quora. Quora, my post got deleted within eight minutes with medium. If we take a look now, medium’s rules are a little confusing. Um, if we just search affiliate marketing, okay, so here we are. So it says you must disclose affiliate links such as Link out to Amazon with your code or any other link where you’ll receive a commission or other value.

Are allowed. So you can put affiliate links in medium, but you must disclose somewhere in the post that it includes affiliate links if you have received payment goods or services or something else of value in exchange for writing a post. So you have to say that you’re an affiliate in this bullet point, but the bullet point after at multi-level or affiliate marketing content is not allowed, which is kind of contradictory in general.

I recommend if you’re going to start a blog, just start a blog with Blue host, GoDaddy, host skater. You won’t have to worry about these confusing mixed messages. You’ll be able to build a sustainable base of operations, in my opinion. That’s a much better way. Um, we also could fall into the spam category.

I’m not gonna read that, but, uh, you should be aware. So let’s take a look at my stats for my medium post. I uploaded it, like I said, 12 to 15 hours ago at this. I do have two views within 30, within the last 30 days. How? However, it’s on a post that I made in 2021. I have no views for this post, and you, you can see the post here, um, how to leverage Reddits Communities for Affiliate Marketing Success and no views.

No one’s viewed it, no comments. Now, I can check back in a few weeks to see if this has changed, but in reality, guys, in my opinion, This will not work as the original YouTuber said it will. There are ways to make this work, but the original video makes things appear to be much easier than they really are.

So let’s talk about how to actually make this work. If you wanted to use chat and G P T to answer questions on Cora, you could do it. So for example, let’s type in affiliate marketing affiliates marketing. Oops, we’ll spell some words correctly here. Affiliate marketing, click search. You are then going to sort by questions.

Then I recommend that you sort by questions within the past week. These are new questions, should be less competitive. So as you can see here, someone asked, is affiliate marketing good? Now this is pay attention cuz this is important. We’re gonna click on this. And we are going to answer the question. Now, we could answer the question using chat G B T.

I’m not going to show you how to do that. But what I do want you to do is I want you to, instead of sending people to an affiliate link, send people to a landing page. A bridge page, a YouTube video, or a blog post, those are approved by Quora. Sending people directly to affiliate links is not ultimately, if you’re going to use chat g p t to write blog posts, you should be putting those blog posts on your website.

Don’t put them on Quora, cuz you’re making Quora rich and you’re getting pennies. Um, You could do it this way. You could answer questions and I’m pretty sure that’s what this person is doing. You could answer questions and send people to a landing page offer. Like this guy says, get free affiliate marketing training with instant access to the six Figure Affiliate Bootcamp.

This is probably going to a landing page of some sort. Okay. He’s actually sending them to, uh, Mark Flynn is actually sending them to his. His post, and then probably within his post somewhere, he probably has a link out to a landing page. This is a much better way to do it. You don’t want to send people out to affiliate links because it’s a violation of the terms of service.

In fact, this guy just keeps sending people to other blog posts. I would probably send people to a landing page, offer them a free ebook, a free training offer. Uh, a free YouTube video so that they can learn. This is actually how I was able to grow my YouTube channel. In the very beginning. I went and just answered questions.

Now on this one, this is like a, a, a backup shadowy, um, Quora where I test different things. If we look at your content and stats, you can see I have, uh, 1,320 views. Um, I have a comment recently. I’m not sure what that’s about, but yes, so the original video. As currently constructed will not help you make money.

What will help you make money? If you want to use Quora, answer the questions, but send people to a Quora approved platform, which is a landing page or bridge page. Um, your blog or website or a YouTube video. Okay? That’s the right way to do affiliate marketing. If you don’t do it that way, you’re going to run it into some.

Now that you know that this side hustle or this side hustle video doesn’t work, click the first link in the description for free affiliate marketing planners. Those planners are going to help you plan and organize your affiliate marketing business so that you can earn more commissions and make sales.

Watch this video next because YouTube says it will help you grow your online business.