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[00:00:00] In this video, I will reveal the 14 best VPN for the programs. And in addition, I’m going to help you understand what a VPN is. And if you stay until the end of this video, I’m going to show you the best ways to promote these services. So make sure you watch this entire video for the best tips and tricks to learn affiliate, marketing, and internet entrepreneurship.

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I’m an affiliate marketer, an internet entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people across multiple platforms make passive income. And today I want to help you. All right, so let’s go ahead and get into it. First things first. What is a VPN, and why would someone want to use it now? VPN stands for virtual private network, and it allows someone to hide.

Or spoof where they are on the internet. For example, if you looked up your IP address right now, it would tell you your exact location, city, state, zip code country, wherever you are, people will [00:01:00] use a VPN to either pretend to be somewhere else or to mask where they are for more internet security and anonymity.

There’s also a different way that people use it. How can you make money from that in just a moment, but let’s go ahead and take a look at the best VPN affiliate program? So number one, we have IP vanish, and the cool thing with IP vantage is you can receive up to 100% of all new sales generated, and you can earn up to 35% of reoccurring revenue on any sales generated.

So this can be a good opportunity if you are interested in reoccurring revenue, which everyone is as an affiliate. So the payout is a hundred dollars a month. And it can be relatively easy to get up and running. You basically go to this website, IP forward slash partners. You apply, and you’ll get accepted.

Once you get accepted, you get your affiliate links, and you go out, and you start promoting. So IP vanishes. We have a pure VPN. Now peer VPN obviously is another affiliate program, and you can see that [00:02:00] they have an excellent opportunity to help you make some money. And if you take a look, and actually gives you a projection of the amount of money you could make.

Reoccurring promoting their product. You should look at it when promoting VPNs because you probably want to do a few review videos to see which ones are highly recommended. The ones that offered the most privacy, the ones that offer the most security, the ones that actually aren’t going to slow down your interview.

The Internet connection that much. So after peer VPN, we also have the fastest VPN. As you can see yet again, earn up to 100% commission with the best VPN affiliate program. They have dedicated people to help you. Again, really easy to get up and to run. How much will you get paid? A hundred percent for new sign up 35% for referral yearly plan, 60% new sign up 35% renewal, and then three years again, 60% and 35.

So you can see there are different options or opportunities too—an outstanding amount of money. If we go over to the next one, we have a strong VPN again. Strong [00:03:00] VPN is actually going to offer up to 200% commissions. And if we scroll down, it does not look like they have reoccurring, but they offer dedicated affiliate support.

So you can work with. If you have questions or concerns and just go over to affiliate dot strong to sign up and get up and running after strong VPN, we have a cyber ghost. Now, what cyber ghost, again, you can earn up to 100% commission. And if we scroll down here, it is used by over 36 million members.

There’s a lot of people using it. And the cool thing with these VPNs. It’s hidden either about VPNs, or you don’t. And so it’s not an oversaturated market for affiliates and or people that need them. So there is a lot of opportunities out there. If you find the right one and you match it with the right customer, which I’ll show you how to do it at the end of this.

Or we scroll down, you can see there, it’s straightforward to get up and run. You just click on, create an affiliate account, get your affiliate link, and you start promoting it in the right places. After [00:04:00] cyber goes to, we have express VPN with express VPN. So you can earn commissions, obviously just like all of the other ones, but as you can see, very clean, very simple.

It is trusted. It’s been up since 2009. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. But this is really easy to get up and to run. So just click on, become an affiliate, and away you go after express VPN. We actually have Norton. Now Norton is both a security service and a VPN. You actually will sign up through commission junction by going to, and in the top right-hand corner, you’ll see that you can earn it.

You can earn between 20% and 200% or up to $200 per sale. Now, this does include some of the other things that they offer. Again, Norden offers both security and antivirus as well as VPN services and support. So make sure that you are going through this. Now, the interesting thing with Norton is they actually have it for different countries.

You want to make sure that you are using. Applying for it, for the country that you’re [00:05:00] interested in, or applying to all of them. This is a manual application review. You can see in the top right-hand corner, and you need to be accepted into before applying to this affiliate program. After Norton, we have private internet access, as you can see.

They offer up to 33% commissions on new and reoccurring sales or the lifetime of a customer. And one of the interesting things with VPN is that people are going to get a VPN for the most part. And as long as there isn’t a security breach, as long as they feel secure and the price is reasonable, they’re not going to leave that VPM.

The only way that happens is if they feel that the price has gotten too high if. If the VPN company has been in the news for exposing their customer’s data, who is really going to be the only two reasons someone would leave their VPN service. But for the most part, people will stay with it once they know and trust the company.

As I mentioned, you can earn a 33% reoccur. And it’s, once again, straightforward to get started. So just click, create an affiliate account, and away you go. [00:06:00] After private internet access, we have Nord VPN, and with Nord VPN, you can earn reoccurring commissions yet. Again, as you can see, our trusted brand’s high commission rate and effective promo material mean that traffic you send to Nord we’ll convert genders, commissions, or we scroll down just a little bit.

You can see the commission payouts, new sign-up 100% renewal, 30%. Six months offer new signup, 40 and 30 for the renewal one year 40% and 30%, and then two years 40 and 30. So there is a lot of option, a lot of opportunities for you to make money, not just on a one-time payment, but with reoccurring one thing that you will.

When it comes to software companies and or software as a service, they tend to offer a high commission that signs up, and they offer reoccurring because there is a low cost to maintain the customer. They basically just have to keep the servers up and running. They don’t have to worry about having physical places or as many physical places as something like a home Depot.

And so it can be more affordable, and they tend to pay you out a little bit more. So after [00:07:00] Nord, we have funneled there. I wasn’t really familiar with funnel bear until I started doing this research, but this is yet another—program where you can make money. One of the benefits of funnel bear is paying you out commissions on any money you earn.

Some of the other affiliate programs say that you have to meet a minimum threshold of $50. So they’re telling you that they’ll pay you if it’s $10 or $10,000, which is very nice as well. So that your money isn’t being held somewhere, held hostage, and you can actually get that the money that you earned for the work that you put in after funnel bear.

We have a vast now Avast. I know of a vast because I have Mac computers, and they actually have free antivirus software. In addition, you can join their VPN service and makeup to 35% commission on all advanced products, including the VPN. So if we scroll down here, there is some reason why you should join, but they provide an excellent service.

I’ve been happy with them when I first looked. You can see, they offer again up to [00:08:00] 35%, and it’s straightforward to get started. They have over 435 million users worldwide, but you have to consider that includes both the security and the VPN. And they stay up to date pretty well, even for the free service.

So that might be a good way to go to promote or recommend. Free service that Avesta offers and let them do the marketing for the upgrade. Think about that when you’re creating your content. Next, we have Panda with Panda. You can earn up to 50% commissions on every sale, which is very nice. And the average order size is $50.

So think about that for a second, you can earn 50, you can earn $25 per sale. So they actually work with commission junction as well. And so you’d have to go over to to sign up. And Panda has been in business for over 25 years and is ranked the number one antivirus by AB comparatives. But again, we are looking at the VPN, and people are using this to stay anonymous.

After Panda, we have [00:09:00] AVG, and what ABG, there’s a 60-day cookie window, which is very nice. You can earn a 25% commission on all sales, and they will provide you with some marketing materials, including bank: text links and a product catalog. Finally, we have F secure as secure is yet another affiliate program for VPNs. As you can see, they are in multiple countries.

And you can start making passive income, 40% commission for any customers you bring to their company. So now that we have a bunch of different affiliate programs that we can promote let’s talk about different ways that you can actually promote them and make money. One of the best ways and potentially the easiest way to make money with the VPN is simply showing people how to watch Netflix in different countries.

One of the questions that come up is I want to watch full episodes of the office, but I don’t want to pay. Peacock. If you’re in the United States, one recommendation is to use a VPN and pretend that you are in the [00:10:00] UK versus being in the United States. The same can work—other ways. Let’s say you are traveling to France and want to watch the latest shows on Hulu or Netflix or whatever.

You can always buy a VPN spoof, your IP address, so that it appears that you are in Los Angeles and not in France. And you can make money that way. Let’s take a look at it—dot com. Now I use this tool to help me do a little bit of keyword research. This is a paid tool. You don’t have to use the tool, but I like to use it to help speed up the process.

So what we could do is we could essentially just look and see what people are asking. We can type in VPN, but that’s going to be very competitive. We click on search. That’s going to be super hard, super difficult. We click on matching terms. You’re going to see a lot of people are asking questions about VPN directly.

If you try and attack VPN head-on, you’re gonna have a tough uphill battle. We can change the keyword, difficulty to [00:11:00] five for a new blog or website. So you can see there will be some opportunity. But it’s going to be competitive 6,000 words, and there are 381,000 monthly searches for these keywords. So you could try that.

It will be competitive, but what if you could type in, let’s say, how to watch? We’ll type in how to watch, and we can see if there is even more opportunity. So what we’re looking for is how to watch TV. So we’re going to include TV here. Hit that hit apply. And what we’re looking for is people that are asking questions, how to watch a TV show in a different country.

How do you watch TV, old? How do I watch Roku? We could say how to watch Hulu. So what you see here is people that are asking questions about how to watch Hulu. You can see the keyword difficulty isn’t as difficult or how to watch Netflix. That’s another way that you can do it, how to watch Netflix, or you could say how to watch us TV [00:12:00] shows outside of the country.

There’s a lot of opportunities there as well. How do you watch it? We’ll say U S TV shows U S T. Whoops? We’re going to have to fix that just a little bit on a watch you, so I just typed in how to watch us TV. You can see there are 378 Q words, total volume. It’s a six 10, but these are only for direct matches.

This doesn’t include any other side keywords that you get. So, for example, if I searched for a new egg affiliate program, this will only show you the new Wagga program. So it’s not going to show you new egg affiliates or affiliate programs for a new way. So as you can see, there are 610 monthly searches just for watching Chinese TV in us, but you can do this for every country.

How to watch USTA. I do watch, let’s say, how to watch Japan. And this could be a pretty good opportunity because not many people are doing this, but then you’re going to say, step one, get a VPN, [00:13:00] step two, do this step three, step four. And you could potentially make money. So another thing that you can do is you can find one. For example, this is a keyword difficulty of 28.

So what we can do is we can click on this, and we can reverse engineer. We can find people who are already doing this and then steal their keywords or harvest their keywords to help you find them. So if we scroll down here, how to watch it and these TV online, Let’s see, I’m going to type in how to watch us net flicks from, and what I’m going to do is I’m actually a copy of this, and I’m going to go over to Google.

I’m going to paste this in, how do watch us Netflix from, and as you can see, people are typing in India, Australia, Malaysia, UK. I’m going to go to this one. How to watch us Netflix from the UK. And if we go here to get American Netflix in the UK. This person has already done the work so that we can reverse engineer. As you can see here on the right-hand side, they’re promoting VPNs [00:14:00] because they realize that’s exactly what you need to do.

What we can do then is we can copy this, go back over to the go-to site. And we are going to paste this in, and we’re just going to use the main domain name to help us find more keywords. So we click on search for compare, and they actually are ranked really high if we go down to organic keywords.

We can sort by keyword difficulty of five or less, and that’s going to give us a ton of opportunity, and you could go through, and you can do this for every single company that shows up, and you can do it for you can do it the other way. How do we watch the UK, a UK, Netflix in us? As you can see, people are searching this and again, compare tech shows up.

We can also look down VPN This is exactly what we’re looking for. We can find the keywords that they’re ranking for now. [00:15:00] Remember, they can rank for both direct keywords. And they can rank for the kind of like secondary keywords that Google gives them. And we’re going to find and harvest those to create our content.

As you can see, there’s a ton of information here. We can go down to the keyword difficulty and change that to five or less. The keyword difficulty is a sliding scale. That gives us an idea of how difficult or easy it is to rank. A different keyword, as you can see, advanced VPN for Firestick. So these are people that want to secure their Firestick or their streaming device.

If we scroll down here, you can see there’s a lot of opportunities. The keyword difficulty is five or less, and there’s a lot of volumes. These guys ranked number one. So it’s probably going to be difficult to break in here, but you can see there are many opportunities to make money. Again, we can go back over to this.

This one’s probably going to be another larger site. If we go back over to, we’re going to paste this. And we are going to delete, but you can see that this is what, how people are making money, the back [00:16:00] door. When it comes to VPM, they realize that VPN is really competitive, but it will not be as competitive.

Suppose you show people how to use the VPM. These are questions that people are asking, and they don’t realize that they need a VPN. That’s the key to affiliate marketing. You are solving a problem for a customer that hasn’t gotten there yet. For example, when I showed you how to watch Netflix in the UK, they don’t realize that the solution is the VPN.

So you’re going out. You’re solving the problem. And you’re saying, oh, by the way, Here’s how to get started quickly. Hopefully, this made sense. If it did make sense, be sure to like subscribe and ring the bell. Now that step-by-step is the best VPN program to promote. Click the first link in the description or go to Allston, forward slash start from a number one recommended way to start a full-time income online.

When you click that first link, you’ll be taken to a free training where you’ll learn how to get started. Then, step by step, click the first link in the description or go to forward slash. Watch these videos next to learn more tips [00:17:00] and tricks to make money online. Also, check out my website, Austen, for even more tips, tricks, and tactics to make money online with affiliate marketing.

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