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Right now in new button, my phone brings me money for just refreshing the page. I was going to test the side hustle, but I’m not going to test the side hustle. You’ll see in this video, um, this content creator believes that you can make a hundred dollars plus every hour. With a new bot. We’re going to react to this.

I’m going to stop this a bunch of times. I’m going to make some faces, and the thumbnail that you saw to click on this video is a face that I actually made while watching this video. So let’s go ahead and break this down. We’re going to look at his process. I’m going to stop this a bunch of times when I get.

Oh, this time I can do absolutely nothing and get money on the passive. And now, so , the first thing, and this is probably gonna be a longer video, but the first thing is, is we always claim that we can make money doing absolutely nothing, and then we proceed to do a whole bunch of steps. Um, in general, I don’t know of a way that you can make money doing absolutely nothing unless it’s investing in the stock market.

Even with affiliate market. It’s not 100% passive. Oh, I’ll show you how to run this book and see how much you can earn in a few hours. So let’s get started. It’s not a bot first, go to the website, serve dot b, and pass here a very simple registration. Be very careful with this website. For it. You need just to enter your username, email, and password.

I have just passed registration and I can already start earning here, but before I show. Did you see the numbers that popped up? It was like 0.0 0 0 0 0 3 5. It’s gonna take a lot of watching videos in order to get to a hundred dollars every hour earnings. I wanna say that you can use this method on any phone, Android, or iPhone.

That is one good thing. Usually his methods, you can only use ’em on Android, which always makes me a little bit nervous, or even on your computer or. I was gonna do this on my, my computer, and then I watched the entire video and I do not want to do this on my computer, which means that today we’ll earn each of you.

And so the first way to make money on this, look at the amount of money. Point zero zero zero three five. How are we going to get to a hundred dollars per day at 0.00035 site is by watching YouTube videos. There are a lot of videos here. For example, if we watch this video for 20 seconds, we get 0.0 0 0 35.

Let’s do some math. Now, you guys, if you’ve watched my channel at all, you know that I’m very bad at. But if we took a hundred and divided that by 0.00035, we’d have to watch 285,714 seconds worth of. Of video, so dollars. Okay, let’s do it. Turn on this video and watch this video for 20 seconds after watching past the capture.

And yep, I already earned 0.000 $35. We are on our way to making a hundred dollars. In one hour, uh, 0 0 0 3 sec three, five, um, cents at a time. That’s cents, that’s not like $35. That’s cents. And you can watch unlimited videos here every single day because the list. I guarantee there aren’t enough videos for you to watch enough to make a hundred dollars per day with this method.

So these videos, not even a hundred dollars per hour, a hundred dollars per day. This is constantly updated and the videos almost never run out. But this site also has a fully automatic way of earning money that will bring you money even when you are asleep. So like this week, the interesting thing, Is he tries this method, he sleeps or goes away from his phone and he doesn’t even make a hundred dollars.

Keep watching here, and I show you everything step by step. To run these earnings, you have to install this site extension to you. Makes me really nervous to install extensions on. On my phone or computer, especially with surf e b, that makes me really nervous and that’s why I didn’t test the side hustle or browser.

But the extension in Google Chrome on your phone doesn’t work. Red flag the report to make money work. Well, you need to download the Kiwi browser. I wonder, hey, I wonder how many downloads the Kiwi browser has. I wonder, you know, when’s the last time it was updated? October 28th, 2022. I don’t know. It is absolutely free browser and there is a link to it below the video.

So download the, probably his affiliate link browser. Open it and go to the website. Serve B login in, then click here and click the extension. And next, click to this button at to Google Chrome. And right after that, this extension is installed. Now when you update a page of any. Now the interesting thing about this method is you actively have to be browsing on the internet for this work.

He’s going to show you in just a moment, a, a another way to kind of make this work on autopilot. But you know, your phone has to be awake, so it has to be connected to a charger. It has to be, you know, actively being used and on that BR web browser and. One of the issues that I, I found just looking at this, is you, unless you have a second or third phone, you can’t do anything else side down below the screen appear.

Now, if you use your laptop, that’s a different story, but like I said, I’m not gonna install any of these chrome extensions on my laptop or desktop first adverting banner for viewing, which you will automatically get money to the. On the side, sir. Me? Yeah. Now you can use your browser the way you want. You can watch YouTube, use Google or whatever.

And as long as you do it, you get money on the passive. So remember that in order for this to work, you have to be, you have to have Google open. You can’t be on TikTok. You can’t be on Instagram, you can’t be on Facebook. You can’t accept a phone call, but somehow you’re gonna make a hundred dollars every single hour.

But be careful if you just open the page and leave it. The banners won’t show for us to start showing. You have to refresh the page. And only then will you continue to get money and how much money. Yeah, so it has to be. You have to be navigating on your phone or or laptop in order for this to work. Honey, you get for each view.

I’ll tell you a little bit later, so watch this video to the end, but I’m sure many of you use your browser 10 minutes a day at the most. For example, I hardly ever use browser on my phone, but I have to go out a way to make money from this extension on a full basis, even when you are not around your phone.

So now you’ve gotta install another Chrome extens. In order to get this working usual, I came up with something unusual that no one has told about yet. So us it, it is unusual. Should definitely subscribe to the channel for such unique methods of making money. So subscribe and keep going. As you remember, you’ll only see as when the page is refreshed, so it is necessary to install upload, which will automatically upgrade the page.

So to do this, click here and then click extensions. Then click here and open Chrome Web store. This extension also makes me nervous, and in the search line, write real load page and choose. This ex, it only has 10 reviews. I don’t know, I’m, I’m kind of nervous about about that because you don’t know what’s being installed on the back end.

You don’t know what. Um, type of cookies or tracking software, anything like that where, you know, like I said, it’s kind of like, um, makes you nervous, especially if you’re doing like banking, if you have all of your passwords and stuff saved. I’m not doing it extension. After that, we click here at two Will Chrome.

I have already installed this extension. Once the extension is installed, we open any site, absolutely any site. That board will update. I advise. Now, remember, you can only have you, you only make money with this, this method if your web browser is. You go anywhere else, you’re gonna stop making money to open the main page of Google.

Next, we click here and choose refresh page extension, and here we have to set refresh interval. I advise you to write 15 seconds and also mark these two sections. After that, go back to main page of Google and that’s it Every 15 seconds. That’s it. Just go. Surf B, install their chrome extension, which makes me nervous.

Install the second chrome extension and then that’s it. Seconds. This extension will update the page of Google and because of this always be this. So where’s the bot? Um, it says, new bot earns a hundred dollars every hour. We haven’t heard of a bot of a yet plate. Edward Ising Banner. And we will get money on a full passive.

Take a look here. The page is refreshed and the banners appear. Now the question that I have, if we look at that, those banners were. Russian, I believe originally. I don’t think those banners were in Russian. So is that part of the, the extension download that we should be concerned about? Is it that he is in, you know, Russia or maybe, um, Eastern Europe, Europe.

So it, it changes like that, but you know, that’s kind of another red flag to be aware of. Installing random stuff on your phone or your computer can lead to some unexpected results, which oftentimes aren’t good. Sure. And most importantly, you don’t have. So he is up to 0.0 0 1, 2 3, 2 3. Uh, that was before he was at 0.00035.

So it looks like he is making money. Not enough to even cash out. And the interesting thing with this website, surf dot B, the cash out is 3 cents. Three pennies, and in this time that he’s been explain, explaining this, he’s gotten to a 0.0 0 1, 2 3, 2 3. He hasn’t even made enough to cash out yet. Have to wait.

When the blue bar is filled to the end, the money on the balance comes. Five seconds after you see the banners and it’s very convenient. That’s all we can put the phone and do absolutely nothing. All right, so let’s remember that number 0.0 zero one, two, three, two, three. He’s putting the phone down and doing absolutely nothing.

I’m just gonna put that number in and then we are going to, let’s see, 0.0, 0, 1, 2, 3, 2, 3, and we’re gonna keep rolling. And the neighbor age you get from 0.001 to $0.01 for. View banner. Yeah, maybe some of you will say that it is not enough, but that is not enough. Just imagine how many phone can see banners in a wall day.

So he wants you to get 35 phones so that you can make the a hundred dollars in order to, to make this a, a reliable side hustle, I guess a few thousand banners, and you don’t have to do anything except for leave. Uh, Google Chrome open. You can’t use your phone at. That’s pretty cool. And now I wanna leave my phone for half a day and see how much money I can make during this time.

All right, so it was 0.0 0 1, 2, 3, 2 3. And he’s gonna leave it for half a day. So like 12 hours we, we would assume so now it is. Is 9:00 PM of course, I’ll come back to you tomorrow. Now I’m gonna go only to the rest. And you guys please write in the comments how much you think I can make in a half a day.

Um, if we were conservative, 21 cents, who is closest to guessing the real amount, he will get the like from me only, right? Honestly. And before I show my results, I wanna tell you that I. And you wait to earn money on the website. Did you store 24? Hey, by the way, I don’t have telegraphs. So if anybody is ever saying Join My Telegraph or my WhatsApp, I don’t have that stuff, so it’s not me.

Okay. Um, I block. 99% of those spam comments actually filter all comments so that they’re manually reviewed. I see all of your comments. Um, but if you see something from Telegram, it’s not me. If you see something from WhatsApp, it’s not me. I expect my, the, the people that watch my channel to be smart enough to know that I’m not trying to spam me with WhatsApp and Telegram, where you just have to copy and paste the link and for this to get up to 200.

Every single day, the step-by-step instructions for this way I published in my telegram channel. So subscribe. The link to it is below the video and so hard pass. Guys. It was 10 hours and, all right, so in 10 hours, let’s see how much you made. I earned eight. $8 and 60 cents. Title says Nuba earned you a hundred plus every hour.

Maybe he meant to say 0.10 because this is a far cry from, from where we were before or from where, where he says $8 for it. Yeah, the phone just lying on the table and I got $8 for that. So for, so $8 and 10 hours. You could do a myriad of other things. You could do a bunch of other things to make more. In that timeframe.

Now, I know you set your phone down, but you can’t use your phone while you’re doing this method unless you’re browsing on the internet. You can’t watch TikTok, you can’t watch, you can’t go to Facebook. You can’t argue with people on Instagram. You can’t do any other thing, and I certainly wouldn’t. Go check my bank account with these different things installed.

I would be very cautious about doing that for the whole day. I think you could get 12 for maybe even $16 at, so he believes in the entire day. So for 24 hours he could get $16. Where is the $100? I was promised $100 every hour. Where is it? Day end. That’s really cool. You can run this earnings and made $112 in a week on a passive no risk.

And so in a week, at first it was every hour. Now it’s a week, no investment, and it’s really cool. And now I will give you a bonus that will increase your earnings by several times over. So what we would need to do is have seven phones cuz he multiplied. He multiplied whatever he made, $8 times seven to earn that $112.

If we wanted to do that daily, we would need seven devices, if my math is correct. Nowhere. This site allows you to use many devices from one account. that you can install the extension on your second phone or on your computer or laptop, or your third phone, fourth phone, fifth phone, sixth phone, seventh phone, and earn several times more.

For example, if you’re using one phone U earn maybe $16 a day, then using only two phones you will already be. 32 do. So the question would be, how much? So you earn $32 for two phones because those phones most likely have to be plugged in. How much money would that be in the electricity? Now again, that’s gonna be like 0.0, 0 0 0 1 cents, but it’s not as clear cut as we would be led to believe.

Dollars a day, and that’s really cool. And now let’s withdraw money. The minimum amount for withdrawal is only 3 cents. Yeah, it sounds crazy. And you can with, yeah, that makes me nervous. Why is the why? Why is the withdrawal 3 cents? So money to pay, wallet. And of course you can also send money to PayPal from payer wallet.

And today I’ll show you how to do it. If you don’t have a payer wallet the link. All right. That’s enough. Um, we never learned how to earn a hundred dollars every hour. Uh, there’s a lot of things, there’s a lot of red flags with this video. Uh, first of which I certainly would not go to this website and install any of the chrome extensions just because we don’t know what’s going on in the back office.

We don’t know what’s going on in the backend, I should say. We never learned how to make the a hundred dollars, and I usually try and give everybody the benefit of the doubt. You know, maybe it takes a lot of energy and effort, but he walked through the entire process and even said himself after uh, 12 hours, he made, what was it, $12 or $8 or something like that.

So I would really love to make a hundred dollars every hour. Cuz what is that? Um, what’s 100 times 24? $2,400 a a day with your phone or multiple phones, but eh, Yeah, I, I don’t even know what to say. . The, the thing with this video is just, you know, a lot of the videos inside hustles that I watch, a lot of them, you could, , if you worked hard and were diligent about it and you kept going, you could achieve that number.

Uh, for example, there was a video that I did maybe last month, talked about mi we, if you posted consistently every single day on mi, we, and you posted in multiple Facebook groups or, uh, multiple groups, and you did that multiple times per day. You could get to that amount. Um, if you posted multiple Facebook groups.

You could get to the amount that they talked about. I don’t see a way that you could actually get to the amount that he is claiming. So I, like I said, I try and be real diplomatic about it, but you know, make your own decision. I think you guys know where I stand with this one. Watch this video next because YouTube says it’s going to help you grow your online.