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Your inner personality manifests in how you carry yourself outside. The saying is true — you can’t be beautiful without seeing yourself for your beauty, and you can’t be confident without feeling yourself any confidence.

The same goes for celebrating inner self through cosmetics — your expression rules the outside – you do you.

What’s inside is what counts, and that’s why MAC Cosmetics has made it their mission to help women feel beautiful inside out through a line of cosmetics designed to accentuate your natural beauty through an affiliate program.

With that being said, join us in this post for the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program basics, how to join, and Ten Ways to Make Money promoting their products!

About MAC Cosmetics

As one of the leading cosmetic brands worldwide, MAC Cosmetics has supplied quality products for over 30 years.

MAC Cosmetics is a family-owned company that provides more than 80% of its product to customers through the sales associates at its retail outlets and the online store and independent beauty professionals.

The headquarters are located in New York City with additional offices in Canada, France, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

MAC Cosmetics has a vast range of products to suit all skin tones, ages, and even genders, with collections like Viva Glam for celebrities who want to leave their mark on everyone they meet. The company’s mission is “to make people feel more beautiful.”

About the MAC Cosmetic Affiliate Program

This program is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. However, to start earning money from your blog or website, you need to sign up for affiliate membership by completing an online form and linking your site to MAC’s product database.

The company offers a range of tracking tools to measure all affiliate activity accurately and report it back to affiliates every month.

MAC provides a wide range of affiliate tools and marketing materials, including banners, high-res images, logos, and some eBooks to help you increase your commissions by providing as much content for your readers as possible.

The MAC Affiliate Program has no monthly fee or minimum purchase requirements on products — all you need is an active blog that can be linked to MAC’s website and you’re all set.

How Does the MAC Cosmetic Affiliate Program Work? 

First, you need to sign up for the affiliate program by completing an online form and linking your site to MAC’s product database. 

Next, you’ll be able to choose from banners, high-res images, logos, and some eBooks that will help you increase your commissions while providing as much content for your readers as possible. The company provides a range of tracking tools to accurately measure all affiliate activity and report it to affiliates monthly.

The company has a very generous and flexible affiliate program that is cost-effective and rewarding for its affiliates. It offers no monthly fee or minimum purchase requirement — as long as the blog owner has an active site with content about their products or services that can be linked to MAC’s website, then they’re all set.

Commission Structure

Building your strategy on how to generate commission comes by studying the program’s structure first. With that being said, the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program follows the coupon code and linear structure. Let’s discuss them below:

Coupon codes are best provided when affiliates post blogs or advertise their marketing materials with captions. Hence, engagements can be much more sustainable when your readers give a follow-up check on the latest materials as provided by MAC Cosmetics.

In this way, your coupon codes may come with discounts that customers can avail themselves of exclusively during their clicks.

Additionally, the company rewards affiliates a directly proportional amount of commission as to how much a customer qualifies for a purchase. It means that affiliates get the commission from the predetermined percentage that this program offers. 

Commission Rate

Today, the commission rate of the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program depends on the affiliate network you can work with. We’re listing it down for your reference:

  • VigLink Network: 4.00% commission rate
  • Flex Offers: 3.99% commission rate
  • Rakuten Advertising: 3.00% cashback commission rate
  • SkimLinks: unavailable 

Affiliate Cookie Window 

The affiliate cookie window of the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program endures within 30 days. You have to note this period since this affiliate program only honors and welcomes all qualified sales during this period.

Any sales made out of this provided cookie duration may be considered as void and null, disqualifying in the end.

How to Join the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program

There are several ways for you to join the affiliate program. Since their website doesn’t feature any registration process, you may join MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program through the following affiliate networks:

Caveat: Before clicking on the provided registration pages, you have to check and prepare the following requirements:

  • Essential account details: You have to first provide your name and set up your desired username and password. Once you have provided a valid email, a notification will pop up on your email for verification purposes. 
  • Company Information: Since you’re publishing on behalf of MAC Cosmetics, you will have to provide your company’s information, your website domain, and your website description. This will serve as your point-of-contact for all outbound traffic that your affiliate links create.
  • Traffic Sources: Here, you have to describe your specific niche or name your target market so that these affiliate networks can help you find the right audience.

Benefits of MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Marketing

Consistent Cashout

The MAC Cosmetic Affiliate Program rewards its affiliates on time. That’s why whenever you gain commissions, the company pays your earnings on the 15th of the month through Skrill, Paypal, Bank Transfer, or cheque, depending on your convenience.

This first benefit comes with so much consistency — a competitive edge among other cosmetic affiliate programs. 

No Experience is always welcome.

Lest to say, this affiliate program is one of the cosmetic affiliate programs conducive for beginners or people who have no background in affiliate programs and other forms of online marketing.

So, even if you’re an essential worker, an online teacher, or unemployed, you can still participate in this program provided that you can identify your market target and your niche (or expertise). 


This affiliate program doesn’t force any people to stay longer. However, if you prioritize your full-time employment, studies, or becoming a parent, this program supports and understands your non-commitment.

Although it doesn’t sound like a commitment issue, you can quickly get out of this program if you want to. For an easy, laid-back experience, the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program can be your training ground to develop your skills in affiliate marketing.

Drawbacks of Net-A-Porter Affiliate Program

Fake Products Online

Your customers may be at stake for quality assurance concerns when these fake, imitated MAC products can reach them. Undeniably, there are countless products online that pretend to look natural, but they’re actually not.

These questions about authenticity could potentially be a drawback to your affiliate journey. That’s why when you promote your products, you have to show proof that you’re affiliated with MAC Cosmetics.

For instance, you may display your affiliate ID number or link your site to MAC Cosmetics. 

Potential for link hijackers

MAC Cosmetics is a non-exclusive affiliate program that allows you to affiliate with other competing companies. Since the program doesn’t bear exclusivity, potential infringement could happen, particularly in the potential of hijacking your affiliate links.

In this case, you may experience unfavorable results, affecting your performance as well. Thus, this drawback calls for security and protection. 

Personal Data can be infested. 

Since this program may encounter concerns regarding security and protection, personal profiles could be at stake — not just only your personal data but also the data of your referrals and consumers.

As an affiliate, you can secure your website and protect your data with the help of third-party security applications. 

How to Make $100 a Day with the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program?

Making $100 a day is so easy with the MAC Cosmetic Affiliate Program. It’s all about maximizing your efforts and generating traffic to your site.

Your efforts do matter, yet you don’t have to exert too much. That’s why if you want to expand your potential, here are some alternative programs you can join:

Alternative Affiliate Programs

  1. Sundaily Skincare Affiliate Program (Each sales comes with $50 commission, 30-day cookie period)
  2. Yves Roche Affiliate Program (Commission starts at 15% with an affiliate cookie period of 30 days)
  3. Coastal Scents Affiliate Program (7% commission rate plus 45-day cookie period)
  4. Erno Laszlo Affiliate Program (Commission rate begins at 10%, cookie period expires after 30 days)

10 Ways to Make Money with MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program 

Create valuable content on YouTube

YouTube has a massive audience to engage with, most especially now that everyone stays at home. You can monetize your account when you can reach at least 1,000 subscribers. And on top of it, you can gain subscribers that can promote your products, too.

The secret is to create valuable content subscribers can share with their respective social platforms — the more you help them, the higher chances of qualifying purchases through your affiliate links. 

Share a weekly OOTD on Instagram.

It’s unnecessary to post photos on Instagram every day. Instead, for a strategic approach, you may schedule your weekly OOTD postings during Fridays or Saturdays — days that most people are active on Instagram.

You may post squared photos or share MAC products through IG stories. Include your affiliate links on your bio, caption, or embed them in your story for a faster conversion process.

Collaborate with influencers 

In today’s virtual engagements, the best way to find connections and make $100 a day is through collaboration with influencers. Here, you are combining both of your followers into one platform — it may be through podcasts, product reviews, guest blog postings, make-up tutorials, etc.

Just ensure to find influencers who share a similar niche with you to avoid wasting resources and time. 

Create a list of their top products for sale

People love to see a fresh, updated list of cosmetic products always on sale with genuinely favorable discounts. So if you’re a blogger or a product reviewer who has established networks online, you may create a list of MAC Cosmetic products and post it on your social media.

In this approach, you’re allowing your customers to buy products with exclusive offers. 

Share make-up tips via email marketing.

Newsletters featuring make-up tips on looking fresh and feeling younger every day is another way to convert viewers as your customers potentially. You may send it to your friends, colleagues, or even with your workers.

Through the help of email marketing, you can build your network and provide more clicks to your affiliate website. When your campaign is through email, don’t forget to include your affiliate links in your signature. 

Paid Ads

Ad campaigns through paid advertisements can be seen on different social media platforms today. It comes in various forms with a particular purpose. For instance, your cosmetic ads campaign can be in the form of YouTube ads, flashing within 5-10 seconds on a user’s screen.

Also, you may pay for Google Adwords, which adds a snippet on Google’s search page. Thus, you may find a specific audience using keywords and targeting.

Twitter Search

Twitter has a search engine that optimizes specific keywords for various topics, such as cosmetic products. It also optimizes hashtags to pay for promoted tweets to let other users see and spread them on Twitter.

Just ensure your keywords are trendy or may feature a trending topic to be part of Twitter’s algorithm through search.

Facebook Ads Manager

Did you know that there are more than 100 accounts created every day on Facebook? You may create an e-commerce page and click on “Ads Manager.” Using this method increases the visibility of your affiliate page on different news feeds, establishing outbound traffic to MAC’s website. 

Google+ Communities

People in Google+ Communities share similar interests like how LinkedIn works. As a growing social media platform, you will find potential customers interested in cosmetic products that can qualify to purchase through the affiliate link you’ll provide.

Here, you have to make them feel confident by sharing valuable content in your blogs, YouTube channel, or affiliate website.

Product reviews are your magnets.

Product reviews featuring MAC Cosmetics can attract your potential customers online. Ensure the organization of your thoughts when posting product reviews — its utility, benefits, and prices.

To make your product review more exciting, you may include coupon codes containing discounts exclusive for people who click them.


The glamour you get on wearing make-up shines your inner personality. However, that winged eyebrows, matte lipsticks, and cat eyes are expensive to cry over something unworthy. As Coco Channel once said, “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Hence, MAC Cosmetics is giving you the reason to get confident and be beautiful — especially with the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program. With a very inclusive climate, no pressure, and a bearable money-generating program, becoming beautiful inside out is so easy with MAC Cosmetics.

Thus, the time is ticking for you to be part of the program. So go ahead and join now!