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Different key players in our industry contribute to our daily needs: hotels, shopping stores, machine shops, and the likes. Our synergy with them lies with the wares and services they provide.

But apparently, these vital commercial players don’t only bring about our necessities, but they also put their best efforts into building relationships through discounts and exclusive access to promos.

The LivingSocial stands along with your needs and wants to save your costs in finding valuable deals! So they got everything for you, including an affiliate program that shapes online marketing today.

If you want to make $100 a day, let’s go ahead and check this article featuring LivingSocial Affiliate Program Plus 10 Ways to Make Money.

About LivingSocial

Formed in 2008, LivingSocial is the pioneer of the daily deals model and the most significant player in the industry. The company sells one deal per day on three large self-service platforms:, Facebook, and Mobile; reaching 44 U.S. metro areas with 32 million registered customers to date

LivingSocial’s mission is to create more moments for a better life — for both people who buy its products and businesses that sell and enable a more social world through the collective power of its customers and merchants.

The services that are known to be offered by LivingSocial include:

  • A coupon for anything you want! There is a wide variety of products to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that matches your needs.
  • Access discounts and deals from local businesses in your area
  • Access travel deals and vacation deals around the world
  • Access deals for movie tickets, hotels, restaurants, and more.

About the LivingSocial Affiliate Program

LivingSocial offers a unique opportunity for everyone to create content about the company and its products in exchange for commissions. In particular, the program allows potential bloggers and social influencers with an established audience to monetize their blog or website through affiliate marketing—referring customers who buy deals from, Facebook, or other channels to establish connections.

The company offers a wide range of products and services in entertainment, travel, food and drink, and other categories. Being said, affiliates are encouraged to promote all products and services from LivingSocial through advertising and promotion. The company also has the option for the affiliate to create their own offers for their customers.

The affiliates typically have access to various marketing materials, including banners, newsletters, and blog posts. In addition, affiliates can learn about LivingSocial through different channels, such as social media sites and blogs. The affiliate network also offers the opportunity for bloggers to earn a commission for each deal they refer to the company.

How Does the LivingSocial Affiliate Program Work?

The first stage is to sign up with the company as an affiliate. Affiliates are direct representatives of the company aspiring to engage with customers to increase the company’s publicity and revenue.

Here, you have to register as their customer first to start. Then, once your application is approved, the company will provide a set of marketing banners and coupon codes to use. 

The second stage of this affiliate program is promotion and advertising. As long as the company approves your personalized marketing banners, you may create a blog or website or make quality content on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to attract potential referrals.

The program has “Deal Bucks” — a credit redeemable only when a non-LivingSocial customer you refer becomes a LivingSocial customer and makes a qualifying purchase on the site. 

The last stage of this affiliate program is rewarding affiliate commissions. In this program, you may earn up to a maximum of $100 in a Deal Bucks over a life of your participation across all referrals. Note that only new users who have never purchased a voucher from the LivingSocial’s website can count as your potential referral.

Commission Structure

The LivingSocial Affiliate Program has an exciting and straightforward commission structure broken down into three different ways. These are earnings for leads and fixed price revenue shares.

Earnings for Leads

The first type of commission you can make is through what LivingSocial calls “Leads.” This means anytime someone completes a purchase on the site and you have signed up as an affiliate, LivingSocial will pay you 20% of the total sale value (including any discounts).

This program’s great because it does not matter how much of a discount customers get for every purchase.

Fixed Price Revenue Shares (FPRS)

The second type of commission you can do is through Fixed Price Revenue Shares (FPRS). This means that there will always be an agreed-upon fixed revenue share rate, and you earn this every time someone purchases LivingSocial.

To get this, you must have created your own LivingSocial store and be approved to sell products.

Commission Percentage

The commission rate for LivingSocial Affiliate Program is 5% or $5 per person referral. So, if you want to achieve $100 a day, you need to refer 20 people or qualify a customer’s purchase amounting to $50.

Affiliate Cookie Window

The affiliate cookie window of this program expires after 72 hours. This means that if a customer comes to LivingSocial within this time frame but doesn’t convert, you will still get credit for the sale.

How to Join the LivingSocial Affiliate Program? 

Currently, the LivingSocial Affiliate is in partnership mainly with CJ Affiliate, an affiliate network. Joining the program is for free with no hidden costs or additional charges. You may click this link to get yourself registered, but here are some notes to take:

  • You must have an active email address and contact number for updates and verification purposes. 
  • Once you have verified your email, you must agree with all the terms and agreements under the CJ Affiliate network, such as the Publishing Service Agreement, Software Policy, and Privacy Policy.
  • You have to read these agreements carefully since they will be your guidelines in generating commissions and marketing your affiliate links.
  • Once agreed, you may now proceed in setting up your account dashboard!

Benefits of LivingSocial Affiliate Program

Earn money on every referral you make

Earning is made easy through getting new referrals who make a qualifying purchase on the LivingSocial’s website. In this program, you don’t have to do hard selling or cold calls. Instead, by creating meaningful content or catchy ideas to attract customers, you can make commissions!

Get paid quickly and securely

You are working with one of the reputable e-commerce companies that cater to global clients for travel, entertainment, and marketing needs. Being said, earning through this affiliate program can be quick and secure simultaneously.

The company doesn’t only operate this affiliate program on their own; they also team up with different affiliate networks to enhance their data security against hijackers.

Be your own boss

If you plan to work with your terms and focus on your resources, this affiliate program gives you a competitive edge in working as your own boss. However, remember that you have to build your network as well to leverage your affiliate program. Hence, this program knows no supervisors or micromanagers.

Drawbacks of LivingSocial Affiliate Program

Low commission percentage

The earning potential is not as high as the other programs out there. Unlike other affiliate programs, LivingSocial only provides a 5% commission that can be tight to generate income in the long run. So, the attrition rate could also be higher compared to other companies.

Many services to offer

The site has three main categories, which contain approximately 7 subcategories with different niches. Since it has many services to offer, it is your challenge to study the current demand and prioritize the right services for your customers.

Being said, it would take time and effort to sustain their updates also.

Quick cookie duration

Making commissions through a quick cookie duration is unforgivable, especially for beginners. While this program is open for the inexperienced and the starters, getting commissions can be hard due to the 3-day duration. 

How to Make $100 a Day with the LivingSocial Affiliate Program?

To reiterate, you may earn up to a maximum of $100 as you get new referrals through this affiliate program. You have two methods to make money — either in generating new leads or having a qualifying purchase from a new customer.

Hence, in a day, refer 20 people or qualify a customer’s purchase amounting to $50 to achieve your daily quota. 

Don’t panic; this article lists down the plan B in case you want to pursue another affiliate program related to LivingSocial:

Alternative Affiliate Programs

  1. Shopify Affiliate Program 
  • Commission Rate: 20% recurring 
  • Affiliate Window:  30 Days
  1. Etsy Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 5% per sale
  • Affiliate Window: 30 Days
  1. Udemy Affiliate Program 
  • Commission Rate: 25% per sale 
  • Affiliate Window: 7 Days
  1. Walmart Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 1% to 4%
  • Affiliate Window: 3 Days

10 Ways to Make Money with LivingSocial Affiliate Program

Feature a unique sight or food on your blog, then share the deal on it

Featuring a unique sighting or food on your blog gives new ideas for your customers to join with LivingSocial’s. For instance, if you are lucky enough to live close to LivingSocial is located, spend a day there exploring.

The best way to explore the new place is by looking at all of the sights it has. Then use your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) with great photos to share with your friends and followers. Finally, don’t forget to share a deal on it using your affiliate link.

Click here to learn how to start a blog.

Create a LivingSocial coupon exclusive only for the holidays

“Ber” months can be tough on people financially as well as emotionally, speaking of September to December. You may take this as your opportunity to provide valuable deals with your potential customers.

So, why not create a LivingSocial coupon that will help you make some money while spreading cheer simultaneously? From time to time, check for any updates with great deals to the nearest hotel or destination in partnership with LivingSocial.

Share your LivingSocial affiliate link in the comments section of a blog post that mentions their product.

Commenting on blogs about LivingSocial’s or its related competitors can bring an audience gradually. But, first, you may share how you love them, what they offer, why people should join them, and where to find a great deal.

Then, you may include an invitation to visit your site for more information and to join. The more you provide suggestions, the higher chance you get new referrals — as quick as that!

Create a list of your favorite LivingSocial deals

Everyone has their favorites, but why not share yours with other people? Giving your audience various ideas on new deals offered by LivingSocial can potentially make a qualifying purchase on the site.

You may write a blog, post a video, share a review, and publish them through your social media networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this way, you may amplify your thoughts and gather a different audience in just one post.

If you have a small business, offer LivingSocial deals for your customers.

LivingSocial is not just about retail but also services. There are plenty of businesses that already benefit from this opportunity, and they deeply enjoy the ease of promoting to new clients. Make sure you know what your audience needs before you market.

Engage with them and speak about great deals offered by LivingSocial. For example, you can host some sweepstakes and offer a LivingSocial deal in the winner’s package.

Host a giveaway on gift certificates and vouchers

You can create customized vouchers or certificates that match any occasion, such as birthdays, holidays, etc. You may also offer a wide range of prizes that will engage your customers to participate.

So, the best way to conduct giveaways could be through Facebook Live since you’ll engage with real-time audience connections.

You may also include your affiliate link to let your viewers visit the LivingSocial’s site to check more deals.

Hosting an event and promote LivingSocial deals

Sometimes, the best way for people to get motivated is by making it social. All you need is to be active about this opportunity! You can create events on Facebook or use other platforms with friends and strangers interested in LivingSocial’s.

You can even use a hashtag to categorize and track your event to have better results in promoting them on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter).

Pin the best offers from LivingSocial to Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent platform to market products or services, and it can be accessed from the computer and your mobile phone. There are plenty of bloggers, so you may want to try a few different strategies for you to get more clicks on your affiliate link through LivingSocial’s site.

Share offers with local restaurants

If any restaurant near you is in partnership with LivingSocial, make sure you share its offers with your friends and family. It can be a birthday celebration, an anniversary date, or just about any special occasion — all of these can be celebrated at their restaurant! So why not give them the opportunity?

Hosting a party for local businesses

Another great way to promote LivingSocial deals is to host a party for local businesses. For example, you may invite some of your friends or other people from social media sites and have them join you at the event. Of course, it can be hosted on Facebook Live, which could create an even more interactive atmosphere!


LivingSocial is indeed doing its best to create more moments for a better life — for both people who buy its products and businesses that sell and enable a more social world through the collective power of its customers and merchants.

Their market presence is untamed, robust, and impactful for those who want to find valuable deals such as discounts and promos.

Ultimately, the LivingSocial Affiliate Program unites the collective causes by allowing everyone to make money with secure and sustainable benefits. 

We hear your heart’s desire — send your application today and be a LivingSocial affiliate!

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