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Odds are you probably have used ClickFunnels plenty of times before to generate income success for your business. Or perhaps you are always on the hunt for new entrepreneurial opportunities. Either way, the next logical step for you is to become a sales representative for ClickFunnels, whom they refer to as “Affiliates.” It is legitimate and you will get paid.

ClickFunnels pays out monthly to its Affiliates, based on the day you first made a sale. Starting in 2019, ClickFunnels pays out once a month to all its Affiliates via Tipalti (rather than the old system of PayPal or check mailing), based on the day you first made a sale.

Keep reading below to learn a little more about how the payment process works for your commissions and gain a little more of an understanding of the affiliate program as a whole.

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How ClickFunnels Pays

ClickFunnels heavily promotes their Affiliate program. As a company that started in 2014, they believe in the ClickFunnel idea and want to spread it to businesses as widely as humanly possible. It is clear from their business strategy that they want to build an army of salespeople like you. People who:

  • Love the product and want to share the fun
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Are looking to grow their own business by bringing associated companies on board as well

They are not joking around, which is why they give you a 40 percent commission. In the sales field, a percentage commission that high can only be described as humungous. The nice thing with that commission too, besides the number, is the fact that when a new customer buys a recurring program, you receive that 40 percent every time for life.

It is certainly an appealing offer to salespeople. If you obtain a few customers, you can start to see some serious cash rather quickly. Payments from ClickFunnels to you occur on a monthly basis. Here is how it happens:

  1. You make the sale, in effect: your new client agrees to buy a ClickFunnel or ClickFunnels product.
  2. They sign up for their own online account and mention you as the associated Affiliate.
  3. Once they pay, ClickFunnels determines your commission rate and sends the correct amount to your Tipalti (more on that shortly).
  4. That starts your monthly payout date. So, for example, if ClickFunnels pays out your very first commission on October 18th, your monthly payout day will always be the 18th
  5. All future commissions you earn, regardless of the date, will be added up and then paid out to you on the 18th of every month. 
  6. Even if that initial commission is canceled by your client in the future, you keep the 18th as your payout day.

But now you need to know how that money actually makes it to your bank account.

The answer used to be rather easy: PayPal or a check in the mail. This was rather straightforward for American Affiliates. But ClickFunnels certainly did not want to limit their business to only the United States. PayPal and mailing checks overseas become a little more complicated (and more expensive for postage. Their solution was using Tipalti.

Getting Paid with Tipalti

In 2019, ClickFunnels made the switch over to Tipalti. This sounds indirect and negative, but the process is actually easy and with few downsides. When you first enter your new Affiliate portal, you will immediately be prompted to go set up a Tipalti account.

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Tipalti works similarly to PayPal. Use your routing and checking number to connect your bank account. ClickFunnels pays you by sending the total money they owe you, once a month, to your Tipalti account. Then you can just wire transfer that balance to your bank account. Conveniently, the balance will be converted to your local currency before transfer.

The downside? Tipalti charges a $5 fee for its transfers. That is steep, especially considering that sites like PayPal will not charge you a dime as long as you do not mind waiting a couple of days. So, before you transfer, try to save up until you really need the money so that $5 is more of an afterthought than a burden. 

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How Does the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Work?

Now that we have settled the most pressing issue on everyone’s mind, money, we can move on to the Affiliate program itself. How does that work exactly?

  1. Sign up and set up
  2. Learn how to do it
  3. Decide what to sell
  4. Get the word out

Sign Up and Set Up

Head on over to the ClickFunnels Affiliates welcome page. Here you will find the beginning of your new career. Go ahead and create your account. Once you are in, take a look around and get to know where things are and how they work. (And set up your Tipalti account while you are at it.)

Once you are familiar with everything, you can technically start selling. Keep in mind that you will not start at 40 percent immediately though. Here is how you move up to that:

MilestoneCommission Increases To:
Join the platform20 percent
Earn $1,000 in commissions30 percent
Obtain 40 active ClickFunnels patrons paying membership40 percent

If you are active in ClickFunnels as an Affiliate, reaching that 40 percent is not that difficult. But you are not expected to go it alone.

Learn How

Being an Affiliate is a process, one made a lot easier if you follow ClickFunnels’ tried and true strategies. To really get the hang of it, they offer three places of advice:

The Best Practices Guide will put you on the right track making sure you are following ethical sales practices. That seems easy enough, but ethics are known to become a bit cloudy in the world of online sales. ClickFunnels wants sales, but in a fair and safe way.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Facebook Group is a great place to not only keep you updated on the latest goings on with ClickFunnels, but to communicate with other sales people as well. You can talk to them and learn their valuable advice to make your own ClickFunnels business successful.

The Affiliate Bootcamp Summit is the best way to get straight to the point on how to sell ClickFunnels in the easiest way possible. Sign up for the course and you will have a leg up on the competition in no time.

Decide What to Sell

Being an Affiliate on ClickFunnels does not just mean that you are selling ClickFunnels. The products they offer are a little more diverse than that. For one thing, many companies need multiples, depending on how many different products they sell. Other items you might end up keeping in your sales portfolio include:

  • Traffic Secrets– A book for your subscribers to help them learn a little more about the patterns of web traffic and how to take advantage of them.
  • One Funnel Away Challenge- A whole kit that you can sell subscribers to help them better understand their ClickFunnel journey.
  • Dotcom Secrets- A book for your subscribers focusing more on the business of online selling itself. Tricks of the trade and learning how to really make their products stand out.

Get the Word Out

Once you are all set up with your Affiliates account and know how to sell ClickFunnels products, you need to reach out to your target audience. There are plenty of ways to do that. If you know local businesses with lackluster online presences, for instance, now might be a good time to let them know about the product you have available.

For many people, the process of creating an entire website is daunting. There are so many pages, and they would have to pay someone to code it. But ClickFunnels takes care of all of that for them. They just plug in the information on what they are and who they want to sell to, and their funnel does the rest.

Another good way to get the word out is always social media. Try to target to groups you know at first, like friends and family. Then explore more macro-focused places like Twitter and Instagram.

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ClickFunnels are a great and important way for businesses to convert eyeballs into dollar signs. They streamline the process of building an online presence, encouraging smaller mom-and-pop businesses to reach a wider net of potential customers.

Click here to become an affiliate for ClickFunnels

As an Affiliate, you have the potential to help ClickFunnels, the company, make this dream a reality. Thanks to their generous commission system and monthly payments via Tipalti, signing up and making money is now easier than ever.