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Mint Intuit does not have an affiliate program, so here we will look into some of the alternative options you can take. But first, here’s a little introduction to Intuit and Mint.


Intuit is a financial software provider based in the United States. The company’s headquarters are in Mountain View, California. It was founded in 2983 in Palo Alto, California, USA. The company has reported a revenue of $6.78 billion as of 2019. The total number of employees in the company is 10600, as reported in 2021. The company’s main products are personal finance, tax return software, and accounting software. The company has different product lines like QuickBooks, TurboTax, and

The first product by Intuit was Quicken, which competes with Microsoft Money. In 1993 the company made its IPO. Microsoft made a buyout offer in 1994, which the US department of justice disapproved. After this, the company had immense pressure on it. So it launched new products which were web-based and put more effort into them. These products were QuickBooks and TurboTax.

The company has an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary called Intuit Canada ULC. The company’s CEO is Susan Goodarzi, and the chairman of the board is Brad D. Smith. The company’s operating income, Net Income, Total Assets, and total equity as of 2019 are  USD 1.85 billion, USD 1.55 billion, USD 6.28 billion, and USD 3.75 billion, respectively. It is traded as INTU on Nasdaq.

Mint Intuit

Mint is a financial management website and mobile app for the markets of the United States and Canada. Intuit develops it. The service was founded in 2006 by Aaron Patzer. Intuit acquired it in 2009, and back then, it had only 35 employees. As of 2016, Mint claimed to have more than 20 million users.

Mint app manages your money for you. It helps you with your cash, credit cards, investments, and bills. It helps to spend smarter and save more with its Mintsights feature. Mint helps you improve your spending habits and develop a powerful budget to achieve your financial goals. Bill-tracking through the app makes sure you never miss a due date. The app alerts if you are paying more than you need to. With all these amazing features, Mint is a preferred choice by many to sort out their finances.

Some alternative affiliate programs to Intuit’s Mint are included in this article but first, let’s get a good sense of what an affiliate program means.

What Is An Affiliate Program

Companies offer these to increase their sales and expand their customer base. The affiliates promote a company’s products on their website, blog, or social media. For this, they use URLs provided by the company, which have unique identifiers in them. These identifiers help track referrals and sales from each affiliate. When a person clicks the link on the affiliate’s website, they are redirected to the company’s website. Here they can purchase the product or service for which the program is designed. The affiliates get a percentage of commission for each sale through their link.

Some programs pay a percentage of sales while others have a fixed amount per sale. Most programs pay money as rewards, while some choose to give out gift cards as rewards. Tracking cookies help you earn commission days after the initial visit to your website. These can range from 1 day to 120 days or even more. Some programs have a minimum amount or particular pay period policy for giving out rewards.

Affiliate programs are a great way to add content to your website and increase its authority. A lot of bloggers or hobbyists do affiliate marketing for passive income. Some people make affiliate marketing their primary source of income.   


QuickBooks initial release was in 1983. It is developed and operated by Intuit. It is mainly targeted towards small and medium-sized businesses. The accounting services through the QuickBooks brand are offered both as on-premises software and cloud-based services. The services help businesses accept business payments, manage and pay bills and payroll.

QuickBooks Affiliate Program

It allows QuickBooks partners and prospects to provide QuickBooks to their customers. By placing a QuickBooks logo on their websites and selling QuickBooks financial software, they can earn a referral fee. The program allows a member to offer the QuickBooks products to their customers at a discount.

The program offers affiliate commissions up to 10% from every sale originating from the member’s website.

 Intuit does all shipping and order management. The publisher only has to put marketing materials approved by Intuit on their website. The company provides an online Affiliate toolkit that helps track sales.

The company provides QuickBooks Logos and guides you about content creation, links, and banners on your website. Once the banner is live on the website, the publisher can start earning commissions.

Anyone with a functioning website can join the program. The company has the right to accept or reject membership applications. At the moment, the company is only accepting applications from websites within the United States. You can register multiple websites that you operate using your account. You will be able to track commissions of each site separately, and you will be paid with one commission check for all your websites.

To create links, you have to go to the QuickBooks Affiliate toolkit and follow the instructions. A tag generator creates HTML for you that you can cut and paste into your website. Try to put affiliate links in areas with more traffic, and they are more visible, like your homepage or navigation bar.

Update your links frequently because new products are constantly added by the company. 

Payment is sent out each month provided the publisher earned commissions of more than $50. Until they don’t reach that amount, the company has the right to detain commission. You can even earn commissions on products you’ve purchased through your website.


Turbotax is software for preparing income tax returns in the United States. It was initially released in 1984. The software is developed by Michael A. Chipman in 1984 and was sold to intuit in 1993. The Intuit Consumer Tax Group headquarters are in San Diego, where TurboTax is developed. 

TurboTax Affiliate Program 

TurboTax helps you make filing tax returns easy for your customers while earning great commissions. 

To apply for the affiliate program, go to and click on “Apply here” under the “where Do I apply?” subheading. The Commission Junction. This publisher sign-up page will open up. Follow the instructions to complete the signup form and register yourself with Commission Junction.

The company gives a cobranded microsite to be used by the affiliate’s customers. The commission percentage is 15%, but payments will be released only if amounts totaling the primary tax season exceed $300.

During the agreement, the affiliate is not allowed to promote any other web-based tax preparation service. Your commission will be calculated based on the amount of fees users on your co-branded microsite pay for facilities on your microsite.  The company provides Logos and graphics for promotion. These can be found in the Marketing Toolkit of the Setup Site. You can check your progress 24/. The company gives out payment in mid-June, at the end of the Primary tax season. 

The online enrollment applications are reviewed between September & March. The program is free to join, and there is no annual membership fee.


ProConnect subsidiary of Intuit. It is a professional tax software developed and distributed by Intuit. It is targeted towards businesses and individuals. ProConnect has three packages, i.e., Lacerte, ProSeries, and ProConnect Tax.

ProConnect Affiliate Programs

To submit a referral, call tel:+18335454825 and provide the necessary information to the program representative. You can earn a $500 gift card for referral to Lacerte, a $250 gift card for ProSeries, and a ProConnect Tax. The referred friend receives $100 value for Lacerte, ProConnect Tax, and ProSeries. For ProSeries Professional Tax Library, the friend receives a $50 value.


It was founded in 181 by David Goldman, Paul Muller, and Sir Graham Wylie. The company’s headquarters are in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom. It has offices in 24 countries. The company provides products related to Accounting, CRM, and MRP. The company reported a revenue of $1903 million in 2020. As of 2015, the company had 6.1 million customers and 13400 employees.

Sage Affiliate Program

You will earn commissions on all the sales and free trials that are generated from your registered website. The program has a 30-day cookie window. This means that a sale within 30 days of the initial visit by a customer makes you eligible for a commission.

The program is global. This means anyone with a functional website or blog can register for the program. The company gives 7% of a sale as commission and a flat $5 commission on free trials. The commission is paid directly into your registered bank account. You can receive a commission in the currency of your choice. You can check your performance and earnings 24/7. 

The program is easy to sign up for. Just go to  and click on the “Apply now” button. A new page will open up. Fill in the form to register with the program. Once the company approves you, you can start earning money.


Gusto was founded in 2011 as ZenPayroll. It serves the United States area. The company’s main products are cloud-based payroll, benefits, and HRM software for businesses. 

Gusto Affiliate Program

This scheme by Gusto is in association with ShareASale. Gusto pays affiliates commissions on sales and leads. The company pays $100 per sale and $50 per lead. The program has a 120-day cookie policy. This means that after an initial visit by a customer, whatever they buy within 120 days earns you a commission.

The company helps you with promotion by providing optimized landing pages and banners. A dedicated affiliate team is ready to assist you with your promotions. There are incentives, bonuses, and special offers each month.

To sign up for the program, go to and click on “Sign up with ShareASale.” On the page that opens up, fill in the required information and forms. Once you’re done with your application, you have to wait for approval then you’re all set to go.


The above-mentioned programs are mostly related to financial services and ERPs. The inspiration for this blog is Mint Intuit, but as it does not have an affiliate program, three of Intuit’s other services are included, which have affiliate programs. Two of Intuit’s competitors Gusto and Sage, are included as alternatives for Mint.

Quickbooks and TurboTax have excellent percentages of commission, 10% and 15%, respectively. The brands have a strong reputation and recognition, making it easy to promote them. The programs pay money which most people prefer rather than gift cards.

ProConnect is also a service by Intuit. The fixed rewards range from $500 to $250 per sale is quite impressive. The drawback for some people is that it rewards using gift cards, which may be inconvenient for some users. The brand is associated with Intuit making it easier to promote.

Sage is the 3rd biggest ERP solution provider in the world. This makes it easier to sell its products using your affiliate link. The program gives you a 7% commission on each sale and even gives $5 for each trial registration through your link. It has a 30-day cookie policy that qualifies you for a commission on sales within 30 days of the initial visit by the customer.

Gusto is a cloud-based HRM software. It pays an attractive reward of $100 per sale and $50 per lead. The company has an amazing 120-day cookie policy. It’s a great way to earn money on your blog.

All these programs have their pros and cons. You have to decide which program suits your website or blog’s audience. Consider a regular and sustainable model of earning passive income while choosing between these options.

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