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This article will reveal 9 side hustles that you can start as a college student. Now the great part with these side hustles is that you don’t have to sacrifice any additional time. You can do these in

just one or two hours per day.

Repair Computers/Tech-Gadgets

Side hustle number one is to repair computers and technology. You can actually barter with people, they will then bring their computers, and you can try and fix them. To do that, you can do a quick Google or Youtube search and see if there is a way to fix it. Computers nowadays are a little bit more complicated, but the vast amount of information out there is just as easy to reach.

Hence, it is a great way to make money. You can work with students in your dorm and tell them that you’ll charge them around 50 to 100 bucks to fix their computer. Do simple basic tech from computers to smartphones. You can help a lot of people out and make some money on the side.


Number two is to tutor local, middle, and high school kids. Now the great part about this is that parents will trust you simply because you are in college. You show that you have the ability and that you have the skill set to relay in and convey information. You can actually work with your local YMCA or Boys and Girls Club to find parents that might be looking for tutors.

And the great thing is that you can charge between $5 and $20 per hour for simple tutoring. And if it’s Middle School, you probably have gone through that information recently, so it’s not going to be too challenging. So look into becoming a tutor at your local boys and girls club or YMCA. And you can start making some money that way.

Social Media Manager

Number three is the Social Media Manager. Now the great thing about social media managing is you’re simply going to work with local small and medium-sized businesses, and you’re going to be their PR director, essentially. You will jump on whatever social media platform they recommend, and you will help communicate that message.

For example, you can work with a local landscape business that wants to get better at Facebook. Again, you can charge them part-time, at a rate of $20 per hour, and you can really automate the process with different apps like the social pilot. They’re going to be grateful because they’re growing in their community, and you’re going to make money doing stuff that you are already familiar with.

So look into becoming a social media manager. You could reach out to companies individually that maybe don’t have a Facebook page, or their Facebook pages are severely lacking, and offer to manage their social media account. You could charge them, let’s say, $100 per day. A lot of small businesses are looking for essentially cheaper labor.

Being a social media manager is awesome because you can be a Social Media Manager for multiple companies. Let’s say you are a Social Media Manager for a landscaping business and then for a restaurant in the same area. It’s going to be pretty easy to make pretty good money doing that.

And it’s not going to require a whole lot of time, especially if you use a scheduling app like a social pilot or Hootsuite. You can actually automate the entire process, set it up in advance and forget it.

Freelance Writer

Number four is being a freelance writer. Now being a freelance writer is an excellent opportunity and should actually be relatively easy for you. If you’re used to writing long pieces of content, let’s say 10, 20, or 30-page papers, it’s going to be very easy for you to write perfect short blog posts of 2000 words.

There is a high demand for freelance writers. And again, you can do this by posting an ad over on Upwork. You can work with different internet marketers, or you can work with small businesses. Everybody is looking for a writer to help them grow their brand.

Now, if a landscaper is looking to grow their reach in the area, they can always use the help of a blogger to help me grow their reach organically so that when people are looking for local landscapers, they show up at the top. They can use the help of someone that is a college student that is looking for relatively easy work again.

As a college student, freelance writing is probably an excellent opportunity for you. It does require maybe one or two hours of your work. Again, if you’re used to writing 10-page papers, writing a 2500 word blog post is not that big of a deal for you. So look into freelance writing.

Start a blog

Number five is to start a blog. So instead of writing for somebody else, you are going to write for yourself. Now what I’d recommend is that you pick a niche. Pick a topic that you’re interested in writing about. Make sure it’s a topic that people actually care about and want to learn about.

You can go out and write long-form content and put it on the website. Now the great thing with a blog is that it stays on the internet forever, as long as you don’t take it down or you don’t violate some copyright that gets it taken down. You upload that blog post once, and it stays up there on the internet forever.

Now, the cool thing with blogging is that you can get paid in a variety of ways. You can get paid with affiliate marketing. So recommending other people’s products and services. You can create and sell your own physical or digital products. You can actually put ads right on your blog. And when people come to your blog, you’ll get paid for just having those ads there.

You can get paid with sponsorships. There are several benefits of having a blog. And again, if you are used to writing 10-page papers, 2500 word blog posts isn’t that big of a deal. So look at starting a blog. Again, it’ll probably take one or two hours of your time, but that blog post can bring you money for months and years to come.

Start a Youtube Channel

So after starting a blog is actually starting a YouTube channel. Everything that I said about the blog actually applies to YouTube. You can spend 10 or 15 minutes creating a YouTube video and uploading it to YouTube, and then it stays on YouTube forever. The great thing about creating a YouTube channel is that you can get paid in various ways.

Again, with affiliate marketing, selling your own physical or digital products, or even having ads play at the beginning, middle, and end of your video. So again, you create that YouTube channel, and that video is going to be there forever. And with YouTube, the cool thing is that you have a little more flexibility about the type of content you can create.

Ideally, you should create content that is within a niche. But once people get to know, like, and trust you, they’re going to want to know about you. So that will give you some flexibility to do vlog-type content in the very beginning. You want to create content about what people care about. Eventually, people will start caring about you, and then you can create content about yourself.

Virtual Assistant

So after becoming a YouTube star, you can actually look into becoming a virtual assistant. The cool thing about being a virtual assistant is it can be anything from manual data entry all the way up to writing blog posts. Depending on the agreement that you have with your manager, you can do very high-level or even low-level tasks and make perfect money. So being a virtual assistant can be good work, be easy work, and don’t require a lot of time. Virtual Assistants can require you to answer phones or do some customer service, but it really all depends on the agreement between you and your manager. But number seven is a virtual assistant.

Local Ride-Sharing Service

Number eight is actually an interesting one. It’s a local ride-sharing service. Now, most first-year students and even some sophomores on campus don’t have a car. If you’re a junior and you have a car, you could charge people to drive them to Walmart.

If you know someone with a car and don’t mind running errands and have a few free hours, you can drive people over to Walmart and make money that way. So look into doing that. Obviously, it will be informal. You do want to be aware of some things, such as either the tax implications or the insurance implications for driving people around like that.

Sell you Major

Number nine is to sell your major. You are getting knowledge and experience in a field. Why not take that to a local business in that niche or in that field and sell your services. Let’s think, for example. You’re in the communications public relations wheel.

Why don’t you go to a local business and tell them that you will do their press releases, or you’ll do their social media? If you’re an architect or working on your architectural design degree, you can get a paid internship on the architectural team or architectural firms. Whatever you’re working on right now, apply that to any and every small and medium-sized business that’s out there.

The great thing is small and medium-sized businesses always need help, but they’re usually unable to or afraid to pay people. What better opportunity for them to get some good work done, hire somebody locally, and look pretty good in the community as well. 

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