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In this episode of I Tried It, we’re gonna take a look at this video where it claims that you can make $700 per day simply listening to music. We’re gonna take a look at the process of what this YouTube creator says you can do. We’re gonna take a look at how much money I actually made and if this is even possible, so make sure you watch this entire video to learn if you should waste your time.

Doing this method by David Nick. Hi, my name’s Austin God with Austin God I create content to help you make money online and not just to put money into my own pocket. So Ann, if you want to be added to this globe, simply reply or comment on below. With your city, state, province, country, and I’ll get you a pin.

As I mentioned, I looked at this video, I watched this video early this morning, and I spent about 30 to 45 minutes trying to implement what this content creator says so that I can make $700 per day. In this video, I’m going to reveal how much money I made should you spend your time following this method or suggestion and.

Better opportunities. Also, what I’m gonna do right now is I’m actually going to overlap, do a little bit of time lapse of me walking through the process of actually making money so that you can see what I did step by step. So in this video, the content creator recommends that you download an app called Currency and you just start making money listening to music.

There are a number of problems with this app, and we’re gonna talk about all of them. The first problem is it’s not just straightforward listening to music and making. What I noticed and what I realized as after I spent some time trying to figure out how I could start making money, is number one, the first and only thing that you can do to even start getting the opportunity to make money is that you have to invite three friends.

So you’ve gotta spam this out to three people before you can even start making money, which is incredibly. Frustrating and annoying. So what I did is I sent it to my mom. She’s got a few different phone numbers saved and I’m sorry, mom, hopefully she doesn’t block me, but I sent it to my mom and my wife, and then I actually gotta send them a message to say, don’t open that link.

I gotta go do that soon. But, First thing annoying, really bothersome is that I’ve gotta spam this out to three people so that I have the opportunity to make money. The second thing is you can’t actually make money listening to music if you have an iPhone. Now, this is a problem because 18% of people worldwide have iPhones, and 50% of the people in the US have have iPhones.

So if you live in the United. Odds are you have an iPhone and you’re not even gonna be able to listen to music and make money. So this isn’t going to apply to you. As you can see right now, you see me just kind of scrolling through, getting kind of annoyed and frustrated. So that’s problem number two.

Problem number three is, I started trying to check off some of these little boxes to make some money and it’s pen. It’s less than pennies on the dollar. I did the calculation, which we’ll talk about in just a moment, but I earned points, which always is a problem. I earned points for entering my phone number.

I earned points for entering in address, and I actually didn’t intern my address. I entered in an address of a place that I used to work at, and so you know these points. Accumulating, which is good, but it was really, really tiny. Which brings me to another problem, which you’ll probably see coming up here if it hasn’t already passed, is that.

Because I wasn’t able to actually earn point to rewards for listening to music. I had to go download other apps and participate in other apps and games in order to earn any money, which is another problem. I kind of talked about that last week on Sunday with a different program, but I don’t want to download a bunch of apps to my phone so that.

I’ve gotta kind of jump through hoops and be that that intermediary that gets paid pennies on the dollar really problematic. It actually really, really bothered me that I had to do it. So not only was I not able to earn points for listening to music, I earned less than pennies on the dollar for doing other rewards and, and doing silly stuff.

Um, also, if you look, the threshold to payout is actually kind of high and so, Ultimately what you’ll see, and, and again, I’m gonna speed through this, we’re gonna talk about some other better ways, potentially fun ways that you can make money listening to music. After my half an hour, 45 minutes of doing this, I only earned about 330 points, which came out to 33 cents.

Um, so anytime you earn a point, it’s less than a penny. Okay? It’s like 0 cents. All right? And so I just did quick back of the table. Math. Math might be off slightly. If I wanted to earn $700 per day, that’s 700. Points. All right. And I was able to earn about 600 points per hour. And if I wanted to earn 700,000 points, so I could earn $700 per day divided by 600 points, that’s 1,167 hours.

If there are 24 hours in a day, it would take me 49 days to complete. So as you can see, this is problematic for a number of reasons. This hustle thing. Quite frankly, a lot. All right. As I’ve mentioned in a few other my, of a few other of my videos, A lot of these videos are just designed for you to watch them keep watching more of their videos so that they can make money off of the YouTube partner program.

These videos aren’t necessarily helping you to make money. They’re helping you to string you along to get to the next video. To watch the next video after that so that they can keep making money with the high CPMs offered by YouTube. Other people will, um, also make money with affiliate marketing, but primarily the, the main driver of this type of content.

Is to just help them make money. All right? Um, this, the, the other problem with making money, $6 per song is this is active income. If this were true, which isn’t, it isn’t, this is active income. You’re only going to make the $6 while you’re actually listening to the song. Once you turn the song off, once you go to bed, once you, you know, you go to the kid’s soccer game and you’ve gotta be attentive.

You stop making money. What I am a huge proponent of is people doing something once or twice and making money from it again and again and again. This is what I call return on investment income. So for example, this YouTube video, someone’s gonna watch this video, they’re gonna find value out of this video I make spend 10 minutes creating this video.

However, this video has the potential. Thousands of times, and so this is return on investment income. Also, I’m obviously helping you out by making sure that you’re not wasting your time, so. Part number one and two, this method doesn’t work. Also, if you look at the comment section of this video, a lot of people express frustrations with this method because quite frankly, the, the method doesn’t work.

And so people are tired of wasting their time, what stuff doesn’t work. Now let’s go ahead and talk about a better opportunity. I just wanna show you the, the, the comment section real quick so that you can see for yourself that a lot of people express frustration. It’s not just not me picking on some, some random.

Um, a lot of people said that this actually didn’t work for them either, and they were confused and frustrated and annoyed. All right, so if we just look at this, it says, boys and girls, I tried it and you cannot make $6 per song. Um, you know, I did follow him. I did everything he said and making a few videos, and then YouTube blocked everything, tried this, and then it’s c probably crap.

Uh, your explanation somewhat vague. Um, Im subscribing if this is legit. Okay, but how do I connect YouTube? How YouTube music does not allow to listen at a quicker speed. This does not work at all. Current doesn’t sync. So you can see here, people that are actually on this video say that it doesn’t work now a better way.

And, and this is really funny. Um, recently 21 Savage and Drake released a. It’s called Rich Flex. Okay? And if you’ve been on social media, you have heard this song, and you have seen this song and this song, people are going crazy about how funny this song. I, I must admit, every time I see a new TikTok video about this song, I spend a bunch of.

Laughing, crying, laughing at how funny this is. But this is how you can actually make real money listening to music. Now I typed in 21 Drake featuring 21 s, average Rich Flex. Um, and then we can just type in something like reaction afterwards. And you can see people are making money simply. Reacting to the video, reacting to the new album, and you don’t have to be a large mega YouTube channel.

What you have to do if you want to get started is take advantage of things that are new. For example, look at this video right here, 1000 subscribers, 2,500 views, where this person is talking about. Drake and 21 Savage, Rick Rich Flex. However, if we go over to TikTok and, and there are tons of ways to make money, but if we go over to TikTok and we type in the name of the song, you’re gonna see people are having a field day creating content around this song.

So I’m just gonna paste that in like this, and you’re gonna see tons of people look at this video right here, and I just have to plug whoever this creator. This video here, I have watched this video 3000 times cuz it’s so funny. All right? But this is how you can make money. There are, there’s new music coming up all the.

Whatever your genre is, whatever your niche is, whatever you’re interested in, you listen to new songs, you provide critical analysis and feedback. Be a little controversial. This one right here is really funny. Um, this, this is actually, um, a reaction TikTok account, but this is how you make real money. Okay guys, it’s not doing this little shortcut stuff that doesn’t work ultimately, and wasting time and spinning your wheels.

This is also how you avoid being frustrated with making money online. I like you had gone through all of these different quick fixes, quick ways to make money, and ultimately they didn’t work, and it left me frustrated and confused like I was doing something wrong. In reality, these videos aren’t designed to help you, okay?

These videos are designed to string you along to keep you coming back, but what you need to do, if you really wanna make money listening to music, find your niche, find your genre, and you talk. It’s as simple as that. Okay? And the pushback is always gonna be, Hey, Alten, you need to have a million subscribers in order to do this.

No, you need to get started. Okay? Before you can get to a million subscribers, you need to create one piece of content, and then another piece of content, and then another piece of content. But you can see here, small channels, 4,000 subscribers, 4,800 views are creating content alongside and getting views alongside large YouTube channels, and they’re making money.

So you need to go out and create content. If you want to escape the rap rate rat race, if you want to get out of whatever is failing you, whatever’s ailing you, whatever’s challenging you, you need to create content. It’s really as simple. Create content on YouTube, create content on TikTok, create content on Facebook groups or blog, whatever that you like to do, create content there and you can be successful.

Stop ringing your hand, stop handwringing and being frustrated and working and waiting for the perfect opportunity because there’s no such thing as the perfect opportunity. The perfect opportunity is when you finally get started creating content and then you. Um, realizing that there are millions of people around the world that are potentially interested in the content that you create, you can be successful online.

If you stop trying to take the shortcut, try to make the $6 per song doing all of this other crap and start creating your own content and make money. Watch this video next because YouTube says it will help you start a successful online.