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Ibotta is an app for your phone that gives cash back for online and offline shopping and uploading receipts. The app was developed in 2014 by Bryan Leach. He got the idea of cashback when he saw his seat fellow in a plane uploading a receipt for a report. He thought, what will happen if he gets cashback for this receipt.

He started working on the idea, and in 2014, he developed an app. In the beginning, the app was offering a cashback on alcohol purchases. But with time, many other stores and online markets in the US registered with the app and gave cashback to the customers for shopping. And the good thing is that the customer gets cashback on online as well as offline shopping. The app is top-rated in the US and has about 860 million users. The app also has 35 million downloads on the Appstore. 

Ibotta offers cash back on every type of product that you buy. They are affiliated with top stores, including Walmart, Amazon, Lowe’s, Petco, Staples, Expedia, and many more. They have almost 1,500 retailers from where you can shop. For online shopping, you will have to link your account to the loyalty accounts of the retailers you are interested in. Shop from the retailers by using an app or extension. A loyalty account represents your top retailers in the Ibotta application to make bringing in money back considerably simpler.

What is the Ibotta affiliate program?

Ibotta already has millions of users and is famous all around the USA. The app has almost 860 million active users that are a huge number. But still, they are allowing the people to work as an affiliate with them and promote their app through their blogs and content. Many bloggers and content creators are working with them as affiliate partners and making a lot of money.

Here is nothing new or different to learn to use the app so everyone can join it easily. Everyone goes shopping almost every day. So wouldn’t it be a good idea to get a cashback on that? They offer cashback for shopping from grocery to dresses, shoes, makeup products, medicines, and alcohol because so many big brands and stores are affiliated with them. Now you register on the app as an affiliate, work with them as an affiliate partner, and earn extra money. 

How to sign up as an affiliate

It is straightforward and free to sign up and work as an Ibotta affiliate. Go to the website At the end of the page, in the black margin, you will find some options. From “work with us,” select “affiliates” and click on it. A new page will open, you will see a button of “become an affiliate” on that page. Click on that.

This will lead to a new page containing a registration form for registering as an Ibotta affiliate. To complete the registration form, you will have to enter your personal information, including name, Email address, username, password, country, and address. You will also have to give details about your bank account details, blog details, and phone number.

In the end, you will also have to choose the promotional method you are thinking of using to promote the app. They have a variety of options for it. You can choose more than one option. After completing all the requirements, agree to their terms and conditions and click on the button “apply.” If your application is approved, they will send you a confirmation email containing a confirmation link.

After clicking on that link, you will be an affiliate partner with Ibotta. They will give you a special referral link that you will use to invite people and promoting the site.

What are the security concerns for sharing personal data?

As the app asks for personal details and account details for registration, they also care about the security and privacy of their partners and users. They have very high standards of security and keep the data encrypted by using hardware and software protections. They ask for the phone number and verify it with your account for security reasons.

Before every transaction, they send a message on your mobile by giving a special code that you have to enter to confirm your transaction. An important thing for you is not to share that code with anyone, or if your phone number is connected with your financial accounts, then take care of the phone and set passwords on that. 

You don’t have to worry about your financial security on Ibotta. They don’t store your information on their servers, and their team members cannot reach your data, even if they want to.  They also care about your security, and your financial data and account details are highly encrypted.

They don’t sell your personal information or phone number with any third party and marketing agencies. So don’t worry about anything and don’t miss the chance to earn money by going shopping. 

How does the Ibotta affiliate program work?

Ibotta gives you cash back on every online and offline purchase if you follow a few steps. And it works differently on mobile phones and desktops. Go to the official website and got to the end of the page. In the “download” section, you will find the download links for android and iOS.

You can also get an Ibotta browser extension there to add it to your browser on the laptop. Open the browser extension and log in with the Ibotta account that you have previously made. For working as an affiliate, you will have to register on the site as an affiliate. The process of registering as an affiliate is discussed above. Open your account on the app.

On the first icons column, you will see a dropdown symbol. Click on that, a list of options will open, click on “invite friends.” They will give you a special code to send to your friends to join the site. As many friends join Ibotta by using your link or code, you will get a bonus for that. The bonus will be added to your account, that you can withdraw through your PayPal account. You can also buy gift cards from the collected money.

Ibotta affiliate program commission structure

Ibotta will pay affiliates via PayPal or your bank account when your income reaches 20 dollars. And it is not a main source of income. It will give a little amount to you when you work as an affiliate with them, so you can use it as a passive income source to increase income.

When you register your account, you will get an instant bonus of up to 20 dollars. If you use your referral link to promote the app and succeed in making your referrals, you will get 2 dollars for each referral. If you prefer the app to a new person and that person redeems an offer, you will get 10 dollars as a bonus. 

How to make $100 per day with the Ibotta affiliate program

As I mentioned, you will earn a commission of 2 dollars for every new customer that downloads and uses the Ibotta app. To make $100 per day, you will need 50 new installs. 50 new installs per day equal over 18,000 installs per year.

10 ways to make money through the Ibotta affiliate program

Earn by in-stores and online shopping

It is a good way to make money. Isn’t it a great idea to get some percentage of your shopping bill? Shop online by using the app or extension from loyalty-linked retailers and get a cashback. And if you don’t prefer online shopping, you can still get cash back by uploading the receipt to the app.

And the best thing is that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the things and your favorite brands. More than 1500 retailers in the US are affiliated with Ibotta, so you can shop from anyone you want. 

Start a blog

It is a perfect way to make a blog and write about the product and promote it. As an affiliate, it is a good tool for you to promote the app to increase your followers. Please write a good blog by choosing effective keywords to make it visible to the audience.

Write good and convincing points about the blog and give informative knowledge about Ibotta in your blog. And an essential thing, don’t forget to mention your referral link for the audience to join. 

Make an SEO content

The SEO content will categorize your blog content on the search engine. First, learn how to write an SEO blog because it will help you a lot. It will help you find good keywords, target the right visitors, and write an attractive blog. 

Start a YouTube channel to promote the app

It is a very effective and quick way to promote a site because people nowadays rely on videos rather than text. If they want to learn something new or want to learn the use of anything, they search for it on YouTube. So, you can also make YouTube a tool for marketing Ibotta as an affiliate partner.

Take different steps and teach in detail everything to make easy understanding. While making a tutorial, always use your referral link and codes to increase your referrals. 

Increase your traffic

As we know that for promoting anything we should have increased the traffic on it. So if we are promoting anything on our blog and there is less traffic on our blog, it will not work. So first, focus on increasing visitors to your blog in several ways, such as promoting it on social media and google AdSense.

Once the traffic is increased on your blog, there will be more chances to click on your referral link for registration on Ibotta.

Get engaged on social media

For promoting anything, you must have a wide social circle and links. It would help if you also had more friends and followers on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. If you are working as an affiliate, you should join different pages and groups having thousands of followers.

Here are many business promoting groups on social media, too, that have a huge audience. Target those groups and become a member there. Then promote your referral link in those groups by creating an attractive post. If a group has 10,000 members and 500 people join Ibotta by clicking on your referral link, you will get 1000 dollars, and even more up to 5,000 dollars if they redeem an offer. 

Promote by email

Create a list of contacts on your email account and send them your referral link. Now, many companies are selling the contacts of customers to marketing agencies. You also target your required audience and buy their contacts. You can send your link to them and get profit. 

Make video ads

Have you notice that when you are using any social media site or watching videos on YouTube, video ads come to the screen. It is a widespread way to promote products nowadays. You can also use it as a tool to promote Ibotta. Make an attractive video that engages the viewer and compels them not to skip the video.

Instead, they got compelled to click on the link to join the site. You can hire a freelancer or a video editor to make a professional video.

Post on social media randomly

As we know that many people post different things daily on social media groups and the old posts go downwards. Many new members also join those groups regularly. So it is not a wise idea to post your referral link only once in the group. Please post the link randomly by slightly editing it to attract old members and also new members.

And as much you will engage your post by commenting, the post will remain on the top. So engagement of the post is necessary. 

Share your experience with people

Another way to increase referrals to make money as an affiliate is to talk with friends and family about your app’s profits. Tell them its benefits and tell them that they don’t need to invest or do anything new to earn money. Motivate them and force them to install the Ibotta app to get a cashback on their shopping and increase your referrals. 

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