page title icon Samsung Affiliate Program Plus 10 Ways To Make Money

Samsung has become a household name since it was founded in 1938. Televisions were the first electronics that Samsung produced when they became a part of the electronics industry in 1969. Since then, they have vastly expanded their horizons from black-and-white televisions to almost everything you can think of.

While cellphones are the most well-known electronic Samsung produces, they also sell printers, laptops, household electronics, speakers, cameras, and many other types of electronics. For the more tech-savvy, they are also known to produce hard drives and semiconductors. 

What is the Samsung Affiliate Program?

While we all know that you can buy merchandise from this company, not many people know that you can become a Samsung affiliate and make money by helping them sell their products. So if you need to make some money and love electronics, this is a great program for you to become a part of.

Affiliate programs allow you to make money based on the amount of web traffic you send to a certain website through a website of your own. You earn commission based on the traffic and sales that result from these site visits. 

Where to Sign Up

You can become an affiliate by registering with allowing you to earn commission on every sale through the affiliate program. In addition, FlexOffers has a publisher pro platform that will assist you in choosing the best devices to advertise for core audiences at the time.

There are advantages to using this website because they keep a record of every link used and sale made so that you only have to worry about marketing. In addition, you will not need to concern yourself with its finances and the web traffic either. 

How it Works

Signing up for this program gives your web traffic the ability to access, which links to Samsung’s online store. For each click and purchase, you receive a certain percentage of commission. You can appeal to many audiences because of how diverse Samsung merchandise is.

Using your marketing and sales skills, you will refer your users to these products and make a fair amount of money. You will need a website to sign up for this program, so before doing anything, develop one. It is not too difficult to start a small website for advertising, and over time you will be able to build it up and make it more popular. 

Samsung Affiliate Program Commission Structure

You will earn a 3.2% commission for every sale made when someone clicks on a link on your website. This means that if you sell a television worth $1000, you will get a commission of $32 at the least. It might not seem like much, but you can make thousands of dollars if you have enough web traffic. Of course, the amount you are earning depends on the devices you want to sell.

If you are selling expensive televisions, you will make more money than selling second-hand cell phones. A lot of the money you earn will depend on you and the time and effort you are willing to make sales. If you are doing it full-time, you will probably make more money than someone doing it part-time. 

Remember Who Your Audience Is

Luckily, Samsung caters to all audiences, including young and old. With such diversity when it comes to products, there is a product for anyone. Therefore, you will not struggle to market these products, which makes being an affiliate so appealing. Even if you decide to cater to a certain audience, many other people also want to purchase products from your website.

A great aspect of selling electronic devices is that they are always in style. In this day and time, someone will always need a cellphone, or laptop, or refrigerator. Therefore, you will never be short of customers if you manage to market your website properly.

You can also appeal to the IT community using Samsung products. Perhaps you would rather only sell to photographers. You could also decide to target big shopping centers that resell whatever they buy from you. What is great about being an affiliate is choosing the direction you choose for your marketing. 

10 Ways to Make Money With Samsung

Start a Website

Although there are other ways to sell products, you will need to create a website to apply for this affiliate program. It needs to sell Samsung products or offer them on sale to make a commission through the program. Therefore, it is important that it is eye-catching and brings in customers simply through the page’s design.

It should also be user-friendly because they tend to close the page when people struggle to navigate websites. If you want to make money successfully, a beautifully designed site is the first step. It is not too difficult to start a page and build it up into a great business. 

Do Your Research

Before you start selling merchandise, you will need to establish what is popular right now. For example, some devices sell faster than others at different times. This can be because they are being marketed differently, or people have more need for them. For example, you are more likely to sell more expensive products like laptops and cellphones during Christmas because people buy presents for friends and family.

Other devices become more popular because of good advertising at the time. There are many ways to decide what the best products to sell are, but doing your research is especially important in successful businesses. The truth is that you will need to put a lot of time into this before you make a lot of money. If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not the right business venture. 

Use Samsung Products

The only way to know how a product works and whether it is a good device or not is to use them. Test a few of the products out for yourself and make sure that you sell a device you would invest in. On another note, no customer will believe in your products if they see you using other brands.

You can give the most honest reviews and descriptions if you have experience with products. This will also ensure that customers review your website accurately because they knew what to expect when purchasing products from your websites. Try products you would not normally buy from Samsung, so you have more knowledge of the company and its quality. 

Sell Products That You Like 

If you need to describe products you do not care for, you will not sell them through the description. Likewise, if there is no passion in the description, it will be less appealing for online shoppers.

You want to make sure that your descriptions and product pictures are appealing and rake in audiences from all over the world. Your customers will recommend you as well if they like your website and the way you describe products.

If you are passionate about your affiliation, your business will grow faster, and you will make much more money. 

Advertise All Types of Devices

While some are more popular than others, you need to cater to more than one audience if you plan on earning a substantial amount of money. For example, create a page for kitchenware as well as a page for cellphones and tablets.

That way, you create content for the whole family and not just adults or children. Samsung sells some products that many people do not even know about. You might be surprised at how many people will end up buying more than one product on your website if you have good advertising. 

Start a Promotion or Coupon System

People love bargains, and if you offer coupons or promotions, they will be streaming in to make purchases. For example, you could have a monthly promotion where different niches are a certain percentage off each month. Or you could include coupons in every sale you make to take a percentage off the customer’s next purchase.

If you are trying to gain more customers or viewers, give them something they do not often see, especially when more people buy Samsung products. This will also allow anyone and everyone to make purchases at your online store. 

Have a Way for Customers to Contact You

Good customer service will make any customer return with excitement. If they know that you are just an email or phone call away from any problems they experience with their products, they will trust your website more. Setting up customer service is an investment that you will not regret in the long run.

Suppose you feel that you do not have enough time to answer a phone 24/7, you might want to consider hiring someone for the job. Another option is to put your email address on the website so that you can check your emails now and then for any complaints or issues. 

Start a YouTube Channel

Millions of people use Youtube daily, and using it to advertise your website and products will boost your sales. Building an audience on this platform will increase your sales and, thus, your commission. Youtube has an algorithm that they use to recommend certain videos according to what is popular.

If you pay attention to the recommended videos, you will make videos that uniquely advertise your products and mold them to fit the algorithm. You want these videos to make people want to see more of your products and visit your website to do so. The more people that visit your site, the higher your chance of making sales. 

Try Other Social Media

Many social media platforms are perfect for advertising, such as Instagram and Facebook. Do some research and find other social media that you can use to market your merchandise and gain interest from potential customers. Many people use multiple social media platforms, so there is a higher chance of gaining more customers if you advertise on different platforms.

Your posts on social media are critical because they need to stand out from other advertisements. A person must see your post and want to read it and see what it is about. Design and art are as important as content in social media posts.

Blogging is another way to gain web traffic, especially if you are good at writing catchy blogs. Remember that even though you are advertising products, it is important that you refer customers to your website first. 

Switch it Up

Make your website interesting and fun by changing styles now and then. Update your website and sales tactics here and there to avoid becoming boring. However, be careful not to change too much, because regular customers might not like too many changes. For example, you could add a few decorations to your website during Easter to advertise easter specials Easter.

Anything unique will make your website more popular all year round. For example, try taking an online web design or marketing class to improve your knowledge in the industry. More experience allows you to develop your business and go from making hundreds to making thousands.

Wrapping Up

The Samsung affiliate program is great for technology lovers and those familiar with other affiliations. It might take a while to build up an audience, but you can make a large sum of money once you do.

Take time to develop your website, products, descriptions, and content to keep customers coming back and making you more money. Knowing your product is as important as enjoying making sales. Stay relevant and update yourself daily to keep your website alive.