page title icon Side Hustle Ideas While Working Full Time – 9 Side Hustles To Start While Working

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This article is going to list 9 side hustle ideas that you can start while working full time. Now each of these ideas, you can actually do part-time either after work or before work and even on the weekends, but these can eventually convert into a full-time business. 

Become a Blogger

Number one is actually becoming a blogger. Now with a blogger, you’re just simply going to write on a niche. A niche is simply an area of focus, and you’re going to have to create content to help solve someone’s problem. There are tons of different blogs out there.

I’m sure you’ve even stumbled across a few yourself where people are writing content to help solve a problem. Basically, what you need to do there is you need to do a little bit of keyword research using Google or YouTube and figure out what the customer wants to know.

You’re simply going to write engaging blog posts where you’re helping answer the question and solve the problem. Now you can get paid a few different ways with blogging. One is by affiliate marketing. That’s recommending or selling other people’s products and services. You can get paid by just putting Google ads in different ad networks right on your website, those ads will actually show up automatically, and you can get paid that way.

Another way to get paid is actually selling your own digital or even physical products. You can get paid with sponsored posts as well. So there are at least seven different ways that you can get paid simply from blogging. Now to get started to do this, take out one hour or two hours per day, and start writing an outline.

You can write an outline on your lunch break. You can actually do a voice note outline. And then, when you get home, or you get to a place where you can type or write, you fill in the details of that outline. And then you upload it. 

Creating YouTube Videos

Number two is actually creating YouTube videos. Now, Believe it or not, creating a YouTube channel and creating YouTube videos within that channel is incredibly lucrative. It’s just like blogging, but instead, you’re creating video content. Again, you want to pick a niche, and you want to create content within that niche.

The easiest way to figure out what to create or what type of videos to create is to do keyword research right on YouTube. And what that means is you go into YouTube and type in a topic, for example, underwater basket weaving, and you hit the spacebar, and YouTube will tell you what people are searching for.

YouTube is going to tell you what people want to know. You create 5 or 10-minute videos helping to solve that question or solve that problem, and you can get paid. And just like blogging, there are several ways to do it. You can get paid with affiliate marketing sponsorships or having your own physical or digital products.

You can also get paid by having ads that run at the beginning, middle, and end of your YouTube videos. These are all different ways that you can make money. And believe it or not, creating a YouTube video may seem intimidating, but it’s not really that difficult. You sit down with a topic; you create the content, and then eventually, you upload it.

Now you want to make sure, obviously, that you’re optimizing your YouTube title tags and descriptions. But that’s a different topic for a different day. But YouTube can be a perfect opportunity. If you are limited on time, I recommend doing something called batch content, where you sit down for one or two hours, create all of your videos for that week or that month, and then move on to the next thing. It’s effortless to get started.

And you can get started even with your cell phone. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on fancy equipment or lighting. It would help if you sat down, take action and create the content. You can always improve your equipment over time, but you don’t have to have fancy equipment or even editing software to get started. 


Now number three is actually freelancing. Now within freelancing, there are two things that you can do.

WordPress Websites

Number one is building WordPress websites. Now basically, what that means is you are going to find clients online, either local small businesses or people that are starting their website, and you can offer to put simple five-page websites on their web hosting. Now, WordPress is an incredible opportunity.

There are several reasons why the WordPress website is good. Number one, many websites online are using WordPress, so it’s going to fit right in. Number two is you can actually go out and find different templates on websites like Themeforest. And you can import those templates into different web hosting platforms and then make a few changes.

You can charge up to $2,500 for a simple five Page WordPress site. And it can take you maybe three or four hours of work once you get the knowledge and experience. Now again, you can do this after work, or you can do this on the weekend. But it’s a perfect way, and it’s straightforward. Now, if there’s something that you don’t know when it comes to WordPress, Google it, or put it into YouTube, and it will make your life much easier. 

Logo Designer/Blog Writer

In addition to WordPress websites, you could actually be a freelance logo designer or even a freelance writer if you enjoy those things. If you have a visual or graphic mind, you can be a logo designer.

If you enjoy writing, you can actually be a writer, and you can write for other people. You can write blog posts for other people, and that is lucrative as well. Everybody loves a good copywriter. Everybody is looking for someone that can write high-quality copy for their blog and blog posts because that’s a good way to get traffic.

If that’s something you’re interested in, you can use a website like PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. There are several freelancing sites out there that you can take advantage of to become a freelancer. 

Creating and Selling Digital Products

I should say next is creating and selling digital products. Now within creating and selling digital products, I recommend creating an online course. Everybody has a skill. You can use the skills that you work on every day at work. Let’s say you’re an accountant.

You can create a course on accounting one on one, and you can host that course yourself, or you can sell it on a website like Udemy or Skillshare. If you don’t have a skill, you could actually learn a skill and then teach it over on the sites that I mentioned before. The great thing about creating content and having a course online is that you don’t have to be an expert in anything.

You have to be one or two steps ahead of the person behind you. So if you’re willing to go out and learn, and maybe spend a weekend learning about a different skill, either with YouTube videos, or enrolling in different courses, then you can create your own course and then host it either yourself or on Udemy.

Now the great thing is when it comes to creating a course, you don’t need fancy equipment. You can use a PowerPoint presentation, or you can use your audio from your phone. And you can even use your video from your phone as well if you’re doing a talking-head video, but you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment, and you can get started right away. 


Next is with E-books. There are four ways that you can sell Ebooks. You can either do it yourself through Facebook advertising, or you can actually put it on Kindle Direct Publishing and let them do all the work.

Now, either way you choose can be a perfect opportunity to make passive income. If there is an area that you have a lot of knowledge in and skills in, then it’s time to go ahead and create an Ebook. Post it in different places, and you can make passive income.

Several tutorials online show you step by step on how to create your first book or Ebook and hosting it or selling it through Kindle Direct Publishing, or even doing it yourself. So check out some of those videos if you are interested in learning more about writing an Ebook.

Now the great thing is when it comes to an Ebook, everything’s a niche, and everything’s a topic. If, again, you are accounting or an accountant, you can write a book on that. You can write nonfiction, or you can write fiction. You can pick a niche, learn everything about it, and then write a book on it if you see there’s demand. So writing a book is another good opportunity. 

Membership Site 

After that is a membership site. Now a membership site is basically where you’re going to charge someone every single month or a group of people every single month for the opportunity to share your knowledge.

Now, believe it or not, this is a very lucrative opportunity because people are going to come back over and over again as long as you position yourself as the subject matter expert because they’re looking for your help and assistance.

Now again, you can do this yourself through a free Facebook group where you charge people through PayPal or something like that, or you can be a little bit more structured and professional and decide to host it on a different platform altogether.

What you can do when it comes to these membership sites is to hold weekly or bi-weekly, or even monthly zoom meetings where you’re sharing new information, new methods, new tips, tricks, and tactics to help them gain some experience help them advance in a career.

Another great example could be basket weaving. Let’s say you have a membership site about basket weaving. You can teach them the newest tips, tricks, and tactics to weave a basket faster. Now, things may not change that frequently when it comes to basket weaving.

But you get the idea that if you are charging someone every month to access you and your information, they are looking to learn something they didn’t know before. Or maybe they want to hear your thoughts. People are willing to pay for that. 

Run a Facebook Group

So after a membership site, one more thing that you can do is you can actually run a Facebook group or run multiple Facebook groups. Now what you’d want to do here is you’d want to pick a niche or an area of focus and create helpful information, either yours or someone else’s.

And then, you can add your affiliate links, or you can sell your own physical or digital products. You can really do a combination of some of the things that I’ve mentioned before to make money with these Facebook groups. Now the Facebook groups themselves will be free, and eventually, Facebook will start recommending your group to people interested.

Facebook groups are good because it’s like Facebook advertising without having to pay for ads. Facebook knows everything about its members. They know what their members like and dislike. And eventually, Facebook’s going to recommend your group to the people that are most interested or would be most interested.

And so what you’ll need to do is you’ll need to post helpful content a couple of times per day. And then you can pin whatever it is that you’re selling at the top of your group. And every time someone logs in, they’ll see it, and eventually, people will buy. But Facebook groups are a perfect opportunity, and you can spend 20 minutes per day, or you can actually schedule posts ahead of time and just set it and forget it.

And then make sure that you’re responding and you’re pretty active in the community to keep the engagement going. 

Affiliate Marketing 

The final way today is actually with affiliate marketing. Now affiliate marketing is simply recommending or selling other people’s products and services. When you recommend or sell other people’s products and services, and the customer buys them using your affiliate link, you can get paid a commission.

Now there are several ways that you can do affiliate marketing. Some of them include blogging, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook groups, or Facebook. You can do it free, or you can do it paid. There are a ton of ways to do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is great because you create the content, and once you can set it, forget it.

And that content is going to be working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Affiliate marketing is good because you don’t have to deal with some of the negatives of owning a business: customer service, dealing with returns, etc. But you can make passive income by simply recommending a helpful product or service.