page title icon Lastpass Affiliate Program Plus 10 Ways To Make Money

Do you need a password manager for your personal and business devices? Look no further, as LastPass can provide premium password management services. You can join LastPass today and say goodbye to your everyday password frustrations.

Moreover, you can earn passive income by joining the LastPass affiliate program and helping others manage their passwords. Read on to learn more about LastPass passwords and ways to make money through their affiliate program.

About The LastPass Affiliate Program

LastPass has remained the trusted password manager for individuals and businesses. IT experts and individuals rank LastPass as their password manager of choice. In addition, you can leverage the use of the password manager, which has robust security features and organizes your digital life while earning a commission.

In addition, the company ensures that the information is secured from external threats and strengthens the password keeping your documents safe.

How Much LastPass Pays Affiliates

When you join the LastPass affiliate program, you will earn a 25% commission for any four products sold. The company pays through PayPal, Skrill, and major debit and credit bank cards. You can earn more if you are an IT expert as you will recommend their service to your clients, making it a valuable source of passive income

Where To Can Sign Up

You can sign up for the LastPass affiliate program through Impact Radius, a third-party platform working with the company. After signing up, you will take a few minutes to sign up at Impact Radius; you will be admitted to the LastPass program. To advertise your link, you need to generate a tracking URL that you place on your website or blog.

Once you have the link, you can share it with potential clients who will buy the product using the link. When products are purchased through the link, you get credit and commission paid to your account. Moreover, the commission is delivered directly from the Impact Radius platform as it handles most of the activities on behalf of LastPass.

The Top Selling Categories They Can Promote

LastPass single and family plan

LastPass has a single user and families plan, which you can opt to market; here, they provide free, premium, and family plans. The free program is reliable, easy to use, and offers easy-to-use password management tools for free.

The premium package costs $3 monthly and allows you to take your password vault to any place you visit and is accessible to all of your devices. In addition, it has an advanced security feature that provides complete protection for your password for all your digital activities.

The LastPass family package costs $4 monthly. It will give you all the services offered by the premium package with more security. In addition, you will access six premium licenses, which is easy to share your passwords. 

LastPass business plan

Another product is the LastPass business plan, which has the MFA plan, teams plan, and enterprise plan. The MFA plan costs $3 monthly per user and ensures increased security for your business through multi-factor authentication, and you can try it for free for two weeks.

The team’s LastPass plan costs $4 monthly per user and provides the users with simple and secure password management and can be utilized by groups of 50 or less. The enterprise LastPass plan costs $6 monthly per person and has a single sign-on and password solution with unlimited users.

Finally, the Identity LastPass business plan costs $8 monthly per user. The MFA and enterprise plan have all the features with unified single sign-on multi-factor authentication and password management. 

10 Ways They Can Make Money with the LastPass Affiliate Program


Blogging might be saturated, but you can make money on LastPass if you decide to blog about IT services. Furthermore, if you already have an IT blog, it can make things easier for you as people already in the IT business make more money with LastPass.

Even if you are not into IT, you can let others understand the importance of having a secure password by creating viral content. You will embed the affiliate link strategically into your content and share it through other channels and forums dedicated to IT.

Choose the best-suited keywords

While blogging about password security helps choose the best-suited keywords to help sell the LastPass products. By examining the LastPass keenly, you can craft the best keywords, extract the best performing IT keywords on Google, and choose those that sell the LastPass products.

In addition, you can sell more when you specifically write about password safety and other low-competition IT keywords.

Turn the visitors on your website to affiliate clients

After getting a well-established blog with tons of visitors, you can learn to convert the traffic into clients. For example, you might need to create pop-up campaigns that promote the LastPass products; you can use the strategic display of information to capture the visitors’ attention.

For instance, you can craft informative data on your blog to allow the information to sell your affiliate products and place the pop-up campaign when the customers are about to leave the page as they might be most likely to buy the products at this stage.

Moreover, more sales from affiliate links come from a small fraction of your website’s content, and you should optimize this content. For instance, you can identify the blog content that makes the customers buy your products, and you can use it to create campaigns that increase affiliate sales.

When you intentionally use content that will help optimize your data, you will likely generate more sales.

Master SEO

Search engine optimization can help get consistent traffic due to correct keyword selection and density, leading to a high blog ranking. Engaging content can help you achieve a high spot in the SEO ranking world, and you should use organic keywords.

If you are not sure about creating a WordPress website that meets the SEO needs, you can choose among the tons of WordPress creating agents that can make your work easier. Moreover, you can use services from third-party freelancers to create LastPass SEO curated content. 

Use backlinks

It could help if you got organic backlinks that indicate the website is practical. Building a meaningful website might take some time, but they have the highest turnover in the long run and thus the importance of backlinks. When potential clients trust the website, they won’t resist buying the LastPass products. 

Use email listing

The people on your email list are interested in your products, and it makes it easier to craft content with strategically placed hyperlinks in the email campaigns. But, again, competitive content will attract people to your email list, and having pop-up campaigns can help catch their attention. 

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube can help sell your LastPass affiliate products, especially if you create content that addresses your clients’ needs. For example, the YouTube channel should address the importance of password security and reach out to people with passwords issues.

You can sell the LastPass products to these people and understand how the company will reduce password insecurities. You can include your affiliate link on your YouTube bio and specifically ask your clients to click on it.

Moreover, you can link YouTube with your blog, making it easier for your clients to find the blog and the YouTube channel. Moreover, fruitful YouTube marketing should involve other IT content and not solely sell the LastPass products.

Clients will come back to your channel if you have broad subjects that solve everyday problems. 

Use Facebook Ads

You can generate LastPass through Facebook Ads; Facebook helps you connect with other IT clients easily. However, you can quickly sell the LastPass products if you add personality to your Facebook timeline; a natural account will attract more potential client who your individuality and originality will draw. 

Use other social media platforms

Social media resources such as Instagram and TikTok have become more resourceful in marketing affiliate links and selling company products. In addition, millennials and Gen Z are likely to follow individuals and businesses with a substantial social media presence.

Suppose you create content that caters to these generations; you might sell more LastPass products. If you find it hard to manage social media accounts, you can hire freelancers who work your accounts.

The people who use these social media platforms could need secure passwords as they spend so much time on their devices, which means you could sell more if you invest in social media marketing.

Use coupon codes

When LastPass offers coupon codes, you should not hesitate to utilize them, as you will receive monetary rewards for the coupons. In addition, you can get a higher click conversion if your potential customers know that they will also get a commission using your affiliate link.

You should first ensure that the coupon benefits you and the potential clients; when you both help, the LastPass will look attractive, leading to more clicks and more sales. 

More About LastPass

LastPass works by use of local-only encryption, which helps you master your password and access your data. Since the encryption is local, other people cannot access your password; moreover, the website uses bit encryption per-user salted hashes, ensuring that you have complete security in the cloud.

At first, you can choose to sign-up for a free trial, which gives you access to the LastPass features for a limited time. Then, when the time is up, you can upgrade to paid features, and the company will automatically update your membership.

LastPass is about eliminating the pain of losing your password and stopping hacking. The company will give you peace of mind, making it comfortable to go on with your online life confidently. Users claim that it ensures digital security and is an award-winning password rated with 4.5 stars on Google with thousands of positive reviews.

When joining the website, you need to get the LastPass password browser extension and install it; saving and accessing passwords will be easier. After getting the extension, access will be granted, and you will find the LastPass button in the browser toolbar.

This button is where you will log into your LastPass every day. After that, you will create the account with one log-secured master password and let the company do the rest of the work for you. 

You will save the last password ever with a memorable passphrase which is the easiest way to create a super-strong master password. You might need to look around for stronger passwords which can be an inspiration.

For example, you may choose song lyrics that mean a lot to you, a quote from a movie, or your child’s favorite snack. When you find an easily memorable password, you input it into your LastPass account and save it; however, sometimes, it can be hard to find a suitable password yourself.

When you have problems finding a suitable password, you can employ the LastPass password manager vault, accessing previously saved passwords on your device. Choosing to use previous passwords might be practical as they are easy to remember.

LastPass works as an additional site to make remembering your password easier; you can start by filling the password vault. You may let LastPass save the passwords to the places you visit as you log in; moreover, you can import the sites from your email and upload them from another password manager. 

Even when you use local encryption, which ensures you are the only one accessing the password, you can employ the LastPass website’s multi-factor authentication. This form of authentication adds extra security to your account as it requires a second login step before authorization to log into your LastPass vault. 

When you choose to engage with the program, you will let others know the importance of password security and LastPass services. In addition, when these people join the LastPass using your affiliate link, you will earn a commission, and it can be more profitable if you have clients in the IT business. 

The Bottom Line

Do not let hackers steal your content, as they are notorious for targeting personal and business information and using it as blackmail. You might fall in the arms of these hackers at any point, and it is wise to use the services of LastPass data protection.

The company works by safeguarding your password through an encryption process that prevents a second person from accessing it. Moreover, you can earn from their affiliate program when you register through Impact Radius, a third party working with LastPass.

You will earn a 25% commission for each product you sell, and it could be a valuable source of passive income, especially if you are a professional IT expert.