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Microsoft has never ceased to impress the world with far-fetched innovations.

Admit it or not, we’ve witnessed how its presence helped store our ideas in a word document or convey thoughts through PowerPoint slides.

However, they didn’t stop there. Its research and development integrated Microsoft Office 365, a business and productivity software suite, empowering users to optimize their tasks and function singlehandedly.

Through cloud management, users can be twice productive working through the convenience of their phones and laptops. 

Have you ever thought of earning passive income while working with your passion? If yes, Microsoft Office 365 is now offering a spot to become their online marketer through this affiliate program!

This article is your guide about Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program Plus 10 Ways to Make Money without further ado.

About the Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office is a business and productivity software suite available for use on computers running Windows operating systems and Macs, Android devices, iOS mobile phones, and tablets.

The latest version is called Microsoft 365 — a software application that packages Word (office word processing), Excel (spreadsheet creation program), PowerPoint (presentation editor), OneNote (digital notebook), Outlook Mail, and Calendar App, etc.

This application grants one-time access to these essential programs without having to pay for them separately.

The newest version also allows you to work together with others simultaneously in real-time across various devices while displaying everything from your laptop screen or through your mobile phone. 

Now, Microsoft does not only grant accessibility but also allows people to gain money online through affiliate marketing.

About the Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program

The Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program is a marketing platform that enables everyone to promote products without selling. 

The program has various advertising formats which enable you to make your website more prominent on search engines for people searching Microsoft Office topics.

For example, banner ads look like what you see above or below this paragraph, and text links, typically underlined.

There’s also a Microsoft Office newsletter that you can sign up for to stay informed about new developments and promotions.

Every talent is welcome in this program. In other words, the program doesn’t require you to have prior experience in business marketing to get qualified.

However, your interest in learning, consistent skill, and passion for earning is essential to becoming an affiliate.

How Does the Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program Work?

Affiliates can gain commission every time they can get customer referrals who make qualifying purchases of Microsoft 365.

In other words, once signed up, they’ll be able to use any of Microsoft’s programs — which you can make money from by referring to them.

This affiliate program is only available in certain countries: United States, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, and Japan.

Other countries not mentioned are not allowed for this program. 

With that being said, every country provides sales tracking software to check the progress of sales and commissions earned by affiliates within 30 days from the click date.

The potential earnings for the Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program are limitless and dependent on how many referrals you give.

You can start earning money as soon as someone signs up with your referral link, which is available once they sign-up to use Microsoft’s products.

Commission Structure

This affiliate program’s commission structure is different from most because it’s based on the number of subscriptions, not dollars spent.

The commission structure is as follows:

You’ll earn 5% on the purchase amount when a customer buys any subscription types (monthly, annual, or one-time purchase) with your affiliate link.

There are also other ways you could make money with the Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program:

  • $10 for each renewing subscription — this is a yearly renewal.
  • $5 for each monthly plan.

More importantly, you won’t earn a commission if the customer cancels its order before the end of the following month.

And the company adjusts the commission accordingly when customers change the number of seats on​​ their subscription before the end of the following month.

Commission Percentage

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft will net you 5% on the purchase amount when a customer buys any subscription type. 

Affiliate Cookie Window

The Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program has a “referral period” of up to 30 days to credit a qualifying sale after they last clicked your affiliate link. Beyond this period accounts no commissions. 

How to Join the Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program?

If you want to become an affiliate with Microsoft Office 365, you can do so by filling out an application form on their website.

The affiliate program is free to join, and affiliates are not required to have a merchant account or any other type of account with Microsoft to participate as long as they fulfill the requirements.

This program is mainly empowered by Rakuten Advertising, so things to note when joining the program:

  • No matter what country you are in, the commission rates will be converted to USD.
  • The application must include a link that Microsoft Office 365 can use for tracking purposes. You’ll also need an affiliate ID and password used by affiliates when they log into their account on Rakuten Advertising’s website. Once your new sign-up is approved, you’ll be sent an email containing the information.
  • Affiliates must have a domain with at least one keyword matching Office 365 to go through their account application. This will allow Microsoft to track your efforts and see which keywords people use when clicking on links that lead them back to the office.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program

Microsoft Office 365 provides an essential tool for virtual offices and online classrooms.

With over 100 million people worldwide using offices for their work—from students to virtual offices to small businesses —Office 365 brings together productivity tools from email and online storage to collaboration across devices.

In addition, it provides essential tools for virtual offices and online classrooms so that you can be productive at home or work.

Hence, marketing this product is an actual win-win situation for both the affiliate and Microsoft.

Easy Money

The affiliate can make $5 per every customer they refer to Microsoft Office, which will go up to $25 after the first year.

This is an especially great way for affiliates who want a recurring monthly income because it will be continuing long after you’ve joined the program.

Plus, there’s no limit on how many customers you can refer, so your earnings could be unlimited.

Work from Home

The affiliate program is available for the US and Canada. One of our favorite reasons to promote a product like this, though, is that it lets you work from home.

It’s not always easy to find legit jobs today, especially if particular employment requires previous experience or skills.

So this company wants people with basic computer skills who are willing to do some work from home.

Drawbacks of Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program

Limited International Service 

This affiliate program is only available in ten countries. Due to its limited presence internationally, online marketers from fast-paced and developing economies like Singapore, India, China, and the Philippines cannot expand networks.

These places have the most significant working forces in the global market. Hence, this could be a drawback for the affiliate program. 

The Windows Store only lists the latest version.

Windows Store only lists the latest version of Office 365, which means there is no way to tell prospects about all of their options.

For example, one situation is that you can’t promote an annual subscription for Office 365 Home with a four-year subscription option since it doesn’t exist in the store.

Or, you can’t promote the Personal subscription if you want to cover someone’s needs for a few months while they wait for their school semester or year-long project to be completed.

Microsoft does not support lead gen sites or affiliates.

Microsoft does not support lead gen sites or affiliate programs. Therefore, if running this program, your best bet is to utilize the in-house tools and platform features for affiliates like yourself.

So, if your site’s traffic is primarily driven by SEO, you will need to be very careful in using this affiliate program because it cannot help boost your rankings for anything on Google or Bing.

How to Make $100 a Day with the Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program?

Finding a suitable customer base is a no-brainer in this affiliate program. Undeniably, Microsoft Office 365 is now an essential tool for virtual classrooms and professionals working from home who need solutions in their everyday tasks.

Now, the goal is to make $100 a day — it means that you have to find ten customer referrals or at least new customers who avail $200 worth of Microsoft subscription.

But if you find it hard to settle, you may also check the following affiliate programs:

Alternative Affiliate Programs

  1. Logitech Affiliate Program (Each sale comes with a 4% commission with a 30-day cookie period)
  2. Simplilearn Affiliate Program (Commission starts at 10% with an affiliate cookie period expiring after 30 days )
  3. Google Workspace Affiliate Program ($30 commission in all qualifying sales, 30 days cookie period)
  4. HubSpot Affiliate Program (Qualified sales can range from $250 – $1,000 per sale, and its cookie period endures after 90 days)

10 Ways to Make Money with Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program

Promote Microsoft Office 365 products through your e-commerce website.

E-commerce websites have a more direct line to customers, so it’s easy for you to promote Microsoft Office 365 products.

During the purchasing process of any Microsoft Office 365 product, you will receive a commission if they click on your affiliate link to purchase the exact product you recommend.

Plus, if you have an e-commerce website, it’s even easier to promote Microsoft Office 365 products because of the various methods in place.

Facebook and Twitter

If you’re active in either of the aforementioned social media platforms, you can promote Microsoft Office 365 straightforwardly.

The best way to promote is to provide valuable content — meaning, Microsoft Office 365 reviews — and provide a link in your posts’ descriptions.

This will get more people interested in their tweets or Facebook shares that they’ll click on to be redirected to the download page.

Video streaming 

If you have a video streaming website like YouTube and are active in it, Microsoft Office reviews content is best to publish.

Your insights provide more information about the product to those who watch your videos — meaning, they’ll know what’s inside of their purchase before clicking on any link that leads them to a page where they’re asked for payment details.

In this way, you can offer a review that is unbiased and helpful at the same time.

Encourage your followers to sign up.

Set up an account and use it as a selling point in all of your posts.

For example, you can write about how easy it is to make money by simply buying this product or service from Microsoft Office.

You might even go so far as writing a blog post about how to join the program and what you’ll need.

Plus, you can also let your followers know about the affiliate cookie period expiring after 30 days.

When you’re contributing valuable insights to your readers, then you’re more likely to have someone click on the link in your bio and sign up.

Promote Microsoft Office 365 through your website’s banner ads

If you have a website, then adding banners related to these products is an option that can be explored.

To do this, create new ad campaigns and select from any of the following: OneDrive, MSN Weather App (formerly Bing Weather), Skype for Business Online, Microsoft Security Essentials, Office 365, or any other software and services that Microsoft owns.

Moreover, you can embed banners that have links to the purchase page of these products.

Email signature

One way you may not think about promoting is by adding a link in your email signature and sending out an email with a subject line related to the product, such as “Make Money with Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program,” for example.

Moreover, you can include a call-to-action in your email signature by including your affiliate link or assigning coupon codes that have exclusive discounts for a limited period. 

Paid ads on Facebook or Google Adwords

Running an ad campaign via Facebook Ads Manager (formerly known as Power Editor) or Google Adwords also empowers you to gain commissions.

These are very effective because you can control the budget and reach, meaning your content about Microsoft Office 365 can target those who need it most.

In addition, these ads can attract customers since they’re relevant. They know that many people are looking for these offers and will be more likely to click on them.

Create an infographic or video about Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program

If you have creative tools like Canva, you may also create infographics related to this product with links back to where readers can purchase what you’re promoting.

Alternatively, you could create a video of your own 60 seconds long or less and upload it to YouTube for more visibility.

Remember, the more you feed your viewers with insights, the more you can convert customers.

Guest post on blogs related to this topic

If possible, write an article about Microsoft Office 365 Affiliate Program through guest blogging opportunities on relevant websites in the same niche as yours.

This can be an excellent way of attracting readers to your site and generating more traffic. But, of course, your content has to be quality and values relating to Microsoft Office, such as how to make money with it or how you can sign up for the program.


If you ever thought of earning passive income while working with your passion, then let your thoughts make them into reality through Microsoft Office 365’s affiliate program — the latest innovation that Microsoft integrated to expand its visibility and presence online.

Indeed, today’s virtual workplaces require a fast, reliable suit to increase work performance and productivity.

For sure, with the significant demands for a better software application, Microsoft Office 365 is the way to go. Be an affiliate today!

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