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Staples is an eCommerce business that was established in 1998. The main motto of the firm is to serve small businesses and home offices via the internet and brick-and-mortar stores.

Staples is known for its affordable office products and customer service. There may be more than 6,000 office supply products, which are offered to customers at affordable rates.

Staples also offers free delivery for purchases made over $50. In addition, next business day delivery is also available in many US cities. 

The company has an efficient affiliate program that equips affiliates with great tools. Staple’s Affiliate Program consists of amazing benefits. The training plan and higher commission rates are the most important factors, inviting many affiliate marketers. 

What is the Staple’s Affiliate Program?

The Staples affiliate program is one of the most comprehensive e-commerce referral plans. They offer great chances to website owners to make a good amount of money. Staples offers a lot of products to its customers, which are used daily.

These are the most purchased items that are sold well over the internet. Jeff Levitan is the company’s senior vice president, who promises to deliver great value to affiliate marketers.

Whether you are following social media marketing or digital media marketing, you only have to refer the visitors to the website. The strategy should offer more visibility to Staples across the internet. The increased visibility, enhanced business growth, increased leads, and revenue generation would reward the website owners for the affiliate program. 

The staples affiliate program offers an opportunity to earn commissions for every purchase online. In addition, they generate higher income from their website

The commission rates vary for people. The staple’s affiliate plan would offer a variable commission rate for the new customers and existing customers. Whenever they enter with your referral link, the organization would release the payment to you. 

How Does It Work?

Staples is a $7 Billion industry of office supplies, technology, and furniture. It does not only offer products to consumers but also businesses. It offers its services to home-based businesses, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 50 Companies in Canada, UK, the USA, and Germany.

The Company’s headquarters lie in the Staples that had invented the office superstore concept. It is the world’s biggest operator of office superstores. The organization hosts over 44,000 employees. 

This organization also has 960 superstores, which is an e-commerce platform. You can also receive mail-order catalogs services. 

Affiliate marketers can target two audiences through their affiliate program. In each audience, there are many segments in which marketers can promote the offers of staple and make a great amount of money.

For instance, they can focus their concentrated efforts on the market Staples offers among entrepreneurs, small business owners, new business owners, and more. Likewise, people will get a chance to market the offers among the multiple market niches. 

Whenever a customer visits the company using your affiliate link, the company would release your commission. You can refer customers through a comprehensive digital media marketing platform. You can use many techniques to spread the information regarding the plans of the Staple. 

How to Register with the Staples Affiliate Program?

Interested users can go to the main website of Staple and go to the affiliate marketing page. The page has the application that the user should sign up for. The website owners have offered a smooth and quick method of registration.

It allows them to make a good amount of money for referring The Company also generates revenue on multiple websites. Additionally, the affiliates would earn a credit for every purchase referred by you. has also registered in multiple other websites or organizations to process its registration page. The affiliate program aims at increasing its leads, sales, traffic, and generation of revenue. 

Once you have signed up for the program, the website would give you access to all the detailed instructions and information on the homepage. In addition, the affiliates of the program also have the opportunity to earn a great commission in exchange for all the referrals. 

How Much Do They Pay?

The website pays generously to the affiliate marketer for its hard work, dedication, and devotion. The website pays $15 for every successful purchase. The website pays hugely for increasing sales and traffic.

If you drive new customers towards the main homepage, it would also pay you for it. The organization also pays the marketers for customer loyalty. There is also a payment procedure for content creation.

So, market the offers of Staples strategically to earn instant money every day. In addition, you create a great second-income source by creating traffic-driving content for Staples. 

10 Ways to Make Money with the Staple’s Affiliate Program

Staples Copy and Print is a company offering its services in many countries around the world. The associates of the Company are devoted to serving customers with projects of projects. It also offers other office supplies. Office work is an assignment that takes place in the office daily. Therefore, stationery and other office supplies are a necessity that needs to be bought now and then. 

The Company is delivering products in countries having over 960 superstores. In addition, the organization offers its services online as well in all these areas. The commission rate, along with cookie duration, makes it one of the best affiliate programs.

If you are interested in promoting Staples, you should have a good sense of digital marketing and social marketing, along with other marketing techniques. Following, we have described some of the best ways in which you can make money with the staple’s affiliate program:

1. Understanding the Working Style of Staples

First of all, you should read all the notes given by the Company. The management team offers marketers access to the notes regarding the Staples affiliate program. It provides instructions that you should follow to contribute to sales and revenue generation. The working style of the Staples affiliate program is also super as it increases the marketers’ confidence. 

Before you embark on a journey to market the products of staple, try to understand its program. Without grasping this affiliate program, you cannot market Staple. 

2. Use Social Media Platforms

Nobody can deny the importance and usage of social media platforms. These platforms are ruling the lives of common people. From cooking shows to travel vlogs, people are watching the world through social media posts. Each post has a creative meaning that interacts with the program outstandingly. Every post on social represents its power that influences the mind of people. 

Through approved and appropriate social media channels, you can operate the platform for spreading information regarding Staple. 

3. Find the right Target Audience

This is a well-organized affiliate program in which marketers get a chance to target two audiences. You can target entrepreneurs, small business owners, small and medium business owners, consumers, and others in this program.

Each audience has various layers of segments that benefit the Company. When they hear about the affordable yet high-quality products of the Company, the audiences will buy the services and products of the Staple. Each product interests the buyers as office supplies are a necessity – not a luxury. 

Keep in your mind that this is a multi-niche market. So its marketing should enable people to learn about it more.

4. Discuss the Price of the Products

The company sells products at wholesale rates to business owners. Therefore, few people might not get interested in the program. However, the wholesale rates would definitely increase their interest and sales of the Company. So, use the informational tone in the article to inform people about the wholesale rates. 

Staple’s affiliate program is indeed a haven program for business owners and entrepreneurs. 

5. Write in a Purposeful and Meaningful Way

Whenever you write about selling products to audiences, try to bring a meaningful and purposeful tone to your article. Each paragraph should have meaningful words that spread the information regarding the Staple. 

If you are unable to write in a meaningful way, try to go through the services and products page of the Company. Please read it thoroughly and decide on the most important points. Then, you would be able to write in the most meaningful and purposeful manner. 

6. Carrying Out Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to market the product on the website. Content marketing requires the generation of great content online. Each article should resonate with the truthful description and performance of the products.

No description should lie about the performance or features of the products. 

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is rightly called the most innovative and relevant marketing method. The Company allows you to make a good amount of money by sending its promotional content to all your registered users.

There is a concrete strategic marketing tool that makes life a lot easier for you. 

8. List Pros and Cons

If you do not like a few program factors, you can reveal them and discuss them. The company does not bar you from giving your personal opinion. A wrongful presentation of the products would only reduce the fame and popularity of your website for generating faulty product descriptions. So, generate great content for spreading knowledge regarding the program. 

However, it would be best to remember that the posts do not contain too many cons. One or two cons are sufficient for marketing the program.

9. Create Video Content

The video content is the most amazing way to promote the products. The product reviews or usage of the products can be presented online. Each product has its performance. So, write with a pen, print on paper, and cut the paper into a flower for marketing it. 

If you cannot prepare the video content, assign the task to professionals and publish it under your name. 

10. Write Product Reviews

As a marketer, you should write common product reviews that help people in deciding in their favor. The product reviews give detailed information regarding the features, pros, and cons of the products.

It has to be customer reviews that also increase the confidence of users in the Company. So, try to replicate the reviews in your articles to draw as many customers as possible. 


Staples is one of the most famous, well-reputed, and reliable Companies. It offers office supplies, including other products, for the customers who use them daily. As a result, we tend to drop our pens and pencils across a wider region. 

Staples has entered our lives for giving us a proper solution for our problems. The organization helps us in staying organized and prepared for all the meetings. The Company also offers an affiliate program. 

The affiliate program enables the Company to earn wider visibility for Staples.Com across the internet. In addition, the website rewards the website owners for their great support by offering a training program.

You do not have to ace digital media marketing to join the staple’s affiliate program. The owners of the organization understand this reality and offer a great affiliate program. 

Every affiliate marketer can receive the basic information and instructions regarding the program from the management team of Staple. The management team would give them a full tutorial guide regarding how to place the link for driving more traffic towards the main homepage of Staple. The office supplies have to be sold in a manner that drives many more customers from the internet.