page title icon Poshmark Affiliate Program Plus 10 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY

Poshmark is a social commerce marketplace. That is, it enables users from the United States to buy and sell new or used products.

The products include clothing, shoes, and accessories. Manish Chandra launched the company in 2011. The company headquarters is in Redwood City, California. Sellers on the marketplace had earned around $1 billion, and there were around 4 million sellers on the service as of May 2018. It had approximately 300 employees as of 2019. In January 2021, Poshmark went public at a valuation of over $3 billion.

Poshmark hosts virtual shopping events called Posh Parties, where users socialize, buy and sell products. These events allow users to share their fashion styles with the community. The marketplace also provides packaging, labeling, and delivery services to the sellers. Buyers are provided customer support. If a damaged item or a wrong item is delivered, Poshmark has a superb refund policy.

What is the Poshmark Affiliate Program?

It is a reward program for social media influencers. The program allows you to participate in campaigns for marketing Poshmark’s products. You get paid for promoting the brand and its products. Poshmark does not pay per lead or sale. To become an affiliate, you will have to connect your social account to your Poshmark account. You will be compensated according to your following.

Most affiliate programs give commissions based on sales or leads from your link. This affiliate program, on the other hand, pays you per campaign. Your award is based on the number of your following. For Example, you can be paid $10 for a campaign or $150 for it. This depends majorly on your following. 

The program is beneficial for both the brand and the publisher. The brand’s brand awareness increases while the social media influencers get to earn money from the program. In addition, each affiliate is given a unique link to publish. This helps keep track of the publishers’ earnings.

For further details, you can always email at 

How to sign up?

To sign up, you have to go to click on the “sign up” button on the top right corner. Then, on the next page, provide all the required details to create your Poshmark account. 

After that, log into your account using your credentials. Next, click on your username and find “share settings.” From there, you can add any of the social accounts that you think are eligible for the affiliate program.

If you are invited to the program, you will be notified by email. You will also be informed on the banner in your Poshmark account.

How does the program work?

Eligibility for joining the program

  • You should be a Posh ambassador (if you are one, you will be automatically invited to join the program)


  • You should have at least 5000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube 

Get started

To get started, connect your social account to Poshmark by going to Account Tab > Sharing Settings > Connect.

After connecting your social account, set up a campaign in your account.

Setting a campaign

After joining the program, you can manage your campaigns using the “My Campaigns” tools on Poshmark. For example, to set a drive, go to Account Tab > My Seller Tools > My Campaigns.

The campaigns use a custom tracking link which must be included in all your posts. For your custom tracking link, go to Account Tab > My Seller Tools > My Campaigns and select your active campaigns.

After setting the campaign post on your social media, include the custom link to direct traffic to the Poshmark website.

Finishing up

Once you’ve posted on your social media, complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the URL of the post you promoted in
  2. Go to my campaigns.
  3. Select the campaign you want the post to be a part of.
  4. Paste the post URL under “your post” and click on submit. 

Poshmark commission structure Payment

You get paid according to the number of followers on your social account. The programs per campaign award start from $10 and go up to $150+. For more information, you can visit the Poshmark website. 

You receive Posh credits for the campaigns. These can be Redeemed and directly deposited into your account. The payments are deposited into your funds within 3 to 5 business days.

How much does it cost to join the program?

It is free to join the affiliate program. However, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria to get approved.

10 Ways to earn money with Poshmark’s affiliate program

There are a lot of ways money with this affiliate program. There are many niches to choose from. You can use multiple channels to promote the marketplace.


The category includes accessories, dresses, sleepwear, jackets, jewelry, makeup, pants, shoes, sweaters, tops, baths, and bodies. The items can be filtered according to condition and type. This means it’s easier for users to find new or used items according to their choice. The marketplace has products from famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Michael Kors, Coach, Lululemon Athletica, and Nike.

You can write blog posts about economic branded items or even build a social page targeting women interested in top brands’ products at a reasonable price. Pinterest is a popular platform among women. Utilize it for your affiliate campaign.


Accessories, bags, coats, pants, shirts, shoes, shirts, suits, sweaters, swimwear, and underwear are essential items for men on Poshmark. Buyers can search using filters like size, color, price, and availability. In addition, the website has products for men by famous brands like Nuke, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Jordan, Adidas, Levi’s, and Under Armour.

You can target collectors on forums and even run ads targeting them. Write a blog or start a social page in a niche that targets a specific market. Use multiple channels to engage more audiences but don’t target a general audience. Not everyone is interested in what you’re promoting.


The marketplace has excellent products for kids. Nike, Lily Pulitzer, Levi’s Converse, Adidas, and Old Navy are among some of the brands Poshmark has to offer for kids. The category has a wide range of products like accessories, bottoms, jackets, matching sets, one-pieces, pajamas, shirts, tops, shoes, swimwear, costumes, and toys. In addition, there are many filters available to make it convenient for buyers to find products of their choice.

You can target mothers in this category. Generally, mothers make the buying decisions for their kids—post on forums or blogs for mothers. You can even write your blog about parenting tips and kids’ fashion. 


A marketplace is an excellent option if you’re looking to buy home products. You can purchase products for dining, kitchen, office, storage, wall decor, and games. The marketplace’s portfolio includes products from Rae Dunn, Starbucks. Disney, Vintage, Anthropologie, and Kate Spade. The filters like price, condition, and color help buyers navigate easily for the products of their choice.

You can write a DIY and home décor blog for the affiliate campaign. You can even write reviews on forums to get your links published. In addition, social media pages and groups dedicated to DIY and home décor are great opportunities to promote to a large relevant audience.


Poshmark has fantastic products for your pets. The products are categorized as dogs, cats, birds, and small pets. You can choose the perfect food bowl or birdhouse using the filters available on the website. Rae Dunn is a famous brand of handmade pottery. Its products are available on Poshmark.

You can target pet owners through ads on Google or run ads on Facebook. Posting on forums for pet care or a blog for pet owners may be effective for the affiliate campaign. Social media groups or pages for pet owners have a relevant audience if you want to target them.

Posh Parties

These are real-time shopping events, virtually hosted on Poshmark. Users can interact within the app to share, shop, and sell products. After the events are over, the users can check out the different showrooms within each Posh Party. The galleries have a curated selection of products shared at a party. Then, users can buy these items from the Poshmark app.

You can create social media buzz about these parties and even create events on Facebook. This will surely give you a large number of click-throughs. In addition, you can create ads to target shopaholics or write a blog post about Posh Parties.


As the marketplace allows the seller to list items for sale, it is great to target people looking to make money online. In addition, Poshmark will enable you to sell new and used items. Thus, it’s a reliable source of income for people looking to flip online.

You can write a blog post about ways to earn money online. You can even mention this option on Q&A forums. 


The Poshmark community has millions of users, making it a diverse fashion hub. Users can follow sellers whose fashion sense matches there’s. A sense of community among shopaholics is an excellent opportunity to tap into. People looking to socialize over common interests will be easily convinced.

You can market this community on social media platforms and brand fan pages. In addition, the Posh parties are a great way to socialize with people about fashion, home, and pets.

Easy Shipping

Posh provides packing and labeling for your items. You can courier the packages yourself or even have them picked up for free from your home.

This hassle-free process is sure to catch people’s attention who are looking to sell online. You can write a blog post about passive income or work from home and promote its brand.

Posh Protect

Buyers can safely buy items from Poshmark. They don’t have to worry about scams or damaged items. Poshmark has an excellent refund policy. The customer service team is always ready to help.

There are many fraudulent marketplaces online. However, you can market Poshmark’s credibility and Posh protect in your campaigns. 

By selecting niches relevant to your social media audience, you can effectively target them with your campaign. Create engaging content to deliver maximum results with your drive for Poshmark.  The more the brand grows, the more the affiliate program will thrive, and your commission will increase eventually.

Pros and Cons

Like everything else, the program has its pros and cons. Consider these before becoming an affiliate.


  • The program awards you in exchange for each campaign. So you don’t have to worry about sales to get your commission.
  • It gives up to $150+ per campaign—this a good amount for only a social post.
  • Easy to sign up for the program. Unlike most affiliate programs where you have to fill long, complicated forms to register.


  • You can only complete one campaign every 90 days. This means you can’t rely on this program for a stable passive income.
  • Very low awards if you have a low following. It can be as low as $10, which is quite low for an affiliate program considering the 90-day restriction.
  • Very vague criteria for awards make it difficult for prospect affiliates to consider joining. For further details, visit the website or email at


Poshmark has a great business model. The posh parties are a very innovative idea to increase sales. The diverse range of brands it carries makes it helpful to promote it to a broad audience. The program is easy to sign up for. The 90-day restriction makes it less interesting for people looking for regular passive income through affiliate marketing. The $150 per campaign is a good amount considering you don’t have to worry about sales. 

Being a platform with user-generated content, it is easy to engage the audience while promoting it. In addition, with the popular brands that the marketplace carries, it’s easy to make content for your campaign post or video. Though the program is in its early stages and needs a lot of clarification on its terms and policies, it’s an excellent opportunity to start affiliate marketing.