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Given the incompetence of our mass transit system and the inconvenience that comes with it, Uber has become almost a necessity to many urban dwellers and commuters. It is like a hotline dial for fast, comfortable transportation—no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With the use of the app, you can request a ride in just a few clicks.

In a few minutes, your private driver arrives at your location to pick you up and take you stress-free to your intended destination. It’s easy to pay for the ride using a credit card or cash. Uber’s fleet has offered various options to select from depending on the category of transport needs of the customers.

The company now operates in 65 countries and about 690 cities worldwide. Uber is a well-known transport company that ironically has no registered car to its name. It makes use of ride-sharing technology similar to Lyft and Bolt. 

What Is the Uber affiliate program

First of all, to understand what it is, you first need to know what affiliate marketing is. An affiliate program is a mutually beneficial arrangement in which a brand shares sales returns between itself and special individuals who promoted their product or service in a way that brought in the purchasing client in the first place. In other words, the brand must release a certain percentage of the amount sold and give it to the marketer who made the sale possible. 

You probably must have heard of passive income as the best way to make money and increase your revenue. It would help if you understood that this particular arrangement had been proven to help many people make a living without so much labor. 

The Uber affiliate program is an opportunity that Uber creates for customers and drivers alike to work with them by introducing the service to others and get paid doing so. Like many other affiliate programs, you will be paid for every referral (i.e., new passengers or drivers) you bring in. The Uber Affiliate Program allows expert and amateur marketers to earn commissions for referring new users who eventually use the app to order rides. 

How does it work

As mentioned above, affiliate programs ensure that affiliates (be it individuals or companies) get paid for sending traffic or already qualified leads ready to buy at the online shopping platform. The online merchant or service gets a new customer, and the affiliate keeps a cut of whatever the customer purchases thereafter – it’s a win-win scenario. The same is true for the Uber affiliate program

The process is simple:

  1. Introduce the Uber software app to others
  2. Help them to join the Driver Partnership
  3. When they get accepted and start driving or taking rides, you get paid.

The system rewards drivers, couriers, and even non-drivers or passengers. As much as you use your marketing skills and resources to refer a couple of people to start using the app, you earn a residual income. All you have to do is copy your affiliate link and insert it wherever appropriate, like a blog post, an ad, or via social media promotions.

It would help if you made your target audience enticed enough for them to click on the link and book a ride. Every issued link contains a tracking ID in which the computerized systems take note of where a referred sale is coming from. The system automatically counts and pays the commission into the affiliate’s account.

It is noteworthy to mention that there are three different options for good prospects. All that has been discussed comes down to this good thing – you help invite people to solve their transportation problem or otherwise make a livelihood, and then, you get paid for doing that fine deed. How sweet!

An in-depth look into the 3 Uber Affiliate options

The Driver-Partner Program: 

This program invites you to earn commissions when you refer new drivers to join Uber. You will be paid $30-$40 upon subsequent approval of the new applicants. As part of the process, they will approve the driver’s license, verify identity, car condition, and comfort before the driver is accepted as one of their valued drivers (in participating cities only). 

The Pay Per Call marketing program:

 This program rewards you a stipend for referring new driver-partners to call Uber’s call center. Using the pay-per-call marketing system, your lead may see your website while searching for help in a dire-stranded situation. When they click on your referral link, they automatically reach out to the call center, and if they hold a dialogue with the representative for more than 30 seconds, you will be paid $3.

Uber Eats Courier U.S. Affiliate Program: 

Uber Eats is an extension of the transport company for delivering food and drinks within selected cities. The services are as fast and reliable as that of the normal private ride-sharing system discussed here.  This Uber Eats affiliate program pays you when you bring in referrals to join as new delivery partners.  You will be paid $35 for each new bicycle or scooter rider. As for car delivery leads you brought in to join, you will be paid $50 upon subsequent approval. 

Please note that while these partner programs are for everyone, it works smoothly only in U.S.A and Canada regions for an obvious reason. Uber’s presence is predominantly in North American cities, and fewer administrative or road mapping complications than its operations in other countries explain it. You can rest assured that the company operates in many major cities around the world.

How to sign up

Signing up for one of the above programs is quite easy, but the duration of the process is quite long at the same time. First, you head over to the website   and click at the top right sign-up button. Second, you select the time and day you will be free to attend a training webinar. Third, you complete the 30-minute training successfully, and you would be directed to your own affiliate dashboard.

However, if you are a driver or courier partner, you need to submit your necessary government-issued documents and car documents. This is because some background checks and verification of your identity are required before you become a member. The car, bike, or scooter you would be using has to be inspected simultaneously. These are all done online but be certain that your residing city is among the ‘participating cities’ listed for Uber services in the country. 

How much do they pay?

As an affiliate, what you earn depends on two main things – the affiliate option that your referral picks and the class of vehicle chosen. If your lead is a driver and signs up for the Driver-Partner program, you will earn up to $20-$40 depending on the rates of the participating city.

If the driver or non-driver you refer decides to pick the economical rides, you will earn a slightly lesser commission than if they go for luxury SUVs (because of the higher cost in the latter).  The commissions from Uber Eats Courier service amounts to $35 for bicycle, motorbike, or scooter courier-partners and a $50 reward for approved car delivery referrals. Interestingly, you don’t necessarily have to be a driver or customer to take advantage of the affiliate programs.

Many people have said that the pay is considerably lower than other similar programs out there in other niches. But if you consider the cumulative income that can accrue over time from fixed commissions alone, you will be surprised at how high the income is. You have the option of withdrawing your earnings to your bank account every week. The downside is that affiliates will need to have a minimum of $250 in the affiliate dashboard to be eligible for payment. 

10 ways to make money with the Uber affiliate program

Direct referrals

This is ideally the simplest way to get people to sign up. You can directly tell them about Uber and help them sign up on their device using your referral link. This direct marketing technique is free to do as you are only required to tell your close friends and family members to join with your provided link.


If you have a blog with moderate traffic, you can monetize it by posting an article about the services rendered by Uber and insert your affiliate link so that those readers interested may easily sign up right there. Blogging and a direct physical approach are the most common ways to earn money online with this particular referral-based program.

Social media promotions

You are free to use your social media presence to talk about Uber but be mindful not to overdo it, especially on Facebook and Instagram, as your account may be suspended for unapproved promotions. There is an option of using your paid advertising account to do promotions on FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter. Direct messaging on FB messenger or Whatsapp is also a free alternative.

Online forum discussions

There are countless online discussion forums and groups all across the internet. You can join one that is liberal and suitable for adding links to your comments. People generally hate spammy messages where the sender is trying to sell you something in a pushy way. Therefore, be sure to start the group discussions informally and then direct message those who ask for more inquires before you now send them to sign up for the offer suitable for them.

YouTube videos

You can always market yourself with your YouTube channel. Try to post video content that is fun and interesting with killer headlines and thumbnails. YouTube videos can bring you free organic traffic wherein you can direct viewers to your landing page by inserting your link in the video description. 

SEO websites and landing pages

A lot of marketers are promoting Uber offers, and therefore, it is a high SEO competition for whose websites rank higher. Once your YouTube videos, landing pages, or website rank among the first page on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, then you’re in for a good stream of referral commissions, provided they convert well.

Pay-per-call (PPC) marketing campaigns

PPC is mostly done with a little budgeting and requires some past training in the use of PPC marketing unless it may turn out to be unfruitful. In contrast, it is possible to do PPC marketing without money if your landing page has progressively become optimized.

In that case, you offer visitors an opportunity to link on your link so that they can call and speak to an agent before signing up. If the call lasts for more than 30 seconds, you get rewarded $3, and if they sign using your affiliate link, you earn the referral commission from that same visitor.

Google Adsense, pop-up ads, and banner ads

A few people conduct CPA marketing campaigns using Google Adsense, pop-up ads, and banner ads. It is advisable to do so if the cost per acquisition is meager than the earnings per click and experience.

Business cards

The good old method of giving out business cards can still be used to market yourself, even as an Uber driver. You make a simple yet appealing business card with your coupon code on it and give the card to almost any and everyone you meet. It increases your chance of getting prospects who will sign-up with your code. 

Emailing your list

To bring in more referrals, you may extend your marketing efforts to your email list and let your subscribers know that they can apply your referral code to get a small discount on their first ride. While you send your emails, make sure to use tact in introducing Uber affiliate links, especially since you have a niche-based audience.  


In conclusion, your ability to make money with this program depends on your readiness to implement one or two of the suggestions above. As aforementioned, the payout may appear small to some people, but if you take $30-$40 earnings per referral and multiple it by an average of 25 referrals brought in per month. It will result in $750-$1000 income generated every month whether you’re driving or not. This ride-sharing service will continue to grow in the coming because this new modern way of commuting is gaining momentum worldwide, and so, more people are waiting to be assisted in joining. Take hold of the opportunity!