page title icon Sears Affiliate Program Plus 10 Ways to Make Money

Though their physical retail presence has shrunk considerably over the last 10 years, Sears continues to be one of the most popular retailers in the United States – particularly when it comes to appliances, housewares, tools, and furniture.

As the company has moved away from running their own major department stores in malls and standalone locations they have shifted more to e-commerce. Their website sees hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each and every month, and the company continues to sell billions of dollars worth of merchandise every year.

And while most everyone has heard of Sears (in the United States, anyway), most folks are unaware of the fact that they too can make money working as affiliates for this legendary American brand.

Below we dig a little bit deeper into the ins and outs of what you’ll need to know about joining the Sears program, making money as a Sears affiliate, and using this opportunity to transform your financial future moving forward.

Let’s jump right in!

About Sears

Sears (originally known as the Sears, Roebuck, and Co.) was started all the way back in 1892 – 129 years ago.

Established in Chicago, Illinois by Richard Warren Sears and Alva Curtis Roebuck the idea these two entrepreneurs had was to create a catalog and mail-order based business that customers around the country could purchase from.

This was a revolutionary new idea, completely changing the way that things were sold in the United States, and ushering in a brand-new era of business for the country.

The Sears catalog blossom to more than 322 pages by 1894 before growing into an even bigger 532 page monster by 1895. The mail-order business was so successful that the company had almost no trouble whatsoever operating throughout the Great Depression even while other traditional retailers really suffered.

As the nation became more urbanized the company shifted its focus from mail-order to traditional retail stores, becoming pioneers in the department store industry, too.

Interestingly enough, though, Sears didn’t see the value of building e-commerce platforms on the internet until it was almost too late. Companies like eBay and Amazon jumped into the fray with their own modern twist on the traditional mail order business, and today Sears has a significantly smaller retail presence than any other time in their 129 year history.

About the Sears Affiliate Program

Even still, though, people (understandably) trust Sears to sell high-quality merchandise – particularly when it is branded with the Craftsman or Kenmore brand.

That’s what makes the Sears Affiliate program so popular!

Sears remains the third largest retailer of home appliances in the United States today, as well as a major industry player when it comes to tools, lawn and garden equipment, fitness equipment, and automotive repair and maintenance products.

There’s a lot of opportunity for online marketers and entrepreneurs to sell Sears branded products on their platform, letting Sears handle the fulfillment and customer service (not to mention repairs, returns, and warranties) while collecting a pretty significant commission on each sale.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into those details right now, shall we?

How to Join the Sears Affiliate Program

There are a couple of different ways that you can choose to become a Sears Affiliate, with the easiest approach involving you simply jumping on the Sears website (link here) and signing up with your name and contact information.

Sears handles everything else for you, running their affiliate network through the Commission Junction platform (one of the most trusted affiliate networks on the planet today).

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Membership is 100% free of charge, gives you the opportunity to promote and sell products through the Sears brand – including Craftsman, Kenmore, DieHard, and LandsEnd branded products) – with a pretty hefty commission structure in place and relatively fast payouts, too.

But more on that in just a moment.

Of course, you could also choose to join the Sears Affiliate program by going to Commission Junction directly, searching for Sears and the affiliate program they maintain on that platform, and then going through that sign up process, too.

Finally, you can always drop Sears customer support a line and ask about how to get involved with their affiliate program. Emails sent to will be responded to in 24 hours (or less), with explicit information regarding your questions as well as instructions about joining the platform.

Sears Affiliate Program Commission Structure

The Sears Affiliate program commission structure is very simple and straightforward.

Everything you sell through your affiliate link after signing up will count towards your overall commission payouts, with Sears Affiliates having an opportunity to make up to 7% in commissions on their total sales.

Different products will have different commission structures in place (Sears branded merchandise, like Craftsman and Kenmore, offer the highest payouts) and the potential for commission accelerators and bonuses exist, too.

Payouts happen on a monthly basis and can be sent directly to your bank account or you can be paid with a paper check.

More information about the specific details of the Sears Affiliate program commission structure can be found on the Commission Junction platform.

Benefits of the Sears Affiliate Program

There are a lot of benefits to moving forward as a Sears Affiliate, not the least of which is being able to capitalize on 129 years of branding, marketing, and trust building with North American customers.

Even though the Sears brand has sort of taken a backseat to companies like Amazon, Walmart, and target in the last few years, it remains one of the most trusted names in the appliance, tool, lawn and garden, and clothing world.

You won’t have to start from scratch when looking to convince people to purchase quality products from the folks at Sears!

On top of that you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • The ability to earn commissions on literally thousands of different products sold through (as well as all of their remaining retail locations)
  • The ability to promote internationally recognized brand names like Craftsman and Kenmore on your website
  • Promotional and marketing assistance directly from the folks at Sears, a company with a multimillion dollar marketing budget and in-house marketing team
  • Exclusive promotional deals and discounts you’ll be able to use to entice customers to purchase using your affiliate links
  • Lightning fast, consistent, and reliable payout structure

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Drawbacks of the Sears Affiliate Program

On the flip side of things, the Sears brand (as we have mentioned a couple of times already) isn’t quite as “hot” as it used to be in the past.

Prices from Sears (even on often times aren’t quite as low as what customers can find on eBay or Amazon – or even Walmart – which can make affiliate sales a little more challenging on your end of the deal.

To be sure, though, the benefits of becoming a Sears Affiliate far outweigh the drawbacks!

Alternatives to the Sears Affiliate Program

There are a couple of other affiliate programs you might want to look into if you’re considering becoming a Sears Affiliate, including (but definitely not limited to):

Home Depot and Best Buy are probably going to be the closest “direct competitors” to the Sears affiliate program.

Home Depot gives you the unique opportunity to offer affiliate sales online that can be picked up at a local Home Depot that same day, which is a huge advantage to be sure. Best Buy definitely has a wider selection of electronics and technology than Sears has right now, which may make it a better affiliate deal depending on the kinds of products you’re looking to offer.

All in all, though, Sears is a very well-rounded affiliate program that’s tough to beat simply because of the variety of different products you’ll be able to promote. Anyone with a website should be able to find something they can sell as an affiliate in the Sears product catalog!

Top Categories to Promote

The absolute best categories to promote as a Sears Affiliate have to do with the Kenmore appliances that they offer, the Craftsman tools that they sell, and the lawn and garden solutions, power tools, fitness equipment, or home electronics that they provide.

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Sure, you might be able to make some sales with Sears clothing, jewelry, and accessories or even the footwear options that Sears Affiliates can sell.

But those commissions aren’t going to be anywhere close to the kinds of commissions you can make when selling appliances, tools, and expensive fitness equipment.

10 Ways to Make Money

Making money as an affiliate is generally pretty simple and straightforward, especially when you’re using the Sears Affiliate platform to jump right in.

A couple of other ways to make extra money online, though, include:

  1. Selling leads to appliance repair companies on all of your appliance affiliate sales
  2. Selling electronic repair warranties for the gadgets and gizmos you sell through the Sears Affiliate program
  3. Retargeting web visitors that didn’t purchase through your affiliate links with other offers from other companies
  4. Upselling, cross-selling, and down selling different offers tied directly to your Sears Affiliate sales
  5. Helping other people get set up with a Sears Affiliate site (paying you to get them up and running)
  6. Driving traffic to Sears Affiliate websites (using SEO, PPC, media buys, etc.)
  7. Teaching people about the most profitable Sears Affiliate products, where they can make the most bang for their buck without spending a lot of time as an affiliate
  8. Create affiliate network sites that push visitors (customers) to different platforms that you own with related affiliate offers
  9. Offering e-book guides to help customers make the most of their new Sears tool, lawn and garden, or fitness equipment purchase
  10. Create review sites that promote Sears Affiliate products while you make passive income


At the end of the day, choosing to become a Sears Affiliate is a great opportunity to unlock income streams that you don’t have to spend a lot of time managing.

All you have to do is sign up as a Sears Affiliate, promote some key links on your website, on social media, or in your emails, and then sit back and relax while Commission Junction and Sears handle the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

Combine that almost hands-free earning opportunity with:

  • Between 4% and 7% commissions (on average)
  • A 30 day tracking cookie for affiliate sales
  • A $70 average order and
  • More than 100,000 different products to promote

… And it’s not hard to understand why so many people choose to become Sears Affiliates these days!