page title icon Side Hustle Ideas For Introverts 2021 – 13 Real Side Hustles To Make Money

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This article is going to list 13 side hustles for people that are introverts. Now an introvert basically is designed as someone that would rather work maybe one on one or in tiny groups, as opposed to being outgoing and working in front of a large group of people. 

Book editor

Number one is actually a book editor. Now, this could be an E-book editor. You are simply going to post a gig on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour saying that you are willing to read and edit someone’s blog. So someone’s going to take the time to write out a book, you’re simply going to proofread it, and you’re going to make suggestions on changes.

Now, this can be very lucrative because reading a book takes a lot of time. It’s a one on one thing where you’re really going to be doing it by yourself, and you’re going to provide feedback, and you’re going to get paid. So being a book editor can be a very lucrative side hustle for someone that likes to deal maybe with one on one and not a large group of people. 

Freelance Writer

Number two is a freelance writer. With a freelance writer, you are simply going to write assignments, blog posts, articles, press releases, etc. Your manager/client will give you some direction on what the topic is, and you’re going to do some research, and then you’re going to write about it. You’re going to write to a specified word length.

And again, this is going to be a one on one type of thing where you get direction. You get an assignment, you create the content, make sure that it’s high quality, and then you return it. Again, you can do this in several ways. You can either work with the gig economy, you can reach out to blogs directly, or you can even post an ad on Facebook or Craigslist. Being a freelance writer can be a perfect opportunity. 


Number three is a transcriptionist. Now with a transcriptionist, you are going to write down. You’re going to type either thing that you hear or see. So if you hear a podcast, you’re going to write out that podcast word for word. For YouTube videos, you’re going to do the same. This is a perfect opportunity because you’re going to listen or watch a video, basically, and you’re going to write everything down.

Now once again, there are several ways to do it. You can use a website like and be a transcriptionist. For that website, you can work with YouTubers individually. For example, if someone would hire you to transcribe their YouTube videos, it may be so they can turn those into blog posts or to put captions that you see at the bottom of the screen in a video. So a transcription can be used in a variety of formats. And it’s straightforward to get started. And it’s really one on one or one on none, depending on the method you choose.


Number four is blogging. It is a perfect opportunity. You’re going to create a website on a topic that will be your niche. So you’re going to pick one topic, and you’re just going to write about it. You’re going to do a little bit of keyword research to figure out what people want to know. And you’re simply going to write high-quality, engaging blog posts.

Now, the great thing about blogging is that you can make money in several ways. You can be an affiliate marketer recommending other people’s products and services. You can sell your own digital or physical products, or you can actually place ads. So those ads that you see on blog posts are paying the blogger for posting those ads there. And there are several different ad networks that you can take advantage of. The most common one is AdSense.

But you can use other ones out there as well. You can actually get paid by other bloggers for them to guest post on your blog. This is lucrative and why people want to do it because they want more exposure for them to come back to their blog or YouTube channel. So there are several ways to get paid within blogging. And you can do this 100% anonymously by yourself without interacting with anyone. 

Bookkeeping or Accounting

Number five is bookkeeping or accounting notes. In this, you are basically going to work one on one with individuals where you are going to take care of their accounting. Now, this is great for small and medium-sized businesses.

This can also be very lucrative during tax time because essentially, what you’re going to do as an accountant or a tax accountant, is you will get your customer’s tax documents, and you’re going to enter them into a tax preparation software like TurboTax. And that’s going to do all the work for you, and you can get paid.

Now there are several ways that you can find clients. You can reach out to small businesses in your area. You can post ads on Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc. You can even run paid ads on Pinterest or YouTube, saying that you’ll do bookkeeping work for your clients. But bookkeeping and accounting can be a perfect opportunity.

You do want to look into it to see if you need to have certain certifications or degrees. You can’t just declare that you’re an accountant and expect people to trust you. 

Sell Stock Photos

After bookkeeping/accounting, you can sell stock photos. You can go around your area or find different land landmarks near you, and you can take pictures and post them online. There are tons of places where you can post these photos for sale, like Istock photos. You post the images you take, and people will pay to have those stock photos on their website.

You’ll get paid a royalty or commission for simply taking those pictures. Now, there are several ways that you can do it. You can take pictures of landscapes, you can take pictures of the snow, and people are going to buy those. The AP news is another one that will buy photos from people, or you can be a freelance photographer.

There are just several opportunities when it comes to selling stock photos. So you can make an excellent income. And as long as you have a decent camera, or if you’re good enough with your iPhone or your smartphone, you don’t even need a great camera. You need to go out there and take photos. Now again, you can take photos of landmarks, scenic images, animals, etc. These are all good opportunities to make money.

Affiliate Marketing

After selling stock photos comes affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply recommending or selling other people’s products and services. Now you can do affiliate marketing completely, hands-off. For example, you could run Facebook ads to a product that you’re promoting.

What you would do is run Facebook ads, collect the leads via email, and then you can send them emails recommending that product or service. And you can recommend as many products and services as you want. And you can keep sending them emails for as long as they stay subscribed to your email list. Affiliate Marketing can be a perfect opportunity, and you never have to reach out to anyone.

You can occasionally send an email where you’re introducing yourself. Still, you don’t actually have to engage with anyone unless you are selling maybe a high ticket item on the back end. But affiliate marketing with Facebook ads can be a perfect opportunity. 

Selling Ebooks

After affiliate marketing is selling Ebooks, you can write and sell Ebooks with KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing, or you can sell Ebooks on your own via Facebook ads. But again, you don’t have to communicate with anyone.

If you feel more comfortable with a written word than actually speaking out to people or speaking with people, you can make perfect money just writing these E-books, and they can be both fiction or nonfiction. You write the Ebook, put it in KDP, sell it for $10, and make passive income because people will continuously come back and buy the book.

It’s effortless and straightforward. And an Ebook could be really short. It could be 50 pages or as long as 3000 pages if you want it to get very detailed, but E-books can work. 

Sell Online Courses

Next is selling online courses. Now you can use websites like Udemy to create and sell online courses. Now the great thing when using a site like Udemy is Udemy will actually do all of the advertising for you. You need to take the time to create the course and put it on Udemy.

If you’re not comfortable showing your face, you can do a PowerPoint presentation or do a voiceover on top of the slide deck and make money. You want to take courses that are evergreen. So talk about things that people are going to be searching for now and forever so that you don’t continuously have to create the same course over and over again. The benefit of using a website like Udemy is that you create the course and put it on Udemy.

And you let Udemy do all of the promoting, and you can make passive income. Now, there is a component to creating courses on Udemy, where people will reach out to you with questions, but it’s going to be more of a one-on-one intimate format. You don’t have to speak to a whole group of people unless you want to. 


So after selling online courses, it is actually with recycling. Now with recycling, you’re simply going to drive around your neighborhood and drive around your city the night before garbage collection, and you’re going to look for metals and recyclables.

You will collect those metals and recyclables, and you’re going to take them to the recycling center, and you’re going to make money. Now granted, you probably won’t make thousands of dollars per month doing this, but this is a side hustle that can help you make ends meet. And it’s actually straightforward. It would help if you had a truck or a large vehicle.

You will have to look for recyclables, metals, aluminum, anything that you can sell back to the recycling center. You’re going to find a recycling center near you, and you will sell it back. It’s effortless to do. You have to get the trash collection schedule for your city or the surrounding cities and drive around the neighborhoods that actually have a little bit more money because they tend to throw stuff out instead of repurposing it and looking for metal, aluminum, and things of that nature. 

Retail Arbitrage

After recycling is retail arbitrage, retail arbitrage is simply going to stores and finding cheaper products. Let’s say a Walmart that you can resell over on Amazon. Now, this can be a good opportunity. And you can do this completely independently of other people.

You have to do a little bit of research and maybe even download a few apps to tell you where the best deals are. Now, for example, let’s say you find that Barbie’s are on sale at Walmart. You go to all of the different Walmarts in your area, you buy them all, and then you package them up and send them over to Amazon.

And then when people buy the product from Amazon, you get paid money 100% hands-off. You don’t have to communicate with anyone. Amazon does all the selling. You need to find the products and sell them.


And then the final one is podcasting. And podcasting is really just collecting and organizing your thoughts and talking about your thoughts in a linear fashion. You can create a podcast on anything if you are interested in it.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing or interested in creating digital products, but you don’t want to have conversations with other people necessarily, a podcast can be a perfect opportunity. Again, it’s just organizing your thoughts around a central topic.

For example, very much like a YouTube video, you could create a podcast that essentially does the same thing, and you don’t have to interact with any of your customers or any of your following unless you absolutely want to.