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Beauty is the essence of life, and we all love everything that is appealing to the eyes and adds to the elegance of the places we are in. The work of art and craft makes these places appealing from the interior of our homes, offices, hotels, and even guest events. There is more to talk about art but specifically, let’s discuss the needs of art and craft in your homes and offices. 

Suppose you need anything that involves crafts, framing, scrapbooking home décor, floral requirements, and any other works of art. In that case, Michaels is the best retailer to deal with, reputed as North America’s most prominent arts and crafts specialty retailer. You will find everything you need at Michaels.

Everybody loves good art, and so apart from the love of art, if you would like to be associated with Michaels, you can sign up to work alongside them. The Michaels affiliate program allows affiliates to be part of their marketing team whereby they refer customers to them and earn commissions from their sales. As an affiliate, there is a lot to benefit from the Michaels affiliate program you will notice in this article.

About the Michaels affiliate program 

At Michaels, affiliates are assured success. Here you will get all the support you need, and all your commissions are accurately tracked to make sure that you earn what you have worked hard for. Michaels is one of the most influential art & crafts retailers in North America, and you can be sure that with such a reputation, promoting their products will not be much of a hustle.

They have everything that art and craft demands at Michaels, ranging from home décor, framing, scrapbooking, and various arts and craft.

When you join the Michaels affiliate program, you give yourself the chance to work with a company that will be with you every step of the way in your marketing endeavors.

Michaels affiliate program commission structure

When you join the Michaels affiliate program, you earn commissions after a customer you refer purchases certain products. With every product that the customer buys, you will earn a 10% commission.

This is, of course, if your customers buy via your affiliate links. Based on the versatility, popularity, and demand of the Michaels art and craft products, you are assured of reliable commissions as an affiliate of Michaels.

You see, art is required in schools, for children and aspiring teenagers in art at home, art products are also needed by different people who use them as the raw materials of their craft. Home décor is also in demand in offices, hotels, and offices. That means that if you work smart, the 10% commissions that Michaels offers you with every sale will cumulatively earn you a reasonable income.

Where to sign up for Michaels affiliate program

To sign up to be an affiliate of Michaels, click here to sign up.

Register to be an affiliate. After you register and fill in all your information, your details will be checked, and upon approval, you will be eligible to work under the Michaels affiliate program. The incredible thing about the Michaels affiliate program is that you will earn a $100 sign-up bonus upon approval of your application, and you begin generating the required traffic to Michaels. 

After every successful sale, you will get a 10% commission. Apart from this, Michaels will provide you with several valuable tools that you can take advantage of to succeed in your affiliate endeavors. For example, Michaels affiliates can benefit from performance optimization and paid media placements during holidays and promotional periods such as Black Friday and back-to-school seasons.

There is so much more to gain from being a Michaels affiliate because they also offer category-level commissioning. In addition, there is a bonus program for top-performing affiliates and increased commissions for affiliates who generate a good number of customers.

Categories to promote at Michaels

As an affiliate, there is so much to promote when you decide to partner with Michaels. Michaels stores are the specialist of all artwork, and everything that customers need, right from kids’ art to home décor, is fully available. 

Here are the various art products you will be promoting as a Michaels affiliate.

Kid’s art 

As a Michaels affiliate, you can promote kids’ art by writing everything you can about such art. In addition, you can come up with different topics that will make parents interested in buying the various kids’ art products available at Michaels.

Also, you can promote the various art needed in schools, and since schools always opt for the highest quality artwork, t will be your job to convince them that Michaels offers them the best. This will not necessarily be a challenge because Michaels’s reputation precedes your marketing efforts.

Home décor art

All the various home décor that clients need is fully available at Michaels. There is everything that clients need as far as home décor is concerned. Michaels is the top specialist retailer that deals with everything customers demand as per their home decor needs. Since there are many home décor varieties, you will have many products to write about, which will help you have creative ideas on how to promote them.

Other art varieties

Since Michaels is not limited, there is so much to work on as an affiliate. At Michaels, you will promote various art and crafts, including beading, knitting, floral items, rubber stamping, paints, and framing. Baking greenery and many seasonal things. With all these products to promote, you will never run out of content when promoting Michaels’s art and craft products. 

Ten ways to make money as an affiliate of Michaels 

To maximize your commissions as an affiliate of Michaels, there are various ways you need to capitalize on, and they are highlighted below.


Blogging is one of the best ways affiliates can start making money. Your blog is the avenue you use to communicate with your potential customers to buy the products you are selling.

A good blog is essential in affiliate marketing because it represents you. The impression that you show to your website visitors will matter, and if it is a good impression, you will be halfway to winning them. You need to create an excellent image to win those you talk to in a very marketing approach. Your language must also be easy to understand, clear to the point, and full of actual convincing facts.

Affiliate marketing is a serious business that can earn you thousands, even hundreds of dollars if done well. It is for this reason that you should invest in creating a good blog. In addition, include good content that points out why clients need Michaels products and how they solve their problems. If you are not an expert in writing good blogs, don’t worry because you can hire freelancers to do it for you, provided you give them clear instructions.

Within the content of your website, embed your affiliate link so that visitors can click when they get convinced to make a purchase. Have the affiliate link at strategic places that customers can easily see and click to get redirected to Michaels to make a purchase.

Use the right topics

The topics you write about should be carefully selected so that what you write about can be relevant. Write about issues that solve problems so that whenever visitors read your blog’s content, they will have reason to click on your affiliate website. Write about topics that aren’t very much written about, but customers still search for them.

That will get you on top of the competition and propel you to the top. However, the most important thing is that what you write is relevant and solves your potential client’s problems. It would help if you wrote about topics that will compel your potential clients to buy the Michaels products you promote.

Master SEO

After having a good website, you must figure out how to make it known and easily accessible. Remember, visitors will have access to your website depending on what they search. Search engines will use the words they use in their searches to get them the relevant websites that address their issues.

Using the right keywords will put your website in the limelight, so whenever potential visitors type certain words related to your website, your website will appear on the first pages of search engines.

To make your blog appear on the first pages of search engines requires that you master SEO. Search engine optimization is the search engines’ strategy to relay search results to people looking for particular information on the internet.

To get the proper attention, you need to equip your website with the most used keywords. Also, you should have the appropriate keyword density. Having the right keywords and the proper keyword density will get your website among the first pages of search engines.

Use backlinks

Backlinks are the networks that link your websites to other good websites. As a result, your website gets more popular, appears trustworthy, and ranks better with search engines. Backlinks are an excellent tool that affiliates should utilize because they play a significant role in making websites popular and well ranking. In addition, when clients consider your website trustworthy, they will trust what is in it, and they will be easily convinced to take action as you intend.

Turn the visitors to your website into active clients

Getting your website on the first pages of search engines and accumulating visitors is one thing and getting them to make money for you is another. After you have had the attention you so much wanted, it is time to make those visitors start taking action to make you money. 

After you have addressed the various problems your potential clients meet, you should direct them to Michaels. To do that, you will need to have your affiliate link placed in the right places. Precise locations are locations that meet with the customers’ intention to decide. For example, you can talk about the various ways to improve a child’s art, then right after you are done explaining, you can embed your link right there so that the visitor can immediately click and get redirected to Michaels.

Until your clients start purchasing the products you will be selling. You will make money, so target to make them make buying actions.

Start a YouTube channel

How-to content through YouTube will help your visitors understand the various benefits that art products will have for them. Have your link embedded to every view so that clients can quickly get directed to your blog whenever they get interested.

Use Facebook ads

Facebook ads are an effective way of popularizing your blog to a large audience. Have good images in the ad so that many will be interested. Also, have your affiliate link attached to the ad so that interested customers can be redirected to your website for more information. 

Use other social media platforms

Other social platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram can play a good role in popularizing your brand among the users of these platforms. Have attractive, high-quality images on these social media platforms and direct users to your website so that they can click and take buying actions.

Build partnerships with other affiliates

To maximize your audience, make partnerships with other affiliate publishers with similar websites so that they can redirect their visitors to your website, and you can also do the same for them. As a result, you will have more clients and more chances of increasing your commissions because of the various referrals.

Use coupon codes

Michaels offers coupon codes to its affiliates. Take advantage of such opportunities for you to maximize your commissions by utilizing your coupon codes appropriately. Also, take advantage of the offers and increased commissions that Michaels offers on holidays and festive seasons.