page title icon Thinkific Affiliate Program The Ultimate Guide

Thinkific is a leading online platform that provides ways to create, market, and sell online courses. The Canadian platform based in Vancouver aims at fulfilling the expectations of professional content creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to share their knowledge with others.

At present, the platform has more than 100 million users, which helps to build and grow a course online with ease. Moreover, it is an all-in-one SaaS platform allowing people to develop a course without any coding skills. 

The platform provides ways to create a simple course with excellent support and tools to reach more people quickly. Another thing about the platform is that it offers tons of marketing tools for online courses, which help obtain optimal results.

Moreover, it integrates with more than 100 external and marketing apps to get high customers. Online course owners can even control their business on this platform which contributes more to accomplish goals effectively. It makes feasible ways to grow business in the markets after creating an online course. 

What is the Thinkific affiliate program?

Thinkific affiliate program is one of the best ways to earn some additional income with high commissions. An affiliate should recommend the platform to others when they want to create an online course.

It is the right option for those who want to make money online without any knowledge. In addition, bloggers and content creators can benefit a lot from the affiliate program, letting them generate high income. 

Several educational experts and coaching institutes don’t know how to develop an online course due to the lack of ideas. Affiliates can refer the Thinkific platform to them that will help generate more revenues. Apart from that, they can get high conversion rates through this program that helps grow sales significantly. 

Thinkific commission structure

The program pays a 20% recurring commission on all monthly paid plans or annual paid plans allowing affiliates to earn more income. In addition, you can earn a $25, $ 50, or $150 bonus based on the plan sold to others.

An affiliate will receive commissions on the 20th of every month to ensure high revenue. In addition, the program has a cookie duration of 90-days that pave ways to track sales and clicks anytime without any hassles. 

Why should you join the Thinkific affiliate program?

The Thinkific affiliate program provides ways to access creative and promotional materials offered by the platform. Furthermore, it enables affiliates to access the Thinkific Partner Community that will help gain more advantages.

Also, the program offers co-hosted webinars with expert team members that drive more sign-ups. The bespoke landing pages provided by the program make feasible ways to create impacts on the audience while promoting a plan. 

How to sign up for the Thinkific affiliate program?

Thinkific has sign-ups with various third-party partners, and new members should check for the details online that will help get more ideas. It will take nearly 2-days to get approval after creating an account.

New affiliates will receive a notification to their emails once the account gets approval. First, however, they should follow the detailed instructions, which give ways to minimize complications significantly. 

How does the Thinkific affiliate program work? 

The program offers links to affiliates, and they should promote them on a website or blog. Therefore, it is wise to include them in content that will reach potential customers as soon as possible. Besides that, one should understand how to manage an account and the payments in a dashboard. 

What are the top categories to sell in the Thinkific affiliate program?

1. Arts & Entertainment 

Arts & Entertainment is one of the program’s topmost categories, enabling affiliates to get high conversion rates. A majority of children and adults like to learn various courses to enhance their skills. Some of them include painting, music, printmaking, graphics, animation, film making, screen-writing, singing, drawing, sculpting, hosting, etc.

The Thinkific affiliate program is an ideal platform for developing a course on them that will help grow sales in the markets to a great extent. Affiliates can earn more commission by referring the platform to painters, musicians, dancers, media people, etc. This will help increase sales in the markets which will streamline revenues. 

2. Fashion & beauty 

Fashion designers and beauty professionals can sell their business through the Thinkific platform by creating a course. Then, an affiliate can refer the same to them that will generate high conversion rates.

Fashion & beauty courses with guidelines and tips will grab individuals who want to start a business in the markets. Therefore, it is wise to promote links to fashion and beauty bloggers or websites to create online courses. 

3. Career development 

Everyone wants to have a bright career and work hard to reach their goals. At the same time, some people may face difficulties in accomplishing their objectives due to various factors. A career development course enables them to attain a top position in a job and business.

Thinkific is the right platform for developing an online career development course with various features. For example, affiliates can get more commission when they refer the same to others. 

4. Health & Fitness 

Most people, including adults, give more importance to their health and fitness to minimize unwanted complications. Health & fitness experts can create their online courses with the Thinkific platform to help reach more people quickly.

They can develop yoga, weight loss, bodybuilding, baby care, pregnancy, diet plans, and other topics. In addition, an affiliate can refer the same to experts with links that will help generate more income. 

5. Software & Technology 

Software & Technology courses are becoming popular in different parts of the world because they play an important role in enhancing students’ skills. Anyone who wants to develop an online course should select the right platform such as Thinkific to meet the essential requirements. An affiliate can refer the same to others that will help generate more income.

6. Digital marketing 

Digital marketing involves promoting a business through digital devices that use the internet. At the same time, it uses several algorithms for enhancing the online presence. People who have a wide knowledge of digital marketing can consider starting an online course that will help get the desired results.

Thinkific affiliate program provides ways to refer digital marketers, which pave ways to earn a decent commission. 

7. Pet care 

Pets such as dogs and cats need proper care to prevent them from potential risks. Therefore, most people want to learn pet care courses to guide pet lovers properly. Affiliates can refer Thinkific platform for individuals who want to create a pet care course with the latest features.

This, in turn, paves ways to ensure more leads that will help generate high revenues. In addition, affiliates should consider creating high-quality content with links for redirecting purposes. 

8. Finance 

Finance is another important category to focus on in the Thinkific affiliate program because it increases cash flow. In addition, everyone wants to live an independent life, and building an online finance course allows experts to target them quickly.

Affiliates can earn money by referring the platform to financial experts. However, they should consider creating high-quality content with keywords and images that will impact the audience. 

9. Coaching 

Coaching involves different types, and affiliates can refer the platform to coachers when developing a course. It is necessary to generate content with creative ideas to engage the audience with high success rates.

By doing this, an affiliate can earn more income that will increase the cash flow. Referring the platform to expert coachers provide ways to ensure more income. However, it is necessary to include links in the content for redirecting purposes that will help increase sales. 

10. Web design

Thinkific is the best platform for professional website developers to develop their online courses with the most advanced technologies. Affiliates can recommend the same to expert designers that pave the way to earn a decent commission. Since many youths like to learn web designing, creating an online course enables web designers to engage them. 

11. Interior design

Interior designing courses are gaining popularity over recent years because they provide ways to start a business efficiently. With Thinkific, interior designers can create online courses with unique approaches. In addition, an affiliate can earn more commission by referring the platform to interior designers and bloggers. 

12. Fashion design

Fashion designers and institutes can create an online course to engage students in a quick turnaround time. They can develop a course with the latest tools and features to create impressions on visitors. Affiliates can refer the platform to them with links that help get the desired outcomes. 


1. User-interface designs

Thinkific software offers user-interface designs for the course creators with a wide range of attractive features. Affiliates should make sure that they satisfy customers’ needs while recommending the platform through an affiliate program. This will help a lot to get more referrals from them, which will grow the business. 

2. High earning potential 

The primary advantage of the Thinkific affiliate program is that it provides high earning potential. Apart from that, it paves ways to ensure a bonus amount after selling a monthly or yearly plan to customers. 

3. Access to Thinkific brand assets 

Affiliates can get access to the brand assets and evergreen campaigns for promotions that will increase sales. Another thing is that they can get high conversion rates that offer high commissions. 


1. No customer support 

The platform prioritizes email customer support only and doesn’t provide a live chat for customer support. Besides that, it doesn’t offer email marketing tools when affiliates promote a new customs plan. 

2. Requires more effort

For making more money from the Thinkific program, one should work hard when compared to others. 

Thinkific’s pricing plans 

1. Free plan 

The free plan is the right option for creating an online course without paying a penny. Some of the features covered by the plan include 3 courses, content hosting, quizzes, surveys, etc. However, it is available for only a few days, and one should check the details while choosing the plan. 

2. Basic plan 

This plan covers limited tools when anyone wants to launch their first online course to obtain optimal results. In addition, it allows beginners to start their courses online with high success rates. Email integrations, custom domain, coupons, scheduled content, affiliate reporting, and Zapier triggers are some features offered by this plan, costing $49 per month. 

3. Pro 

The plan is mainly recommended for entrepreneurs or companies looking to grow their eLearning businesses. It provides excellent features such as 3-group analysis, advanced integrations, advanced customization, 2-site admin accounts, etc. In addition, the package costs $99 per month, paving the way to manage an online course with ease. 

4. Premium

This plan is for advanced educationists, which costs $499 per month. It includes the features such as 50-course admins, 5-site admin accounts, single sign-on, unlimited growth, etc. The package is a combination of all features allowing businesses to accomplish their goals in online education. 

Final thoughts 

Developing an online course involves various things, and Thinkific offers solutions for this problem with the most advanced technologies. The platform gives ways to create a course under different niches based on the market demands. However, it is necessary to know more about the plans offered by the platform before recommending the same to new customers. 

The Thinkific affiliate program is the right choice for those who want to get a decent commission. However, they should put some extra effort into having a supportive audience while promoting the links provided by the platform.

It is wise to focus more on content, SEO, keyword research, and other techniques to enhance sales. In addition, the program allows affiliates to earn a 20% recurring commission, thereby showing ways to enhance financial conditions.