page title icon Squarespace Affiliate Program Plus 10 Ways To Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing is becoming popular in many parts of the world because it provides a way to earn passive income. As there are several affiliate programs available in the market, one should consider evaluating all of their opportunities.

Squarespace is a website builder tool that allows people to create and manage their websites without any web development skills. In addition, the company has an affiliate program for those who want to ensure a passive income.

Squarespace is ideal for restaurant owners, bloggers, artists, students, wedding contractors, and musicians who need a website to grow their business. The web builder tool provides ways to design a website with the most advanced techniques without hiring a developer or designer.

What Is The Squarespace Affiliate Program?

Squarespace is an American-based website building and hosting company that offers software as a service (SaaS) for small businesses and bloggers. The affiliate program created by the company allows affiliates to earn commission on sales when they refer services through specially tracked links.

It provides custom links and banners, and one should post them on a website. An affiliate will receive a commission when anyone purchases a product or service. The company pays the commission to affiliates after tracking a sale. 

Anyone can join this affiliate program when they want to generate decent revenue. It is a trusted company enabling affiliates to build trust while sending traffic to a merchant. This, in turn, gives ways to ensure high conversion rates to a large extent.

How Much Does The Squarespace Affiliate Program Pay?

The Squarespace affiliate program pays $100 to $200 per paid subscription through bank transfer. Affiliates will receive payments monthly after setting up an account. On the other hand, they don’t receive a commission for domain purchases and trial signups.

It is necessary to read instructions properly before creating an account. Squarespace will pay affiliates once their account meets the $5o threshold. The cookie duration is 45 days enabling a person to earn a high commission after creating an account. 

Benefits Of The Squarespace Affiliate Program

Anyone Can Join 

The primary advantage of the Squarespace affiliate program is that it allows anyone to join in simple steps. You must be 18 or older to join this affiliate program.

Increased Conversion Rates

Affiliates can increase their conversion rates by promoting the service on unlimited websites. In addition, this flexibility allows you the opportunity to increase commissions.

Track Performance In Real Time

With the Squarespace affiliate program, affiliates can track their performance with real-time results. This will help to implement new strategies accordingly to sales. In addition, the program is the best option for those who want to promote their brand through different channels with effective tools.

Excellent Customer Support

The affiliate program offers excellent customer support for affiliates enabling them to have questions answered fast. It even guides new users to sign-up for an account with highly qualified teams to make good profits.

Drawbacks Of The Squarespace Affiliate Program

Lack Of A Landing Page

An affiliate landing page should provide more information to affiliates, and Squarespace does not provide one for affiliates. As a result, it is not possible to get enough details about payment options and other questions compared to other programs.

Aspiring marketers can face difficulties while promoting the services of Squarespace.

Low Commission

The commission offered by the program is meager compared to other programs. Although it is an excellent affiliate program, the commission rates are meager. Another thing to consider is that it limits the promotional opportunities, which influence the earning potential significantly.

Therefore, affiliates should determine whether it will suit their needs or not before setting up an account.

10 Ways To Make Money With The Squarespace Affiliate Program

A Well-Designed Website 

Affiliates should make sure that they have a well-designed website and they can create the same with Squarespace. It provides ways to design an attractive webpage in a short amount of time.

The tool even makes it feasible to add external links or add an event page that will help obtain optimal results. One can even run an A/B test to know which version of a website performs better. 


Squarespace has a built-in blogging platform that provides ways to create blog posts. It even helps to edit posts and perform other things with high success rates. The platform also lets affiliates create categories and adding tags.

An affiliate can publish posts after creating an editorial board. Besides that, it allows a person to add thumbnail pictures, thereby creating impacts on readers.

Blogging is a key part of an affiliate program because it contributes more to ensure high conversion rates. Affiliates should start posting blog posts with innovative ideas. They should focus more on evaluating competitor keywords to see what topics are trending in a niche.

It is necessary to create rich content to ensure high traffic to search engines.

Social Media

Affiliates should consider sharing blog posts on social media to increase affiliate commissions. Submitting a guest post is a great idea because it paves the way to get the desired outputs. Effective marketing strategies are necessary for social media channels to turn visitors into customers.

Furthermore, they will help grow the customer base that enhances sales. It is necessary to use analytics software to track the number of visitors and other things.

Placing online ads

Online ads are one of the ways to make money with Squarespace. First, however, one should know more about the options available while placing them. For example, CPM advertising and PPC advertising are some techniques that allow affiliates to earn high commissions and income.

Both help affiliates gain more advantages when they want to advertise a product or service. At the same time, one should have a Google AdSense account that will help accomplish goals in online advertising.

Post Sponsored Content

Posting sponsored content is another way to make money as an affiliate. It involves promoting a product of other companies by posting their content on a blog. Affiliates can even create their content while promoting other company’s brands.

By doing this, they will earn high commissions that increase the cash flow.

Selling Products And Services 

Affiliates can start selling their products and services when they have a good audience. At the same time, they should know how to differentiate a product or service while selling it through an affiliate program. Therefore, it is wise to determine what types of products to sell after evaluating the nature of a business. 

YouTube Marketing 

YouTube advertising enables affiliates to sell products or services with the best strategies to get high conversion rates. Apart from that, making videos about Squarespace is another great opportunity to make money.

An affiliate should discuss how Squarespace will benefit clients when they want to create a new website without technical skills. Therefore, it is imperative to include the affiliate link in YouTube videos and descriptions. This will make clients visit the website directly to hire services according to needs. 

Email Marketing

Anyone who has a lot of email subscribers can promote Squarespace through effective marketing ideas such as newsletters. A newsletter provides ways to promote services with high-quality content and hyperlinks. In addition, adding catchy titles to advertising campaigns enables affiliates to get more referrals and high reachability. 

Utilizing Backlinks

Utilizing backlinks properly allows affiliates to enhance their trust and reputation. However, affiliates should know how to improve the traffic to a website through backlinks. In addition, they should consider creating valuable content while promoting a product or service.

Since backlinks are incoming links, one should consider the importance of quality than quantity. This, in turn, creates ways to increase organic ranking in search results. Guest posts, sharing product news on other sites, and participating in interviews are some techniques that will help build backlinks on a website

Referral programs

Squarespace provides opportunities for earning more commission through some referral programs, and affiliates should understand them in detail. A wide range of referral programs are available for those who want to earn high money, and they should evaluate them in detail to make the right decision.

1. Tapfilliate

The Tapfilliate referral program comes with many features allowing an affiliate to create a custom commission structure by automating the pay-outs. In addition, the software enables merchants to manage their partners with various tools. Furthermore, the program gives methods to track the performance levels with a dashboard and other things.

The only downside to this referral program is the cost, and one should know the plans before choosing services. Nevertheless, it makes feasible ways to ensure speedy content delivery with fast data transfer speeds.

2. Referral Candy

Referral Candy is a referral program that works well with Squarespace. It is easy to set up, which helps to put a brand in front of a wider audience. In addition, it lets affiliates refer others, allowing them to earn rewards. The program offers different types of referral programs for members to get a decent commission.

3. Peach’s Referral Program 

Peach’s referral program is a fully functional referral program meant for Squarespace to help referral others quickly with automatic rewards. Apart from that, it is easy to set up, saving time to a large extent.

The program integrates with the Squarespace website, thereby showing ways to focus more on the objectives. It offers three plans for affiliates, and they can choose the best one depending on their needs. 

4. SEO Marketing 

SEO is a powerful tool that plays an important role in diverting more traffic to a website with different algorithms. Therefore, affiliates should have basic SEO knowledge to promote videos through social media platforms and other channels.

They can even hire freelancers for this purpose that will help to get more visibility in search engines. 

5. Using Creative Content 

Content is the king, and affiliates should consider creating the same creative ideas after starting a blog. It should meet the specific requirements of consumers to engage them with high success rates.

Nowadays, many companies and writers offer creative content services for affiliate marketing. However, affiliates should make sure that their content is user-friendly, which will increase the conversion rates. 

6. Choosing The Right Keywords

Keywords are necessary for an affiliate marketing program, and one should select them with more attention. Several tools are available to evaluate the best keywords for the Squarespace affiliate program that will help a lot obtain optimal results.

Moreover, selecting the right keywords provide ways to grab the attention of the audience. 

How To Create An Account In The Squarespace Affiliate Program?

Those who want to know more about the Squarespace affiliate program should visit the official website to help with ideas easily. It is free to join, and anyone can join the program that will help earn a high commission. 

Besides that, some referral programs allow new affiliates to set up an account in simple steps. At the same time, those new to this affiliate program should follow the instructions properly that will help earn money.

The Bottom Line

The Squarespace affiliate program is the best option for beginners who want to earn some decent money. Furthermore, it provides ways to earn money through referral programs that will increase revenue.

The affiliate program has tie-ups with third-party vendors allowing new users to set up an account without any difficulties. However, it is not suitable for active marketers who want to earn more commissions in a month. 

The affiliate program makes it possible to optimize a website’s traffic in social media and other channels with SEO tips. In addition, it provides ways to make money through blogging, website ads, and other sources.

Affiliates can refer unlimited customers after creating an account that will help increase their earning potential. However, it is wise to read reviews before selecting this program to ensure more advantages.