page title icon Monster Energy Drink Affiliate Program Plus 10 Ways to Make Money

Can you unleash your beast? Do you need a boost? Then Monster Energy is the drink for you. It’s not just an ordinary drink — but a potent energy drink that will provide you with the skills and strength to do anything.

With the help of the Monster Energy Drink affiliate program, you can get in on this energy drink craze and earn money by promoting their products.

If you’re ready to unleash your inner beast with some power-packed juice, then this article will help you know more about the affiliate program plus 10 ways to make money.

About the Monster Energy Drink 

The Monster Energy Drink was created by Kevin and Jody Herndon in April 2002, when they combined their idea of fruit punch with Red Bull to create the original flavor of Monster Energy.

The company is headquartered in Corona, California, where they produce over 18 million cans each week for distribution to over 170 countries.

Monster Energy Drink is available in 16 oz cans, 24 oz bottles, and 64oz growlers. In addition, the drink comes in several different flavors, such as Monster Assault Black Cherry, released in 2010 with the slogan “It’s not just for kids anymore!”

An excerpt from their website: “It’s not just a drink, it’s your life.”

This company has been rated as one of the most successful brands in history because they have sold over two billion cans worldwide since 2002, and its popularity is still growing.

Nevertheless, this drink believes that they provide the ultimate energy to people who need an extra burst of power.

About the Monster Energy Drink Affiliate Program

The Monster Energy Drink Affiliate Program was created to provide people with a way of earning money by promoting the company’s products.

The program is free and easy. All you have to do is place links on your website or blog that customers can click on for them to become an affiliate as well.

Additionally, its unique features include the option to earn commissions on company products or other people’s purchases that you refer to and an instant access system where affiliates can get paid for their sales instantly.

Thus, if you want to make money on the side or just for fun, this is a great program that will not take much time and effort.

How Does the Monster Energy Drink Affiliate Program Work?

First, you will sign up with your name, address, and email.

Second, you can then enter the code they provide to track how many sales have been made from customers clicking on your link or affiliate ID (usually found at the bottom of their website).

This program is straightforward because it does not require any knowledge of HTML or any other coding to place links on your website.

Plus, all you have to do is make a blog post about the Monster Energy Drink and how it can help customers provide their bodies with energy.

Commission Structure

The conversion type of accumulating commissions is different in this program. Unlike the everyday use of coupon codes and referral links, this affiliate program utilizes Click-Per-Cost (CPC), Sweepstakes, and Surveys. Let’s discuss them individually:

CPC generates currency as people click your affiliate link. It means that you can generate outbound traffic as more people come and go with the link you provided.

On the other hand, affiliates can earn a commission whenever a customer has participated in the Monster Energy brand competition through your link exclusive only for the said event.

Lastly, referring customers to giving product reviews or feedback through surveys is another way to accumulate your commission.

Commission Percentage

For each person who participates in any Monster Energy brand competition or by completing the survey provided by the company, you will receive a competitive commission rate of $2.42.

Meaning, you don’t have to let your consumers buy something, but only to participate in games and surveys.

Affiliate Cookie Window

The affiliate cookie window of the Monster Energy Drink is exclusive and has not yet been published. We’ll update this post once it is available.

How to Join the Monster Energy Drink Affiliate Program

If the affiliate process, commission structure, percentage, and cookie window are enough to persuade you to join this program, then here are tips on how to become a Monster Energy Drink affiliate.

You have to create your account on MyLead, an affiliate network serving the affiliate industry since 2014. If this is novel to you, this website works similarly with VigLink, CJ Affiliate, and FlexOffers. Here, you have to click this link and proceed by providing the following:

  • Account Log-In Details: You have to set up your email address, password and give your consent with all terms and conditions provided by MyLead;
  • Email Account Activation: A verification email will be sent to you to activate your email. 
  • Account Personal Information: You have to provide your name, contact information, tax information, payment method, and website domain.

Benefits of Monster Energy Drink Affiliate Program

Establish a reputable branding

Monster Energy Drink has been long known as one of the best energy drinks that the world has ever provided. It has been helping different professionals, sports enthusiasts, and night owls to bring out the best of their potential.

Hence, affiliating with this program establishes a reputable branding for your website or social media page. Meaning, the more you’re credible, the higher you can get commissions.

Empower creativity

Since this affiliate program uses surveys and games in the form of sweepstakes to attract potential customers, it’s time to empower your creativity to boost your engagement rate!

You may conduct a live virtual program or consider partnerships with other affiliate programs related to Monster Energy Drink to expand your audience market. 

Sleeping while earning

How’s that possible when you’re not doing anything but earn and gain? Well, welcome to the world of affiliate marketing, where passive income begins and multiplies over time.

Specifically, this program allows you to earn while sleeping through various marketing platforms and advertisements to convert viewers into potential customers.

Meaning, you may push updates at any time as long as your account is signed in.

Drawbacks of Monster Energy Drink Affiliate Program

Competition on Food and Beverages is tight.

In your affiliate journey, you will notice a heightened rivalry among food and beverages affiliate programs.

Lest to mention, companies like Coke, Pepsi, and other well-known products have a massive, robust, and reputable following online. Plus, these companies have also been partnering with different organizations and providing competitive benefits for their affiliates.

Thus, you have to be strategic when affiliating your links to your audience.

Lots of prohibition

The major drawback of this affiliate program can be found in numerous prohibitions. For instance, you cannot create mobile and incentive traffic, nor use the word “free” or similar terms when sharing your affiliate posts on your social media.

Additionally, affiliates are prohibited from marketing this outside the United States since this program only allows American clients at the moment. 

Tracking of Affiliate Links are Limited

Monster Energy Drink Affiliate Program has its own link tracking, which means that you can’t utilize your personalized system of tracking your affiliate links and promotional banners outside Monster Energy Drink’s system.

In other words, you won’t be able to track your progress in real-time and ensure to see how many people clicked your banner.

How to Make $100 a Day with the Monster Energy Affiliate Program?

To make $100 a Day with this program, you have to make sure that you’re following the guidelines and terms of service. For instance, you need to refer at least 500 customers to make $100 a day with your affiliate links.

You can also refer 1000+ customers for an undisclosed amount given to you by Monster Energy Drink as commission.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Here are some affiliate programs you can join in case you’ll want to explore more:

Alternative Affiliate Programs

  1. Drizly Affiliate Program (Each sale comes with 3% commission with a 10-day cookie period)
  2. Saucey Affiliate Program (Qualified sales come with 4% commission and its cookie period endures after 30 days)
  3. Dew Affiliate Program (5% commission in all orders, 14-day cookie period)
  4. The BroBasket Affiliate Program (Commission starts at 12% with an affiliate cookie period expiring after 30 days )

10 Ways to Make Money with Monster Energy Affiliate Program

Post your honest reviews and ratings about Monster Energy on your blog or social media site

Your honest feedback and ratings about Monster Energy Drinks are crucial for people who haven’t experienced drinking the beverages.

You may debunk myths and feature the real drinking effects of Monster Energy. Also, consider featuring how it affects your mentality and overall performance in a day. By being truthful to your audience, you’ll gain trust and show expertise on the said product.

As you post it online, always include your affiliate links.

Sponsor a music fest by giving people free Monster Energy Drinks

Marketing your products into a larger crowd is pretty challenging, yet its returns are evident. For instance, you may sponsor a music fest by giving people a free Monster Energy Drink.

However, the catch is you have first to collect their contact information such as name, contact number, and active email so they can be part of your solid leads.

In this way, you may attract those who really love Monster Energy Drink!

Post links on forums where consumers are active 

Forum sites such as Reddit welcome various views and opinions about specific topics. Since everything is under the sun, why not give a shot at engaging with consumers with your content about Monster Energy Drink?

By letting them comment on your post or giving them insights about the product, you can potentially convert a sale and gain followers!

Ask your favorite local shop to add Monster Energy Drink as one of the best beverages 

Partnering with your favorite local shop can add the reputation and visibility of your affiliate website. As a Monster Energy Drink affiliate, you will have to ensure that avid buyers of your partner local shops know more about Monster Energy through your marketing banners.

You may offer discounts when buyers would purchase through your coupon code. Just ensure you’re well-coordinated with the store manager for a smooth process.

Offer up reviews on food blog sites where you get paid per post, especially on YouTube

There are websites that you often overlook you can generate money from. For example, have you ever heard of offering up reviews where you get paid per post? Yes, you read it right.

Today, websites like YouTube, Yelp, LivingSocial, and other related sites can pay you for good reviews. The key here is always to embed your affiliate links once you post your review.

So, the more people read it, the more they can click and potentially qualify for a sale. 

Find resellers who are eager to make money on Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have a great deal for your affiliate journey. Here, you can find easy connections, especially with groups related to your goals and aspirations.

For instance, you can find resellers to market Monster Energy Drink products and share your affiliate links. However, this method can be challenging and may take time for you to find trustworthy people. 

Post your favorite local store that sales Monster Energy Drink

Posting your favorite local store allows you to monetize your post by sponsorship. Plus, you’re giving ideas to your viewers on where to buy Monster Energy Drinks.

Your posting can be valuable, especially when there are monthly discounts or promos that your favorite local stores offer.

So, you can write a blog about this or post a lengthy paragraph on Facebook.

Share your review about Monster Energy Drink via Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows different content you can showcase in real-time. And the best way to make money is by sharing your review about the Monster Energy products with your live audience.

You may feature the benefits of drinking this product and share your personal testimonies on how it helped your progress as a person.

In this way, you may appeal to your audience through emotion and let them engage with you through your affiliate links.

Post a TikTok Challenge while drinking Monster Energy Drink

Are you planning to create a trend, increase your followers, and attract new referrals? Then, creating a TikTok challenge is best for you!

Nowadays, people are now looking for fun and exciting ways to ease the boredom during quarantined and lockdown periods. That’s why it’s best to market Monster Energy products through engaging people in doing a TikTok challenge while drinking Monster Energy.

Don’t forget to include your affiliate link in your description box.

Blast an email inviting sports enthusiasts to drink Monster Energy for future training

Have you imagined sending emails and getting paid in the end? Well, imagine no more! You can now campaign and invite sports enthusiasts to drink Monster Energy through email marketing.

Here, your content must be valuable, enough for them to click your affiliate link and be part of your Monster Energy mailing list.

So, whenever someone signs up, you’ll get a reward through commissions. Plus, your affiliate network spreads as you’ll establish more leads. 


They say beasts are made out of fiction. But in reality, it is hidden inside in our hearts, waiting for it to release during challenging moments — beasts that are bearable, manageable, and fostering as we face hardships and difficult moments.

Unleashing this beast takes action, and part of it is by drinking Monster Energy Drink. As one of the world’s favorite energy drinks, you may market them online through their affiliate program.

So, if you want to unleash good beasts, be the best version of yourself by sending your application today!