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Most people on YouTube are telling you to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest strong. They’re telling you to go get your affiliate link and just put it in pins and hope and pray that something works. That’s wrong for a number of reasons which I’ll get into in this video. But in this video, I’m actually gonna show you the right way to make money with affiliate marketing and Pinterest pins.

Hello, my name’s Alten God with Alten and I create content for millennials to help them start successful online businesses. So, as I mentioned, most of the people are telling you to do this wrong. They’re telling you to just go over to click bank. Grab your affiliate link and just put it in there.

That’s not gonna work for a few reasons. One, uh, Pinterest absolutely hates affiliate links. Pinterest hates affiliate links from click bank. And so if you do that, your account runs the risk of being banned. You’re actually also doing yourself a disservice, because what if click bank no longer offers that affiliate program?

You can’t go back and change the links on Pinterest pins. So, like I said, in this video, I’m actually gonna show you the right way to. It’s not that hard. It’s just one additional step, but that one additional step can bring you thousands of dollars if you do it correctly. So let’s go ahead and you look at Pinterest real quick, and I’m gonna just use the example of woodworking because it’s a popular product over on ClickBank, but this is gonna work for anything.

So as you can see here, There are lots of pens about woodworking and Mir saws and all sorts of stuff. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to pick a niche or pick a product for this example, we’re going to use woodworking. Okay. Um, what we can do is then head on over to click bang and we can find the.

Woodworking products to promote. Now I’m not endorsing ClickBank. I’m not endorsing any of these products. I am just showing you the opportunity and the best way to do it. So now that you have this figured out, come back over to Pinterest, and you’re going to take a look at some of the pens that are already up.

These pens are the pens that are doing the best and they all feature someone doing something with. Or woodworking and that’s what you’re going to do too. All right. So you’re gonna head on over to a website like P pixels personally, I like to use story blocks because, uh, there are fewer of these images that are already out there and what you’re gonna do once you’re in story blocks or P pixels is you’re just going to type in woodworking, woodworking like this and hit enter.

And once you find one, you’re simply just going to download it to your computer. So I’m just gonna grab this one. This guy is. Shaving wood or doing something with woodworking and we’re gonna download it to our computer. The next thing that we’re going to do is we’re gonna head on over to Canva. Now, Canva is a awesome site.

It’s free to use and it’s actually gonna make our life much easier. So we’re gonna head on over to Canva and I’m just going to import this video right into Canva. Uh, I’m going to type in Pinterest like this Pinterest pin Pinterest video, just like. And it’s actually gonna have the correct dimensions for us.

So this is gonna make our life again much easier. And we’re going to actually start off with a blank canvas. We don’t need to use any of these. So I’m just gonna grab this one like this, and we actually have a few options. One, we could embed our video right into the, the one that’s already set up for us, or we can delete this and then start over for simplicity.

And for easiness easiness, I’m just going to delete this like this. And I am going to find our video that we just downloaded and I’m gonna drag it right in here. And then we can make a few changes. We could say something like we, if we’re promoting Ted’s woodworking, we could say, um, let’s say 16,000 plans at your oops, your fingertips like this.

And then we could say, learn more, learn more like. And then obviously we could change that. But what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna download this right to our computer and I went to downloads. I’m gonna play it for you so that you can see what it looks like. Download it as an MP4 click download, and then that’ll.

That’ll download in just a moment. All right. So now that we’ve got that downloaded, finally, I’m just gonna click play to show you what this would look like. As you can see, this is, you know, , this is as easy as it gets. We just made a few quick changes. Uh, you can obviously change the color and all that stuff if you wanted to, but I just wanna show you what this would look like for illustration purposes.

Now that we have this, this is the one step that most people miss, and this is gonna be the step to that actually will change your business for the better. Okay. What you need to do is you need to create. A bridge page of some sort, whether it’s a, uh, a funnel with click funnels, whether it’s a, a blog post with WordPress, or if you want to use something free like Google docs or, or Google, um, you, you can use either Google docs or you could actually use Google sites.

I personally would feel more comfortable for you if you created your own website with, uh, the link in the description, I’ll put in the link for you, but what you’re going to. Is, you’re going to create a simple webpage and I’ll show you what this looks like in just a second. You’re gonna create a simple webpage and it’s gonna have a, basically like a blog post with all of your links.

Now, if you’re not a great writer, you can hire somebody to do this over on fiber. Or Upwork or, you know, text broker or something like that. But what I recommend, if you don’t have any money, you can do this yourself. And I’m just to show you what I would do if I were promoting this and why this is such a better idea, I’m gonna use my website, Sten God,

Now, the reason why this is so much better for you is simply because you can’t change links in Pinterest pins, but you can actually change links in your blog or website. And so let’s say Ted’s woodworking is no longer working for you. Maybe they, they stop offering commissions. Maybe they cut the commissions in half.

And you want to change it. You can change it quickly in your blog post, but you can’t change those Pinterest pins. Also, you have more control over this webpage. So for example, let’s say we were going to promote Ted’s wood working. We could say like, uh, best we could say whatever we wanted to really, we could say best wood working.

Uh, we could say complete. Complete woodworking guide like this, and then what we’re gonna do, and just get rid of some of this to give us some more space. We’re gonna just create a quick blog post, where we provide a complete woodworking guide. So everything that somebody would need. In order to get started with work woodworking.

So we could say like, step number one, and then have a paragraph about step number one. And then our next line could be something like click here to access 16,000 wood working plans like this. And then we come back over here and we grab our affiliate link from Ted’s woodworking. So we click. Whoops. I click on the wrong thing.

Here we click on promote like this, and then let’s just grab, uh, let’s grab this one, create hop link, and we’re gonna copy this, come back over. And we’re going to hyperlink this and we’re gonna open this in a new tab, paste this in, just like this and do that. And so if we preview this, this will be. An affiliate link.

So if so were to click on this link, we can make money. Oh. And by the way, what we can also do too, is we can go out and we can say, step number two, step number two is get these whoops. These tools. And then we could go over to Amazon or we could go over to Harbor freight or whatever it is. And we could put in our affiliate links.

So this actually is a much better way. This can help us grow our website. This can make it easier for us to change the links and we won’t get in trouble with, with Pinterest. Okay. And so what we would do is we’d publish this page and then whenever we create a pin, we can, and I’m just gonna create a pin here real quick.

We’ll. Uh, we’ll do pins create pin here. Um, we’re gonna create a regular pin and then we can just drag that pin that we found, or that we created right in here like this. And then we can say, um, We could say something like wood working for beginners like that. And then we can add in a description that is keyword rich.

Now in order to find keywords over on Pinterest, what you need to do is do a little bit of keyword research. Uh, we would do like wood working and then go through each letter of the alphabet. So you can say woodworking projects. We start with Q up here, woodworking, quotes, woodworking, quote, sayings. Um, we could say what working.

Bench, uh, Walmart resin, all sorts of stuff. So just find a couple key words and we’re going to pop them right into our. Our our description here. We could say like, uh, learn how to, um, learn how to go from beginner to expert wood worker in no time. Okay. So make sure you add in a few more key words, and then with our tags, we can try and find different tags like wood working.

Um, whoops. We’ll type in wood like this. You can see, and we’re gonna add all of these different tags for our video pins. And then for our destination link, we can just put in this one link here. Olsten And when people click on our link to learn more, it’ll take them to this page that we’ve completed and it’ll have.

A complete guide and they’ll have a bunch of affiliate links sprinkled in. Now, again, this is a much better way to do this, simply because you have more control over your website. If you just link over to Pinterest, if you a you’ll run the risk of your accounting band B if for whatever reason, something changes and that affiliate program is no longer around anymore.

You lose that pin. Okay. And with Pinterest pins, they stay around forever. I have people clicking on my Pinterest pins from like two years ago. They stay around forever. And so you don’t wanna miss out on that opportunity. So this is the best way to do it. You’re going to obviously create a Pinterest account.

I recommend creating a Pinterest business account. You can go find videos from P pixels. I personally recommend story blocks because there isn’t as. Of these pins, uh, of those videos that are out there, you can use can to create it for free. Like I did download an MP4 and then you are going to simply create one blog post.

All right. And you can simply link out. And again, you can use, you can even use Google docs, like I mentioned, because you can put links in there. I don’t recommend that, but that’s something that you could do ultimately, I think the best thing for you, because I’m here to help you. Is to simply use a webpage, create a website, create a blog.

It takes 10 minutes add in. It doesn’t even have to be something. It doesn’t have to be very detailed in the very beginning. You can always add to it later on, which is another benefit of creating a blog post. Just get something out there and then you can start linking to it with your pins. Now, ideally you probably wanna upload about 15 pens per day.

You also want to create different boards based on the pin titles, the keyword searches that we looked at, so like woodworking quotes would be a board woodworking for beginners table routers. All of these would be different boards, but they can all lead back to the same blog post. Now that you know how to correctly promote your affiliate links with Pinterest.

There’s still a lot to learn when it comes to affiliate marketing. Watch this video next to learn more about affiliate.