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The multiple income funnel; is a brand new system where you have four different income streams, which can help you make tons of money. There are tons of people that are talking about the multiple income funnel. However, it feels like a pump and dump. It feels like major players and major gurus getting advanced insight into any new products are pumping it.

And then, once a bunch of people come to it, they move off. They move away from it, and they don’t talk about it so much. Go over to Google Trends to get an idea of trending things, moving up, and moving things down. Type in multiple income funnel hit Enter, and you will be able to see a lot of talk about it here in late March and early April. Then on May 1st, it’s not being talked about a whole lot. 

Now, this system claims to help you make passive income with four different automated income streams. So you can make $20 for every time someone signs up with a multiple income funnel.

Now the four streams are; 

  • Multiple income funnel
  • Easy1up
  • Chat bot
  • Traffic authority

What to consider before joining?

Amount of Followers/Subscribers

People who are talking about it and have the most success have had a list for many years. So if you have been doing affiliate marketing for five years, then for over five years, you’ve been building an email list.

Let’s say conservatively. You were getting 1000 new email subscribers per month for over five years, then you, of course, should have the ability to make a lot of money in a shorter period of time because you have 100,000 people to draw from. So if you are brand new to affiliate marketing, you want to consider that. If you have no domain authority, you’ve never created a piece of content before, and you have zero subscribers on your mailing list, consider that. 


You need to get traffic somehow. You’re going to have to buy traffic. And this system is designed to help you buy traffic, much like some other systems out there. Like the 12-minute affiliate system, it’s very similar to that. It’s also very similar to lists leverage. All of these kids have the same look and feel where they claim to do everything for you. 

David Dinkle says that he made over $100,000 using the income streams in the system. This same man was the creator of profits passport. Now profits passports, just four months ago, had a very similar system. It was a completely ‘done for you”, where he would reach out to people, and then they would make money on autopilot. And it was fascinating because it’s the same step by step.

You promote Easy1up, or he promotes Easy1up for you. He does everything for you. You have to take care of the traffic. So be very cautious with these systems because, as you can see now, profits passport is now closed. They’re no longer doing business, but he is doing business with the multiple income funnels. So be very careful when it comes to these types of systems. 

A whole in your pocket before you even get started

Some people you’ll see promoting this product talk about how other gurus are selling you a $2500 course, and you shouldn’t buy those $2500 courses because it’s not worth it. But one of the income streams in the system is Easy1up. Easy1up is a system that teaches you affiliate marketing. With easy one up, there are income levels that you come in at.

You’re going to come in at the very basic plan. But they have this vertex and the vertex elite. Some of these products are $2,000. So the same people that are telling you that you should not enroll in $2,000 courses want you to buy $2,000 courses. Now the reason why it’s recommended or suggested that you buy $2,000 courses is simply that you can only make commissions at the level that you come in.

With the easy one-up system, it’s marketing education, as some of the other marketing education courses out there, but there are different levels. So with this system, they’re going to invite you to pay $49. That’s the first income stream. So whenever someone enrolls in the program, you get paid $20 of the $49.

The only way you can make the most money with the multiple income funnel is to enroll in the highest level. The highest level is about $2,000. And if you don’t come in at the highest level and if someone buys, let’s say elevation elite, the commission you would earn gets passed up to the sponsor who did enroll at the highest level. 

So be very careful with these ‘done for you’ type of things, because you’re not necessarily learning marketing. You’re not learning skills. You’re going to spend $49 per month to have the system do all the stuff for you. They are going to ask you to pay the one-time charge of $50 for Easy1up.

Then they’re going to ask you to pay for the chatbot. But then you still need to get traffic. If you don’t have traffic built-in, like a YouTube channel, a blog, or enough following on social media, you’re going to want to buy traffic. And then, if you buy traffic, that will cost you upwards of $200. So the basic package is $220 for 170 to 190 clicks over a span of seven to 14 days. If you are just getting started with affiliate marketing and want to make money fast, you would already be in the hole close to $500, and that’s assuming that you don’t buy some of these upgrades. 

Be very careful with this multiple income funnel system because it looks like people at the very top are the ones having success. The new guy or the average person will have to spend a bunch of money getting traffic before they even begin to see a return on their investment. And if you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, there might be better ways to do it. You might want to spend time and money learning skills. You might want to spend time and money getting blog posts, or creating YouTube channels, or buying software that you’re going to need eventually to help you build an online business

Does Multiple Income Funnel work? 

The answer isn’t clear but here are some of the red flags. 

What would happen if it suddenly shut down? The guy behind it would still keep your leads. So you were basically sending leads over to someone, and you weren’t learning marketing. You weren’t learning affiliate marketing. One of the issues that come with affiliate marketing and why affiliate marketing has such a bad name is that we just want to get to passive income.

We’re skipping important steps like learning marketing and going through the frustration of learning affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing done the right way takes time, and the people that are having success went through the trials and tribulations of learning marketing. 

Multiple income funnel, $49 to get into this system. $49 every single month. Then you need to pay for an easy one up. Easy1up fees start at $25 a month for processing. So the first plan for elevation is $25, and then elevation elite is $100 after that $250. To make money from the vertex live, you need to pay $2,000. And that really sights unseen.

So there’s no guarantee you are getting what you really need. You’re going to spend $1,000 or $2,000 promoting this product. But you don’t really know what’s inside of the product because you’re just signing up so that you can make as much money as possible. So the second level is an easy one up, and the third is the chatbot.

Then the fourth level is traffic authority. So to make the most amount of money possible, you’re going to need to spend $49 for the multiple income funnel. Then you are going to need to spend $2,000. So you are down about $2,049. And then you need to spend money on the traffic bot. The chatbot is $100.

And then, for the list for traffic authority, you’re going to need to spend at least $220 for basic traffic, and you still don’t know marketing. You still don’t really know what to do. Now you can go through, and you can spend the time to learn marketing. There’s a lot of stuff in here to learn from in Easy1up. The multiple income funnel is sold to you because you don’t need to learn marketing, whereas easy1up wants you to learn marketing. So be very careful with these types of programs because, as you can see, they are here today and then they’re gone tomorrow. 

So be very careful with these guys. If you enroll in it, buyer beware. And it’s going to be expensive to start. You will shell out at least $500 to get up and running because you need traffic which is $220. Let’s say $220 for the traffic, plus $49 to enroll into the program, plus $100 for the chatbot. Let’s say you went with Easy1up. Now let’s say you want to come in at this level to make commissions at this level. So you’re already over $500. 

Let’s say at the end of the day. This program is gone. What do you have? You have your leads, so that’s good. But you don’t have the marketing skills to know what to send via email. What are you going to send unless you go through this, and I kind of doubt that you will if you’re looking for this completely ‘done for you’ system?

You might have a list of people that have no idea who you are. They don’t know you. They don’t like you. They don’t trust you. They might see you as spam. So you’re going to have to go back still and set up your email accounts. You would have to go into the back office, download your email account, set up your email marketing and email integration.

You’d have to reach out to these people and try and build a relationship. And you’re maybe six months to a year down the road, and you haven’t created any content. You haven’t built a brand. You haven’t built a business. And so, it isn’t easy to create a business based on someone else’s business. Remember that before jumping on these types of multiple income streams.