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The competition for a higher ranking in search engines looks like a “circus” — not in terms of roars, flames, shouts, applause, clowns — but a fast-paced environment that strives to get the ultimate attraction from potential audiences through SEO (search engine optimization).

Yes, the rule of thumb follows that the more you get clicks, the more it gets a higher ranking. That’s why SEOClerks develops a strategy to make your website more user-friendly through their effective services.

If you’re interested to know more, then this article is for you! We will help you get a closer look at SEOClerks and how you make money through their affiliate program.

About SEOClerks

Enthuziast Inc. owns SEOClerks, and it offers a suite of SEO tools for professionals and hosting. The company has been helping SEO professionals for over seven years, and it has been ranked as one of the top 40 web design companies in Canada. Their services include SEO copywriting, white-label SEO tools, and link-building packages.

SEOClerks offers their clients the most out of their marketing budgets by proactively working with digital marketing companies. Thus, as a popular website for SEO professionals, it has an affiliate program that allows bloggers to provide free promotion in exchange for a percentage of the revenue generated.

About SEOClerks Affiliate Program

SEOClerks’s affiliate program is free to join and easy to participate in. The company offers a 20% commission for all sales generated by your referral links, which are accessible through an online dashboard that tracks the number of visitors referred from your blog posts or social media profiles.

The program welcomes everyone, including yourself. Meaning, you don’t have to be an SEO expert or even own a website to be eligible. You can promote the SEOClerks affiliate program through your blog, social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, or add links to your email signature file.

How Does SEOClerks Affiliate Program Work?

When you sign up for the SEOClerks affiliate program, the company will provide your unique referral code. You can use this link to promote any of their services (white-label SEO tools) or access all marketing materials through the online dashboard.

When a visitor clicks on that link and purchases an item from SEOClerks’s website, they will be registered as your referral. As a result, you will receive 20% of their purchase price for life, no matter what they buy or how often you refer them to SEOClerks.

The company also has a blog that features tutorials and case studies on the latest in SEO strategies and hosting services. In addition, it offers detailed information about white-label SEO tools, including pricing and features.

You can also promote SEOClerks’ blog post content on your website or social media account to get more visitors for yourself and the company. After you sign up as an affiliate, a new dashboard will be created that displays all blogs and posts from their website, so it’s easy to find content to promote.

Commission Structure

The SEOClerks Affiliate Program provides a straightforward commission structure. There are no hidden earnings caps or complicated calculations as to how much you can make. For instance, when a visitor clicks on your SEOClerks affiliate link and purchases an item from their website, you will receive 20% of the purchase price for life.

Commission Percentage 

The commission percentage of SEOClerks Affiliate Program is 20%. It means that the company will pay 20% of the purchase price to your account for every sale that you generate. So, the commission payout is available for withdrawal once it exceeds $100 and remains in your account for at least 30 days.

No matter how much or little you make, SEOClerks Affiliate Program pays out once you reach the $100 threshold or 30-day period.

Affiliate Cookie Window

The cookie window of this affiliate program doesn’t expire. Meaning, you can promote its services for as long as you want and still receive the commission. In addition, you do not need to wait until a customer clicks on your link before purchasing to be eligible for commissions.

How to Join the SEOClerks Affiliate Program? 

To be an affiliate of SEOClerks Affiliate Program, you have to sign up for it first. You can sign up online by completing the form and inputting your title, website URL, contact information. Plus, you will be asked to enter a valid email address or phone number where they can reach you.

Once approved, SEOClerks Affiliate Program provides its unique referral code that is linked to your account. You can use this link to promote any of their services or access all marketing materials through the online dashboard.

If you want to sign up with a smoother process, then consider joining these affiliate networks first:

Benefits of SEOClerks Affiliate Marketing

Work-life Balance

It allows you to work from anywhere in the world. You are free to choose your own hours and how much or little you want to make per month. And also, it offers a lot of flexibility so if there’s an emergency.

For example, sudden weather changes that disrupt air travel or trouble need to be attended to. You may leave your work, but still, your affiliate links continue to generate money.

Sales Potential 

There is a massive market for SEO tools, as well as hosting services. The SEOClerks Affiliate Program also includes white-label SEO tools with features that you can promote on your website or social media account to generate more visitors for yourself and the company.

Thus, it is your sales potential to get more exposure on the search engines.

Make Money While Sleeping

You don’t need to be doing social media posts and writing blog articles all day long to make money. You can do this while you sleep so that when your alarm rings, it’s time for breakfast or a morning workout.

By posting links online and managing your progress consistently, you can make money while you sleep.

Drawbacks of SEOClerks Affiliate Program

Inconsistent Results

Because the commission structure is straightforward, it isn’t easy to know how much you’ll make and when. You can’t predict what will happen through this program, so there are no guarantees that your efforts will result in sales or commissions for yourself.

No Asset Protection 

The company does not protect its affiliates against frauds or any other liabilities from their website. If anything goes wrong, this program and its affiliates will not be liable for any damages to their reputation or revenue loss.

That’s why you have to carefully read the terms and conditions of the program to establish awareness during undesirable times.

No top management to intervene.

There is no top management to intervene when disputes arise between affiliates. In addition, SEOClerks will not be available for any questions or concerns once you’ve signed up and started promoting their services online. Thus, it could potentially lose your confidence if a dispute arises.

How to Make $100 a Day with SEOClerks Affiliate Marketing?

The world of affiliate marketing is highly competitive. At times, hitting a daily quota of $100 is hard to seize. You have to find at least 5 new referrals to reach your goal. In this case, option B is your best way. Here are some alternative affiliate programs you can join:

Alternative Affiliate Programs

  1. SEMRush Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: Up to $200
  • Affiliate Window: 120 Days
  1. AccuRanker Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 20% lifetime recurring commission
  • Affiliate Window: 120 Days
  1. SEO Powersuite Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 33% 
  • Affiliate Window: 120 Days 
  1. NitroPack Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 20%
  • Affiliate Window: 30 Days

10 Ways to Make Money with SEOClerks Affiliate Program

Host an online course about SEO and how it helps businesses 

If you want to attract potential referrals for your affiliate link, you can use your own SEO knowledge to create a course or webinar online. You could also sell it as an e-book, and then people would be more likely to buy from you because they trust you since you’re leading the way in this niche.

The more you educate your potential referrals, then the more you can gain sales along the way.

Create a YouTube video about SEO tools from SEOClerks 

People love watching videos online, especially when they’re informative or entertaining enough to keep their attention for more than five minutes. So if you have any experience in this field already, consider creating an instructional video on how people can use these tools to build links and make money through search engine optimization (SEO).

Similar to the previous point, it creates an impression and a potential sale for your affiliate link.

Write reviews of the services offered by SEOClerks. 

If you have any experience with the service and enjoy using it, why not write a review of your own to share on blogs or social media? You could even create an account where SEOClerks is one of your favorite companies.

For instance, you can share personal success stories about how this program helped you make money or share your story online by writing a blog post about what has happened in terms of earnings from working as an affiliate marketer at SEOClerks Affiliate Program.

Give away free SEO tools to interested parties.

People will be more likely to sign up for the SEOClerks Affiliate Program if offered a freebie. You may give a free trial, webinar, or online course to have them learned about SEO. You can also provide them with a discount for a particular service.

So, consider giving away some SEO tools to interested parties who might end up becoming your referral later on.

Conduct a podcast discussing the benefits of SEO via Facebook Live

If you have a Facebook page and an online presence, consider taking advantage of the live streaming feature to have conversations with other SEO experts. You may collaborate with a well-known SEO personality or team up with a company offering a similar service with SEO Clerks.

The best thing here is that you provide tips on how people can use this service to make money by using your affiliate link. 

Post a question about SEO on Quora 

If you have any experience in this field or think that it would be helpful for others to know the answer, then consider posting a question about SEO on Quora so people can learn more. Here, expanding your network becomes easy since your expertise in SEO could clarify a wandering mind. In comparison, this way keeps the bond of an interested party, your engagement matters.

Connect with SEO specialists on Forums or LinkedIn 

If you want to learn more about SEO, then consider connecting with other experts in this field on social media or forums. You can also provide your input by answering questions that come up for others. If people ask a question and no one replies, the topic will be closed automatically after three days of inactivity.

Join virtual events about SEO on Facebook Live

If you have a social media presence, consider joining virtual events about SEO through live streaming. You can also promote your own affiliate link by mentioning it during the conversation to know what to do if they are interested in signing up for SEOClerks Affiliate Program and making money from this opportunity.

Share success stories from Twitter

People often follow other accounts that offer valuable information like yours, which means it’s easy to get noticed on social media if you’re already posting regularly there. So why not share success stories on Twitter so people can learn how much you’ve been making from your SEOClerks Affiliate Program.

Contact companies to offer a guest blog post via email marketing.

If you want more exposure for yourself, and that’s why you’re looking into the benefits of SEO, then consider contacting other experts in this field who are willing to put up sponsored content on their blogs or websites.

This way, it doesn’t only increase awareness about yourself but also helps out with getting paid. Plus, if bloggers have influencers within their network or reach a particular audience interested in this topic, they may refer customers back to your business, which means free marketing opportunities!


Indeed, your way to the happier, convenient experience is finding the right company to trust. For a circus-like environment on the Internet, SEOClerks is your one-call away. The company believes that collaborating with the right community results in a sustainable outcome. Nevertheless, your SEO concerns are always welcome! 

Do you want to increase your website’s traffic and be part of the SEO family? Then, join now and be a SEOClerk Affiliate!