page title icon Sendlane Affiliate Program Plus 10 Ways To Make Money

How do online business owners or marketers automate the routine process of writing an email, organizing it, and dispatching it to prospective customers? They use resources like MailChimp, getResponse, Aweber, Sendlane, and other similar apps. For example, Sendlane is an email marketing software directed toward excellent email automation, verification, and management of marketing campaigns.

This tool is essential to online entrepreneurs because they need it to generate leads, retain leads, and automate email delivery to prospects. You can check the official website at, but you will be given an in-depth review of the Sendlane Affiliate Program in this article.

What is Sendlane Affiliate Program?

With this program, you can leverage the use of an email autoresponder while earning a commission. The process of making money online with this program is fairly simple: you approach some people and recommend Sendlane email and SMS marketing software to them. Then, when they buy using your affiliate link, you get rewarded a commission for assisting the company in bringing in one new customer.

You can rest assured that you would earn passive income if you join this affiliate program and invite your target audience also to join in. But aside invite new users, the commonest way to earn a commission from this program is by pasting your referral links in your blog posts and social media posts like in YouTube video descriptions. 

How Does It Work?

The software application offers a free trial to any prospect who uses their email and SMS marketing services. It is a 14-day trial that is activated upon entering all the necessary information, including your credit card details so that deductions will be made from your bank account automatically for you to keep enjoying the services rendered.

This free trial is necessary for you to experiment with the application. You can send emails conveniently to your list and manage email automation based on your email marketing strategy.

You can also design email templates and use the features available to make your email copies captivating. The free trial is what most people will begin with after they click your affiliate link though you will still be given a rewarding commission for whatever plan they later purchase thereafter. 

The Sendlane Affiliate Program works in 4 straightforward ways. First, you sign up for an affiliate partner account and receive your own affiliate link, which has a unique ID that tracks your account if someone uses the link to buy the services offered by Sendlane.

Second, you cleverly recommend the services to your target audience using word of mouth, social media posts, YouTube videos, and blogs.

Next, those interested in your audience may click your link and subsequently buy on the platform. At this point, the system will track the ID code and reward you a 30% commission as agreed in terms of the affiliate program.

For every successful referral, you make to sign up using your link. You get 30% of the price they pay for the service. This program is one the best ESP affiliate programs because it: 

  • It gives an avenue to make recurring commissions
  • Has top-selling categories in almost all online niches
  • Has a very high CLV (customer lifetime value) 
  • Beckons on even beginners to join the program since it has a free trial. 

The good thing about this program is that it is not yet popular. Hence, there is low competition in inviting others to join. You won’t have to compete with super-affiliates who are better at marketing and capturing leads than you but promoting the same thing simultaneously.

The most attractive bargain for many is the residual income it can provide them from just referrals only.

In this situation, you work hard to build an audience, and they trust your recommendation to the point that they buy the service and keep using it for their email marketing for years to come.

At the same time, you also continually make a residual income on autopilot throughout the customer’s lifetime value for that one action they took.

Sendlane affiliate and partner programs offer high leverage to both the advocate and the recipient like other affiliate programs.  However, the only downside is that the net payout is only done through PayPal, and you are required to have at least $100.00 in pending commissions before the withdrawal.

How much they pay?

Being one of the best premium-quality email marketing software out there, people expect the payout from this program to be fairly higher than other brands in this niche. And yes, the commission percentage is an enticing 30% earning for every lifetime customer you bring in.

This earning mode is in the form of a recurring commission, received either monthly or annually, depending on the choice made by the customer. Sendlane Affiliate Program has Growth, Pro, and Starter subscription plans.

All plans offer a 30% commission pay from each referral to the affiliate marketer. Here is what you should expect as your commission payment for each referral you bring into the 3 different package plans

  • Growth plan ➔ $29.4
  • Pro plan ➔ $45.0
  • Starter ➔ $178.0

The above affiliate payments are every month, provided the referral continues to use the services of the Sendlane app in their email marketing. So what you see above could differ if the referral subscribes every year. This is because there is usually a slight discount offered to yearly subscribers if they fulfill that obligation.

For instance, the basic Growth plan would amount to $284 annual commission instead of $29.4 x 12months = $352.8. Nevertheless, you have no control over how your referral decides to pay for his plan, and so what is more important is that you make passive income from your effort to generate referred customers.

How to sign up

It is advisable to start the sign-up process in time. This is because the processes will take some time before you can start promoting it as an affiliate.  

  • First, head on over to and insert all the necessary details about your name, phone number, email, and password. This is the first step that shows your interest in the company’s affiliate and partner program.
  • Second, you will be emailed your email confirmation message and your login details. After some time, you would be required to agree to schedule a date and time to join a free webinar. 
  • The onboarding webinar is a pre-recorded video presentation that basically enlightens you on the company and what the partnership programs are about. It lasts for 30 minutes or thereabout. 
  • Thereafter, you and the fellow attendees will be granted access to each individual’s dashboard. Though this is an unusual approach to signing up for an online program yet, it makes you really understand the services rendered by Sendlane before you invite others. It beckons serious attentiveness to your new role as the company’s advocate, unlike the affiliate programs of other brands where you casually create the account in 5 minutes and start carelessly fishing for new referrals.

Top-selling categories they can promote

There is no particular business niche or industry that Sendlane excels the most at. Sendlane Affiliate Program is meant for the online marketing industry of various niches. The company’s products and services serve all business owners and marketers. Data studies have revealed that the top-selling packages that are often purchased are the Growth and Pro packages.

So, most affiliates who promote this app draw attention to all packages but emphasize the benefits of the above packages.

10 ways to make money

Promote with your email list

You can easily recommend the Sendlane software app if you already have a growing email list. Although growing an email list isn’t so easy, you could begin to actively engage with the few subscribers you have by sending educational content on topics that will add value to their online businesses.

Over time, you should emphasize the importance of email marketing. Therefore, you may recommend Sendlane to your subscribers as the tool that makes it easy for you to communicate with them smoothly through email.

Use SMS marketing

Your contact list may include some people who might be interested in your business and how you run it. So in that respect, you may start an SMS marketing campaign to reach out to people on your phone contact list.

It would help if you kept sequentially sending them SMS messages to promote your business and how your email marketing/lead generation has been important to its growth. Subsequently, you can insert your link and recommend the app.


If you have a blog or are starting one, you should consider writing blog posts about email marketing and its strategies. Make sure to develop creative content that will persuade your readers to take action and improve their email marketing using Sendlane.

Targeting good keywords

Prospects will not discover and read a landing page or blog with the best-suited keywords in the text. To draw in more organic traffic, you should use keyword tools such as Google Keyword or Wordstream to look for hot topics that people are interested in.

Also, it is good to focus on low competition niches or underrated topics with few websites providing answers.

SEO capability

If your blog or YouTube video rank is higher on Google or other search engines (Search Engine Optimisation, SEO), you will likely get more visitors to see and click your link. Therefore, to increase your earning potential, you must master SEO. 

Apply backlinks

A backlink is described as connecting the offer page to your own landing page or blog website. Good backlinks will help you build a highly optimized website that will attract prospects to click on your link and become referrals.

YouTube channel

One of the best ways to generate leads that will turn into affiliate referrals is via YouTube. Interesting and fun YouTube videos that add value to the viewers will easily convince them to follow any product recommendations you offer them. Plus, you can incorporate the videos into some of your blog posts.

Use paid advertising like Facebook Ads

Aside from free organic traffic, you can monetize your social media accounts and website using paid adverts. For example, you can post ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google with a reasonably cheap sum of money.

The ad content should address the specific customer’s needs and how Sendlane can assist them in solving their business problems and achieving their goals.

Make use of your other social media handles

In doing this, don’t just go and spread your affiliate links across all your social media accounts. The captioned message you put regarding Sendlane will either influence or discourage people from clicking the link. 

Apply coupon codes

To bring in more referrals, let the potential customers know that they can apply your custom coupon code to sign up using your affiliate link.

How about the Sendlane partner program?

All Sendlane’s partnership programs can be classified into 3 different tiers. The first one is the Integration Partner, a partner program for businesses with a subscription-based product or service.

The integration partnership program will give you the exclusive privilege and collaborative incentives. In addition, it makes it easy to connect or integrate your Sendlane account to your webpage, blog, or other popular online marketing software apps like WooCommerce, Shopify, and ClickBank.

The second partner program is the Affiliate Partner, designed for affiliates whose niche audiences are e-commerce, content creation, and digital marketing. The third is the Agency Partner Program designed for agency owners.

This program is similar to that of the latter in that they are both required to recommend Sendlane to clients, so they will use it for growing their businesses.

In conclusion, you can decide to become a partner or affiliate by going to to sign-up. Alternatively, you can click on the sign-up button from the bottom of their home page.