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Sports cannot be as exciting without these sports merchandise that advocates different causes. The face of sports is not about competition anymore.

Still, it is also championing various social issues and amplifying social equity through branding campaigns like women empowerment, mental health, self-confidence movement, LGBTQ+, and a lot more. Like PUMA, a world-renowned sports lifestyle company provides the best sports accessories and apparel for everyone.

Because of PUMA’s inclusivity, they have enabled partnerships through a sustainable affiliate program accessible for everyone. So, get ready with confidence as this article helps you understand PUMA Affiliate Program plus ten ways to make money.

About Puma

The logo with a jumping cat is today’s future of sports branding. Yes, we’re talking about PUMA — a globally recognized sports lifestyle company that develops, innovates, and markets footwear, apparel, and accessories for everyone.

Not just only for aspiring sports enthusiasts, but the company also authorizes independent partners to create another line of business aligned with their sports-inspired lifestyle products, such as eyewear, fragrances, and watches. 

The PUMA company strives to establish a reputation inclusive for all. While their products mainly suffice sports supplies for football, running and training, golf, and motorsports, PUMA also advocates and supports social causes on women empowerment and promoting gender equality in sports. 

Recently, the company launched a brand campaign called “She Moves Us,” endorsed by Dua Lipa, Cara Delevigne, and Winnie Harlow. This is a communications platform where PUMA celebrates women who move together to achieve and connect – through sport, culture, and values.

About Puma Affiliate Program

The PUMA Affiliate Program provides a new environment encouraging everyone to be driven in performance, be vibrant in sporting legacy, and be together in team spirit. Ultimately, the company wants to BE YOU for your individual talents along your affiliate journey.

This program allows a sustainable partnership with PUMA to market and promote their best selections on their footwear, apparel, and accessories. In addition, since the company aspires to extend its branding across the globe, this program allows marketing and promotion of materials online. In other words, you won’t get involved in selling their products — just purely advertising!

If you have a significant commercial website, a personal blog, or an active social media page that can boost your business, the Puma Affiliate Program is your way to go.

How Does the PUMA Affiliate Program Work?

Your registration as an affiliate is your first step to work with the program. After that, you can sign-up directly to PUMA’s website, or you may also consider joining affiliate networks working with PUMA. 

Once you have successfully joined the program, you’ll get 10% off for all products and have access to the latest products, exclusive events, and special offers.

Marketing their products, promoting them on their social media accounts, and blasting the latest updates from PUMA are some objectives of this program. To fulfill these, you have to make sure your visitors click your affiliate link.

Once they visit PUMA’s website, they have to qualify for purchase to generate a sale. For every cost per sale, you’ll get a commission! 

Additionally, you can manage your progress through easy-to-use tracking and reporting tools since this program is in partnership with Pepperjam. With so many frequent affiliate-exclusive offers and monthly commission payments, you will reach greater heights through this affiliate program.

Commission Structure

The company provides a “cost-per-sale (CPS) method” — the more sales you generate, the higher your commission will be. In other words, whatever you’ll get is directly proportional to your commission. 

Since this program uses CPS, the company allows the “coupon code method” to reward their affiliates for any successful transaction accompanied by a unique code. These coupon codes may contain a discount, exclusive offer, or any bundles of joy for interested customers.

Commission Percentage

PUMA has not publicized the commission percentage on their website. However, different affiliate networks such as GetLasso, DCM Network, and CueLinks suggest that this affiliate program provides a 5% to 8% commission rate per sale.  

Affiliate Cookie Window

The duration of PUMA’s affiliate cookie window is 14 days. Not slightly lower than the standard 30-day by the likes, but this affiliate program strictly calculates all sales to be eligible within 14 days. 

How to Join the PUMA Affiliate Program? 

Joining as a Puma affiliate is a no-brainer. This program is entirely free with no hidden cost and additional charges as you’ll have your application approved. So you may go ahead and check this link. But before you proceed, here are few reminders:

  • This program asks your preference in your advertising method — whether you work as a business entity that promotes coupon codes or paid search or work as an individual who markets brands through personal social media or blog posts.
  • Your application can be rejected due to incomplete or false contact information, invalid business or personal Tax ID (U.S. affiliates only), failure to disclose promotional methods, unacceptable website content, including promotion of activity considered illegal in the United States, and an inability to verify websites, phone numbers, and e-mails.
  • You’ll have to provide your publishing channels, company information, and payment details.

Benefits of Puma Affiliate Program

Popularity of the Brand

The brand’s popularity of PUMA is your edge among all sports mechanized affiliate programs. PUMA is one of the trusted brands in the industry today. Its niche encompasses not only sports but also daily fashion needs, such as phone accessories.

The chance of getting sales is also high since PUMA has more than a thousand products to promote.

Massive sports outlets

PUMA has four main corporate offices located in Germany, Hongkong, Vietnam, and the U.S. Additionally, the company has around 37 principal satellite offices and more than 100,000 retailer stores across the globe.

Their massive sports outlets are attracting different customers online. Being said, finding the right clients can be much easier.

Increases your brand’s reputation

Branding is vital when your goal is to increase sales. And branding with PUMA is one of the best ways to earn $100 a day. As you affiliate your website or social media platforms with the world’s leading sports merchandise, you can definitely increase your reputation and expand your connections online. 

Drawbacks of Puma Affiliate Program

Short cookie window duration

The 14-day cookie duration is a big drawback for people who are looking to make more money. It may be hard to convince someone to buy something they don’t need if they only have one month because most of us have trouble making that decision when it comes down to spending our own money.

Indefinite commission rate

Another drawback with the PUMA affiliate program is that there is no information about your commission percentage. This makes it difficult to gauge how effective your efforts are and may discourage people from joining because they don’t know if they can expect a return on their work.

Fake sports products

The last drawback with PUMA’s affiliate program is that it only offers fake sports products. This can be disappointing for people looking to make money by promoting a company, and they have fans or followers who might want something from the site, but not if it isn’t an authentic product.

How to make $100 a Day with the Puma Affiliate Program?

The PUMA Affiliate Program gains a high ranking in sports merchandise affiliate programs. Since it has a broad audience to engage with, you can hit your daily quota of $100 a day. The following paragraph will teach you the hacks of making money with this affiliate program. But in the meantime, here are some alternative affiliate programs you can look forward to work soon:

Alternative Affiliate Programs

  1. Nike Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 11% on valid sales
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  1. Reebok Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: Up to 7%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  1. Adidas Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 13.05% per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  1. Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 10% to 14% per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days

10 Ways to Make Money with Puma Affiliate Program

Engage in Online Discussion about Sports Topics

As an affiliate, you can generate income by engaging in an online discussion about sports topics. You can find these discussions on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In addition to sharing your personal experience with the sport or team – share brand images of Puma products relevant to the topic at hand to generate income from affiliate links for any sales made during your engagement campaign.

Provide Brand-Related Information on Blogs and Social Media Platforms

A great way to generate income with the Puma affiliate program is by providing brand-related information. This includes blog posts, social media shares, videos, or pictures of your favorite sports team using Puma products during training sessions – for example, shooting hoops in their new Puma basketball shoes.

Create Engaging Social Media Content with the Puma Logo

Puma offers affiliates a free exclusive content kit that includes logos, banners, and other promotional graphics. You can create engaging social media posts such as asking followers to share their favorite sports team’s logo or location – for example, “Share your favorite soccer team!” Include the Puma logo in the post as a call to action.

Create Viral Videos with Puma Products

You can also create viral videos on YouTube or Vine by including branded tags throughout your video – such as “Available at PUMA” during a scene of an athlete training in their new Puma running shoes.

This type of content is more likely to generate higher click-through rates, which ultimately means higher revenue.

Participate in Blog talks and Q&A Sessions on Facebook Live

Puma offers affiliates the opportunity to participate in blog talks and Q&A sessions on Facebook Live. You can answer questions about your favorite sport, share valuable tips and tricks for navigating that sport — or even use this as an opportunity to promote Puma products!

Promotional Deals at Retail Stores to Encourage Customers to Visit

Puma also offers affiliates the opportunity to promote their sale items at retail stores. You can visit local retailers and post on social media about promotional deals happening in-store this week – for example. A “buy one get one free” offer on all Puma running shoes!

This will encourage customers to visit retailers and generate exposure for the Puma brand.

Create a YouTube Channel and Include Product Reviews

Another way to generate income with the PUMA affiliate program is by creating a YouTube channel that includes product reviews of your favorite sports team wearing their new Puma running shoes, for example, or even including branded tags throughout your video!

You can create a YouTube channel to generate additional revenue if you already have an existing blog with affiliate links for Puma products.

Post Stickers with the PUMA Logo on Social Media Platforms

Another easy way to promote your favorite sports team is by posting stickers of the logo onto social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This will include images branded with affiliate tags and generate income from affiliate links for any sales made during your engagement campaign.

Post Pictures of Items on your Instagram Account

Another way to promote your Puma links is by posting pictures of items on your Instagram account. Your followers are more likely to click through if the image contains branded affiliate tags than an unbranded one — so make sure you include a mention of “Buy it at PUMA” in all posts with products from the company!

Collaborate with sports influencers on TikTok

Puma also offers affiliates the opportunity to collaborate with sports influencers on TikTok. You can share videos of your favorite athlete practicing their skills or even create a video montage – for example, using clips from different sporting events that are happening around the world!


Running like a PUMA entails your strength, skills, supremacy, and stamina — and this is how the future of sports branding brings greatness into the world. Indeed, PUMA company strives to establish a reputation inclusive for all.

While their products mainly suffice sports supplies, they also support various social advocacies which maintain good public relations. That’s why it is best to be a PUMA affiliate by marketing their products, promoting them on their social media accounts, and blasting PUMA’s latest updates. 

It’s not too late yet. So be a PUMA Affiliate today!

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