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Online sales are an excellent way for businesses—small and large alike—to boost profits. Most companies have a standard webpage with which they can sell products, services, and memberships, but some businesses choose to use a system of intentional sales funnels to increase sales. Because most entrepreneurs are not web designers, several companies can help enterprises build their websites and sales funnels. 

ClickFunnels is a program that can help entrepreneurs build web pages and sales funnels. They charge $97/month for their basic package and $297/month for their premium package with no additional fees. They allow a 14-day free trial to test their product out before choosing a package.

It’s great to know how much ClickFunnels costs upfront but is it worth it? Are there other costs involved? What does ClickFunnels offer for this price? These questions will be answered below, along with a comparison of ClickFunnels and other sales funnel companies.

How Does ClickFunnels Help Your Business?

A sales funnel site is designed to replace a traditional webpage, attract interested customers, and encourage sales. In general, sales funnels are the paths customers take to purchase a product, service, or membership. Even within the same business, there can be many different sales funnels, ultimately leading to the same end: a sale! And these funnels can be intentional or accidental.

With the internet, a plain website leaves the customer to discover the product and decide how and when to buy; a funnel, on the other hand, guides the page visitor through experience and encourages a specific purchase.

If you are looking to grow your clientele through intentional sales funnels, ClickFunnels can help your business create, grow, and improve online sales funnels.

As an entrepreneur, after starting a trial or a subscription, you can build a funnel website for your business and then follow ClickFunnels’ pre-made sales funnel templates. With the subscription, you can make as many funnels as you need. Their program will establish and maintain domains for you and update your website funnels anytime with speed and ease.

TIP: A ClickFunnels site can replace your website, but maybe it shouldn’t. It is suitable for some businesses to give potential customers a guided “path” to purchasing your product or service. However, many companies still require some website features (i.e., About and Contact Us pages, Customer Service, Product Lists, etc.), which ClickFunnels cannot offer. It is essential to understand that a ClickFunnels site is not like a homepage or a regular website.

How Much Does it Cost to Use ClickFunnels?

It costs only one flat rate per month to use ClickFunnels: $97 for the Start-Up Package, and $297 for Platinum. But what are the differences in these subscriptions?

Here are a few standard features that come with each package:

$97/Month Start-Up Package$297/Month Platinum Package
20 Active FunnelsUnlimited Active Funnels
100 PagesUnlimited Pages
1 User/Moderator3 Users/Moderators
3 Payment Gateways9 Payment Gateways
2 Domains9 Domains
No Follow-Up FunnelsUnlimited Follow-Up Funnels
Limited Chat SupportUnlimited Chat Support
No Access to Weekly HackathonsAccess to Weekly Hackathons

NOTE: It is possible to use one ClickFunnels subscription for multiple companies or businesses. However, the above-listed limitations might make this problematic. 

The $97 package, in general, is best for small businesses in need of simple solutions. There are no complicated follow-up funnels, emails, or advanced affiliate marketing systems. It is the easiest way to harvest leads and offer giveaways. It is best for companies with either low-priced items or has few sales.

The $297 package, in general, is best for bigger companies, with high traffic and high ticket price items. Big companies (or businesses selling high priced items) need additional marketing opportunities to increase customer conversion.

ClickFunnels helps by offering more advanced email integration, automated follow-up funnel emails, an affiliates program, and more, which boosts sales and revenue for many products.

What Comes with a ClickFunnels Subscription?

ClickFunnels has created a set of successful online sales funnel methods, which are all available through their monthly service. The ClickFunnels templates use specific tools, types of webpages, and lead-generating marketing tactics to design sales funnels in a way that will increase relevant traffic, customer interaction, and, ultimately, sales.

Depending on your product or service, you may choose from tested and successful templates in all of the following funnel categories:

  • Squeeze Pages: Method for generating leads
  • High Ticket/Application Sales Funnels: Method for getting client information
  • Tripwire Sales Funnel or Video Sales Funnel: A sales page
  • Product Launch Sales Funnel: Build anticipation for a new product
  • Webinar Sales Funnel: Can be used to sell a Webinar or sell a product through a webinar

ClickFunnels’ Add-Ons

In addition to ClickFunnels’ pre-made templates, entrepreneurs can add pages, landing sites, and upgrades to their funnels. There is no additional cost for these add-ons; but, there are still limitations on users, number of pages, and domains depending on your subscription plan.

Some of the add-ons available through ClickFunnels with a subscription include:

  • Opt-ins
  • Upsell/Down-sell Sequences
  • Indoctrination Pages
  • Surveys
  • Outside Links
  • Membership Areas
  • Affiliate Programs

In the words of ClickFunnels itself, the company gives you everything you need to “Market sell and deliver your products on the internet!”

Additional Costs to Expect with ClickFunnels

While the only ticket price for ClickFunnels is that roughly $100 or $300/month bill, there are other non-monetary costs associated with creating a ClickFunnels site:

Video Filming and Editing

Most ClickFunnels templates will have a place for a video; in fact, some funnels will even have space for two or more videos!

Videos are what really “sell” your product. It can be a video of you or another employee/salesman, but it is highly recommended that you use videos in all of your funnels: One for the pitch, one for the OTO (one-time-offer), and/or one for the thank you page.

While ClickFunnels itself won’t charge you more to add videos to your site, you will need to consider the time, effort, and ultimately money you spend to film and edit original videos.


Of course, if you want to create videos for your site, you’re going to need filming equipment. While ClickFunnels CEO, Russell Brunson, as well as other entrepreneurs, claim that today’s advanced smartphone technology is suitable for filming, if you want higher quality videos, you’ll need to invest more for it.

Naturally, you’ll also need a working computer and regular internet access to be able to monitor your site.

Labor Costs

Because ClickFunnels is very DIY, it will take your time—or a hired employee/contractor’s time—to build and manage them. Luckily, ClickFunnels is very user-friendly and doesn’t take too long to create funnels (under two hours according to this video), but it is still something to consider.

Marketing Costs

Build, and they will come, right? Wrong! You still need a means of distributing the sales funnel links. ClickFunnels can market, harvest leads, and make sales for you, but it can only do that if you can get the clicks in the first place. Your business must already have an established site, email list, or paid ad campaign to post the links on.

Costs of ClickFunnels vs. Traditional Marketing

So, with all of these costs associated with ClickFunnels, is the software worth the subscription? To answer that, we’ll need to calculate the costs of using ClickFunnels versus what you would pay to achieve similar results with traditional marketing methods.

The following expenses are examples of what companies might pay on average to achieve the same effect as what ClickFunnels claims to do: 

Website$200 one-time feeThis is the average cost to design and build a website, which typically goes beyond what most can DIY. It includes hiring a company or freelance to help with the design and coding, which also takes time.
Domain$10-20/yearThis is the cost for your website “address.” It can be purchased via GoDaddy or other domain services, or through a website provider like Wix or WordPress.
Hosting$5-30/monthThis is the cost to keep your domain live online. The price you end up paying will depend on the plan you choose to fit your traffic and data requirements. Of course, the bigger, more complicated, and more visited your site, the higher the monthly cost.
Marketing & Advertising6-7% of the total revenueThis cost includes fees related to running ads, paying for reports, social media marketing, and more.
Salespeople & Employees$30,000/yearThis is the average salary for an employee you may hire to help with sales, act as a representative, or provide customer service for your business.
(Source: Website Builder Expert)

ClickFunnels seeks to eliminate many of these costs by using their funnels to help you capture potential customers, provide a platform to help you market products, and eventually complete sales.

However, this is not to say that all companies can or should abandon the above expenses after signing up with ClickFunnels. For example, some entrepreneurs may decide they still want to hire a marketer or designer to complement the work done with a ClickFunnels account or have a salesperson on standby to go to trade shows. Some entrepreneurs may simply scale back these expenses.

Now you know how much ClickFunnels costs and what it can do. But is it right for you?

Is ClickFunnels Worth it?

When determining whether ClickFunnels is worth it, use the averages and examples in the previous section to help you assess your situation because it differs across businesses and business models. As we hinted, you may have to balance the expense of using the platform along with traditional methods you were already using to maximize sales. 

Of course, besides actual costs, you should also weigh the pros and cons, and whether ClickFunnels can offer all the additional tools you need for your business. You should also consider whether the potential revenue you could make can offset the costs of the subscription. 

ClickFunnels is Worth It For:Established businesses or peopleEntrepreneurs with an extensive lead listBusinesses with a single key product or serviceOne-time events, products, or servicesNew businessesBusinesses without click traffic or leadsBrick-and-mortar establishmentsBusiness with a few, varied products

The Pros of ClickFunnels

  • Test Pages (also known as A/B pages) can give entrepreneurs insight into the success rates for different templates and funnels. ClickFunnels allows businesses to create as many funnels as they want (with Platinum) and even have one link, leading to two different funnels. 
  • Ease of use is critical to most entrepreneurs. They are busy and often are not tech-savvy enough to create and manage a personal website. Hiring a web designer is costly and takes time. ClickFunnels is excellent because it has one flat fee and is easy to use. 
  • Quickly create funnels. ClickFunnels is so fast because of the pre-made drag-and-drop templates. Also, their integrated shopping cart allows you to use only their product to create a successful funnel.
  • Integration with your email system, autoresponders, and other shopping carts is possible.

The Cons of ClickFunnels

  • Somewhat slow customer service has been reported; most problems must be solved personally or through the ClickFunnels community. However, there are very few glitches, and the software is easy to use, which makes this a rare occurrence.
  • Slow to build funnels because of loading.
  • Slow to load for customers (in other words, the page speed is slow). Some say ClickFunnels’ sites take up to 2.5 additional seconds to load compared to other similar funnel sites.
  • Awkward sizing on mobile devices.

(Source: Jason Whaling)

Average Conversions or Sales Made with ClickFunnels

This is a hard number to calculate since more than 4,500 businesses use ClickFunnels, from individual people to non-profits, small start-ups to established companies.

ClickFunnels promises users that their sales funnels will increase the number of leads you get (via opt-ins), the number of sales you make (via funnels), and the amount of money spent per order (via OTOs).

This is all relative to each business, so one company’s record-breaking numbers might be a bad month for another company. Here is one article claiming that ClickFunnels was responsible for a 150% increase in sales!

One of ClickFunnels’ great features includes a stats page. After using the subscription for a month (or two weeks, if you start with a free trial), check out the “View Funnel Stats” page. It will show you the number of views, opt-ins (leads), and sales made for each of your funnels.

Using ClickFunnels with Traditional Marketing

Once again, please note that sales funnel websites, through ClickFunnels or otherwise, are not full replacements for regular websites. Although some businesses can replace their website with only ClickFunnels links, it might not be right for all business models or products.

If your business focuses on customer interaction, if you sell multiple products or experiences, if you have a loyal customer base, or your website has a blog, funnel sites cannot replace your website.

That being said, it is certainly possible to use ClickFunnels in addition to your current website. Many companies or businesspeople still maintain a primary domain and website but use ClickFunnels to make additional revenue and leads.

Other Sales Funnel Options

ClickFunnels costs $97 or $297 per month, with no hidden fees or charges. It is excellent for the reasons we’ve mentioned above, but for those who don’t think ClickFunnels is right for their business, don’t worry—there are other alternatives:

Wix$23/MonthEasyNo Funnel Templates
Mail Chimp$9.99/MonthMore ToolsNot as Easy to Use
WordPressFree + Add-ons and Hosting FeesEasyDesign Limitations
Lead Pages$25, $48, or $199/MonthFunnel TemplatesFewer possible sites allowed
GetResponse$15, $49, or $99/Month
With Customizable packages as well
Equal Features, Lower PriceSlightly more difficult UI

In Summary

ClickFunnels is a platform, like many others, that can help businesses create online sales funnel websites. They provide an excellent product for a reasonable price when compared with other vendors. It is especially worth noting that they do not charge additional fees or commission for services, either. 

Some of their features include templates, easy email integration, and a sales platform. This helps them to stand out among other sales funnel programs.

ClickFunnels was also the first program to make sales funnel sites easy. It is excellent for new businesses because it might be possible to eliminate the overhead costs of a domain, host, and web-designer for the subscription cost.

While it is excellent for some entrepreneurs, ClickFunnels is not for everyone; but, for $97, it can help grow a small entrepreneur’s business, and for $297, it can harvest many new leads, sales, and data for established organizations.