page title icon Online Business Marketing Strategies – 5 Strategies That Actually Work

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This article will reveal the 5 best marketing strategies for your online business in 2021 and explain how you can get started with them right now. 

Ride the Wave

Now the first one is called ride the wave. Now when I talk about riding the wave, that’s both micro and macro. Now let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about that. Now micro, as you know, means small or immediate. Now riding the wave on a micro level means taking advantage of something like YouTube shorts.

That’s a small shift inside YouTube, where people are taking advantage of it and starting to see huge benefits. And you can do this to find something that’s shifting. You can use YouTube shorts or Instagram reels. You can take advantage of those micro shifts in the platforms to take advantage of them.

Right now, Instagram reels and YouTube shorts are being pushed heavily by the algorithms because it’s a new feature. It’s a new skill that YouTube and Instagram have added. So they want it to work out. And you can take advantage of it by just simply creating content, figuring out how it works, become the subject matter expert and use it to really grow your business.

So that is the micro aspect. Now the macro aspect is something like TikTok. Whenever there’s something that causes a huge shift in the marketplace, like TikTok, where it dramatically changes how other companies are doing their business, that’s something you want to take advantage of. Now, it’s not too late to jump on the TikTok wave.

You can still take advantage of it. But you want to be looking out for that type of thing for your online business. You want to try and see what’s popular and what’s going to pop next. So if you can ride the wave, you can grow your business almost overnight. 

Create Digital Products

Number two is you can actually create a digital product to sell. Now, I am huge on the digital product wave simply because they’re easy to make. You can either do it yourself, or you can outsource them. And you can grow and scale infinitely. And you can charge whatever you want to. So let’s say you create a digital checklist and charge $3.

The people that buy that $3 checklist are buyers. You’re going to have an easier time selling to them repeatedly than someone who hasn’t purchased anything from you before. So it’s straightforward and really fast to get started. You can create a free digital product on a website like Canva.

You can create it within an hour or two and then package it and sell it. Now it’s important to know that you can’t actually use these templates to sell them. You can just give them away for free. For example, let’s say you type in a planner. So maybe you want to create a planner or chore planner to sell over on Etsy.

Now again, you mustn’t just take these, download them and sell them. You have to modify them. You have to make them your own. Canva offers templates and stuff for you to use to get started for free. Canva is a great opportunity. Either you can do it yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you.

The cool thing with digital products is you can sell yourself with free traffic like YouTube, Facebook, tik too, or you can use paid ads to sell your digital products. But it would help if you always had a digital product tool in your arsenal.

Let’s say, for example, you’re an affiliate marketer, and you’re having a difficult time getting sales. What you can do is you can create a simple digital product for five bucks and sell it, and you can make money, and you can reinvest that money into paid ads or better equipment. Whatever you see as a need.

So creating a digital product and selling it is an excellent and easy marketing strategy to take advantage of, and you can price it at whatever you want. Another benefit of creating a digital product is it’s straightforward to deliver. You can put it in a Google Doc, and when someone buys it using your landing page or sets it up, it will be delivered automatically. To create a digital product if you are struggling to make money online

Repurpose all of you Content

Number three is actually to repurpose all of your content. For example, you can repurpose a YouTube video such as five marketing strategies and post that over on TikTok. You can do an overall video with five marketing strategies to grow your business and then individual videos talking about each marketing strategy.

You can take those videos, and then you can put them on Pinterest. You can put them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even YouTube shorts. And you can appear everywhere by repurposing content. The benefit of repurposing content is you’re not spending all day trying to figure out the perfect piece of content to create.

You’re creating what already works, and you’re just packaging up. You’re slicing it, dicing it, and then again, appearing everywhere without much additional effort. So if you are struggling to create content, and if you’re struggling to get in front of your targeted audience, make sure that you cut up your content and repurpose it in multiple places. 

Batch your Content

Next is actually to batch your content. One of the most difficult things with online businesses is finding the time to create enough content. So the best thing to do is sit down on a Saturday and create five or six YouTube videos so that you can upload them throughout the week. On that Saturday, you can create YouTube videos and then create my TikTok videos right alongside.

So again, you will not be spending a whole bunch of time and not spending days and hours creating a bunch of content so that you can re-upload it. Just find the time that works best for you, block off an hour or two, and create all of your content for the week or the month. Believe it or not, it’s not that hard.

If you are doing, let’s say, blogging, that can be a little bit of a challenge. What you do there is actually Create Outlines for yourself, like maybe create five or six outlines. But if you’re doing YouTube videos, block off an hour to create all of your videos and then schedule them to be released. That’s another benefit. When you batch out all your content, you can actually schedule them to be released.

Email Marketing 

Alright, and so number five is actually with email marketing. Now email marketing is pivotal to your success with an online business. So email marketing is basically sending your customer or target audience to a landing page, maybe exchanging a lead magnet or something of value for their email address, and then following up with them automatically, adding additional value reminding them of the pain point that they might have.

Now, you can do all of this with something called an autoresponder. You can set up the autoresponder in an hour or two, and whenever someone joins your mailing list, they will actually receive those emails automatically. That’s why it’s called an autoresponder. The benefit of this is you are staying in front of your target audience, and you are continuously reminding them of why they joined your mailing list. And eventually, those leads will become buyers all on autopilot.

So you’re not spending days, hours, and weeks continuously trying to follow up email marketing. That can be confusing, and it can be frustrating.